7 Different Types of lingerie For Every Woman

Planning to surprise your wife with a new gift namely lingerie? Knowledge about the different types may help understand what to look for. If you are planning to up the kinky in the bedroom, then below is a selection to choose from.

1. Camisole
It is a loose-fitting undergarment covering the top part of the body.

2. Chemise
A chemise has thin, spaghetti straps and is mostly made of silky type material. They fall in the same category as camisole but are loose fitting. Mostly knee or floor length.

3. Bustier
It is made of silk or some shiny material and is a sexy bra that goes down to the waist. Bustiers can also function as tops depending on the material used.

4. Teddies
They are loose fitting undergarments similar to one piece swimsuits and are often made of lace.

5. Corsets
These type of lingerie are used by women to achieve the perfect hour glass body
corset (1)

6. Baby doll
This one is a short night gown sold with a panty type at the bottom.

7. Garter Belts
They are used to pull up things like stockings and socks and were mostly used by women in the 1930’s by women to store purses


The Dangers of Waist Training

Corsets also known as waist trainers have been around for ages but recently the craze for a flat tummy and an hourglass figure has fueled the corset sale. Several celebrities have contributed to the return of the waist trainers including the Kardashian family who are always posting photos in them. Our very own socialites are also using waist trainers and Vera Sidika claims to be selling them as indicated on her Instagram page.

To reduce your waist size from wearing a corset it is necessary it’s worn on a regular basis. The results are everything to write home about, a temporary reduced waist, a shape, an upright posture etc. But no one really says what are the disadvantages of excessive wearing of the corset.

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose in Waist Trainers

1. Breathing problems
Wearing your corset too light constricts your diaphragm hence affecting your breathing. The trick is to wear the waist trainer to a comfortable level where you can breathe normally.

2. Bone reshaping
Buying the wrong corset and wearing it the wrong way can be costly as it may reshape your bones. The trick is finding a certified waist trainer and wearing it for a lesser time. Avoid using it when sleeping or while eating.

3. Muscles become weak
Wearing a corset for too long and too tight may weaken your muscles causing them to waste away due to the degeneration of cells.