Yummy Mummy ‘ate’ abortion money just to go out partying

Murugi Munyi has revealed she once lied to a man that she was pregnant so he could send her ‘abortion’ cash which she used to go party.

This she revealed after a social media fan revealed the crazy ‘lie’ she had ever told a man just to get cash from him.

“I had unprotected s*x with this guy so I could use the p2 money to retouch my locs, 1st year,” shared the fan

 Munyi admitted to having lied before just to get cash to go and party.

“I too have been there. I once lied to a man about being pregnant so I can use the abortion money to go out that weekend,” wrote the mother of three. Adding, “Sir, if you’re reading this, there was no baby but anyway.”

Well Karma is a b*tch, years later Munyi was a character developed by her ex after he made her pay 16k for their date

Yummy Mummy
Yummy Mummy

Sharing her experience via her social the mother of three narrated,

“What’s the most ghetto thing an ex has ever done to you? One of my exes asked me out – we had dinner, such a good time! At some point, his friends joined us and we drank and drank, and then time to go home he hits me with ‘Babe si you spot me, I forgot my wallet at home.’The bill was Ksh16,750 (I’ve never forgotten) I was in uni. It was ALOT. “

Munyi says she waited for a refund of the cash in vain.

“The next day I waited for him to send the money back, instead he was just saying things like ‘I’m so lucky to have you, I can’t wait to spend my life with you. We had been dating for 3 weeks, I Ghosted him instantly and never spoke to him again. Tell me your story – let’s laugh together in the comments,” she wrote.

What’s the craziest lie you have ever told a man just to get cash from him?

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I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

YouTuber Yummy Mummy undergoes cosmetic surgery

My ex made me pay a 16k bill for him and his friends on a date! Yummy mummy recalls

Causes of premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and how to fix it

 Feelings of irritability, cravings and fatigue are as common around the time of your period but many don’t know how to deal with premenstrual symptoms

But what you might not know is what is causing your premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and how to deal with it.

Fertility specialist, Dr Nat Kringoudis, believes that stress is one of the major factors that contributes to PMS.

Classy gifts to buy your father this Father’s day to celebrate him

According to Daily Mail Dr Nat  shared the eight ways you can beat or at least relieve symptoms around your time of the month, and the one superfood that will help to balance your hormones.

Writing on her blog, Melbourne-based Dr Kringoudis explained exactly why a hard time at work or home might contribute to your PMS.

‘Stress in the body undermines pretty much every bodily function, and given our reproductive systems are the most sensitive, stress will definitely impact its function,’ she said.

RIP!!!!!Nyamira governor John Nyangarama’s son dies of menengitis

The specialist added that ‘during PMS, that stress can impact our body’s ability to regulate hormones effectively – the additional cortisol and other stress hormones can upset functioning levels of progesterone’.

Progesterone is the ‘feel good’ hormone, and Dr Kringoudis said that when it goes ‘too low, too quickly in our luteal phase, it can feel like PMS is getting the best of us’.

So how can you beat PMS, or at least relieve the symptoms when you’re feeling low?

First, there is one superfood that Dr Kringoudis believes we should all incorporate into our daily regimes: Maca powder.

‘Maca gets the title of a superfood because it delivers on the nutrition front,’ she said. ‘It’s totally full of vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes and amino acids… It’s full of B vitamins, which are good for energy, and magnesium – one of my favourite all-round period fixers.’

Cop Sammy Ngare nominated for Diaspora Awards for his charity work

Next, she said there are eight other things you can do to regulate your hormones and reduce feelings of nausea, bloating and irritability.

‘Drink chamomile tea, as it will help to keep you calm and can also help alleviate cramping associated with menstrual bleeding.’

Dr Kringoudis also recommends loading your plate up with Vegemite, which is ‘loaded with B vitamins which immediately balance out oestrogen and boost the feel good hormones, dopamine and serotonin’.

The eight things you should do to beat PMS

1. Drink chamomile tea.

2. Pull in the reins and go gently.

3. Eat Vegemite.

4. Take some gentle exercise.

5. Prioritise rest.

6. Get some sunshine in.

7. Bathe in lavender oil.

8. Stock up on Maca powder.

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Upcoming gospel artiste JMB Gospel Son winning souls with his new jam ‘My Father’ – Video

If you thought the gospel industry is dying, then you are wrong as JMB Gospel Son is winning souls through his uplifting gospel music.

