Thie Ukiumaga! When some money comes in a relationship who leaves who asks Maina Kageni

Thursday’s morning conversation on Classic 105 FM with Maina and King’ang’i was all about money in the relationship.

The previous day, women maintained that most men show them ‘matharau’ when they get money and yet they were with them even when they were broke, so Maina wanted to know who reacts when a little money comes into the relationship.

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However, King’ang’i brought the conversation to a different angle as he said women plan to leave their husbands after their kids have grown.

The discussion went viral on twitter. Here are some of the comments

Clinton: There’s something in biology called Briffaults Law. Look it up. It says women determine relationships. Kindly look it up. It says a woman is naturally predispositioned to leave when you are no longer of use to her.

Kech: Ladies have an agenda once they have achieved it, they leave you there hopelessly. Thus why men die early

Esther: Tell kingangi a woman will take all your crap but once she get tired she will leave you drying “ukiumaga” to be precise… so don’t give a woman a reason to leave you

Sharon: It’s so amazing on how men tend to be the victims of all circumstances there’s no way you can leave someone who does you good

Fredrick: I just want to take a second to send love to My LOVE for all that You do for Me & Our Children. I think as men we take the other half of the family for granted..we don’t realize its the million small things that truly make the whole picture work

Monique: When a woman stands with you when you have nothing and leaves you with everything is all because of how you treat her!! No same woman will just wake up and leave after struggling together with you, there must be a reason. Never give her a reason that will push her to the corner!

Simalala: yes!!we are in an era whereby relationships survive on contracts,, so if contract imeisha u either renew or move to the next contract!!!!period!!!!!!no need to pretend,,,this reality!!

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Girls, how can you say he’s the best thing you’ve ever had despite cheating on you? (AUDIO)

Maina Kageni is livid. He has continually said he doesn’t know how girls keep staying with a man who cheats on her.

During a morning conversation, Maina revealed that he spotted his pals fincee with another man, and he is tempted to open a can of worms. But a female caller tried to disuade Maina not to spoil things by telling this deep dark secret. She insisted the girl might be the best partner the friend has ever had and he shouldn’t spoil that.

That seemed to catch Maina’s attention, and paused this question again;, You know he is cheating and you say he is the best thing you’ve ever had, how? He asked ladies how true that was.

He’s lifting weights, cleaning his car and showering before bed: The 12 signs he’s cheating that most women ignore

King’ang’i tried explaining that women don’t pay attention to the fact that he is cheating because in their eyes they are perfect, prompting Maina to dismiss that statement saying it that it doesn’t make sense.

Twitter went crazy about the conversation and many women spoke out and these are some of their comments.

Zippy: cheating is a sin, there is nothing more painful

Purity: men are very selfish if a woman cheats they act like they have their own mother but if a man cheats its a normal thing.

Christine: if you cheating on me once i dump you like a hot charcoal.

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Would you tell your friend when you witness a ‘romantic crime’ happening asks Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni witnessed some hanky panky and it involved his friends fiancee, who is set to walk down the aisle pretty soon. She was with another man, and thinks he should poke his nose in their business.

Over the weekend he was in Daresalam for the wedding of his close pal AY, who wed his long-term girlfriend Rehema, in a star-studded ceremony.

In a heated discussion in studio together with his co-host King’ang’i on Classic 105, Maina says it’s his duty to tell his friend when he sees a romantic crime happening.

King’ang’i on the other hand thinks Maina should not poke his nose in his friends relationship. He told Maina if by any chance he saw his wife with another man he shouldn’t tell him because he will get hurt even more and their friendship may also end because he will think his friend has ‘kimbelembele’.

Many of their listeners called in to give their opinion and only one thought Maina should tell the friend what he saw, while most were opposed adding that he should mind his business because his friendship may end and he might bring issues into the relationship.

