You need to keep monitoring your wife like temperature – Mwalimu King’angi’

Men have trust issues when it comes to their wives.

This came out clearly on the Thursday February 24 conversation with Maina and Kingangi.

The duo were reacting to a husband who told that women should be monitored.

Kingangi agreed saying failing to do this will lead to collapse of the marriage.

The man told ‘hawa watu women are very unstable kind of people in terms of heart and relationships. So these people must be monitored any moment utampea any chance oh ati this is an adult, ati nimpee nafasi nafasi my friend nyumba kwisha.’

King’angi’ agreed adding ‘the world is full of trickery out there if you love your woman and want them for long, you must take action’

Maina was upset ‘let me ask you a question kenyan gentlemen why do you think your women cannot think for themselves when they re on their own? And ladies must you be monitored is it that you are weak when you are on your own?’ Maina asked.

Mwalimu further insisted ‘by the time he puts CCTV on his woman, he found lout something, that is how he got you, najua atapotea, a white goat can disappear ukionaga lazima umonitor vile mbuzi inaenda, huyu akienda hivi weuh akishikana na huyu, amepotea,’

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Poor diet, keg and jaba affecting men gymnastics – Maina and Kingangi

First successful penile implant was done at the Aga Khan Hospital

On the Friday morning conversation, Maina and Kingangi congratulated the hospital for doing something that has not been done in the region.

Maina said ‘Alot of men are celebrating but my question is, is it that serious, do we have that much of a problem? Mwalimu pointed out what men have been doing to solve that issue ‘do you see all the peanuts being sold? zinauzwa pahali pote, mkombero tumetafuna’ Mwalimu joked.

Alot of men are besides themselves with glee and joy kwani it’s that much of a problem?’ Maina asked.

‘let me ask you gentlemen of this republic of Kenya you have never heard of diet, this guy was 40, ni nini? How much is that procedure so that I can tell these men?’

Mwalimu defended men’s diet but Maina added

‘You know you guys eat so badly you cannot be having these problems at 30? Maina retorted to Kingangi, mko hapa na mashida, how big of a problem is it because every man is celebrating in Kenya, our grandfathers are still going having babies today but you guys at 30 have problems, ni nini mbaya? this guy who got the operation is 40’

At least there is a solution Kingangi tol him.

‘why cant Kenyan men understand it is their diet? Maina added, our grandfathers are still having babies today, the guy who had the penile implant is 40, heh nowadays at 32 hakuna kazi,’

A woman called andf blamed it on poor diet and chewing mogoka ‘wanauame ni pombe wanakunywa sana na mogoka na miraa ndio waezane na kazi bana, they should know this is affecting them,’

A man told Maian that he blames women for increasing the speedometer.

‘hii mambo lazima tucelebrate for the men of Kenya these days mambo ni mengi kuna uchai, na kuna mabaya watu wanakuombea, we must enjoy our right even our last day of life, we thank the Aga Khan we appreciate and we want to promise them tukipata ile 6k per month, we will go there’

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How can a woman make you turn your back on your mother – Maina and Kingangi

On the Wednesday morning topic February 16, Maina challenged men to talk about their mothers.

Maina referred to Tuesdays topic about women can hurt their men intentionally and that once a woman knows you love her you are done.

‘I was with a colleague of mine and she gave me the most horrific story. Guys does this happen, A woman she said can make a man even turn away from his mother. a woman destroys her mans support system and alienates him from everyone who is close to him, then she works on the family and isolate him from his family it even gets to the point he doesn’t talk to his mother’

‘I’m trying to wonder what could make me do that? it’s impossible’ Maina added thinking of his mother.

‘you know what we said this year? the truth shall set you free’ Mwalimu told Maina,

kwanza your mother, how? explain that to me,’Maina told annoyed by the fact.

‘they can. Anakukoroga kichwa Mwalimu explained further.

‘aje your mother? you stop talking to your mother? Maina added

and by the way you build her a better house than your mother, next to your mothers house, na wanakula vizuri kuliko your mother, your brother has become a chokora, Kingangi told Maina ‘I don’t know ni nini inashikanga’ and you know how it happens when when she realizes you love her so much and it happens to good men, but it doesnt happen to those taliban, only to good men, the taliban are not emotionally affected,’

What can he tell me to hate my mother? how is that possible? Maina asked, if this has happened to you call me, Maina dared men.

