Comedian Jemutai’s cryptic message about fake friends


MC, influencer, brand ambassador Jemutai is spitting some words of wisdom many of us need to act upon.

The comedian has been minding her business alot and keeping things private of late has benefitted her alot.

In a cryptic post, Jemutai wrote ‘When you stop telling your friends much about you..your enemies will stop knowing much about you..’

Do you agree?

Meanwhile check out Jemutai’s Tiktok page. She has some really wholesome content to uplift you.



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Cute pictures of Prof Hamo and Jemutai’s 2 year old daughter Kaylee


Kaylee turned two years this past weekend and her popular mum took her on a vacation to mark her big day.

The vacation courtesy Bonfire was an opportunity for Jemutai and her two babies to bond further.

To the cutest and sweetest 2-year-old baby girl I know, Happy birthday to you! May you grow up fearing God and may you be respectful to your mom,dad and society at large! We love you so much, sweetheart!
Happy birthday Kaylee

Jemutai shared cute photos and videos of the getaway.

The hotel decorated the bed with flowers and a gift for Kaylee as a welcome message that Jemutai loved and appreciated.