JMB who is a member of Parklands Baptist is hell bent on making sure utaingia heaven. He is among the fastest rising gospel artistes.

His genre is more of worship , and majorly focuses on uplifting souls.

upcoming gospel artiste JMB Gospel Son
upcoming gospel artiste JMB Gospel Son

Like they say ‘Music is a calling’ and JMB not only sings but he is also a team leader at Ecclesia fellowship.

He is also a partner at Victory Service Christian movement and a leader at Hifadhi Talanta Africa Limited.

He is well known as a song writer, recording artist, a corporate MC and a Subject Matter Expert in Digital transformation, he is what we would call a jack of all trades.

14 reasons that men might not see you as wife material

JMB launched his first album in 2012  with songs like Show Me, Holy Ghost Fire.

He has since begun working on a new album and currently has 4 songs already out.

With many gospel artistes being criticized for singing songs that do not portray their faith, we hope JMB Gospel will change the narrative.

Listen to his latest jam below achana na ‘Wamlambez’.

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From a truck driver to being Kenya’s most prominent media personality: The rise of Maina Kageni

We have heard his hearty laughter every day for years,  as Kenyans tune in to Classic 105 just to listen to Maina Kageni.

A simple boy from Muranga who went on to become the most prominent radio personality in Kenya.

His story is that of from grass to grace because he was only brought up by his mum after losing his dad at a tender age.

“My dad died when I was two years old. Luckily for him, he left behind a will and after his death, it was entrusted to trustees.

Immediately I turned 21, the properties were transferred to me.”

Maina then left Kenya for the UK to study, but as it turned out, he never set foot in a lecture hall.

After arriving in the UK, he chose to work rather than attend school as he later confessed.

He began working as a truck driver and fish distributor for a Chinese firm.

His mother was not aware of the development and carried on with Kageni’s graduation celebration plans when the time was due.

“For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year.” He said in a Q&A with fans on YouTube

Maina said his mother had so much faith in him and, unlike his brother and sister, he was given his school fees in cash.

“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK.

My mom found out and she was not happy with me until last year.

She called me home and after dinner, she told me she had forgiven me for not going to university.” He said

Contrary to what many believe Maina never planned on being a radio presenter.

“I got on the radio by pure fluke. DJ Pinye and I had brought over some deejays from the United Kingdom and we went to Capital FM to book airtime to advertise the gig.

We were then asked for sh40, 000 for the voiceover. We did not have any more cash so I offered to do it.

John Wilkins liked it and offered me a job! If I had that money on me, I would not be on radio.” he says.

His career started at Capital FM, he then later worked for Nation FM, KISS FM, and is currently at Classic 105.

List of celebrities brought up by strong single mothers

For a man who enjoys his money working for him, Maina Kageni drives high-end cars.

His latest acquisition is a BMW 2020 X6 sDrive40i.

Giving more details about his car Maina said

‘It’s the only one of that mode. How can I describe the color? It’s a dark metallic chocolate.’

Before adding

‘Life is short and you should enjoy your life whichever way you find, those kind of cars are my devil, aki I have worked hard, my God, you gotta enjoy your life, if you can afford something get it, life is not a rehearsal.’

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

The BMW X6 has many features that car pundits claim will make you ecstatic.

Maina Kageni with the 2020 X6
Maina Kageni with the 2020 X6


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‘Father Kyengo was my lover,’ says suspect in the father’s murder

A prime suspect said he had been in a romantic relationship with Catholic priest Michael Kyengo whose body was found buried in a shallow grave.

The 40-year-old priest disappeared from his parents’ Tala home on October 5 and his body recovered on October 16 from a riverbed in Mbeere South, Embu County.

Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

His disappearance was reported to the KBC police station on October 7. The body was mutilated, stashed in a sack at buried in the river bed.

A 25-year-old nursery school trained teacher has said Kyengo was his lover.

