I would cry like a baby to my woman about being stressed – Mike Mondo

Dear men, would you open up to your woman, and even go as far as crying about your problems?

It’s a TBT and on the morning conversation January 27, Mike Mondo urged men to open up to their wives and even cry about their stress.

He told of a friend he met at his local who confessed that he has been unemployed for the last three months and the wife thinks he still has a job. He wakes up in the morning, dresses up in his suit and leaves. He can’t tell her that kazi imeisha, that he can’t confide in her.

‘Sisi ndio tunaumia, it’s because there is a way you start looking like a weakling’ Mwalimu explained why to Mike Mondo. He added that ‘Women will use it against you, that is the reason we don’t tell them, ataenda aseme unalianga kam mtoto’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

‘I would cry na nimwambie stress imenishika sioni mbele wala nyumma,’ Mike told Kingangi

‘But does she open up to you? Mwalimu retorted to Mike about his madam, adding ‘ sisi tunaishi ki kitaliban kaa ngumu kama gumo’

‘so you sit there your heart is in pain and there is someone you can talk to?’ Mike asked to which Mwalimu asked ‘who?’

The discussion was opened up to the audience. one man @Davidwaflowers told Mike ‘the responsibility men have, is to take care & provide for the familiy and his wife not crying like a baby a man should stand firm even if the issue pressing him too much #MainaAndKingangi’

Another @gmukavana told Mike that ‘Real men don’t cry out to their women! They provide solutions! Good morning from OTC #MainaAndKingangi’

Another man disagreed with Mike about being a cry baby. @gmukavana said ‘Mwanaume ni kusimama imara Ile upuzi ya diaper Boys ishindweeeeeee!’

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Ukiachwa achika please! Kingangi tells women who destroy property after breaking up

On the Friday morning conversation November 12, it was all about ladies who make a breakup difficult.

Maina Kageni cited the case of a Kenyan woman who last weekend burnt and damaged her mans property after he ended the relationship.

Mwalimu Kingangi told Maina that such women ‘hawaachiki’ and it’s tough for men out here.

Maina opened up the discussion to the audience to respond with their experience.

Men told Maina that women are envious of the ones who take their position and so makes breakup nasty.

“These women will use every opportunities to settle scores. Last year I bought a motorbike and my ex burned it and we broke up 17 years ago. Aliniambia unless nihame Kenya.”

Another said

Mimi Bora mtu aharibu kitu amenunua sina shinda.. lakini mimi kitu nmenunua woi let me not imajin.. acha kwanza niende mkutano .. great day bro!! #MainaAndKingangi
Ukiachwa achika … I don’t see any need of causing alot of Dramas,, tembea kwa Amani
Maina wangu aliuza everything last http://week.na akatoroka know nko homeless


If the mother of your child has moved on, should the new man raise your child?

The Friday morning August 20 conversation was all about men not wanting to financially take care of their children because the mother has moved on to a new man.

The topic generated heated discussion with Mwalimu Kingangi saying if she has moved on, then the new guy should pick up from there.

A man even told Maina that a woman who is not capable and willing to take care of a child by herself has no business getting pregnant in the first place.

“I cannot believe how these men think. This morning I want to talk about childcare when she is in another relationship coz that’s one thing Kenyan men cant stand”

Mwalimu jumped in asking “she has moved in na bado ana expect support?”

Maina told him the child remains his regardless “but that is your child how does that remove responsibility from you? Does that child stop being yours because she is seeing someone else?”

Mwalimu tried to defend his opinion that once a woman moves on, its not his problem anymore “si amechukuliwa na mwingine hii no gari imechukuliwa na tumeuza gari na tuma transfer logbook si tumemalizana?umetransfer mandate hiyo gari huyu mwingine ndio ata lipa.”

Maina opened up discussion to the audience who had quite some pins.

A man agreed with Kingangi that women have commercialized child support.

He said “in kikuyu we say that ukipenda ngombe unapenda mkia na so if she goes you cannot continue supporting coz you cannot interrupt her in another relationship. She has moved on now let the other man  take care of the kid”

An upset woman told off men siding with Maina kageni.