When was the last time you talked to your mother because of your wife? Maina challenged men to call.

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Men like messy divorces – Mike Mondo

On the Thursday morning February 10th conversation, Mike Mondo wanted to know why men like messy endings to their relationships.

Mike gave an example of a friend and opened up the discussion to the audience ‘I have seen couples go through messy separations unakuta bwana anafukuza bibi na watoto na ni yeye anafaa kutoka ama anayang’anya bibi gari but with wazungu it’s very different.’

One fan responded saying @ErickDerick77 ‘men we make it loud and messy to make sure there is no chances of going back!’

Most men are dating themselves, wives have left mentally – Mike Mondo

‘You know you also need to pay for her time, he gave you her time and energy and children, aie mkiachana muachie kila kitu you can go and buy things yourself, wewe amka and take your shirt and go’ Mwalimu advised men.

But a man called in and argued that the woman should be ready to leave even a panty he bought her ‘unarudi venye ulikuwa unakuja, kama ulikuja na nguo moja rudi nayo, everything I bought you please leave behind, nitazichoma, hakuna kusumbuana,’

Another bitter man told Mike and Kingangi that ‘hatanywele alishuka nitanyoa, aende hivyo nililipia hiyo nywele, aende venye alikuja, sitachika, kama anatemeba namakeup nuilimnunulia kutesa akina Brianalete aende, unacheza ujenge mtu umpake rangi hehe mna cheza’

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Men are so dramatic when they are dumped – Mwalimu King’ang’i

Mwalimu Kingangi says that men are weak

Ladies, men have a question for you. They want to know where you get the strength to move on after a man has left you for someone else.

On the Tuesday February 8th conversation, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi cited the case of a Busia man who killed himself after finding out his wife was being eaten by their pastor.

Kingangi attributed this behavior in men to weakness.

3 days ago it was reported that a middle-aged man identified as Onyango set his house ablaze after learning the pastor was up to. NTV reported that his body was found beside Busia river.

Mike added ‘I really want to understand ladies where do you get that strength from when he leaves you, today if the woman leaves her man he will commit suicide because ameachwa tuu but when it comes to ladies they will pick up and move on.’

A lady called and contributed that women don’t get heartbroken so easily because of the stress men put wives throughout their marriage

‘the moment hat you leave its okay you go, you make us endure so much throughout marriage, you take us through alot until he moment you eave we feel zero, we have moved on emotionally, we feel zero chilsl youcan as well go you make us endure that when you leave you can as well go’

‘But men a whole CEO he cant move he cant function juu ameachwa lakini wanawake wanendelea na maisha’ Mwalimu noted about her comments.

He added ‘if today a man s left by his woman that man just loses his mind, but for ladies its different, she moves on. where do you get that strength from?’

‘Ladies we move on even when we are still in the relationship,’ another woman told Mike, ‘unajichuja tuu hivyo and then when you talk to your friends you find out others are going through worse, so when the man is doing all these things she is tired, by the time you leave, ah it feels zero’

A man told that ‘ men are not weak it just shows you how faithful they are, ukishawekwa kwa shimo unakaa tumeweka myai moja kwa kikikapu moja zikiunjika hauna option ingine, men are fithful thats why it takes a toll on them when they are left, when we are left we cant function’

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I share my partner with wababa’s to make money – Man tells Mike Mondo

In a discussion about partners giving their spouses permission to cheat, a man called Mike Mondo and confessed that he has an agreement with his wife to let her have a mubaba to finance their life.

The husband argued that it’ ok to allow your spouse to have an affair if it benefits the family financially.

He told Mike Mondo in a phone conversation February 1 that ‘I tell my wife, Ukipata mubaba endatuu upate pesa na usifanye nini’

He also added

‘It’s something real if my wife was here I would have asked her to tell you about it, but she has gone kibarua. I suffered as a street kid even upto campus where I was a watchman and you want to tell me to continue sufferign in life? Hapana. Right now I am taking anything. If a man told my wife right now to sleep with him, I would allow her and I work alot with politicians and if I notice one wants her, I will give him our number. I was a student leader niko na connections with these politicians so niko na wale nikienda event I go ith my wife and if the politician furahis and i see that i give them her number, nawaambia wachukuwe number. I can show you which politician pays our rent, bibi yangu ni mali safi, we can go to instagram right now I show you which politician sleeps with my wife and pays rent,
namwabianga enda tu ulete pesa tukule’

Other men also confessed to doing the same thing, all for the love of money.