Father Michael Kyengo
Priest Michael Kyengo and his alleged killer cum lover (in brown trousers)

Photos from the burial of Mariam Kigenda and daughter Amanda

Forensic examination of the suspect’s mobile phone has further reinforced his claims after the police discovered romantic text messages alleged to be between the preacher and the male teacher.

In one of the conversations seen by the Saturday Standard dated October 6, the two referred to each other in romantic terms of “Hi dear” and “hi my love”.

The sources said Kyengo and the suspect have known each other since 2008 when they first met at a seminary in Machakos County.

They have maintained close contact since then.

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Meet the woman Mike Mondo wants to carry his twins – photos

Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo has already identified the woman who is set to carry his babies, which according to him will be twins.

Mike is already a father of one but is not married to the mother of his kid.

Well, you might not be aware but Mike Mondo has a crush on Nigerian female artiste Yemi Alade and according to Mike she will be the mother of her kids.

Introducing her song during his radio show Mike hinted

‘Coming next is a song by Yemi Alade, The woman who will have my twins.’

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

In line with that, Mike asked Terry if she has plans of having kids any time soon.

She said,

‘I am not ready for kids but when I am I will get them. Kids are a forever attachment so its not something you just do (get kids) just because your biological clock is ticking.

Further more there are so many kids out there who don’t have parents so even adoption is an option.

To men out there you should stop asking women when they are getting kids, you might not know what people out there are going through.’

Below are photos of Mike Mondo’s crush.

Yemi Alade-classic 105


Yemi Alade


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Sarah Cohen left penniless by her late husband Tob Cohen in his last will and testament

Murdered city tycoon Tob Cohen did not leave any of his property and money to his widow Sarah Cohen according to his will.

Cohen gave their Sh400 million matrimonial home, that has been the centre of a dispute, to his sister Gabrielle Van Straten and her children.

Cohen also willed 50 per cent of his estate to Gabrielle, 25 per cent to her two daughters and another 25 per cent to his elder brother Bernard Cohen.

His skull was smashed! Tob Cohen autopsy results reveal dreadful death

One source close to Cohen’s family told the Star the deceased had Sh150 million in two separate bank accounts.

One account had Sh100 million while the other had Sh50 million.

However, the amount is to be shared only between Gabrielle and Benard with the former’s children also benefiting from their uncles magnanimity.

The already contested will was opened yesterday at the office of lawyer Chege Kirundi, who was the custodian.

Cohen Family at his will reading

Flanked by Gabriel and Benard, the lawyer assured the press that the will had not been tampered with as had been earlier alleged in a section of the media.

Kirundi displayed the will that was enclosed in a brown envelope wrapped with white tape and a brown seal.

“The last will of Tob Cohen,” were the words printed on the cover.

The lawyer also said that the will was recorded at his office at Bruce House Nairobi in his presence.

Kirundi said even though he had invited Sarah’s lawyer Philip Murgor to be present when the will was opened, he had not arrived by 1pm, more than one and a half hours after the agreed time.

“I will go ahead and read the will because Murgor has taken long to appear and he had not sent a representative,” he said.

Also present was a representative of lawyer Danstan Omari.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta for Cohen’s family also confirmed that he had been with Murgor that morning in court and had also extended an invite to him but he declined.

How to create an enchanting garden with these 5 easy ideas

Are you tired of that boring old garden space? Did you know that your garden is one of the places where you can show off your creative creativity?

Well we will tell you why.

You don’t have to go all out to make your garden look beautiful, you can use home made decors to make it look enchanting! A real head turner for that matter.

Here are 5 ways to turn that boring space into a master piece.

1. Use of ornaments

Ornaments consisting of lights, glow balls, flickers and so have you always bring a different glow to a space.

Use those old decorations that you have been keeping in the store to bring that extra ambiance to your garden.


image-2019-05-29 (6) (1)
crystals wired round ceramics as decor

lights to give a glow in the garden

2. Have a Gazebo

This is the real deal.

Having a relaxation area where people can just come and relax, dine and have conversations admiring the beautiful view of your garden is just the kind of vibe anyone would want.

image-2019-05-29 (8) (1)
Gazebo at the garden

image-2019-05-29 (17) (1)
Relaxation area in your garden

3. Glow up with the lighting

Let there be light they said!