“Kwani women dont have feelings and shouldn’t move on? Si tulizaa na wewe? Ebu they stood that nonsense”

Dear classic 105 fam, if she has moved on to a new man, should he now raise your child?



‘You cannot find love at 50’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells women

On the Friday morning conversation August 13, the idea that women are now waiting to fall in love in their 50’s didn’t sit well with King’ang’i who told Maina as much.

He told Maina that “do you know Maina when you get to 50 years the govt inaanzanga kukuangalia sana hata bank hata insurance”

He declared that such an old woman doesn’t stand a chance.Young man dating an old woman

“It’s impossible. Just look at their age mates in ushago. They are very old hakunaga makeup, haha 50 years is alot of years hata Kenya haijafika hivo, ati 50 is when you want to settle down?”

Maina brushed him off “who told you they want love? Ladies, do you think because you want to settle down later you will find love? ladies you told me you want to settle down later in life. Give me a call”

He asked a question “is it possible for a woman in her 50’s to find love?”

To which many men said No.

A man said “You see how hard it is to call classic in the morning? That’s how hard it is for them to find love when they are 50. kupiga simu ni ngumu kuchukua hiyo simu ni ngumu so hiyo mapenzi ni ngumu”BLACK-WOMAN-DATING-facebook

Another man bluntly said “Ai Maina nowadays even giving birth they opt for CS not normal, alot of ladies want the soft life so when they get to 50 they won’t find what they are looking for, coz when a lady gets married at 50 when will you get your kid? coz you peers would have gone far”

Another told Maina “unapoenda kule ushago muranga unapokutana na ule msichana mlikua na yeye class moja, they are old. They get older than men. They apply the rukle of diminishing, when a woman gives birth her body inaisha haraka, let these young men go for a woman in a reaosnable age, the young men wamechanganikia wanatafuta pesa na pesa ndio imeharibu kenya yetu, going for money from old women haitawork”

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Kenyan women don’t love, they manipulate. How true is this Maina asks

On the Friday August 6 morning conversation, the topic revolved around the claim that love is a scam.

A gentleman called in on Thursday and said love is an absolute scam. Maina told about a friends thoughts

“I met a man yesterday and he said that Kenyan women don’t love, they manipulate their men”

Mwalimu King’ang’i wholeheartedly agreed “You know that thing is a gift. Msichana mdogo anasaumbua a whole CEO, kasichana kanachanganisha CEO, mnashindwa ni nini?”relationships

Prompting Maina to ask “Gentlemen how do you feel that your wife probably doesn’t love you, they just manipulate you, and they are very good at messing with your head. Ladies is it true you know what buttons to push, that you don’t know how to love, you just manipulate?”

Mwalimu wasn’t done and slammed women that “they can even make a whole CEO wear dreadlocks ama aanze kukunywa Gilbeys na jeans za kusag kama Shaffie. na huto tu Nike”

“Ladies do you do this on purpose Maina posed. “Can you imagine unapata mdosi wako anakamatia chini kwa club unashindwa utajificha wapi na ni kwa bar, amekamatia chini unashindwa uende wapi unampata pale inje anakula miraa” King’ang’i added



Here are some responses from Classic fans:

Imagine hii kumanipulate huwa in both, aki you fall in love genuinely na your partner is just there not decided and when he get to decide umeshachoka #MainaAndKingangiWhy-Men-Love-A-Side-Piece

@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi A woman in a Matatu you have boarded can make you travel to Kanairo and you were just going to your child visiting day in Kabartonjo

Women just know how to play with our minds mnajua mbebeba all men’s weaknesses alf mnaamua kuzitumia

Si ni ukweli siku izi mnaagalia what ama bringing at the table if am not offering anything love ends

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Ladies, why don’t you encourage your mans business ideas? Maina asks

Wives have been accused of being their men’s biggest dream killers and that that lack of support affects families.

On the Classic 105 TBT conversation men confessed to Maina that their wives shut down all their hustles.

“Yesterday we were talking about how depression and there is something I picked up  that the reason why your men never talk to you is that apparently you being his woman is his biggest dream killer. Your man sees you as his biggest dream killer. There is nothing that you ever tell him to give him hope, nothing ever makes sense and that’s where they drift apart. I found that profound.”