One lady called and told Maina that this will be risking his friendship and he should choose whether he wants to keep his friendship or not. She also told him that he might be meddling on maybe the best thing that has ever happened to the guy and the best person for him to approach is the lady because she is the one in the wrong.

Maina however still believes it is his duty and he will go on and look for his friend and tell him what he saw. He is confident the friendship won’t end..

Listen to the full conversation:

‘The reason we do not put our properties in their name, is because these women will end up leaving us,’ Kenyan men (audio)

Yesterday during the morning conversation, a lady called and argued that Kenyan men do not know how to love. She added that they neither understand the meaning of love nor do they know that women want more than just physical properties.

According to the men who called in, on Maina Kageni’s morning show said, “The reason most of us men do not put anything in their name is because that is the beginning of the end because, those women will one day end up going. It is said that when that happens, they end up going and leaving you with nothing.”

King’ang’i claimed that is not true love because according to him, when you do that, then you ‘Kosana’ with her, she will chase you away. Adding that buying stuff for your woman and putting it in her name is over-empowering that woman.

Maina Kageni asked the men, to stop claiming that they bought their women those cars, if they can not put it in their names.

Wakanai, a frequent Classic 105 caller called in and reminded Maina that even the Bible talks says that the first creature who talks to the devil was the woman, he asked Maina, “How do we trust such a person who even the Bible condemns?”

Listen to the whole conversation below;


‘I have been Married for 16 Years, My son from My EX Is 15 Years But My Husband Does Not Know’, Confess Kenyan Woman (Audio)

An MCA Has Been Begging Me To Buy Him Drinks (audio)

This week, the discussion on Classic 105 morning conversation, we have been talking about ladies who go to bars with their friends when invited by their boyfriends and this has brought in mixed reactions from the listeners.

Well, today, Maina held this discussion about how he has been to several pubs and has seen men who go to pubs to be bought drinks by women. “How do you as a lady dig into your purse and buy a man drinks?”

“How shameless have men become nowadays?

   How do you go to a bar and wait for a woman to buy you a drink?

    Kenyan men how low have you sank to be bought drinks by women? Maina Kageni had these questions for his listeners

Well, the discussion was hot with listeners calling in to testify and shame such men.

A lady sent in a message to Maina and told him that one of her friends, who is a Classic 105 frequent listener and was vying for an MCA seat in the just concluded general election, has always been begging her to buy him alcohol.

Another lady called in and said that he had a friend. One day, he invited him for dinner. So they went to a very posh hotel and had dinner together which added up to over sh 4000. After they were done with the dinner, the man produced a two hundred shilling note put it in the bill and pushed it to the lady. The lady had to pay the bill with her card and gave the waiter the two hundred shilling the man had given her.

That lady said indeed Kenyan men do not know how to treat women.

Another one gave a very interesting incident where she said that she was taken for a date by an accountant, but what pissed her off is the fact that the man kept on counting his money after every drink she requested.

How embarrassing!

Listen to the whole conversation below;

‘Utamu wa Mwanaume Ni Kuonja Onja’ Man Tells Maina Kageni (Audio)

Drama has not seized at classic 105 morning conversation, the stories brought about leave everyone talking and their mouth aghast

There was a man who called in yesterday and said he has only had two women in his life. And he is 40-years-old.

He said, “Mimi mwanamke wangu wa kwanza nlikua 24 years I married her and took her to college, but unfortunately we did not make it so I divorced her and married another woman from Tanzania, who is now my second woman.”

This man started dating at 24 years. He is now 40 years and says he has only has two women in his life.

According to Mwalimu, that man sounded like a kamba and to him that was impossible. He says that that man was lying because men have so much experiences since their childhood, and there was no way this man has only been with two women in his entire life.

Maina Kageni was so shocked how the society think that this is unbelievable to everyone.

He asked a question, are there men of virtue left in this country?

Maina further added that the society is morally low when such things are shocking.

Well, a male caller cleared the air by publicly disowning that man.

“Which man has had two men in his whole life, even in a gold mine there is an excavation if one wants to reach for gold.

