‘A lot of what is said about me being a dead beat is not true’ Dennis Okari


Media personality Dennis Okari has responded to allegations that he is a deadbeat dad.According to him people say things without having facts to back it.

Speaking to Word Is on the phone, he said

I will not discuss family now, but at some point I will speak because so many things have been written about me, but people who say those things don’t know me well.

The question about me being a deadbeat is what has been said or what has been written, but a lot of it is not true. One day you will come to know about these things.

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Betty Kyallo andher ex husband Dennis Okari
Betty Kyallo andher ex husband Dennis Okari

The public first learnt that Okari and ex-wife Betty are not co-parenting in July last year. The drama started when Okari called out Betty for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media.

My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting. She deserves to grow up quietly and no one, including myself as her father, should interfere with her rights to privacy.

Betty took a subliminal shot at him, implying he is a deadbeat dad, while replying to a fan who was narrating how he was raising his children as a single parent.

“I have a son age 4 and a daughter age 2, their mother ran away and as a father, I took full responsibility to make sure my kids are growing up in a good environment.

And every day when I wake up I look at them, kiss them and I get motivated and the urge to hustle more so they won’t feel the absence of their mum,” the fan wrote.

To which Betty said, “I love this. Much love for you and your kids. I resonate with you because I’m all my daughter has.”

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Too Cute! Check Out Betty Bayo And Kanyari’s Adorable Children (Photos)

Gospel singer Betty Bayo is a proud mother of two. The estranged wife of controversial pastor Victor Kanyari is doing great careerwise after parting ways with him.

Betty Bayo

In a recent interview, Betty Bayo declared that she would never go back to self proclaimed prophet Dr. Kanyari, after all she went through while they were still together.

“You know what? I can’t really tell what life with him was like. We were both very busy people. Technically, we lived together for three years, but in reality that could be just one year. I was always at my mum’s place having ran away for one thing or the other. When it all blew up, we were living separately but hadn’t decided to end it,” she narrated.

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The 11th Hour singer confessed she was in love with someone else though she co-parents with Kanyari.

“Yes, I am seeing someone. I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single,” she explained adding that:

“We do co-parent. But I haven’t seen him for the last two years. But our children, aged two and five, have a good relationship with him. We have an arrangement that works for us. While I have my personal feelings about him and what our relationship was like, his children don’t have to know or be affected by that.”

Pastor Kanyari playing with his son
Pastor Kanyari playing with his son

Here are latest of Kanyari and Betty Bayo’s all grown children


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo's son


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo's daughter


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo's daughter

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Raising A Child Is Not Easy! See The Great Job Pastor Burale Is Doing (PHOTOS)

Celebrated celebrity pastor and stylist Robert Burale is a single father.

The Citizen TV fashion panelist who is known for his hank looks and love for fashion is a great dad. He is not a deadbeat father.

He is a good father to his daughter Lexie Burale.

Pastor Burale's daugther

Burale who is also an emcee, image consultant, motivational speaker, actor, PR & marketing strategist and the CEO of The RB (Readily Bold) Company, divorced his wife a while back after what he termed as miscommunication.

Well, this has not deterred the handsome pastor from being a good father and he has played a great role in his daughter’s upbringing.

“27 TH APRIL 2005 at exactly 10:06 am I was in the delivery room with the doctor as you came to this world and had the privilege of seeing you as you popped out. For months while in your mothers womb I would sing(my bad voice )and talk to you. The bond started way back. I thank God for allowing me to see you grow day by day. Today you celebrate turning 12 years.

A God fearing girl you are. A hardworking girl in school and you love the microphone too (I wonder where this came from ????)I am privileged to be your dad. from the tiny being in the delivery room. I remember cutting the umbilical chord to now the young pretty girl who loves the mirror (I think u need to reduce your time spent in the mirror????????)….. Every time you come to my house you rush to my room to put everything in order (long may this continue ????????????). Your famous words to me when I am annoyed “dad stop CMFiiiiing (catching ma feelings). Nkt. I am too old for this ????????…LEXIE BURALE…HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Burale posted this on his daughter’s 12th birthday.

The loving and caring father went ahead to reveal that raising a child is not easy and it takes the support of both parents. Burale also praised his ex-wife for playing a great role in their daughter’s life.

“To all who wished my daughter happy birthday..I would like to thank you on her behalf. Many kept asking how comes I have not acknowledged Lexie’s mum (😂😂😂munapenda udaku)..

But allow me to say that Lexie is privileged to have a great mother who has also taught her great values esp on hard work and many more. Yes co parenting in very possible. When it comes to raising children both parents even if not together should work as a team to give the best to their children. May this be your testimony,” Burale posted.


Below are photos which prove that pastor Burale is besotted with his daughter

Robert Burale


Robert Burale


Robert Burale


Robert Burale

10 Key Questions for Caring Co-Parents

Divorced parents face challenges that are not only complex; but long lasting as well. There are many variations of joint parenting, co-parenting and other forms of divorced parenting based on how well both parents get along, their geographical proximity, the age of the children and other contributing factors. Every decision made will affect the children involved — and the impact can be detected in children’s behavior, attitudes and levels of self-esteem.

To help parents co-parent more effectively author Rosalind Sedacca created a list of significant questions to ask yourselves. She says that the more honest co-parents are with each other, the easier it is for the children to move on after divorce into their new reality. Below are the 10 questions

1. How can we make life better for our children after the divorce than it was before?

2. What can we do to boost their sense of security, self-esteem and well-being during the transitions ahead?

3. Will our children respect us when they’re adults for the way we handled the divorce?

4. How can we best support our children – and minimize the physical, emotional and spiritual damage inflicted upon them as a result of our divorce?

5. Who can provide the best home environment for the children – and for what percent of each day, week, month and year? Can we be flexible as the kids age and change stages in life?

6. Am I burdening my children with responsibilities only an adult should have to bear?

7. Would I make this same parenting decision if we were still married — or am I allowing my anger/hatred/resentment/pain to affect my judgment and clarity?

8. How can we show our love and compassion for our children as they move through challenges they did not ask for — or create?

9. Do I want to rob my children of their childhood because of my divorce?

10. How can each of us best contribute our assets — physical, emotional and spiritual — to create harmony, good will and a sense of peace within the family structure?