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i agreed saying “saa zingine ni vizuri kujifanyia vitu ikianguka imeanguka, you know you have this business idea kama ya maji  na ukumambia atasema wewe siwa kwanza na haitafaulu. She discourages you that’s why we don’t confide in her, una fanya ikianguka inanguka”

Ladies when your man comes with an idea, why shoot it down? Maina added

A man told of his agony describing how his wife almost ruined his expanding Taxi business.

“It was her birthday last Christmas, so I delivered a gift to her coz I was working, I couldn’t be with her, and you know what she told me? ati biashara ayngu itaanguka ati hata hiyo kazi unafanya huitandelea. They will tell you words that will cut across every bone, so painful I did not respond to her comments, I just left, and you know what? The following year, I got cash and bought another car. I am a Taxi guy .I decided I will not tell her about it, and she found out from her friend that I had added to my fleet, She tried to warm up to me, but I wasn’t interested I rejected coz I didn’t know her intentions, everytime I suggest something to generate income she shoots me down”

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“She either has a kid, or did an abortion” Man tells Maina about dating challenges


The type of women available to marry for single men was heavily discussed on air.

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina’s topic was a continuation of Monday about men having only single mothers to marry.

“Yesterday it became clear that marriable women today that are available have one or to children. Mwalimu say like starting at one zero. There was divided opinion about young men marrying a woman with children. I’m trying to wonder, is that the only option today? is it? As a young man, call me and tell me what is going through your mind”

Mwalimu his co host told Maina that that is the case which Maina asked callers to give their opinion.

“I need you to give me a call young men, and tell me is that the only option left, that the only decent women left are those with children? So if you start at two zero what happens coz most people these days just want one or two children.”

“kwanza kama ako na kaboy it’s a aprobem Mwalimu weighed in, “huyo kijana atauliza baba yake siku moja, hiyo uandike mahali.”

“So if you are a young man and the only option left is a woman with children, what happens? Maina asked, adding s ingle mothers I need to hear from you”

A man told Maina that the only options left to date are women with children or one who has already done an abortion. “Everyone has a kid or two or aborted, I’m not planning to ever get married. I’m not willing to marry a woman with a child already, but if I do I will make sure we sign that I will not financially support her child. But I will also give er  a child of my own and life moves on”

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How a man picks your calls is a sign he is done with you


The Friday morning conversation on April 16 was quite an eye opener for Maina Kageni ho said he had no idea that how a husband talks to his wife on the phone is a major clue he is done with his wife.

Maina prompted responses from men, when he described how horrified he was after eavesdropping on his friends conversation with his wife.

Maina said the man sounded so cold, and when asked about his behaviour, the pals told Maian that ‘he is done’

Callers gave Maina examples of how they respond rudely to their wives on phone that should tell a woman her man no longer feels her.

1. Sema: Maina wondered what kind of a husband greets his wife this way when he picks her call. Seriously, don’t we only talk to bothersome people this way?

2. Nitakucall back: Many male callers argued that a man who loves his wife never tells her this when she calls him. They insisted this kind of response is a clue he is done.

3. Kiasi: Another response that is so rude according to Maina who wondered why a man even bothers with a phone call.

4. Kuna shiuda? A husband who picks up a call and asks this instead of saying something like hi sweetie is a major clue.

5. Tutaangalia hiyo maneneo: Girls if your conversation goes a little something like this, that mans feeling for you are off.

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I drink alcohol because I replaced my man with a bottle – Woman shocks Maina

Last weekend was the first time Kenyans could freely drink in bars since Covid-19 madness started in early March and to say that we are drinking nation would be an understatement.

Today’s morning conversation focused on that fact with Maina Kageni speaking about how Kenyan women are drinking in particular.

This led the charismatic host to ask whether our women were drinking too much? King’ang’i was of the opinion that Kenyan women had gone off the bend with their alcohol imbibing, saying,

In the past men used to go for reggae concerts 20 men to 1 woman. Today is different. The modern man can’t even marry the modern woman. They are too empowered. She enters Quiver’s and demands 5 kilos of nyama. You are playing with someone who drinks a whole bottle of Gordon’s.

