Zambian MPs in Kenya to learn how to fight corruption in their country

A Zambian parliamentary delegation of eight MPs is in Kenya to learn how to effectively fight corruption in a country already swallowed up by the same vice.

The committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services visited EACC commissioners at Integrity Centre is  in Nairobi to learn how the agency has been spearheading the war on graft.

This comes at a time when Kenya has been marred by corruption led by the NYS scandal in which Sh9 billion was stolen, the National Cereals and Produce Board (Sh1.9 billion), Kenya Pipeline Company (Sh95 billion), and the National Irrigation Board.

According to The Star the eight people delegation arrived over the weekend and held its first meeting with the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission on Monday

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Zambian MPs at the EACC offices during their visit to learn how to fight corruption
Zambian MPs at the EACC offices during their visit to learn how to fight corruption

EACC Commissioner Mwaniki Gachoka confirmed this “This is a study tour by our colleagues from the Zambian National Assembly. We are sharing experiences on fighting corruption and promoting ethics,We are fighting corruption through many strategies. One of the is law enforcement – investigating cases and recommending them to the DPP.”

Funny as it may sound Kenya has been named among the top most corrupt countries in the World ,with our police force being the most affected institutions,We have gone back to being ‘Inchi ya kitu kidogo’ where who you know and where you come from determines how quickly your problems will be sorted.

The recent NYS victims are still in remand awaiting judgment ,while  some are still free roaming and planning when to strike again and we can only wonder what lessons we can offer Zambia when we can not fight our own  corruption cases.

Meet Ann Ngirita the woman on the spotlight for being paid Sh60million in NYS saga

Ann Ngirita who was paid 9 million in the latest NYS saga for goods not supplied

Garry Nkombo, who is leading the foreign delegation, said they were studying best practices in managing corruption in governance.

Nkombo said they will also share their experiences and the problems they have encountered in the fight against the vice and processes in whistle-blowing and prosecution of suspects.

“We recognise the fact that corruption does exist and want to learn how Kenya has been dealing with it. It is generally agreed that corruption cannot be fought with kids’ gloves,” Nkombo said

Meet the dope fashion designer who returned NYS money that was erroneously deposited in her account

“We are here to learn how the EACC is managing it, bearing in mind that those who engage in corruption remain very powerful and with the mandate to look after the aspirations of the people they govern.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned that nobody who is found guilty will go unpunished while the Judiciary has asked agencies and investigators to provide evidence sufficient for convictions.


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Be an award winning millionaire by simply taking a photo of someone taking a bribe

The annual VIPI awards now on it’s 4th year uses talents to to preach peace, integration, cohesion and integrity. It has unveiled the Lenga Hongo campaign starting on January 12.

The campaign is part of this year’s programs ahead of the VIPI awards set for  April 20, to award talented youths who use talents to push for cohesion and integrity.

This year they are using music while next year they will use art to bring Kenyans together and push the national agenda.

“Every journey starts with a step, and on this day we want everyone not to bribe or take a bribe,” said Cynthia Kerubo,the Awards Communication Director.

“Before the Awards Gala night in April, we shall conduct four such activations so that we inculcate the culture in Kenya slowly.”

Cynthia also requests everyone to take a picture of anyone found taking or receiving a bribe on this day and post it on the hashtag #LengaHongoJanuary12.

“Corruption is the cause of all our troubles and everyone must take the responsibility by not receiving or giving bribes. Kenyans cannot access good services because someone is interested in bending the law to take or give a bribe. As a result, many have suffered and others died,” said the Commùnication Director.

For the last four years, VIPI has agitated for a more cohesive and corruption free Kenya where individuals abhor tribalism and fight corruption in all its manifestations.

It is composed of a group of passionate and focused individuals looking at making a positive difference in the lives of Kenyans.

“Our aim is to ensure that we have more informed youth who are not easily influenced by relatives and the society in general and who subsequently are able to cut a nationalistic profile,” said VIPI Patron,Charles Mûnyui.

“We know that if we are able to release to the society loads of individuals who believe in a different ways of doing things, it is just a matter of time before we have a generation that genuinely hates and fights tribalism and corruption in all their manifestations.”

Those that are interested should send two short video clips each through Whatsapp number 0722646620 on or before 31st January 2018.

“One clip will showcase their respective singing talent while the other one will showcase their ability to articulately address cohesion, peace and anti_corruption issues.”

A team of competent individuals will go through the clips and shortlist a total of 94 semifinalists who will be invited for auditions to ultimately shortlist 47 finalists.