You can not go in a market to buy an  avocado and pick one and that’s all, you have to select several before deciding on which to settle on.”

He also added that he can not marry a virgin.”My wife need to be experienced ,we need to both contribute in bed, akifanya kazi mzuri kwa bed namwambia tano tena.”how do you start teaching her mambo ya bed?, akuje kama amejifunza.

A female caller also was not left behind because she revealed that her husband married her when she was still a virgin at 28 years.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


City woman confesses she can’t stay away from her five exes and her husband knows (AUDIO)

I see your judging faces already. C’mon guys, fess up. I know many of you are in touch with your exes and probably hang out secretly.

So on classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu, many callers disclosed that they can’t stay away from their exes, and maintain that it won’t stop. They even tried to convince Maina that they are ‘just friends’ and nothing more. Really?

Former KANU politician Jackson Kibor was recently granted a divorce from his wife of 51 years, but in an interview with the standard, she confessed that she still wants him back and is willing to give their relationship another try. But nooo.. the old man is done and has kicked her to the curb.

Maina Kageni wanted to know if it’s possible for people to be just friends.

Mwalimu’s thoughts on the matter? ‘Impossible, yaliyopita sindwele’.

This is where it gets more interesting.

A married lady called in and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

‘My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my exe, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.’

‘During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited’, she continued narrating the shocking details as Maina listened.


Listen to the whole conversation below;


Marriage is ‘Nipe Nikupe’ (Audio)

A lady called in on Friday and told Maina Kageni that she divorced her husband and after that happened, the man sent her two thousand shillings for a birthday cake for their child.

She said, “These men are the worst to deal with, immediately they give you small amount of money, they want to act all high and mighty.”

She said after he sent her the Sh2000, the next thing she saw was a long message of insults saying that she was ungrateful for not calling back to thank him for sending her money.

She said the money was meant to cater for their child’s birthday, and it is the only cash he had given her for the five years they have been separated.

Maina later met a guy who told him that Kenyan women are the most ungrateful people on earth.

He says no woman has ever thanked or appreciated their men for being the provider of their home.

Mwalimu claimed that the men are always grateful.

So today morning on Classic 105, the discussion was about how Kenyan women are ungrateful. One man sent a message and said that if Safaricom tell their customers thank you so should the Kenyan women.

A lady later on called in and said that “thank you is a word that most people ignore but it is very important in every marriage.”

She said that if you want your husband to appreciate you, then as a wife you should do that in return.

All these depends on how the couples relate to each other. If the couple does not respect each other, you call each other names in front of children, then there will be no peace and respect in that house.

She added that in some houses, the children do not have any respect for even their parents because of how they see their parents behaving.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


‘Maina Kageni’ Finally Supports Diamond Platinumz For Marrying A Single Mother( Audio)

Today on the morning conversation with Maina Kageni on Classic 105, Maina reviewed a story that was discussed yesterday.

The topic was heated as men said they will never marry women who has children and the ladies did not contribute to that discussion.

Maina challenged the men asking them questions today.

He asked, why they have to give conditions for them to marry a single mother.

He went ahead and asked the ladies whether they would leave their children for a man.

Mwalimu King’ang’i said that the women should leave those children at their parents or take them to the man who sired the tots.

Listeners were quick to respond to the discussion but with mixed reactions.

The men were saying they would not take the children that are not his, if the woman can not leave those children behind, then he better look for another woman to marry.

A woman responded and said that there is no woman who would leave their children behind just to get married. She added that she has been a single mother with two children and she has found a man who has accepted her with the children.

However she said that the man who married her, has three children who were left to him by his wife.

What she was trying to mean is that not most men would accept to take a single mother with her children.

Mr. Gwinji a fan of classic 100 called in and said that he would better take care of the children he knows they are not his rather than when your wife give birth to children who do not resembles the man.