While Maina defended women’s right to drink. “Times have changed. Today’s women have evolved.”

All Kenyans agreed that women were drinking much more than before but disagreed on the prescription. Most ladies said that if it is their money they are drinking, that they should be left alone while most men bemoaned the fact that many marriages would struggle with these types of women.

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.
Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below;

Which days didn’t women used to drink? Koi Koinange asked.

Nairobi women are drinking like fish. The next pandemic looming ni ya pombe.

If you have a non-alcoholic woman umeshinda.

Of what concern is it that women have a drink?

I drink because I replaced my man with a bottle.

Unaingia kwa club unaona 80% wana mizinga, hata wewe huwezi kumaliza. Mpaka unashindwa kama wanajilipia?

My wife started like that. Drinking part of my alcohol until she started going to the bar on her own.

If she is my woman she does as I please. If she can’t behave, she should go away.

We are dating alcohol because it doesn’t break our hearts.

Ladies have made the clubs very expensive for us men.

I don’t know why these men have an issue with us drinking?

Most clubs are filled with ladies.

These women of nowadays will drink and smoke anything.

Drinking is a problem-One mother said.

Tell King’ang’i this is our money and we will drink as we want. I have a fridge in my bedroom with my beers in the house.

Ukiona mwanamke ameitisha Whitecap, we kaa mbali naye. It’s getting serious as the number of women in the club is going up. I don’t think that marriages will survive.

Alcohol. photo credit: CBC.ca

I can cook and drink at the same time.

Let them drink as much as they can. They can even stand on the crates. As long as you aren’t my wife.

Kenya has turned out to be a drinking nation. They are drinking like their fathers. You buy for a girl a quarter and when it is ending, they upturn the drink and try to get every last drop even sticking in their tongues in it.

Pesa ni yetu, pombe ni yetu. What is wrong with you? Our only concern is that we get horny and piss ourselves.

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I have five kids and I’m 27 – matatu driver brags to Maina with pride

On the Tuesday morning conversation, it was all about whether we plan financially for the children we have or intend to have.

Do Kenyans plan economically for the children they have? Maina asked adding that ‘I don’t get it, and all the time serikali saidia, saidia nini na ulijiweka kwa hiyo shimo? Ii’m trying to get this but I can’t.’

This led to a flood of confessions from male callers that they are African and that means they make babies regardless of if they can afford to feed the children or not.

For instance a matatu driver calmly told Maina that he has five kids and wants more, only this time with another woman. His argument? Try to get different genes with different women.black-family-620x480-610x400

He said ‘ I’m 27,  and Ihave five kids and Im’ a matatu driver. Na wote wamesome, three have degrees, aie nitawacha nimebaki mmoja. I have outside kids on my salary, nasaidiwa kulipa’ He concluded cheekily.

What kind of reasoning is this? Children are a heritage from God according to the Classic 105 fans who argued for many children.

Mungu alisema tujaze dunia. As for me 2 are enough. Ikienda sana 3

Njoroge Dorcas..
let people feel the earth bro,,,, even if you can get 20 kids and take good care of them it’s better,,,I can’t see any problem here #MainaAndKingangiBLACK_FAMILY_0

Yes it’s very important,, because at the end of the day I also want the best for my kids like education,food ,clothes,just to mention but a few. But the moment I have more than I can handle ,nitalemewa

A caller to the staion said “Tukipata msichana as a first born tutaendelea kupata watoto mpaka nipate kijana.” #MainaAndKingangi


@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya kuwa na watoto wengi it’s a total guarantee for your safety. Mimi niko na mmoja Tz, wawili Ug na wawili hapa Kenya. @MwalimChurchill #MainaAndKingangi

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We don’t marry the woman or man of our dreams, Kenyans confess to Maina

With their spouses out of their earshot many Kenyans confessed to Maina Kageni that they are not married to their ideal spouse.

They spoke openly and comfortably that they settle for whoever is out there because there is no such things as a woman or man of your dreams.

Maina had to listen to lots of people fret and complain about general, run-of-the-mill marital woes, and he thought to himself that he is lucky not to be married.