VIPI initiative team will make arrangements to visit The 47 shortlisted participants to confirm the authenticity of the materials received and subsequently they will be officially nominated to participate in the finals of the awards.

DJ Mo arrest
DJ Mo arrest

The contestants will be hosted in a suitable, safe and secure facility within Nairobi referred to as The Academy in APRIL 2018 where through SMS text Kenyans will vote for the person who will be the VIPI Award recipient and Campaign ambassador.

The win will be credited to the County where they attended secondary School. The county will be deemed to have won having been represented by the winner

The VIPI Award winner will be the face of the campaign for the year and will hand over the crown to the person who wins in the subsequent year. They will also walk away with a cash award of Ksh 1m.

VIP Initiative ran a programme called One Love Kenya where they visited secondary schools and urged students not to fall into the negative ethnicity trap once out of school but to always treat their colleagues as sisters and brothers.

The students were also urged to use social media positively and not as a tool to disrespect.In the run-up to the last elections VIP Initiative ran a programme titled Vijana Tumaintain Peace and that held massive entertainment shows in major towns urging the youth not to be misused by politicians or to cause chaos during elections.

Uhuru’s Cousin Distances Herself From ‘HealthGate’ Scandal After Winning Ksh 41 Million Tender

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin Kathleen Kihanya has denied allegations that her company received Sh200 million from the Health ministry amidst the ‘HealthGate’ scandal.

But she said Sundales International Limited applied and won a contract worth Sh41 million in a competitive bidding process.

A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin Kathleen Kihanya. /DAVIES NDOLO

Kihanya, a director at the company, said they won the bid to supply emergency nutrition commodities to the Health ministry.

“Throughout the process we complied entirely with the provisions of the tender, and the transaction was above board,” she said at a press briefing on Saturday.

Kihanya co-manages the company with Uhuru’s sister Nyokabi Muthama.

Their company is said to have received more than Sh200 million in the Sh5.3 billion ‘Mafia House’ scandal.

Kenyans outraged over Uhuru kin links to Sh5 billion ‘Mafia House’ scandal

On Friday, opposition leader Raila Odinga linked Kihanya and Muthama to the alleged loss of funds at the Health ministry.

But Kihanya accused Raila of playing politics at the expense of their integrity.

“We are Kenyans and it is our right to do business in our country. For someone to cast doubt on our integrity for unnecessary political mileage and excite the public on false allegations [it] is totally unacceptable,” she said.

She said Sundales Limited is ready to cooperate with investigating authorities and upon the establishment of their innocence, Raila should issue a public apology.

“It is morally wrong, unspeakable, unscrupulous, unfair and unjust for any individual to play politics with people’s livelihoods and futures,” she said.

“It is also deeply distressing to imagine that in a time when entrepreneurship should be encouraged, individuals can be intimidated out of doing business and creating jobs by fear that someone may attack them for sport of political mileage.”

Kihanya asked investigators to get to the bottom of the matter, adding those found guilty of committing any crime or corruption “should without exception be charged and jailed”.

“I would like to finish with the words of Raila at the World Economic Forum: ‘Do not condemn people unheard. Give people a chance to be able to explain themselves’.”


Blatter says $100 mn bribery case is ‘over’

Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter insisted that a $100 million bribery case in which he is reportedly implicated “is over”, and pleaded ignorance over alleged corruption by top officials at the scandal-hit world body.

Blatter, speaking to Japan’s Nikkei business daily, also protested that he should have been warned before Swiss police arrested seven FIFA officials in May, and said he hoped to return to his job in the coming weeks.

“It was a tsunami,” he said of the May arrests on behalf of US authorities, which plunged the world body into crisis, in the interview published on Friday.

“Swiss authorities should have at least informed me that such a thing would happen,” Blatter said, adding that he was “shocked when I saw, and (what is) still going on, what has happened in the different confederations”.

“I cannot be morally responsible for the bad activities of members of my executive committee when I have no chance to introduce them or to dismiss them,” Blatter said.

The arrests in Zurich kick-started events which forced Blatter to announce his resignation. He is now suspended from FIFA as Swiss authorities investigate the alleged misappropriation of funds and a $2 million payment to UEFA chief Michel Platini.

Blatter, who suffered a health scare last month, said he would be fully recovered by Christmas and hoped to be back in office in time to hand over to his successor, who will be elected on February 26.

“At least I can prepare the congress and I can go out of FIFA at the time when I am still the leader of the congress, because I am still the president of FIFA,” he said, explaining why he is keen to return.

