Lanes please! This is what Mwalimu King’ang’i wants from Maina Kageni for his birthday

Mwalimu King’ang’i has turned a year older today.

Together with Maina Kageni, they blaze our morning with their breakfast show on Classic 105.

This morning, Maina had a surprise up his sleeve for Mwalimu’s birthday.

Mwalimu was amazed when Maina welcomed him warmly in the studio with a birthday song. Just listen to Maina’s melodious voice that you’ve never heard before.



Happy birthday Mwalimu, Maina said.

Then he sang happy birthday song to him.

Maina Kageni then asked Mwalimu,

“What do you want for your birthday?”

Mwalimu jokingly responded;

“Ile gari yako niliota kama umeniachia, sijui kama ni ndoto? Mara nikaacha kama umenipeleka statehouse kwa president.”

Maina went on and asked him, “be realistic and tell me what you want because I need to make it happen.”

King’ang’i responded;

“Niachie hiyo gari hahaha tutatafuta kitu ya kufanya but cha muhimu ni uhai.”

Maina went on to remind him that his birthday is always during exams

“No wonder you are a Mwalimu,”… Maina concluded.

Listen to Maina Kageni sing happy birthday to Mwalimu;




This list of Maina Kageni’s top eight favorite songs will melt your heart (video)

Maina Kageni’s choice of music is to die for.

Everyday he melts our ears with the songs he lines up for the four hours he hosts the Maina and Kingangi show every Monday to Friday. From Kwangwaru to Watagonja sana you the list is endless.

You will all attest to that if you listen to them during the breakfast show.

His listeners have adapted to the music he plays and they have always been loyal to him.

Check out some of the songs Maina cannot go a day without listening tot;









Mike Mondo opens up about losing his dad at a very tender age

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo is standing in for Maina Kageni who is away for a bit.

This week, the conversation has been about how long the women can stay without the presence of their husbands.

Well, today’s conversation is about how long a woman should take before she can re-marry if her husband dies.

Mike narrated how life without a dad was and being raised by his mother.

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

mike mondo

“My dad died when I was 13 years and today I am 36 years. However my mum did not get another man to call a husband. I had a converstion with her and asked her why she decided to live alone for all those years since my dad passed on.”

According to Mike, he says that he wished she would have looked for a husband after that.

His mother however told Mike she is very okay.

Mike Mondo

Well, King’ang’i thinks otherwise saying that life has to move on even without a husband.

“Mike these things of quickly moving on especially when you are a woman is wrong, ati baba anaenda alaf mam anakuletea baba mwingine, yani baba wa mkate.”

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According to Maina Kageni, this is why Diamond Platinumz can’t keep women in his life

You all know Maina Kageni speaks his mind out.

So this week, during classic 105 conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion that has been going on is about Mother-in-laws and how heartless some turn out to be to their son’s wives. So today, Maina asked mother-in -laws to call him and explain why they are accused of the latter and why they do so.

He mentioned that most marriages break because of this women and happened to mention Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote saying;

“Can you imagine having Diamond’s mother as a mother-in-law? Always updating your children on social media plus everything about you. Do you know that she is also always in his house? No wonder he can’t keep women.” said Maina.


Well, during Mwalimu’s Kasheshe, Maina asked Mwalimu whether he knows that Diamond’s mother is on social media.

Mwalimu said;

“Saa zile wetu wako PCEA, church, yeye ana update tu. Unajua kuna saa wamama wanafaa kuingia Kanisani na kutafta uso wa bwana?”

He went on asked Maina,

“Kwa hivo ata yeye anadance Kwangwaru?”


Maina responded,

“I am sure she knows what the song means “check out wimbo ya mwanagu hapa Kwangwaru.

Hiyo ndio tunaita Maisha ya uswazi yani kukataa kuzeeka. those Tanzanian women, look so good even at their old age , they apply make up, hena and so on.

Mwalimu teased Maina, “Naona Utapotelea huko vile unawasifu….. Maina responded, “No we can borrow a leaf from those women as Kenyans”

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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‘My mother-in-law told my husband to divorce me after I was diagnosed with cancer,’ sobs Kenya woman (Audio)

Today in one of the local papers, there was an article on the topic “Walk Away Wife Syndrome”.