Mike my partner akipata mbaba ako na pesa ni sawa nitazikula sana.

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Kingangi has never introduced me to his wife Mwongeli – Maina Kageni 

On the Wednesday morning conversation December 1, the topic was about the one thing that Kenya men don’t do that their African counterparts proudly do.

Maina accued Kenyan men that ‘we are in December and this one now we must draw the line. Kenyan men don’t do it, They do it so well in Uganda, in Nigeria but it is only in Kenya where men never introduce their wives to their friends, where men never take them for social gatherings but will take them for weddings and funerals only. Nie me, why is that Kenyan men?

Mwalimu Kingangi retorted that ‘Those funerals and weddings are the most important’ But Maina wasnt buying that argument adding ‘Do you know in Nigeria, men take their wives for office parties, cocktail;s. Are you ashamed of your wives?’

Infact at that moment, Maina realized thaty Kingangi has never introduced his wife Mwongeli to him ‘How man years have we worked together?’

Kingangi responded ‘a wife is an institution, is a whole govt, you don’t go introducing the whole govt to everyone, you don’t go with your wife everywhere, when you get married alot for things change.

But Maina dded one thing ‘how come all your friends know your girlfriends not your wives?

Kingangi added ‘so I take my wife we go sing leta pombe? wachana na watu wengine mwalimu added ‘putting your wife on display?’

He finished his comments that ‘Let me tell you Maina, wanaume w Kenya hawapangwingwi’


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Maina and King’ang’i! When is the last time your man took you out for your wedding anniversary

On the Monday morning conversation with Maina and Kingangi on October 4th, it was all about Barrack and Michell Obama’s 29 wedding anniversary messages to each other.

The two always remember to praise each other openly declaring their joy. Maina wanted to ask women the last time their man took the out for their anniversary, but before that he wondered if husbands even know your age.

Michelle and Barrack celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary

“I don’t think Kenyan men understand the power of love. Mahn, they lavished each other with love it was incredible.
when did your man take you for your last anniversary?” Maina asked,

Kingangi told him there are other priorities ‘we love our wives but kwa vichwa tuko na mambo mingi if he forgets usiichukulie serious, aie” But Maina wasn’t done asking his question again

‘does he know how old you are, does he know how long you have been together? how long have you been together wit your woman and ladies when was the last time he took you out for your wedding anniversary? do you even know how old your woman is?

Mwalimu Kingangi said ‘after ten years together we stop counting. Utajua hiyo shida when you are given insurance forms to fill and you don’t know how old she is’ Kingangi added as Maina laughed

Here are comments from listeners:

Caller: “I know my wife is twenty something but I don’t know her birthday.”

I always remember even the day and place we met, our anniversary and her birthday. We have made it a point of celebrating each other birthday’s.

Caller: “Maina utafute school fees, uende kazi, ukumbuke birthday za watoto hizo vitu nitakumbuka lini? Mimi hata sijui akona miaka ngapi.”

Thank heaven I have a man who is chosen among the few.. he always remember our anniversary and my birthday too ata yeye ndio hunikimbusha Am blessed

Replying to @kibe_tz @ItsMainaKageni and @Classic105Kenya
Leave alone anniversaries …I can’t even remember the date we meet each other na siwezi enda na yeye tao tukiwa tumeshikana mikono … is hard Maina

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Nairobi women can’t ask for money respectfully – Kingangi


On the Friday morning conversation, Mwalimu Kingangi had a alot to say about Nairobi women and their harsh voices.

All this because a Coastarian women told Maina that ladies must change the tone of their voices when addressing men in regards to asking for money. She called it sauti ya 21.

Maina asked listeners if Nairobi women have such voices ‘do other Kenyan women have tabia of those coastal women, do you know how to ask for money from your man? do Kenyan women have sauti 21?’

Mwalimu responded with a firm ‘No . Hawana ilichukulia na jini. Kuna msichana wa eastalands ana sauti mbili? ‘

Men seemed to agree with Kingangi saying Nairobi women are taliban.

Can other women be like Coastarian women with sweet voices?

At times women should understand that asking for money should be done in a respectful and courteous way. We understand they need money even before they ask. #MainaAndKingangi

@sheibahati…I’m well and learning to soften and sweeten my voice regarding today’s morning conversation.

