Pregnant Michel Yola is glowing as she cradles her baby bump

Michelle Yola is pregnant and looking really good. She seems to have come into her own after leaving Prezzo and finding a new man and then getting pregnant.

Prezzo on his part believed the child in question to be his but he eventually accepted Michelle Yola’s denial of the rumour and has since moved on.

But Michelle Yola no doubt doesn’t spend too much time thinking pf Prezzo, seeing as she is loved up and happy with her new man and the child she insists is his.

She recently posted some photos of herself enjoying life and I couldnae help but be impressed by her glow up. Check her out below:



Noti Flow reveals Colonel Mustafa has a cucu girlfriend

Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa have been having issues and it all culminated in the femcee collaborating with Colonel Mustafa’s arch-nemesis Prezzo.


So I decided to call Noti Flow and have a conversation about why she has decided to work with Prezzo, why she and Colonel Mustafa have decided to kill their budding romance and whether she and Prezzo are now romantically involved.


But for the sake of today’s story, we will be focussing on a bombshell she dropped on me.

While talking to her about why she and Colonel Mustafa are no longer together, she said,

“He has a sugar mummy! And imagine how old she must be given how old Colonel Mustafa is… He will be with me, leave and go to Dubai to her!”

Listen to the audio of the conversation between us below:

Noti Flow Finally Reveals She’s Dating Colonel Mustafa

Nairobi D stars Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa have for the longest time been rumoured to be in a relationship. When asked about it, they constantly denied the allegations, saying they are just good friends who support each others music careers.


Well that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Noti Flow took to social media to finally clear the air on what is going on between the two. She said they are in a relationship but decided to keep it private because of how social media can say hurtful things about them.

She said, We decided to keep our relationship off social media for a while since some of y’all are very good at saying some really hurtful shit good enough to break us up . Until we’re strong enough to face y’all, we will remain being very happy off social media 😆 Our lives are way easier like that.”

Noti Flow

Awhile back, she was interviewed by one of our writers and she revealed that she was not responsible for Mustafa’s break up with his then girlfriend.

At least she’s now cleared the air on the whole matter.

Prezzo Reveals Why he Isn’t Actively Involved In His Daughter’s Life

I come from a community that believes and insists that the children belong to the father.

That was a way of ensuring that no matter what happens, the children are fended for and taken care of in a world where bastards and orphans are left to suffer.
The long and short of it is that a man wasn’t considered a man if he wasn’t taking care of all his offspring. And that is something I am proud of my Luhya culture.

But back from my tangential tale, Prezzo has a child whom he sired by his ex-wife. And after the couple divorced, Daisy Kiplagat accused him at one point of being a deadbeat dad. So recently when he sat down in an interview on k24 where he opened up.

Here is what Prezzo had to say with regards to his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat and their child together:

“Marriage life was good because I got a beautiful baby girl out of that. But Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini but hated Prezzo but I couldn’t let go of the brand since I took so long to build it.

I never ever went to court to claim (my daughter) because whatever is put on Google will never be erased. I don’t want my daughter to go on Google and see this conflict between her mum and her dad.

“It’s complicated. I think Daisy just needs some time to exhale. I would never ever talk ill about Daisy because she is the mother of my child. There was no violence. She gave birth to a beautiful girl for me so I have never laid my hands on a woman.”

Random thoughts everyone has when watching Nairobi Diaries

Watching reality shows can be addictive and Kenyan reality shows are no different. Are you a Nairobi diaries fan? Last night our eyes were glued on k24 for Nairobi Diaries.

While the cast engaged in the usual beef, fans of the show were on social media, jotting down their thoughts. Find below random things everyone thinks when watching the girls do their thing.



‘Do I Look Pregnant?’ – Notiflow Responds To Claims That She Is Carrying Colonel Mustafa’s Child

The latest gossip in town is that Noti Flow could be expecting her first child with fellow Nairobi Diaries cast, Colonel Mustafa aka uncle Muss who she was recently rumored to be involved with.