Well, the topic was discussed during the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Well, Maina asked the ladies who have already divorced their husbands to tell him if they are happy being single or they are regretting having divorced their husbands.

King’ang’i claimed that women who divorce their husbands are never happy adding that they always sob at night calling their mothers to comfort them.

“Those women do not tell us how lonely they are, it is the most sorrowful thing in their lives, they do not want to reveal that it is the most sad state of affair,” King’ang’i further said that women should persevere in marriage no matter how hard it is.

Well, Maina could not understand what that meant and asked his listeners to call and contribute to the discussion.

One female listener called in and expressed her happiness at being a single woman.

She said that her mother-in-law advised her son to divorce her after she was diagnosed with cancer.

He Left Me Before I Even Healed From A Cesarean, Confessed A Lady In Pain (Audio)

“I walked out, and I do not regret anything because I would probably be dead today. I was diagnosed with cancer, then this guy would come home in the morning at 3:00 am. And I need to go for Chemotherapy and he is not even available to do that. She was going out with the woman who used to do the cleaning and I would not know. Ni kama yule panya anakuuma na anapuliza. He was not there for me when I needed him. Was I wrong to walk out?

I do not regret walking out because I saved my kids from the heartache. I have spent more than 4.8 million on the treatment and trust me he has not contributed anything. His mother asked him, ‘Unagonja akufe umzike? Si utoke utafute mwingine mwenye si mgonjwa?’.

It is lonely to be single but you have saved yourself a lot. “

She went ahead and said that there was a time he even beat her when she was two days from the chemotherapy.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

We all know Maina Kageni is a foodie, who also enjoys eating alongside his dabo dabo. So it’s expected that he would want a woman who can cook right? Wrong!!!

Wanatosha mboga, according to his the Classic 105 presenter.

Well, today during the morning conversation Maina raised this topic of why men cannot marry women who do not know how to cook.

Julie Gichuru yesterday posted that her father thought she would never get married because she never knew how to cook.

She wrote on her instagram page;

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother.

He interjected firmly, “But Julie, you must learn how to cook!” He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook.

As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African – Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking..

Well, the discussion was lit and had mixed reactions from the listeners.

Mwalimu King’ang’i’s view was that he cannot marry a woman who can’t cook adding that she should not be just a cook but a good cook, Si ‘kupika mashakura’.

Maina responded by reminding him that a man can eat out or better yet hire a chef. After all who will marry these girls studying catering?

It was during this time that Kingangi said, ‘Taftieni Maina Kageni bibi Mluhya specifically, Unajua shida yako ukianza kufikiria bibi unafikiria Vera na Huddah.”

Then Maina said, “Me it’s either Huddah or Vera,

He added that he has eaten out for more than 10 years and doesn’t know the price of a packet of unga.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




Listen as Kenyan women rubbish the men who claim that they don’t know how to look young(audio)

You beautiful woman, you you happy woman you, oh you blessed woman you…’

‘oh may you have a happy marriage darling, blessed’, the excited Classic105 presenter finished yesterday’s conversation with such amazing words to a Kenyan lady who revealed to him that she will be walking down the isle this year.

That was not the reason as to why Maina Kageni was amazed, but because the lady is turning 53 years old this year, getting married to a 65 year old man who has been to two other marriages before but did not work.

Well, today during the morning conversation, Maina revealed that he got in touch with he lady after the show, the lady even shared her picture with Maina which he showed some of his friends and they conquered that the lady is an absolute stunner. Maina described her like a 21 year old. Those friends however asked Maina to hold a conversation today and ask Kenyan women why they do not know how to remain young after their marriages.

‘You beautiful woman’, Listen as Maina Kageni gushes over woman who revealed it’s never too late to fall in love at 52 (AUDIO)

The discussion turned out to be a hot one with different opinions from the listeners.

Men claimed that ladies do not watch what they eat after getting married while others said that ladies become too careless with their bodies especially when they get babies.

For the ladies, they tried to support their fellow women saying that the “MEN are the reason they lose their shape, the men stress their women to the extend that they forget about shape. You lack nothing but your body is not settled thus you either add too much weight or loose too much weight and become too thin.” she added.