Recently, Tanzania star, Diamond Platnumz confessed that he cheated on his wife Zari after revealing to the public that he is the father of Hamisa Mobeto’s child.

Maina Kageni was surprised to learn from Mwalimu King’ang’i that Zari had three children by the time she got married to Diamond.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




‘Mpango Wa Kando’ Ni Nyama tu, Wives Are Queens To Their Husbands (Audio)

Today on the morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, there was a discussion which was raised by a man who had called in yesterday to contribute to the discussion.

He said, ‘We all know that you have a wife, hawa wengine ni nyama.’

“Sisi wanaume nyama ni nyama, ya Galleria, nyama ya Nairobi West, ya wapi yote ni nyama. We all know we have one wife, forever and ever that is my wife. Hao wengine wote ni nyama”.

He says wives are supposed to understand that these other women are just nyama, hawa wengine ni nyama. That husbands love and respect wives, but you are supposed to understand one thing that these other women are just nyama.

Mwalimu says men have only one wife, and she will always remain queen.

“As a woman, if you decide to date married men you will definitely be identified as ‘nyama’. Its up to  women to say no to ‘Nyama’,” a woman called in and revealed.

Another woman also called in and asked,

“What if women decide to go and have men outside and come out to say that men are also ‘nyama’,that meant that it was a proof that Kenyan men are cheating on their wives, by him saying that they go out looking for different women who they are referring to as ‘Nyama’.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Ladies, does your man regulate the number of times you visit your mother?

Yesterday, Captain Kale a listener of Classic 105 said that wives should not only be detached from their male friends but also her relatives.

Another man I met told me this, you need to regulate the number of times your wife visits her mother and even her home.

The man told me that the family is even worse than even the friends. He said he is married and he allows his wife to go to her mums home twice a year.

Men, who told you that your mother-in-law does not like you, where did this paranoia come from?

Ladies, does your man regulate the number of times you visit your mother?

Mwalimu says it’s respect that they have for them. He says that most men ‘walifanya wizi wa kimabavu’ that’s why they fear their wives visiting their mums.

He says that most men eloped with their wives and the mother-in-law did not like that man from the start, because they hoped for a better man for their daughter than him.

Don’t you realize that her mother is like your mother?

Talk to me #MainaandKing’ang’i

Guys,You Have Been Sharing Your Women With Other Men (audio)

Women revealed to Maina Kageni that since other men think its ok to have other women, they too have other men outside their marriage.

Men, you can not satisfy your women with everything. You could be good in bed but there is a time a woman needs someone to make her life interesting and bearable. Men do not necessarily need to sleep with women, they tend to understand their marital problems more than their spouses and help them cope with that. They even help out and some marriages survive because of such male friends.

Men are accused of being rigid and believing that when women associate with other men,its all about sleeping around with them.

The ladies who called in said that its not for sex but for friendship alone. Maina Kageni asked the men whether they have sometimes been given loans from their women who claim to have taken that money from ‘Chamas’.

This came out as a shock as Maina revealed that those male friends to your wives are the ones who sometimes give them.

Men are believed to be secretive and most ladies trust them more than even their fellow women and that is why most of them have male friends. They could rather carry out their business with men than women.

The debate was hot like no other day especially when one lady revealed a very hot experience.

She said that she has been trying to call Maina to give her experience. Her husband took a loan six years ago and the husband would receive -4 as the salary.

The loan was meant to go to the coast and have fun with other women. The lady did not mind. She did not keep it a secret but instead shared with male friends. The lady says she has a child who was in school and now that the husband was not able to pay the school fees, the director decided to pay the school fees for her child. The director told her to lie to her husband that the child was educated through a scholarship for being bright.

She went ahead and narrated that she could even get clothes from her male friends to give to her husband.

When all this was happening, the lady claimed that she has never slept with any of those friends but they are her all time confiders, even after she left the husband.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


This Is Why Married Women Need To Have Co-wives(Audio)

Ladies, I choose to address you today over the discussion that was held today on Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Have you ever, by any chance felt as if your attention is diverted? This could be because your husband for a good or bad cause has decided to marry other women and make them your co-wives.