The 79-year-old’s problems deepened this month when the BBC said US authorities are investigating evidence indicating he knew about $100 million in bribes paid to former FIFA members.

Sports marketing company ISL is alleged to have paid a total of $100 million to officials including Joao Havelange, Blatter’s predecessor as FIFA chief, and former FIFA executive Ricardo Teixeira, in return for TV and marketing rights in the 1990s.

Blatter has maintained he was unaware of the payments, but the BBC said it had seen a letter obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States that casts doubt on his denial.

Blatter said that the bribery case “is over, it is finished. It was solved in court. And it was solved by the FIFA ethics committee”.

Asked whether he knew about the payments to Havelange, his former boss, Blatter reiterated: “It is settled. It was settled by a tribunal in Switzerland. They even went to the highest court. (There) was no harm to me on ethics, nothing.”

Blatter also denied that the reason he has barely left Switzerland for months is that he’s scared of being arrested.

“First, we have been in a crisis. This is my military education: When you are in a crisis, the commander is not leaving the command,” he said, adding that his health was also a factor.

The Swiss added that he wasn’t worried about sponsors leaving FIFA. Major sponsors including Visa and Coca-Cola have demanded reforms including greater transparency and accountability.

“They have just made an alarm clock, but they will not go away,” Blatter said, adding: “There is a new world coming in. China decided to go to football, and there is India.”

Photo Credits : AFP

Land CS, Charity Ngilu steps down

Land CS Charity Ngilu has stepped aside over graft claims to allow for investigations. Ngilu is the fifth CS to leave office as Energy CS Davis Chirchir, Transport CS Michael Kamau,Labour CS Kazungu Kambi And Agriculture CS Felix Koskei also stepped aside Saturday.

Information Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i has been appointed to act in Mama Ngilu’s land docket pending the probe.

The Cabinet Secretaries are complying with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive during the State of The Nation address on Thursday asking those mentioned in the EACC graft report to step aside and allow investigations.

More Cabinet Secretaries named in EACC report step aside

3 more cabinet secretaries named in the EACC graft report have complied with the president’s directive to step aside as they await investigations on the corruption allegations. The cabinet secretaries who have stepped aside are Labour CS Kazungu Kambi, Transport CS Eng Michael Kamau, and Energy CS Davis Chirchir

Uhuru has also appointed other cabinet secretaries to oversee the dockets until the investigations are completed. Health CS James Macharia replaces Michael Kamau, Davis Chirchir has been replaced by Treasuries Henry Rotich while Ambassador Racheal Omamo replaces Kazungu Kambi in Labour, Adan Mohammed replaces Felix Koskei in Agriculture.

The following Senior Officers and Principal Secretaries have also informed the President that they have complied with his directive:

Mr. Francis Kimemia, Secretary to the Cabinet.

Mr. Mutea Iringo, Principal Secretary for Defence.

Mr. Nduva Muli, Principal Secretary State Department of Transport.

Mr. Patrick Omutia, Principal Secretary for Mining.

Mr. James Teko, Principal Secretary State Department of Water.

Ms. Marianne Kittany, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Deputy President.

Ms. Esther Koimet, the Investment Secretary, National Treasury.

Ambassador Jane Waikenda, Deputy Head of Mission, Kenya Embassy South Africa.

In a statement issued by Manoah Esipisu, Uhuru has also asked principal secretaries and state corporations named in the list to also step aside and wait for investigations.

Agriculture cabinet secretary Felix Koskei stepped aside earlier Saturday after a press briefing at Wakulima house.


Ex-Senegal president ready to ‘give life’ to see son cleared

Former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade told thousands of opposition supporters Wednesday that he was prepared to “give his life” to prevent his son being convicted of corruption charges.

The 88-year-old addressed a meeting in a central square in the capital Dakar after it was allowed to go ahead despite clashes between supporters and security forces at similar gatherings last week.

“My son will not be found guilty because I will not allow this court, this thing, to pass judgement on him,” said Wade.

“I am prepared to give my life,” he said. “Anyone who does not fight back when their son is arrested is a coward.”

Karim Wade has been on trial since July 2014, accused of illegally acquiring companies and real estate worth almost $240 million (180 million euros) during his time as a minister and an adviser to his father.

Abdoulaye Wade called on current President Macky Sall to allow his son to stand trial in the High Court rather than before a special corruption tribunal known as the CREI that is hosting the proceedings.

Leading officials of Wade’s former ruling Democratic Party of Senegal (PDS) are either standing trial alongside Karim Wade or in prison on similar charges.