This is one of the best decorations to make that garden look like fairy-tale movies.

image-2019-05-29 (10) (1)
glow in garden

KOT praise Simon Cheprot after his heroic act in Nigeria

4. Use plants as ornaments

It isn’t a garden if it doesn’t have plants period!

Having that greenery with a touch of bling makes all the difference.

image-2019-05-29 (2) (1)
ornaments in the garden

image-2019-05-29 (19) (1)
plants to decorate the garden

The crazy and bizarre traditions associated with Kenyans

5. Flourish your fence

Fences are not only to surround the compound, the could also bring an extra demeanor to your compound

Therefore make that fence look like a holiday!

Rest area on the fence

image-2019-05-29 (15) (1)
Decorated fence


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Police probe murder of High court clerk attached to Justice Hellen Omondi

Police in Eldoret are investigating the murder of a High Court court clerk whose body was recovered at Action area along the Eldoret Iten road.

The deceased was identified as David Ouma who was a clerk to Justice Hellen Omondi.

Moiben police boss Jamlek Ngaruiya said the body was found over the weekend by police who on patrol along the road. He said the body had stab wounds on the neck.

Wife to the deceased said he had been called on Friday night to go out and meet a friend but never returned.

Congolese musician Mosa Sengo alias ‘Papa Lolo’ dies in Kenya

Elsewhere, one person has died and another left seriously injured after being hit by a car in Mugenya a few meters from Nambale town.

The accident happened on the Busia – Mayoni highway.

The area OCS Rolex Nyoka has said that the two middle aged men were riding their bikes on their way to chop sugarcane in the morning hours before they were hit by a matatu .

The matatu was on its way to Busia from Mumias.

Nyoka added that  the matatu driver who reported the accident at Nambale Police Station might have lost control.

 Residents have complained about the increased number of accidents in the region adding that they have left many in misery and disabled.

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Different times Eric Omondi and Chantelle served some couple goals

Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty are serving us some spicy couple goals. In case you didn’t know, Miss Chanty is Eric’s Italian-Kenyan fiancée.

On different occasions, Eric Omondi has left Kenyans in shock simply for the way he shows love to his girlfriend and here they are;


Eric Omondi surprise

Eric welcomed his fiancée with a sweet note on a billboard when she arrived from Italy. Kenyans definitely reacted and said he was setting the standards too high, but in my opinion, that act was very thoughtful.

The Kenyan based comedian, also took to social media to express his love and wrote;

“God gave me an Angel without wings and as sure as HE lives I will buy her these wings… One day. “

Eric Omondi surprise 1

Daily glass of orange juice cuts the risk of deadly stroke

Once again Eric Omondi set the bar high, he gifted Miss Chanty a car on her birthday. Goals upon goals.

Eric omondi Motherinlaw

Miss Chanty and her fiancé took a vacation together with her mother. This is total goals because they seemed to enjoy the family vacation together.

Eric Omondi 1

The two love birds travel and explore corners of this world together.

Eric Omondi

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‘Be your man’s prostitute and he will never cheat’ advises Captain Kale

Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale has been trolled after he advised women to act like prostitutes so that their men don’t cheat.

Kale who is a ‘self appointed men’s advocate’ bit more than he could chew after sharing his thoughts below.

“Most women, after a year or so in marriage, get bored with their husbands and that’s why some of these guys chase after side chics.

Side chics are slowly taking over marriages. They treat you like a small baby and spice up bedroom matters.”

Exclusive: Women who lighten their skin have low self-esteem – Jemutai

black couple flirt


“Ukienda kwa side chic anavaa lingerie showing off her sexy figure but when you go back home, your wife is dressed like a firefighter.

Some even go to bed smelling onions making it hard for the husband to make moves.

Dear married women, be your man’s prostitute and he will never go out there to get the services he can get from you. “

Aaaw! Women Maina Kageni is celebrating this International Women’s Day

Captain Kale

Although Captain Kale approves of men having side chicks, he cautions the women not to feel so comfortable, saying;

“No man will ever leave his legally married wife for you. All these men want is to have fun and nothing much.

Also, do not get pregnant for married men, you will have yourself to blame because many [are] already done with taking care of children.”