Well, another man sent a message and said that most men want their women to look like Zari Hassan, yet they do not have the picture of her immediately after she wakes up to know whether she is beautiful or not

Listen to the whole conversation below;


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‘I have been Married for 16 Years, My son from My EX Is 15 Years But My Husband Does Not Know’, Confess Kenyan Woman (Audio)

‘My wife of 2 years left me claiming that she can not continue being my sponsor,’ confess a Kenyan Man

Well, classic 105 is a home for everyone and therefore everyone feels at home and are allowed to speak their minds, especially during the morning conversations with Maina and King’ang’i. The show basically deals with relationships and dramas that happens at marriage lives.

Since the beginning of this year, Classic Overdrive host Mike Mondo is sitting in for Maina Kageni who is currently on his holiday.

Today, Mike has shared a story of a gentleman who sent him a message in his DM explaining to him what has been happening to him and is currently disappointed in life.

Check out what the message was about;

Hello Mike,

I hope this finds you well. I write this and I’ll be glad if you can take your time to help secure a job, even through your morning show on classic 105.
I have been jobless since 2016 (2 years to be precise), after resigning from my high flying job with an international company. I was based in Jo’burg, http://S.Africa and later Gaborone, Botswana. I came home, settled with my long-term fiancé and started a business. Unfortunately the business went under with all my savings within six month. My relationship with my fiancé, now my wife, started going south with constant fights over everything. She’s the only breadwinner as she works for a prominent parastatal in Kenya. We had discussed on how she could help me secure a job in the same organization that she works for because she is well connected and the only barrier was that some 200k is needed to do that.
Unfortunately I don’t have the money. I’m down. It’s been difficult to get back to my old buddies, given I lost touch with them when I lived abroad for close to 3 years, with the general assumption that those who works abroad have lots of money to go broke. Now the twist is that my wife’s girlfriend offered to lend me the money. So I shared the same with my wife, with which she Okayed. Meanwhile my wife knows that her friend had a crush on me since our days in campus, and it was surprising that she agreed to her generous offer to lend the money. Because the friend works in Nairobi, we set up a meeting in Nairobi alongside the same period I’d attend an interview so I traveled to Nairobi. After the interview, I met the lady in one of the city’s hotels. To cut the story short, the lady had an unspoken condition that I had to sleep with her in order to lend me the money. She was drunk after several glasses of wine. I turned down the offer, shared the story with my wife, albeit selectively not to make her go mad at her friend. To my dismay, my wife turned against me, and sent me a whatsapp message after we had verbal altercation over the same that left me dismayed. I can’t figure out the puzzle. See attached. My wife of two years calls herself a sponsor to me, simply because I occasionally ask for money to help me move from one place to another in search of a job. The last time I cried like the moment I read her message was in 2011 when I lost my mom to cancer. I’m in the verge of losing my marriage, which I have come to terms with. My only headache is my 1.5-year-old daughter with whom I have a very strong bond with. Now all I request you bro is to help me get my dignity back by securing a job, be it a sales/marketing job I’d gladly take and work up my ways.

I am a graduate of environmental science but at this moment I can’t afford to be selective. NB: Kindly hide my identity to protect my wife/family in case you share my story

Thanks in advance

Check out the screen shots too.



‘My Sisters Paid My Bills Despite Being Married for 19 Years’, Confesses Kenyan Woman (Audio)

It is a new year and we are back to the morning conversations at Classic 105 and sitting in for Maina Kageni is Drive presenter Mike Mondo.

Todays topic focussed on the fact that women forgive but they never forget. They will give men as many chances as possible, but don’t expect her to forget the incident. Kweli, rongo?

Mwalimu was of the view that unlike women, men do genuinely forgive and forget..

Mike therefore asked the ladies to explain to the men why they can’t  let bygones be bygones.

The discussion elicited mixed reactions from the listeners with each gender supporting their own perception of the topic.

One female caller narrated her experience of being married for 19 years, and that her partner was abusive to her during this time with things often turning physical.

The man all this time wasn’t paying the bills and so her sisters took it upon themselves to do so yet she was married.

The man would not sleep at home and returned the next day. She however claimed that she divorced the man and swore not to go back to him.

Listen to the whole conversation below;