“All these people did nothing wrong,” Abdoulaye Wade said.

He said it was “a normal thing” for heads of state to intervene in trials, after he told newspapers last week that the leaders of Ivory Coast and Congo had urged Sall to end the proceedings against Karim Wade.

The younger Wade was an extremely divisive figure in Senegalese politics in the run-up to the presidential election in March 2012, with many believing his father was trying to line him up as a successor.

He was often criticised for alleged mismanagement of public finances and was nicknamed “super minister”, and “the minister of the Earth and the sky”, after his father placed him in charge of the international cooperation, air transport, infrastructure and energy portfolios.

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Mp Alfred Keter set to appear before ethics and anti corruption board

Embattled MPs Alfred Keter and Sonia Birdi are expected to appear before Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over an incident in which they intimidated and harassed Weigh Bridge officials in a bid to release a detained lorry.

The commission summoned the two to appear before them at Integrity House in Nairobi to answer various questions regarding their conduct at Gilgil.

CID director Ndegwa Muhoro also said they had advised the two legislators to face the officers there because that was where the offences under investigations were committed.

The two MPs had Sunday visited CID headquarters but were told they will be informed on the way forward.

The EACC detectives visited Gilgil weigh bridge Sunday and took statements from officials from Kenya National Highway Authority, police and SGR as part of their investigations into the incident. They have refused to apologise over the incident.

While confronting the officials, the two MPs claimed that State House comptroller, Rift Valley PC Osman Warfa and chairman of Parliamentary committee on security Asman Kamama and top police officers had called demanding the release of the lorry but the officials there had allegedly refused to respond.

Mubarak’s sons released from Egyptian prison

The two sons of Hosni Mubarak have been released from jail, a day after the fourth anniversary of the uprising that ousted the former Egyptian president.

Alaa and Gamal Mubarak walked free from Cairo’s Torah Prison shortly after daybreak on Monday and headed to their homes in the suburb of Heliopolis.

Last week, a court ordered that the two men be freed pending retrial along with their father on corruption charges. It ruled that they had already served the maximum pre-trial detention period.

Separately, the two sons also face trial on insider trading charges. They had been acquitted of other charges. Mubarak, now 86, stepped down in February 2011 in the face of a popular uprising. He and his two sons were arrested in April that year. Mubarak remains held at a military hospital in a southern suburb of Cairo.


Traffic snarl up on Langata road as NYS demolish wall

Tens of National Youth Service personnel have landed at the Langata Road Primary school ground on Wednesday morning ready to level it and build a fence around it.

This follows an order from president Uhuru Kenyatta that the the field be leveled for the children to play.

The personnel arrived with tractors and started the work with a crowd watching from a distance.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery visited the school and offered a personal apology to the pupils who were tear-gassed by police during a demonstration to reclaim their playground from a developer.

He also declared that the land belongs to the school and gave the developer 24 hours to clear the construction material from the site. The land had been grabbed by a developer in the area which prompted protests by activists and the pupils.

Lands CS Charity Ngilu ordered the demolition of the old perimeter wall on Tuesday, and the construction of another demarcating the school.

The demonstrators destroyed part of it during the protest on Monday.

Motorists using Lang’ata road and Upperhill were forced to use alternative routes due to a traffic jam that built up since 5 a.m.

Nairobi traffic boss Edward Mwamburi said the activities at Lang’ata Road primary had attracted a crowd causing the jam .



IMG-20150121-WA0001 IMG-20150121-WA0002


Break The Chain of Corruption

This year’s theme for International Anti-Corruption Day, observed annually on 9 December, is “break the corruption chain” – a campaign fronted by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  According to International Business Times it focuses on human rights violations, distorts markets, erodes quality of life and allows threats to human security to flourish.

Kenya was ranked number 145 out of 175 in the corruption perception Index in a recent survey released by Transparency International. Kenyans on social media have not been left behind in marking the day through the hashtag #BreakTheChain.

If you want to report any corruption cases all you need to do is visit and  use the Integrated Public Complaints Mechanism to report corruption.

According to a presentaion by EACC at the Nailab these are the top reasons why Kenyans pay bribes



Average size of the bribe




Other funny Break the chain corruption memesbreakthechain3



Anti- corruption app now available

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Indonesia  created an app called Gratis that shows the corruption in institutions there.

The app shows corruption which also includes gifts people receive after services rendered, this is especially common in government offices.

The app features a theme park and includes animated quizzes, graphs and explanations to teach the general public and officials what’s okay and what’s not in terms of receiving and giving presents, explains KPK spokesperson Johan Budi. It also includes games, such as “catch the corruptor,” and one in which you have to avoid or catch gifts according to whether you think they’re bribes.