Kenyan ladies watakuongelesha na sauti 21when you are either sick or ni time ya kwanza kuonana.

He is right kuja eastlands uskie
Nipee Doo za kidugulu ama nilete noma apa

Hawa wa Nairobi hawawezani tumia Sauti ya number 21? Ukikosa kutoboka wanasema Wewe ni STINGY….. Na wanasonga kwa mwingine

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‘I would plan to have one child’ Maina says about family planning

Who is thinking of getting more than two children in this economy?

On a Tubonge Tuesday conversation, it was all about a pronouncement by the Health Ministry that family planning will be fully sponsored by the government by 2024.

This was said while marking World Contraceptives Day.

Maina asked who is still thinking of having more than one child in this day and age.

Mwalimu told him that his father had 14 kids and it was a struggle “In my family, we are 14. Sisi ni kama team ya mpira tulikuwa tunalala tunapinduka sisi sote, chakula ikiwekwa kwa sinia, it was tough. But by the grace of God”

Maina was stunned at his admitting they were so many siblings saying his father had only 3 kids “We were 3 kids”

Mwalimu noted that that’s why they could live in Karen and be left an inheritance.

“No wonder you were left a fortune and you lived in Karen. You know my family could be called by the church to sing if the choir wasn’t there”

If you have more than two children, how are you dealing with it Maina posed to the audience. ‘how are you hacking it?’

Mwalimu was not done and threw back the question to Maina to tell how many kids he want “how many kids do you plan to have?

He answered ‘I don’t know rich families with more than three children. I really don’t. I would have one’

A man amused the presenters “my father had 43 children, I have two but plan to have five. Niko Nairobi kazi na nataka kuongeza wanne ama watano, kuna vile nimejipanga kimaisha, nimejipanga, how to educate them nimewatafutia shamba”

In these economic times, who is thinking of having more than two children?

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What do you remember most about visiting day Maina asks

On the Friday morning conversation Maina and Kingangi debated on jokes about monolizatiin in schools. Maina laughed saying ‘yesterday we talked to people who were traumatized and said visiting day was the biggest problem not even bullying’

Kageni added that ‘Yani some people were visited with goodies while others got nothing’

Mwalimu while recalling how traumatizing visiting day was told him

‘Do you know some peoples fathers used to come with a newspaper Kenya times na anakuuliza fare ya kurudi. Saa hiyo familia ingine zimekuja na soda makuku na wewe umeletewa sabuni ya was so bad. Unangoja your friend abakishe chap mkule kwa dormitory.’

What was visiting day like for you in comparison with your schoolmates? Maina asked the audience to confess their stories admitting that

‘I did not know that I opened up a can of worms in terms of horrific moments’

A man said ‘my mum used to bring yummy soft chaps and chicken stew I cant forget’

Another told ‘My grandmother used to bring me arrow roots and Maina. I cant get over that kind of love’

Mwalimu was so envious he said ‘do you know how it was standing at the gate like a monkey looking to see who is coming to visit you. And remember the time is going and that bell will ring soon

A man called in saying his parents skipped the day ‘it used to be bad. Watu wanaletewa city na wewe unabngojea mzazi na hakuji. Eish baba I dont want to remember ‘

Another said ‘sitawahi sahau. My mum alitumana mukimo kwa nyungu. Na mwenye alikuwa alete alisahau hio chakula’


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Are Kikuyu women only after money? Maina Kageni asks

Kenyans could not get enough of the breakup of Lilian Nganga and Alfred Mutua.

The two split and released statements and Kenyans went crazy. Maina wanted to know ” kwani they are the first to get separated? Why can’t we mind our own business. Us and moshene ni nini?”

On the Monday morning conversation, it was all about the generalization going on about Kikuyu women and money. Maina asked “and I don’t like it. Wameachana and they all boiled down to something, that kikuyu women are money hungry and it emerged that all this stuff starts with  their mothers. There is something they ask their daughters before marrying a man. ena kanyamo ako na kitu?”

Co host weighed in saying “my friend told me that kanyamo before his daughter takes him home she is ask3ed if he has money by her mother that ena kanyamo. Their mothers and their aunties are the problem”

What is this perception that kikuyu girls are all about the money? maina asked, adding ” there is a generalization that kikuyu women are only after your money. Are kikuyu omen only after money”

The responses were from men. Bob for instance said Kanyamo is not necessarily money.