Below are some of the reaction comments from Kenyans

Wa Sherry J Swtval: Mnabebesha mabibi mizigo ya mwili na roho na stress chungu nzima kama punda wa Lamu hadi hajui tofauti ya usiku na mchana and you still complain???’
Take good care of your wives and expect to see a difference…the grass is green where it’s watered…hellooo..mpo??
Fiona Jambi Rhodes: Shame on you.wives are busy managing big projects .assisting kids to do home work making sure there is food on the table.
A wife is too busy she actually forgets herself . A side dish all she wants is easy access to your wallet. A side dish doesn’t care abt your future. bure kabisa.
Mercie Aceline: Hallo …ata uvae lingerie ,umfingerie kiside …kama ni wa kucheat atacheat …na ata uvae kitenge kama nyt dress ,ulala na gunia if ni wa kukaa ataona tu uko sawa …

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Two people missing as vehicle is swept away by floods in Samburu East

Two people who drowned in River Lengusaka in Samburu east after the vehicle they were driving in was swept away by raging waters.

The incident happened in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The vehicle, a Toyota hilux pick up, belonging to a business lady in Wamba town was moving from Meru town when the accident occurred.
The driver survived the accident with minor injuries after he managed to jump out of the car.
He is currently receiving treatment at Wamba mission hospital.
A team of rescuers led by Samburu county administration police Commander John Muiruri Karanja are on the ground searching for the two persons.
Speaking to the press on phone Karanja said that they are yet to find the two persons.
“We have come across a pair of shoes and some clothes but not yet to find any person,” he said.
Samburu county red cross coordinator Maurice Onyango said that a team of experts was on the ground and would give more details as the search progresses.
Further reports indicate that the wreckage of the vehicle that was swept downstream has been spotted.
The vehicle was transporting business goods from Meru town.
Source:Martin Rwamba/ The Star

Kagwe Mungai Partners with Top Liquor brand

Kenyan singer/songwriter and producer Kagwe Mungai has partnered with Ciroc Vodka, which has been made famous over the years because of the marketing and promotion being handled by Sean ”Diddy” Combs who has an equal-share venture with profits from the brand being split between him and manufacturing partner.


This working partnership will see Kagwe do some projects like music, traveling and events with them. The partnership is an evolving one that will take place for a couple of months.

Meet the media Personalities who left TV

Kagwe Mungai’s partnership makes him the second person in Kenya after the Fashion/Beauty/Foodie/Lifestyle Content Creator Joy Kendi who is also brand ambassador.


This partnership comes some days after being nominated as the best Male artist in Eastern Africa in the All Africa Music Awards (Afrima awards). Kagwe was grateful for having been nominated along side big East African Artists.

Kagwe is yet to release his album which he features big collaborations with music artists like South Africa’s Sho Majozi and Tanzania’s Mimi Mars.

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Meet the media Personalities who left TV

This media personalities blessed us with their presence on TV for a long time and when they all suddenly left, TV has not been the same. As much as we don’t see this media personalities on TV they have all gone to great levels in their careers and are doing big things.

Below are media personalities we miss;

1. Janet Mbugua

As a news anchor Janet is known to have served at KTN in the earlier years of her career. She worked for Citizen TV for several years as the leading anchor at Citizen prime time news, alongside Hussein Mohammed. She later announced her exit from TV. She is however very active through the digital media through her YoTube channel.


Officially taken: Here are photos of how Maureen Kunga’s ruracio went down

2. Terryanne Chebet

The business news reporter was one of the employees whose contracts were terminated by Royal Media Services, a move which according to the company, was as a result of the changes witnessed in the broadcasting industry. She however did not let that define her as she started her own media production by the name Fanaka TV.


3. Raphael Tuju

He worked in the media industry for a while as the lead news anchor and TV producer at KTN. In 2002, he left media and ventured into politics after he was elected to parliament. He has served the Government of Kenya in various capacities since that time.

In 2018, Tuju was named by President Uhuru Kenyatta as cabinet secretary without portfolio.