“Corruption is widespread when it comes to winning public contracts or obtaining business licenses,” explains Wahyudi,  a program coordinator for Transparency International in Jakarta. It’s almost impossible to start a business without having to bribe someone, and people are often expected to pay public servants for services that should be free.

Indonesia ranked 114 out of 177 countries surveyed in Transparency International’s latest Global Corruption Perceptions Index.

The KPK, which focuses on high-level corruption, is hugely popular in the country, and surprisingly efficient. Since the agency was founded in 2002, it has arrested nearly 400 people.

Corruption cases make headlines every month or so. Recent cases include the energy minister being named a suspect in September, the sport minister jailed for four years in July, and the religious affairs minister stepping down in July after being accused of misusing Haj pilgrimage funds.

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South Africa sets inquiry for corruption against Zuma

Th South African president is facing accusations from his opponents claiming that he is corrupt, this is based on the recent refurbishment of his house. There are claims that  the amount of public money that has been spent on enhancing and extending it, equivalent to about $23 million.

In the latest turn in the long-running drama, the South African police acknowledged on Monday that, under pressure from the opposition Democratic Alliance and other adversaries of the president, a series of local investigations against Mr. Zuma in the Nkandla case have been centralized into a single national investigation.

The announcement came just days before the expected publication of a parliamentary inquiry into the issue.

“The charges were laid by opposition party members at many police stations,” a police spokesman, Solomon Makgale, said, according to South African News reports .  The case, he added, was still in its early stages. “We are not even talking charges as yet,” Mr. Makgale said.

Nonetheless, the police decision served to revive accusations that Mr. Zuma has simply shrugged off, saying the improvements at the homestead were related to the security requirements of his office.

For the opposition principally the Democratic Alliance and the firebrand Economic Freedom Fighters led by Julius Malema,  the case has served to highlight once more the chasm between the elite and ordinary people.

Unemployment in South Africa is around 25 percent, and many complain that the economic promises made by their leaders when apartheid formally ended 20 years ago have not been fulfilled.

Last March, Thuli Madonsela, South Africa’s public protector, whose office functions as a national ombudsman, found in a report that Mr. Zuma “benefited unduly” in a manner “inconsistent with his office” from the state-funded improvements.

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Anti corruption officers conduct swoop on Machakos County government

At least 10 senior officials at the Machakos County were on Monday arrested in an operation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The officials who included some from the county procurement department were expected in court on Tuesday.

This follows investigations into allegations of corruption at the county.

Governor Alfred Mutua is among those who have recorded statements with EACC over the allegations.

His file on the probe has been sent to the DPP for action.

Official wins anti-graft award for investigating Zuma’s $23m home upgrade

South Africa’s top anti-graft official who investigated a $23 million state-funded security upgrade to President Jacob Zuma’s private home was recognised on Friday with an award for tackling corruption.

Transparency International said Public Prosecutor Thuli Madonsela received the anti-graft watchdog’s Integrity Award for investigating corruption in the government, and working to help the country’s most marginalised and vulnerable communities.

Madonsela, named in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world this year, said corruption should not just be seen as a political issue.

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Top India politician Jayalalitha jailed for corruption

One of India’s most colorful and controversial politicians, Jayaram Jayalalitha, has been sentenced to jail for four years on corruption charges in a case that has lasted for 18 years.

The chief minister of the southern state of Tamil Nadu was found guilty of amassing wealth of more than $10m (£6.1m) which was unaccounted for.

She has to pay a 1bn rupee ($16m; £10m) fine and resign as chief minister.

A former actress, her life has been marked by a series of high and lows.

The verdict was delivered by a special court in Bangalore amid tight security.

Along with three others, Jayalalitha was sentenced to an immediate jail term, and was due to be sent to Parappana Agrahara prison in Bangalore.



19 weighbridge officials arrested for corruption

19 officials, including six police officers working at the Mlolongo and Mariakani weighbridges have been arrested for corruption.

Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission arrested the 19 in a sting operation following complaints from motorists.

EACC chairman Mumo Matemu said 15 of them were arrested at the Mlolongo Weighbridge while four were to be nabbed in Mariakani.

Investigations had shown that up to 100 trucks pass through the weighbridges without paying duty and after bribing the officials with between Sh1, 000 and Sh3, 000.

The anti corruption officers also seized Sh86, 000 and other exhibits including banking slips and mobile money transfer statements at Mlolongo.