“mimi nimefanya uchunguzi nikakumbuka back ata kisii our place before msichana aolewe kuna watu wanatumwa wachinguze huyo jamaa kama ako na kanyamo, kanyamo sio pea, ni kitu. wewe unajua kwanini mwanamake akiolewa kwetu hatoroki? mtu ako na kanyamo, mkisii we are rated as number one, hata ukiuliza kwa Classic ufanye poll, tuko na kanyamo, na mtu kama kingangi sifa yake inaingia kwa umbali, tuko na hiyo kikombe kutoka 1975, sasa lilian anakanyamo apeleke kwakinyamo”

Goodmorning maina,,,I knew the word kikuyus had to come up Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy,,lakini ata kama tunapenda kanyamu ,si governor alikua nako…
audit ni lazma ufanyiwe ukitaka kubeba shiru ama shiku ,,Good day

ladies from Central Kenya don’t love money they love a man with money it’s difficult to fathom

Athman Melly
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni My friend was told to give 50k so that they open the gate for Rurasho .. He was disappointed and we left and came back home #mainaandkingangi


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“I would have smashed my Tv” Maina complains about not welcoming athletes


Team Kenya arrived back in Kenya on Wednesday with no fan fair.

The lack of not recognizing our Kenyan athletes upset Maina Kageni who said he did not watch the arrival on TV last night because if he dis “I would have smashed my TV, thank God I did not” he told Mwalimu.

Our athletes were not officially welcomed and Kenyans complained online while comparing the heroic welcome Ugandans received from their President Yoweri Museveni.

On the Thursday August 12 morning conversation, Maina and King’ang’i were upset our champions saying we lack priorities “you know why are we like this? No one received them yani they came like normal passengers”.

Kingangi was also disappointed saying “it is so embarrassing we have a problem, why don’t we celebrate each other, hata Eliud alipita kwa fence, you know we are teaching our children tabia mbaya. They will see no reason for patriotism”eliud barrier

Maina again weighed in “the reason why we don’t progress as a nation is because we don’t have any gratitude even celebrating the small things that work in this country. Eliud when he goes to London, he finds a battalion of security because guys are waiting to get an autograph, there are things that work in this country and we cannot appreciate them”

He opened up discussion to the audience to give their opinion.

“What are the things that work in this country and what is your message to our athletes, can we celebrate the things that work in this country for a change? We can’t complain all the time”

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I can see a lockdown coming Maina tells King’ang’i begging for reprieve



on the Friday morning conversation, it was all about the expiration of the nationwide curfew, and more so what is likely to be done about it.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is expected to address the nation this afternoon. While discussing what he is likely to do, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i each weighed in.

Maina was of the opinion that a lockdown will be announced, a King’angi’ pleaded that Kenyans need some breathing space.

“What do we deserve” Maina asked “coz that is what we are going to get” King’ang’i said “a break, a break from what has become a reality, watu akiachiliwa kidogo what can go wrong?

But Maina argued that “my feeling is that there is going to be a lockdown. If you look at the data it all points in that direction”

“ah leave the data it alway happens like that tuachiwe kidogo one week pia tuone kama we can manage ourselves, wewe unaona aje? kidogo tuu aseme wacha tuone” King’angi posed.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think is going to happen? I want you to be truthful and not hopeful Maina added when opening the discussion to listeners, “to be honest what do we honestly deserve?

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“Don’t date beneath your pay grade” Maina Kageni tells women

Ladies don’t let these men drive your Range Rover if he is not in your tax bracket, were the words of advice Maina Kageni had for women while discussing how Anerlisa Muigai funded the lifestyle of Ben Pol.

Last week Ben Pol in an interview told that he left Anerlisa because he lost all feelings for her and their frequent breakups resolved the end of their marriage.

Anerlisa hit back and in several captions advised that she has learnt and will date men in her class.

In the Tuesday conversation July 27, Maina used this example to advise ladies that “dating a man beneath you will always get these problems. That’s why they say birds of a feather flock together”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

Mwalimu King;’ang’i slammed Maina saying

“Let me put myself in his position, even him he had alot to offer. She loved him, he is handsome, he is talented, he even had money zikatumika zikaisha sasa unataka afanye nini, ulikuwa na pesa zako umependeka, vitu zimeenda mrama, don’t tell me now all of a sudden I am not good, it doesn’t make sense”

Maina brushed off his comments insisting that women should date men their class and that broke men are no good.