Noti Flow whose real name is Natalie Florence is a Kenyan Musician-rapper and an actress who appears in the controversial reality show Nairobi Diaries that airs on K24.


The news was first disclosed by Mustafa himself in one of the episodes aired two nights ago.

However, Noti Flow has finally addressed the rumour and according to her, this is one of the most desperate moves Mustafa has pulled to draw attention to himself.

noti flow

Through her social media pages, Noti Flow said:

Do I look pregnant? 😎 N***a please. I mean I understand you desperately want my baby but going on TV to make allegations that I’m pregnant just so I can play along is so f****n wrong . I mean, I don’t even feel responsible enough for myself, how do I get a baby now?”

This she posted on her Instagram page telling young girls out there that “It’s not about how cute your baby is gonna be, it’s not about what the internet wants of you. Be responsible for yourselves. Know what you want and work towards it.”

Her followers also commented on the post saying that she did well by doing away with the rumours.

Ita Wazimamoto! Prezzo Calls Mustafa A Cheap Attention Seeker, Reveals Juicy Details (EXCLUSIVE)

Jackson Ngechu Makini alias CMB Prezzo has spoken out about his beef with fellow artiste Mustafa. In the past, Prezzo was seen threatening to beat up Mustafa with his belt if he didn’t leave Michelle Yola alone.

When this writer asked if he was willing to extend an olive branch to Mustafa by recording a single together, Prezzo revealed that that would never happen in a million years, calling the Dodoma Singida singer a human being “filled with negative energy.”

“It will never happen because I don’t like people with negative energy and Mustafa is an attention seeking human being full of negative energy. So, that will never happen, not in a million years to come.”

El President added,

“I don’t even know the guy, I hear about him from other people, If I don’t know him I definitely don’t know the reason of any beef out there. I’m a grown up man, I really don’t have time to beef with anybody out there but only have time to contribute to building this beautiful nation as the President.”



The rapper is currently working on launching a new studio called the Makini Music Group, one that is set to help uprising artistes.

“There is so much talent out there and they don’t get the platform to showcase their talent, so that we can help the people who need to be helped. What I’m looking for is A class talent, the talent that has not been heard f before. We are not going to make a launch for it but a launch for the hits that will come out of it,” Prezzo said.

It seems this has only just begun!


In Pictures! These Male Celebrities inspire Us To Hit The Gym With Their Workout Selfies

In these days of nyama choma and a dabo dabo, one is likely to pile on the pounds and not notice it.

But seriously guys it is hard to always be in shape, and the thought of hitting the gym in this cold is more than I can stand.

And some times, a loved one may hint to us that we perhaps need to shed some kilo’s, for the sake of a healthy heart.

These Kenyan male celebrities are staying off their comfort zone and working hard to stay in shape.

Here are celebrities who are sharing their inspiring gym stories plus selfies after a workout.

1. Tv personality Willis Raburu recently tied the knot, and after returning from his honeymoon, the bubbly media personality has been hitting the gym hard.

His is a story that should inspire many of us, keeping in mind his health challenges a while back.

He has shared selfies after his workout with the most hilarious hashtag.

Post work out 🏋 feeling much better it’s almost like the day has just started 💪🏾💪🏾 #MafutaNiYaGari


2. Musician Colonel Mustafa. Besides his music career, the legendary singer has joined the cast of Nairobi Diaries and watching him interacting with the shenanigans of the female cast on screen is quite something.

The Dodoma Singida singer has been hitting the gym hard, flexing his muscles and showing us how he stays in shape.


3. Actor Jeff Okello..Whats his fitness mantra? Train hard or go home

The Mother-In-Law actor has been enjoying spending time with his newborn daughter Ella, and perhaps this has pushed him to hit the gym hard.


4. Sudi boy..He is a father to a new born baby boy, Liam Sudi.

He also just turned a year older, and celebrated his born day with fellow celebrity pals.

The Coast-based singer loves to hit the gym, and share selfies while at it.