WOW! Kenyan Woman, 37, Shamelessly Confesses To Being In Love With a 24-Year-Old ‘Ben 10’ (AUDIO)

It’s now become the norm for older Kenyan women also known as cougars or sugar mommies to date younger young men be it for love, companionship, or moral support.

The young men who date or hook up with these older women go by the name ‘Ben 10’ and most often the love-birds have a huge age gap.

During the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i, engaged listeners on this topic, after an irate woman called in the previous day, criticizing cougars.

The woman openly condemned them, saying that it’s wrong to date a man young enough to be considered a son instead of dating men their age or older. The female caller referred to the cougars as rich women who don’t want to settle down, only to realize much later in life when it’s too late, forcing them to resort to  Ben 10s.


Maina Kageni did not see a problem with a woman hooking up with a young boy and even introducing him to her family and close friends, something that most listeners did not agree with.

Well, a Kenyan woman decided to call in and confess that she is indeed blown away by a certain 24-year-old boy though she defended herself saying that she didn’t know he was that young when they hooked up the first time.

The lady did not have a problem even after finding out his real age, saying that; “age is nothing but a number” and that she’s fallen for the young man.

Listen to the shocking audio below as the 37-year-old lady tells it all.


COUGAR MANENOS! Kenyan Woman Confesses Her Love For Young Men ‘Ben 10s’ To Maina Kageni (Audio)

A Cougar; An older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man.

Maina Kageni had a very interesting conversation, about cougars, and the responses he got were very interesting, deep and candid.

It happens that there’s a growing trend, of cougars on the prowl. The older women, like their male counterparts, are dating younger guys men nowadays and are coming out slowly.

Here’s the thing, apparently, the cougars are becoming bolder by the day, and are not afraid of showing off their young men in public or hanging out with them where people can notice them.



As we know, in the African culture, men are allowed to date younger girls but when it comes to older women hooking up or dating younger men, it’s considered a taboo, but these women are becoming courageous of late.

The thing that Maina Kageni didn’t understand is why society is judging these women more harshly than the male ‘sponsors’ yet it’s their preference.

Here Are The 4 Advantages Of Dating A Younger Man

According to him, there is no issue if an older woman decides to date a younger man as long as it’s mutual, adding that they shouldn’t hide or be ashamed just because the society frowns on them.

Mwalimu Kingangi, on the other hand, felt that it’s a bad thing for an older woman to date a younger man since this guy needs to get his life straight and plan to settle down one day.


In regards to this cougar talk, several calls came through and the most interesting one was from a man and woman who were in full support of cougars and for the lady, she confessed to Maina Kageni that older women need young men in their lives.

According to her, she doesn’t mind having a ‘Ben 10’ because when it comes to bedroom matters too, the boys are more energetic. She also revealed something very interesting about married women who travel to Mombasa.

Listen to the audio below as she tells it all and gets candid about why older women like young men.

You are 40, she is 21..she is just after your fat wallet

Remember the Cougar party with Arabian and African men happening over the weekend, our callers want in on the Cougar action. The listeners from Maina and King’ang’i in the morning are above the age requirement and are enraged that only the youngins get to attend the party. “The women want to misuse small boys because they know they cannot score themselves a man when they clock a certain age,” says one of our callers.

One man named Bob says that older women will go for younger men because of ‘palepale’ while younger women will go for older men because she is looking for quality and stability. Bob believes that life for men truly begins at age 40 and the cougars are going after toyboys because they cannot score a man their age. One woman disagrees with this notion saying that older men do not have what it takes to satisfy a woman in bed so she will go

One woman disagrees with this notion saying that older men do not have what it takes to satisfy a woman in bed so she will go after the young man for sex and the old man for the money to maintain her young man.

What say you? Will women only go after an older man because of the size of his wallet? Listen below.

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