He said ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’.

Co host Mwalimu said it is human nature to want a perfect marriage but the reality is that ‘there is no Mrs right’.

The same view was held by countless callers who said the perfect husband or wife is a myth, and we all need to snap out of our dream.

busia couple swap
One man said ‘I don’t believe there is a perfect person in this world, we give ourselves one reason to live with that lady, we have a thousand reasons why we can’t live with her, you make her to be your dreams.

A woman described the madness of the fantasy of a perfect man saying ‘You will never met him. You take what you have that mad man and live together. My husband is not the man of my dreams, but we try to live with each other, so hakuna msee perfect, you can wait for the rest of your life.’

couple pics
couple pics

Another male caller described his frustration with the thought of a perfect spouse noting that, ‘ Ati you are waiting for a perfect mate? You will wait forever. It’s only found in a dictionary, you just grab one and take each other slowly and that is how life goes, I am married to a woman who is not of my dreams. Because of the pressure from family to marry you just grab one and maintain it, ni kubaya, hakuna mrs perfect.

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Maina Kageni speaks frankly about KCPE fears and telling his mum


Over 1 million students sit for KCPE from Tuesday, October 29th.

Candidates are under pressure and so are parents.

While it is a stressful time for candidates, Kenyans are sharing kind words of encouragement and assurances.

Classic’s Maina Kageni reminisced his time sitting for KCPE years ago, and the fear of telling his parents the results.

The pressure on kids to pass is so high that Maina spoke emotionally about his own experience.

His most traumatizing time was wondering how he would perform in mathematics, a subject many of us find challenging.

He said

I got a C, it was my biggest fear, that was my worst subject and I was not even asked by my mum. She did not ask me anything, she just wanted to know if I did my best.

Mazematics was my worst subject.

pupils at westlands school for kcpe
The Classic 105 FM man began his primary education at Westlands Primary School. From here, he moved on to obtain his high school education from Laser Hill Academy.


Mwalimu his co-host suffered a far worse fate, after failing in his exam. He recounted his terrible experience telling his parents his results.

‘there was not much expectation for me from my parents, they told me enda upambane na ulimwengu. 

Here are others whose painful experience lives  in their memories


Hello Maina. I failed terribly my KCPE Exams. I could not even make it to a public school. But through the support of my MUM and my high school Principal located in Dandora, I proudly stand-out as an Accountant by profession. #believeinyourself


Maina I had a major distaster in Maths, I didn’t do very well in my first round in kcpe but my parents didn’t even say I word about it, that’s when I knew the reason. But on the 2nd round I passed

Dear 2019 candidates, Classic 105 wishes  you the best in your exams.

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Women can’t become successful without a man’s financial help


Is a man in any way involved financially in the eventual success of women?

The issue of whether a woman can’t be successful without a mans financial help caused quite a buzz on the morning conversation with Maina and Mwalimu.

Men called in saying women can’t make it on their own and that a mans wallet is the key to a woman making any wealth.

Mwalimu Kingangi said

Behind every successful woman there is a man crying somewhere. 

There is a man ameisha amekonda kabisa because of this, we are talking about suffering men, kuna mwanaume amenyonywa ameisha

Back in 2013, a study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.suggested that a womans success hurts her male partners ego. The study involved 896 people in five experiments conducted in the United States and the Netherlands.

It all was ignited by a classic fan’s comments hitting out at women that

You know we are the capital, kwa pesa za mwanamke lazima pesa ilianzia kwa mwanaume, where do they get their money from 

If you traced the source of a woman’s wealth, is it possible that a man contributed by financing her along the way?


