Do Women Brag When They Help Their Women?

Based on yesterday’s conversation, a man called in and said the difference between Kenyan men and women is that the men do things for their wives e.g paying their school fees, buying them cars and a lot more but never brag about it.

On the other hand, when your woman buys you something she will want the whole world to know.

Mwalimu said that he agrees with the man because women will want everyone to know. But Maina thinks otherwise.

Here is what people had to say:

Are Kenyan Men Envious Of Their Successful Wives?

You must have noticed how former US President Bill Clinton is always present in support of his wife Hillary during her presidential campaigns?

Do you think a Kenyan man would do the same? Is it a surprise that we never get to see the husbands of women vying for political office in Kenya?

Are these men jealous of their powerful wives’ successes? That was the topic during today’s morning show. Here is what people had to say:


Is Your Man Suffocating You?

Mwalimu had a question for the ladies this morning based on a call by a guy who said his wife calls his friends complaining that he is suffocating her. Apparently he comes home too early and his presence in the house is becoming too much for his wife to bear.

She says that she prefers a man who drinks, and spends his time out, with friends drinking or watching football as opposed to one who comes home early and stays around.  He is wondering why she is complaining yet he gives her quality time.

According to Maina, the man is suffocating her. Is there such a thing as a man giving you too much time?

Listen to the conversation here:

How Do You Deal With A Drunk Partner?

Maina met a  woman yesterday who admitted to him that her husband has become a wreck because of alcohol.

The man is constantly drinking to the point where he is unable to work and that leaves here to take care of both the business and the home alone.

To make matters worse, he gets abusive whenever he is drunk and won’t listen to anyone, even his family, and has completely refused to seek professional help for his problem .

The question posed to listeners today was “Are you living with a drunkard? How do you deal with them?”

Here is what the listeners had to say.

Would You Allow Your Husband To Take The Children To The Clande?

A woman called in during Yesterday’s conversation  saying she knows her husband’s other woman. She described how sometimes the other woman would pick up her children to take them out and admits she is not okay with this

Mwalimu King’ang’i says there is nothing wrong with this because it shows that the man is being honest. Maina on the other hand said that it’s disrespectful and crazy.

Here is what the listeners had to say:

Are You That Man In Your Wife’s Life?

Today morning conversation Maina talked about women and the men who hold their hearts.

He said that a  friend of his told him that every single woman has a man that makes her go gaga … once he calls her she literally drops everything she’s doing to attend and listen to him and it’s just not the husband.

The man said that he knows he’s not that guy in his wife’s life. Mwalimu on the other hand thinks that as a wife the person who is supposed to have that effect on you is your husband ONLY!! No other man should take that spot.

After all, you are married and bear his name, why would you think of another man?

Here is what people had to say:

Do Women Neglect Their Men After Giving Birth?

Today’s conversation is about a man who called in the other day and said that his wife used to be adventurous, fun, spontaneous, loving and caring but all that changed after she gave birth.

He says things just went downhill from there, she stopped sending those sweet texts during the day or even calling. Basically she stopped being concerned about him and he felt sidelined.

Mwalimu feels that the man has a point. He agrees that women tend to ignore their men after giving birth.

Here  is what other people had to say:

Should Men Carry Gifts Everytime They Visit A Woman?

According to an article published in one of the local dailies, Ambassador Orie Rogo Manduli seems to have started a rather interesting conversation by asking women to stop entertaining men who visit them while carrying nothing but condoms.

She said that unless the man is your husband then he has to bring something whenever he comes visiting, regardless of whether he pays your bills or not.

Treating a woman right is the hallmark of a being a gentleman after all. You cannot go visiting a woman with nothing and expect to enjoy the food she cooks and watch her pay TV among other things. A gentleman should always bring a gift when visiting and condoms do not count as such.  Maina was in total agreement with that and so were other listeners. Here is the conversation in case you missed it:

Tips On How To Start A Conversation

For some people starting a conversation is not that hard because they are naturals and can even pick random chats with strangers and flow with it.

For others it is rocket science as they don’t know how to go about it and hence end up quiet.

This often works at your disadvantage when it comes to dating and especially if it’s a first date because we can all agree that a conversation is much more fun than awkward silence.

Almost all good conversations start with an open-ended question because it encourages dialogue because the response is unlikely to be a one word answer.

Here are a few comments or questions that can start a conversation.

You look really nice, where did you get your dress/watch/coat etc from?

Have you seen any movies recently? How did you like it/them?

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like (say music genre or artist)

Do you like travelling? If yes where? Why? Dream destination? If no ask for the alternative they prefer.

Are you a sports person? If yes ask what they play or what they watch. If no ask what they do instead.

Are you a foodie? What kind of food do you like or hate? Why?

Have you watched (name movie or series)? Was it interesting? If no ask what they prefer.

Once you set the ball rolling not only will you have a good time chatting but you will get to know afew things about them.



Best Obama Moments As Discussed By Listeners

During the weekend when Obama was here, alot happened from the speech to the way he conducted himself , meeting his family, interacting with people etc.

According to Maina Kageni his favourite moments included, when he hugged his sister Auma at the airport.

When she introduced him at the GES conference.

When they were having dinner together as a family.

When he acknowledged her and showed the world that no matter what family comes first.

During today’s show many people shared their  favourite Obama moments. Listen to them:

‘Women are like ‘donkeys’ they need a little push

What you missed on the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i; A woman called in yesterday in support of dictatorship in marriage.  She says that she agrees with the notion men are the heads and women should be submissive. The woman describes the men who don’t take any questioning from their wives as real men.

She tells off women for complaining that there are no real men any more. She claims women nowadays want a man who will let them stay out as long as they want then go ahead and complain that the husband is not protective and loving.

She argues that submissiveness is one of the most beautiful traits a woman can have and that authority is what women crave for in their men.

Maina Kageni however is of the opinion that there is a difference between arrogance,  total disrespect and love. A caller even said women are like donkeys who need a little push on the buttocks. Listen to what you missed below