Churchill comedian Zainabu speaks on grief after death of her baby


Zainabu is currently a mum to a healthy baby girl Malaika after giving birth this past August. But she is letting us in on a secret she has held onto about another baby we didn’t know of.

The  Churchill comedian shared that she has fought feelings of depression when her unborn baby died.

She wrote

 Personally I have been through this and I almost lost my life at some point but up to this point am still struggling to heal but I have been able to overcome pain to great extent. 

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Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo
Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo

Zaianbu added that while every person grieves in their own way, there is help and shared some information

Am speaking about this because I have found some way we can exploit and get help in closing the doors of pain as we look forward to healing completely. If you are such a mother or you know somebody who have lost a child, please let us communicate and find each other for us to restore our lives and our dignity.. no matter the circumstances that led to your baby not making it, we are still mothers and we need to recreate our selves through psychological support.

The death of a baby can bring profound grief. Here are some words of comfort from her

my story of pain will yield joy for many people and am here to tell you we can wake up and move again

zaimabu zeddy

You can read her full statement by clicking on this link.   plus more information and support for parents on coping with grief.

Zainabu Zeddy
Zainabu Zeddy pregnant

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Mummy’s Boy: Jokes aside Comedian YY really does love his mother



There is no shame in a man declaring his mum is his love, infact we celebrate them, in this cruel world where people bash women.

It’s hard not to swoon at comedian YY, proclaiming his love for his mother, thanking her for his success.

YY and his mum

YY has opened up about his thoughts on his mother, gushing over her and thanking her for his success.

‘Stop your dramas and sing,’ comedian tells off Ringtone

He once wrote

If your mother is happy because of you, YOU have succeded in life..

His strongest indication of how much she means to him was when he captioned

Cheers to the single mothers😎🍷She is my best friend,…the one I can call in the night… She has been with me through hell and the whole process,,sometimes No food and water but we were happy Because of her…..I inherited both brains and humour from her,so am just a male replica..My favourite moment is when I go back home and we sit the whole night just cracking jokes till 3am…Angekuwa CEO wa betting Company najua angeniwekea Jackpots zangu kando…ningekuwa natoka kucheza napata amenifunikia Odds zangu,kazi yangu ni kuwekelea tu multibet….umenifanyia mengi Mama…You even sold a Cow to repay school books that I lost ndio nichukue results yangu Ya KCSE…Asante Mama…Baraka zako zipokee❤❤…Long Live Mama 

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Shaniqwa finally unveils the face of his baby boy

Comedian Kevin Mwangi alias ‘Shaniqwa’ has finally showed the public his new-born son’s face. The comedian and the wife had kept the face of the baby hidden until recently.

Shaniqwa had taken to Instagram late 2018 with his wife Naomi Jemutai to thank God for the bundle of joy they were expecting in 2019. The bundle of joy is here and we cannot help but want to see more pictures.

image-2019-04-23 (6) (1)


The comedian became famous after making his first big TV debut in ‘Jameni’ a Kenyan housed program which was aired on KTN.

It propelled his stardom, keeping fans eager for more content. In most of his performances, Shaniqwa disguises himself as a woman and he is a favorite to many.

See pics of his cute baby.

shan 3

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shan 2

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Fans on his handle went ahead to compliment the baby saying;

okindakanu: Like father like son 😍😍

mmary_mwangi: Handsham boy😍😍😍

marieh_nyar_sigomre: Wooow kenye unalisha mtoi waaah🤔 amegrow sana


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Fans react to comedian Obinna’s confession that he couldn’t pay rent

Most of our celebrities have hustled to get to the top. And Oga Obinna is one of the stars who were once broke to a point where he couldn’t afford to pay rent in a Ksh 3,000 house in Kaloleni.