Maina dismissed these thoughts as coming from men with fragile egos, sentiments supported by his female fans who responded harshly

This is pure stereotyping……today’s woman is educated. That’s what this bitter men speaking are scared of. Let it choke them hard that today’s woman doesn’t need them to rise. They can do it. It’s not even debatable!
Women are hard working and many we have made it even without a mans help!This mentality of there must be a man behind a woman’s success is total nonsense!😡

Why should men underestimate our strength, we nowadays don’t allow you to think on our behalf ,please apply logic when you gotta disagree with this.We are independent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not the era where women r sat on she has ideas to make money and a future for her family…..so e need to make herown money an its not contributed by any man she uses her hands and mind….men stop undermining women…..#MainaAndKingangi
The reason why most single moms are good financially is not because they are getting through men,its because of their hardwork since they can do several jobs to make ends meet because hakuna mwanaume atamkazia kufanya kazi flani bora n descent na inaleta chakula kwa meza.
Jennifer Kanyiri
kwani men think they’re the only ones entitled to have money and wealth? Today’s woman is educated and get her own money #MainaAndKingangi
The men saying that women can’t make it on their own are not only insulting hardworking women but men too who are a product of single mothers who singlehandedly raised their kids from scratch and never gave up. May God forgive them for their ignorance. #MainaAndKingangi
You mean if I wake up 2day&decide am doin this,I’ll get my first capital frm aman?thea soft loans I can easily get for heaven sake!
In this case men r tryin to say they’re the only source of money Stupidity of the highest order



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‘If you are broke humble yourself’ woman tells men


Are you a woman with standards to keep and insists that a man must level up?

A conversation of women not settling for any broke man seemed to have touched a  raw nerve with men.

It all went down on Wednesday during the Maina and Kingangi morning show, after the musings of one women.

She told the co hosts that

Kenyan men are jealous, insecure, and stingy 

She was of the opinion that alot of men want women to settle for any man that is presented to them.

That’s the main problem, they are so insecure they are stingy so they want you to stay plain and I wish they would change their attitude, your woman should look good,

She is urging queens to stop settling narrating her experience

I has a man who always criticized me, oh ati my lipstick is too much, and when i look ashy he is very happy for me. He only used to give me money for food, and even that was tightly budget for lest I get extra money for makeup. He didn’t give me money to look good, it was all my effort.

She concluded saying ‘your king is worth the wait’.

Ladies should you compromise your standards just to be with any man? Drop your comments below.

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Is it true that Kenyan women live beyond their means? asks Maina

This question riled Mwalimu Kingangi who could not fathom how a women will spend 10k on her nails.

Living beyond your means for women is pretty easy to do in Kenya, owing to the sponsor culture. dded to this is the availability of accessing mobile lending apps.

Womana re borrowing to to finance their impulsive purchases, and feel no shame doing it. Read the story below about their confessions.

‘I’m the chairlady of CRB’ woman shouts about addiction to loans

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni posed this on Tuesday

I was told to ask you ladies by gentlemen:

why do Kenyan women live beyond their means? They want to look great on instagram but why must you have a weave worth sh100k?

A shocked Mwalimu Kingangi was astounded

this life honestly how are we supposed to maintain that kind of lifestyle?

Fans responded with mixed reactions below:

Its painful to accept that women can’t have it all at the sametime. A social life, a flourishing career, & money. Personally, I’d blame my folks cos they r the ones that ignite pressures that cause one to live beyond their means
Maina they do live beyond what they have,u find a jobless woman who looking so good but you can’t see the source of money.But again wako na jamo wa make up,Douglas wa nguo,maina wa kiatu,kingangi wa nywele,wakanai wa road trips
maina Most ladies are suffocating under huge debts living beyond their own means, spending money they don’t have just to please other women #mainaandkingangi
I am 99% Kikuyu because the other 1% I refuse to by a 40k wig ama 4k on gel nails. Btw, Mimi huslay na dustcoats and doing my farming thing on my gram. Wacha kusema hatuko…twikuo muno. Enda uone matharu, waru, na ng’ombe hapo..
Maina Women are naturally expensive and the best part of it we spend our very money ata Kama tunaomba fare

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Should a wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile? Maina asks


Has your mans jaw dropped upon seeing this question? I bet his first question is to know your intentions for going out and if they are noble, right?

On the Friday morning conversation, Maina said he got a very interesting SMS from someone who is so prominent in society, who is so up there in government it was incredible.

He posed this question to women ‘This morning ladies I want you to tell me how you go about it’.

The question from his friend sought to find out ‘how often should my wife go out alone or with her girlfriends?’


When are married women just supposed to get away from it all and breathe?