4. Kobi Kihara

She has been in the media Industry for a long time. Before she left TV, she was the producer for NTV morning show, AM live and the host of Better living. She moved back to the USA to pursue her passion in shoe design. She however has not been on social media after a recent scandal when she was caught using fake peoples photos as her own.


5. Catherine Kasavuli

Her journey in the media began as early as 1980 as a radio continuity announcer. She later Moved to TV where she worked as the lead anchor for KTN news and later moved to Citizen TV where she also worked as the lead anchor for the 9 pm news.

She however left TV and is now working as the corporate affairs manager at Royal Media Services.

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Meet the Kenyan celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents

It is one thing to have famous parent(s) but it is also another thing to live up to their expectations. This famous parents have however started to coach their children according to the paths their children want and it has clearly bore fruits as we see their children excelling in their own industry.

Below are some of the celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents,

1. Lupita

She is a natural treasure to the country and an inspiration to young actors in the Kenyan industry. Despite the fact that she is a Hollywood star, her father is Anyang’ Nyong’o, the current Governor of Kisumu County


Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

2. Joy Ohon

We know her from Machachari as the beautiful baby sister. Other than that, her mother is the beautiful Rosy Ohon, Recording and performing gospel artist.


3. Ladasha

She is the daughter to Size 8 and DJ Mo. At a very young age, she has already started appearing on our TV screens in Advertisements like the Softcare pampers commercial.



4. Keepitreal favour Dydda and Amblessed Wisdom Dydda.

They are the children to Eko Dydda and Galia. They are upcoming gospel hip hop artists who are doing quite well at a young age.

5. Celine Dion aka Baby Rue

Akothee’s daughter, baby rue has started her modelling career at a very high note with endorsement deals with Nivea and even being part of the models at the 8th edition of the JW show.


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Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

These female celebrities have accomplished a lot in the Kenyan entertainment industry and all this is without a better half in their lives. Not only are they aging like fine wine, but they are also taking over the world with their massive talents. They however still leave their fans wondering when they will see a man in their lives.

Below are some of the female celebrities who are single.

1. Joy Kendi


Kenyan Celebrities who got to watch Beyonce at the Global Citizen Festival(photos)

2. Patricia Kihoro


3. June Gachui


4. Joey Muthengihttps://instagram.fnbo5-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/d414008f1a177d93d2bbf6f43ab63980/5C8CA540/t51.2885-15/e35/42002329_297441444421791_74522823661453312_n.jpg

5. Sheila Mwanyigha


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Perfect match! These Kenyan TV show hosts look good together!

These television hosts on screen TV chemistry has caught the attention of KOT.

They work together so well that they always leave their viewers asking for more.

Here are some of the TV show hosts that look good together,

1. Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

The two host a gospel show known as Crossover 101 every Sunday on NTV Kenya 9am-1pm.


Feel old yet! Here are Machachari kids all grown up (photos)

2. Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

These two have been making headlines on TV because their chemistry is quite admirable. They are hosts of NTV tonight News from 9pm


3. Lulu hassan and Rashid abdalla

Here is something we don’t see every day. The two are very much married and with kids therefore their chemistry comes naturally. They host Citizen Nipashe Wikendi.


4. Martin Kimathi and Tracy Wanjiru

They have worked together for a while and have become good friends over time. They host Teen Republik that airs every Saturday from 11am to 1pm only on NTV.


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Feel old yet! Here are Machachari kids all grown up (photos)

Machachari is the weekly show that airs on citizen TV since 2014.

A story revolving around a bunch of children’s lives. The beauty about this show is that we have seen the characters played by kids grow. Fans are always glued to the screen waiting for the next episode as it still airs to date.

Here are the Machachari kids all grown up,

1. Tyler Mbaya as Bahahttps://instagram.fnbo5-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/2d7033bfee62fad3469ff46f991393d0/5C8BE49A/t51.2885-15/e35/37822363_257076768440148_1126696687700541440_n.jpg

Kenyan celebrities who drive the most expensive and luxurious cars (photos)

2. Ian Wainana as Almasi


3. Malik lemmy as Govi


Meet the Kenyan celebrities who’ve lost weight and look hot!

4. Mathew Owiti as fatso


5. Natasha Wanjiku as Stella


6. Joy Ohon as joy


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