“When women date beneath their pay grade what do you expect, aki Anerlisa and I think one day you need to come here and give me that story, because I can get the attraction but why you opened up your pocket to him I don’t understand. When you see a man driving a big range rover and he even posts on IG, it’s not his stay in your own lane. How do you floss with things everyone knows is not yours?”

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“Monkeys are the same” Maina told about presidential election candidates

On the Monday morning conversation, Maina Kageni spoke about the forthcoming 2022 general elections. He wanted to know why the same people are voted in every five years and if we are ready for change.

He asked “are we gonna do this again? I was watching the news and I was so depressed coz when I was looking at the leading presidential candidates, man it’s the same niggas from years ago, let me ask you is there no chance anew person can take a chance?”

It’s the same guy, same guys Maina repeated, the monkeys are the same, is there no alternate candidate, are we done or do we have to wait for all of them to serve before we get a new one?

Is there anyone else that you would  vote for if they stood? Because man every year it’s the same guys, same niggas, me I don’t know about you but me I really wonder, is there anyone else who can stand and get your vote?

We cannot say that this country revolves around five people. how? Classic fans responded telling their disappointment with the political class. That 20 years later, the same people are still running.

if we continue to allow this guys succeed in dividing us along tribal lines we will remain political slaves.. their manifeso is what we should focus on and by that we will end up having leaders in the podiums not politicians.



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Mike Mondo laughs off report ranking Kenyan men the most faithful


In the Thursday July 22nd morning conversation, it was all about a report that suggested Kenyan men are the most faithful in Africa.

Mike reacted asking how this is possible in Kanairo, that is notorious for it’s habits

“How true is that” Mike asked “Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? How true is that na Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? Mike wondered

The report indicated that for the third time running Kenyan men have been crowned most faithful in Africa.

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i was very proud and said “Kayamba kwao, you need to repeat that” Mwalimu told Mike.

Adding “Numbers don’t lie, research ndio hiyo na mko hapa mnatudharau, how good we are, caring, we are number one Mwalimu gloated. “We are number one in faithfulness”

Do you think Kenyan men are the most faithful? Mike opened up the discussion insisting that “coz the way I see Nairobi, I am questioning this research”

Ladies do you agree?

A Woman caller “I think the people which did this research ni mzungu mwitu. Wanapendelea wanaume wa kenya I don’t believe this research”

A man also disagreed with the findings “it’s laughable, juzi our leader alienda kiuumu alisema kwa media nitafutiwee hapa ka mtu juzi our speaker alikubali akasema ndio amepatiana kakitu kwa msichana, juzi our own number two akaitwa baba nani, infact the only faithful people ni mimi wewe na kingangi”

Even one more man laughed at it “That research is fake fake fake mike. hio research ni fake wakenya ni mafisi sana”


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My wife has been lying about earning Sh16k instead of Sh32k

Ladies you are ninjas and men do you know you are married to billionaires hiding cash? was how Mike Mondo introduced the Tubonge Tuesday topic.

This he said after a conversation with a woman in hospital about lying about her salary.

“Yesterday I went to the hospital, and in the waiting room I started talking to a woman who said for the past ten years she has been hiding her real salary and using a fake pay slip to show her husband. She has made her husband believe she earns 100k a month when in reality she earns 300k”

Is it wise to tell your partner how much you make?

Would you tell your partner ho much money you earn? ama hio ni siri yako? Mike asked listeners who responded with different opinions. A female caller slammed spouses who hide their pay saying this will present difficulties in case of emergencies.

“utakosa kuambia your better half uambie nani what if something happens to you who will follow up on your cash? your children will suffer because of your silence”


A husband who found about his wife lying about her salary through her KRA tax returns narrated how sad he is.

He told Mike on the Tuesday morning conversation July 20th that

“Nasikia uchungu. Last night I found her KRA tax returns and to be sincere it is painful. She has always told me she is struggling financially earning only sh16,00 when her actual pay is h32,000. I feel pain but she has always lied for the last four years. You can see everything in the house I have struggled to buy and yet she can help hata gas I get home she can’t buy. I’m feeling bad because she never disclosed it. It’s not that I need her share but to know the capability she can do in the house, it will reduce my burden, mike  I don’t have any savings na I do everything and when y0u tell her to do something she says she doesn’t have any money ati she is paid kidogo.”


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