“I was once kicked out of my house in Kaloleni I couldn’t pay rent. It was 3k a month.( 30days I couldn’t raise 3k), ” Obinna wrote on his social media, “I was once a street boy in this same same city. I lived in a salon in Kije (Majengo) with my friend ICY – (he was a rapper). I slept hungry on many occasions. I was the first one in the morning at Industrial Area to offload trucks 90kg maze bags. I put Kebs Tags on Pasta and Macaroni packs then we use to be given the expired ones that we would take with Open Arms to go eat in Makongeni where we lived with Sammy/Kenyatta/Izo/Stevo/Isah and I in Makongeni MixT4 Door4 (6men in 1 room).”

The comedian also highlighted his side hustles to include acting setbooks – for free, rap, dance and perform for free.

“I lived in Fred Omondi’s house for over 6 months, I lived in a single room with Owago and Othuol in South B for 6k and we couldn’t pay. I camped outside Scrath Records daily so that the producer Roba could just record 1 song for me. I did club shows in town for 300-500bob,” he narrated.

oga obinna

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 Adding that “everyday I try to be a better person. The memory of where I’m from makes me work harder and never give up. I was fired from Nation over 3 years ago (been jobless for over 3 years) but I live better now than when I was employed and tied down to a salary. I’ve thought about committing suicide three times before when I was suffering. But I didn’t.”

What am I saying?? I try to do better nowdays/be better/treat people with respect and kindness because you never know that waiter/watchman/streetboy you are treating badly will be tomorrow. I’ve been down,I’ve been up its never nobody’s liking to beg or to suffer its mostly the situation. I’m nowdays the first one to understand when someone asks me for help.”

He then advised, “It’s not my power!! It’s GOD!! You donno your tomorrow only God knows. Just Work Harder,Smarter be persistent and never loose hope. Tomorrow will be better. Your condition is not permanent. If God raised me..why not You?? And if he raised you why not be a blessing?
Trust the PROCESS!! Pray and DON’T LOOSE HOPE!!”

His fans reacted to the explosive confessions. Here are some of the comments.

Wilson Malaba: Great things are still ahead if you…keep up the splendid work you usually do

Erick Kimathi: God is good man. Keep giving the hope.

Vickii Mugambi: And today you have decided to share this story. You are blessed bro


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 Jeff Faddy: Bro thanks alot for that encouragement, i am going through the same experience now, but i place my hopes in the most High Lord, things will cover up one day. God bless you bro Oga Obinna

Douglas Kirk: Sorry brother. ..that situation shaped you to be who you are today…. it reminds us that plan A may fail but hope returns when we remember that the alphabet has got 25 more letters(many more chances ). And God is always in control.

Hiro Milgoh: So that is where my idol started 😮😮😮😮…Great thing you’re doing there Oga @D Topest😂
I miss your days at Nation fm doing Team Insomnia😊😊

Hance Juma: Keep it up man, it reminds me when u were dayskoling in chulaimbo u were to bring for me roast maize at the gate so that i dont frog jump u of coming late everyday

Ann Wa Wanjiku: This is pure inspiration, I really needed to read such,true story of people like you who never gave up in life no matter what, I have learnt to be persistent

Mistah Nic: If it wasn’t for home run with Brian Oduor I would never would’ve known you. Can’t even believe you had to endure all this story.

Candy More Vera: I still got you(as a fan).Keep climbing that mountain,it may seem tedious but keep pushing till you reach the top and never ever forget God.

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It Is Official! Anne Kansiime And Hubby Ojok Have Broken Up!

Uganda’s top comedian Anne Kansiime has finally come out to reveal that she and her husband Gerald Ojok are not together anymore.

For a while now, rumours had it that she had split with Ojok, four years after their traditional wedding ceremony and are now living separately.

Kansiime confirmed this during a Facebook session with fans where she asked them to ask her any burning questions about her life.

And she was honest…really honest!

She responded to a fan who asked about their split


In another response, the comedian says she is still confused on whether she is going to find love again.

anne kansiime 3

Anne Kansiime

Aww! Ann Kansiime writes a sweet message for her hubby

Check out other replies to fans about her relationships, to a point of calling her marriage with Ojok a ‘real joke’


anne k


kansiime 5


kansiime 3


kaniime 2


anne kansiime