To some women, this is so traumatizing that they end up rejecting themselves and even living a bitter life.

According to Maina, one of his aunties, who isn’t related to him by blood, said is one of the unhappy people he has met so far.

Her husband has married two other women, who live in Lavington and have cosy lifestyles.

The three wives get everything and their children go to some of the best schools in the country and even abroad.

This however does not give her peace and she feels she needs to have had her husband all alone.

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, he considers that as being selfish and claims that men love equally.

The discussion received mixed reactions from the callers and one of the them had this to tell the woman.

She said, “In the current times, the number of women is high than that of men and therefore those who are married should ensure that they share their men.”

When asked by Maina if she is married, she said yes she is and has a co-wife. She finds it very okay and she expressed her happiness of having a co-wife who they are in a good relationship with.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

City Woman Confess To Maina Kageni That She Left Her Husband Because He Was So Paranoid

Today morning on Classic 105’s morning conversation with Maina Kageni and King’ang’i, Maina narrated how he went for lunch with a woman and her husband tagged along for the meeting. The husband kept side eying him as they ate their lunch.

The woman later had a chance to interact with Maina Kageni, saying that she is so used to that. It is a challenge she is facing in marriage. Her husband is so paranoid and he spies on her all the time.

Recently, she said the husband accompanied her when she was going for a company seminar.

Mwalimu termed that behaviour as pure love. Not paranoia.

He says that some women complain when they are given uninterrupted attention, yet others are complaining about their men who even give them a side eye.

On the other hand, another caller claimed that men who cheat on their women behave in such manner, they call their women each and every time because they think their women are also cheating on them.

A caller who is a lady, contributed to the discussion saying that she left her husband because he was so nagging, he would follow her everywhere a habit she could not put up with.

It is now 10 years since they parted and she has no regret.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Chae!!!!!! Witchcraft Is Real In Kenya ooh (Video)

Yesterday, Kenyans were divided on a public spectacle that saw two grown men dancing naked infront of a car they are suspected to have “car jacked”. The Bamburi incident that went viral saw people wonder if indeed the two men were bewitched or it was a grand plot to defraud the public.

Today on the morning conversation at Classic 105 with Maina Kageni, the breakfast host quoted one of the views given by those people who followed the whole saga on social media.

“This is the world we are living in.  If there is God, then there is Satan. If there is good, then there is bad,” Maina mused.

A man called in and said how his wife has done her best to look for these witch doctors so that the husband doesn’t cheat on her.

The man said however much he wanted to cheat on the wife he cannot.

The wife bewitched him and now whenever he wants to perform the conjugal rights to the mpango wa kando, he said his ‘Kapedo’ couldn’t perform however beautiful that lady is.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Men Working At Government Parastatals Are Spoiling Marriages (Audio)

It’s always an entertaining day during the morning conversation every weekday on Classic 105.

A man had called in yesterday and this is what he said,

“I used to be told that she used to be dropped but I did not believe until I found her lying on a colleague’s shoulder when they both were drunk, I knew something was wrong. I met them again and that is how I came to know how workmates spoil marriages. He was specific that men who are working at parastatals are spoiling marriages by dating women who are working  there.”

Listen below to the heated discussion as the man explains the agony he is in because a police officer has nyemelead his wife, and taken off with his daughter

On the same discussion listeners gave their view about that.


Listen As A Man Confesses To Maina Kageni How T”Colleague” Thing Is Spoiling Marriages

A lady called in yesterday saying her husband gets dropped home from work by different women, and she doesn’t have a problem with it. She says that her husband has not bought a car yet so his female workmates drop him at home every day. Sometimes at midnight or even 2am. Continue reading “Listen As A Man Confesses To Maina Kageni How T”Colleague” Thing Is Spoiling Marriages”