Just like Size 8, these women give their entire salaries to their husbands

‘My husband became a bully and was never satisfied’, was how one woman began her conversation with Maina Kageni, after disclosing how she used to give her unemployed husband her salary, to make him feel like a man.

‘He told me I look like I can be ‘pakwad uji’ ( I look like I can be misused and not independent)’, she confessed.

‘If he would ask me for 50k, I would go and drain my account and give him and then to him submission was me dressing in a certain way, not painting my nails, dressing in a certain way, so I really changed who I was. After two years I was lost, depressed, because on the other hand there was no love from him’.

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Girls how far would you go to make your man feel like the head of the home? Ladies what are some of these things you do for your man, that seems crazy.

Does a working woman have to give her salary to her husband? And should he be allowed to determine how to spend it solely?

This was the question Maina Kageni posed to listeners, after a woman disclosed she hands over her salary to her jobless man, who in turn decides how much pocket money she should have.

Girls, have you been in this situation, where a man takes your salary decides how much busfare you should use, and how much you should spend on your weave, perhaps he even doesn’t want you to do a manicure?

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Douglas Kiplagat‏[email protected] Sasa maina nikuulize unatarajia hao ma slayqueens wa Nairobi wakupatie pesa?? hata awanunuangi toothbrush ikue hio#MITM

Reginah Nimz‏…@ItsMainaKageni The only time I can give him my cash is when he looses his job,aI give him fare 2 go hustle 4another job! #MainaAndKingangi

purity shannie‏…#MainaAndKingangi ..let me manage my income bwana.. @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya

Calvin Queens…[email protected] @Classic105Kenya What is the problem in giving your man money? I don’t see any problem. Bora asimisuse. #MainaAndKingangi

maureen tasha‏…Not money but give you space to think on big project but ukishindwa I will do it wacha nijitolee kutoa kama umekwama #MainaAndKingangi

Vivian Aluse….Sitaki kupeana pesa ziende in another pocket,, willing ata iendee kwa his account, I don’t mind.. #MainaAndKingangi

Vivian Aluse….Am loving it,, I can give my hubby money Kama he’s only one for me #MainaAndKingangi

Aidyl Waitwika…@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi thats total madness ndingihota, no way

john mwaniki‏…#MainaAndKingangi some men are disgrace, 6yrs without a job and busy managing wife salary shame on him bure kabisa

Carol‏…[email protected] For me i wud give him a certain percentage the rest goes to my pocket and some to the joint account #MainaAndKingangi

‘I Give All My Money To My Husband!’ Confesses Size 8

Listen to the complete audio as men and women debate the matter:

Listen as Maina Kageni stands his ground while man shouts out his anger at Kenyan women (Audio)

Things got heated this morning on Classic 105 as Maina Kageni and his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi discussed a rather topical issue.

Maina sought to know from listeners if it’s right for girls to drink with their fathers and at all if it leads to sex between father and daughter.

Yesterday, a lady called Maina Kageni explaining to him how she finds it weird that Kenyans judge and come to conclusions when they hear that daughters go out to drink with their dads.

Is it dangerous for a daughter to drink with her dad, Maina asked thereafter.

The lady said “When girls drink, they become touchy touchy. This will therefore be the same case when daughters go to drink with their fathers,”she added.

The lady who had started the discussion called in again and made it clear, saying that she was mad at those who were condemning her for her opinion. She went ahead and said she has not been brought up in the village and therefore she is not guilty at all for drinking with her father.

An upset male caller joined in the debate shouting, “If you respect your parents as an African, you ought to respect your father you cannot go and drink with him. This is washing away our morals.

“If you want to drink, go drink with your colleagues and not your father,’ He added before Maina chimmed in with his thoughts.

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You’ll Laugh When You Hear These Theories About What Happens When Women Drink With Their Fathers (AUDIO)

The conspiracy theories certainly left Maina Kageni shaking his head in disbelief.

During the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and co-host Mwalimu Kingang’i, callers revealed why they think it’s not wise for daughters to go drinking with their fathers.

In the discussion on air, a female caller stunned many when she said she regularly goes to the bar with her 79-year-old father. Her confession made Mwalimu Kingang’i lack words to express his surprise.

Theories ranging from lack of respect, to sexual innuendo were given as the reasons why daughters should avoid going out with their fathers.

One lady added that, just like a man cannot go to a bar with their mum, so should it be for ladies, that it is acceptable for men to drink with their fathers but not women.

People had different perspective about that topic.

Get the whole conversation below;