A suspicious Mwalimu Kingangi pondered the reason behind her desire to go clubbing.

Where am I when she is going out, anenda wapi? Alone? No no no. Where is this she is going alone?

There are many reasons why women go dancing. The most popular reason is that they want to let loose – to dance their problems away and feel the tension eke out of their muscles.

@ItsMainaKageni I’m allowed to go have fun with my friends(his sisters&cousins too) once in a while,the problem is when I come back sitaongeleshwa one week

Alcohol. photo credit: CBC.ca

That’s why it’s very important for ladies to work and be independent #MainaAndKingangi that way hakuna mtu atawahi kukalia chapati

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.

marriage is like a jail ukitaka kuenda out lazima uombe ruhusa yaani ata unaboeka na hiyo out sababu unapimiwa masaa ya kurudi like an 18yr old child but to hell with that lazima OUT WATU WAENDE KAREE KIIIIIII #mainaandkingangi

Girls, is your husband ok with you going out clubbing either alone or with girl pals?

Drop us your comments below this post.

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Why it’s expected that wives must cook for husbands everyday

Is it still important for your wife to cook for you Maina Kageni asked listeners on Monday morning.

If a woman can’t cook is she even considered wife material?

That was the discussion on Classic 105 on Monday morning as Maina Kageni and Mwalimu debated the merits and demerits.

Mwalimu was of the opinion that men shouldn’t marry a woman who can’t cook because ‘it is the only time a man feels important’.


‘She needs to find way to figure out how she will cook, leave work alone, what comes first is the marriage, and those who say its because of the nails, you need to stop, and cook for your man mwalimu continued’

He added

‘That is not something to argue with, they have to create time and cook, not asking for pizza all the time’

Maina sought to know from Kenyans if it’s important for a woman in 2019 to know how to cook.

‘What were you marrying, a wife or a chef? Prompted Maina adding’ how can it be one of the qualifications for being a wife?

Here are views from fans:

Whether she is a CEO,Minister or even a President and she can’t cook for me, then what is her role as a wife?? a route to a man’s heart is through his stomach! #mainaandkingangi

@athman_melly.. Things a girl should know how to do before she is approved
1. How to milk a cow
2. How to cook (chapoo ikue)
3. How behave like a wife in front of visitors
Slay queen wanajitoa group stages
asks any Luo and they’ll tell you that the Luo term of getting married is “dhi katedo” which simply going to cook. #MainaAndKingangi
There is only ONE special meal a wife should cook and present in a SPECIAL way to Husband, Other meals can be discussed and understood depending on situations. ..
Is this a bit too harsh? Drop us your comments below

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Kingang’i interrupted as woman loudly explains how they cheat


A woman won the praise of Maina Kageni after explaining to a confused Mwalimu Kingang’i what happens when wives are dumped in the village.

In a clip heard on air, the woman confronts Mwalimu after he said that the village is the best place for a married woman to live as the man hustles in Nairobi.

Before he could continue, the woman blurted out

If there are no jobs in Nairobi, why have you decided I go to the village and leave you behind in Nairobi? To do what if you also don’t have a job?

Are you counting cars? Huna kazi sina kazi umebaki ukufanya nini kuhesabu gari?

Mwalimu tried to offer an explanation for his statement, and said

Mimi nimebaki niangalie hewa ya pesa, you know things are thick, you know one of us has to stay and most likely it’s not you..

but the woman interrupted, explaining that

You stay in Nairobi at your own risk and if you think you are torturing your wife by telling her to stay int he village, wee kaa hapo, who do you think is ploughing me (unafikiri nalimwa na nani Wakunaji ni wengi…..)

You want me to slay with cows in the village? We met in Nairobi and started our life in the city, why do you want to kick me to the village?

You are sick there is no way you are remaining in the city, doing what? And furthermore let me tell you a secret, who do you think is sorting me out? You know those workers you hire? The one who has a six pack and milks the cow and digs the shamba, that is whom is sorting me out ehe, eheh ehe!!! (you figure it out )

Maina Kageni dug in with a similar view to the woman offering this advise to men for free

you stay in Nairobi at your own risk if you have a wife in ushago and think you are stressing her, heeh you stay there…

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