‘He’s a fatherly figure,’ Maina Kageni’s ‘son’ speaks out

Nyandarua teenager Antony Muchori is thanking radio king Maina Kageni for helping him complete his high school studies and being supportive.

The Nyahururu High School alumnus, who scored a plain B (66 points) in last year’s KCSE exam, told Word Is life hasn’t been easy, but he thanks Maina for lifting his soul.

“Maina is a fatherly figure, humble and down-to-earth. He doesn’t like publicity and is a kind-hearted man. Many think he’s a snob but once you approach him, you’ll be surprised by his humbleness,” Antony, 19, said.

Maina Kageni

After scoring 378 in KCPE, Antony was called to join Mang’u High School. He was unable to join the school because his parents could not afford the school fees.

“I joined form one at Keruguyo Boys in 2014 but left the school in third term because I owed the institution a lot of money. In 2015, I moved to a private school and my parents really struggled to pay my school fees,” he said.

“I also depended on bursary funds and would beg politicians to pay my school fees. At the end of form two, I left the school.”


Things became unbearable in 2016, and he was forced to stay at home the whole year. In 2017, a Good Samaritan, former Kipipiri MP Samuel Gichigi, came to his rescue, paying part of his form three school fees at Nyahururu High School.

The school’s principal, Andrew Karimi, was lenient and never him sent away for school fees both in form three third term and form four first term.

“Come second term 2018, I had arrears of Sh38k, which I was supposed to pay before sitting the main exam. With no one to help, I had given up and at one point, I told myself that it would be better if I study from home and show up at school just to sit for KCSE,” Antony said.

He thought about it for long and decided to travel to Juja, where his aunt stays, to try to reach out to his mentors to help him achieve his dream.

“I remember it was on a Tuesday morning early May when I left my aunt’s house at 3am, just to get to Nairobi in time and meet Maina Kageni before he left the studio,” Antony said.

“I visited him uninvited and immediately after his show, I followed him downstairs and narrated to him my story. He asked me details about my county government and promised to talk to them so they could help,” Antony said.

At the end of the day, no one communicated, so he went back the following day on Thursday and Maina promised him again that this time round, someone from the senator’s office would communicate before night fell. Still, he got no response.

The ambitious teenager said on the following Friday, he came fully dressed in school uniform and arrived early before Maina got into studio.

“I waited for him at the reception and when he saw me again, he knew I was serious,” Antony said.

“This was my third day visiting his workplace in a week and this time, he spared some time to go through my report forms. He promised to help the following Monday if no one from the county’s office reached out to me.”


The weekend passed and no one had reached out to him and he was ready to sell his mobile phone, the only asset he had, just to go back to school.

“I wanted to sell it at Sh7k so I could take some amount to school and be in class and revise for the exams,” he said.


On Monday, Antony left Juja fully prepared for school. It was raining heavily and upon reaching Maina’s workplace, the presenter was shocked to see him around.

‘”Kijana hujarudi shule?” Maina asked me. I told him no one contacted me and I just wanted to let him know I was going to sell my phone and would be unreachable,’ he said.

“But he told me, ‘Don’t do that’. He asked me to wait for him at the reception as he parked, and after a few minutes, he came and gave me Sh38k cash. He told me to go to the bank and go to school and bring the receipt when school closes.”

Adding: “I was so emotional I cried. Maina calmed me down and told me to go and study hard.”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni and Antony Muchori

That same Monday before he went back to school, the governor called him to his office and paid the third-term school fees.

“He gave me a cheque of Sh34k. I informed Maina about it and he was happy,” he said.

From there, Maina kept tabs with him and whenever he came back for midterm or after closing, he would meet him and show him his report cards. “He was always impressed and encouraged me to work hard,” Antony said.

He said he was motivated and Maina is going to pay his college school fees (graphic design course) before he joins university in September.

Antony Muchori

Antony, who is now a trained photographer, says the tough challenges he has gone through in the hands of the administration have inspired him to join politics. Come 2022, he will vie for Kipipiri parliamentary seat in his constituency.

“I want to represent my people so that no needy student goes through what I went through. I will ensure the government is keen on CDF disbursements and fights poverty through educating my constituents,” he said.



AKI YAOOO!! Here are Maina Kageni’s favorite phrases

Forget about the lingo spoken by millennials, the ‘xaxa xwerie’ craze.

Where, you literally can’t understand what they’re saying.

Maina Kageni has reinvented the wheel, on how you communicate to express extreme emotion, without using the queens language.

Today, we will help you decipher and break down some of the popular and most used phrases by the popular Classic 105 presenter, that you should definitely know.

After all, these are phrases that we hear each and every morning and they make us smile and even inspire us to use them.

Here we go!

1. Digehota

This phrase translated in Kiswahili means ‘siwezi’, and can be applied to situations where someone says a stupid statement, and you literally can’t believe they said such a statement.

2. Nie reke gwire

This in English means ‘let me tell you’, or better yet in Kiswahili it means ‘wacha nikuambie’. When you you use it, you must have some very sizzling hot news to relay.

3. Nie maundu maya

In Kiswahili it means ‘mimi hizi vitu’. It sounds weird trying to translate the phrase in English so bear with the Kiswahili version.

NB: You can also interchange this phrase with number 1 to show extreme puzzlement and bewilderment at a go.

4. Ici ni ngoma

In English this means ‘these are devils’ and in Kiswahili it literally means ‘haya ni mapepo’. You can exclaim in this manner when you don’t have words to describe the situation at hand.

5. Aki yaoo

It’s a short form of Kiwahili meaning ‘aki ya mungu’, but it’s shortened to ‘aki yaoo’..Get it?

6. Absolute nyugis/ This song will finish me one day

When a song soaks into your soul, feel free to use these phrases to describe how the lyrics and the melodies make you feel.

7. This bongo people will kill us one day

If you love the Bongo music scene, be like Maina Kageni and just exclaim, “This bongo people will kill us one day.” After listening to a hot track from Magufuli land.

8. That is why we have Tubonge Tuesday

When you love Jose Chameleone’s jams, you have to have a theme day when you let his chunes flow all over you. Hence why we have Tubonge Tuesdays.

9. Thie nakou

When a you want to politely dismiss someone who is being obstinate for the sake of it. Use this phrase, insert Maina’s voice for maximum effect.

10. Ni kii wee

When Kingangi expresses too much of his biased opinions to a point where Mains has to tell him, “Ni kii wee”.

What’s your favorite Maina Kageni phrase?

Do let us know in the your comments below.

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Where were you when Maina Kageni announced he was vying for the Nairobi Women Rep seat?

It’s been an interesting year and though most of the compelling moments took place off studio, Classic 105 had it’s won share of memorable moments.

So we’ve compiled the top moments for morning Presenter Maina Kageni over the past twelve months. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here we go

a. He announced he would be vying for the Nairobi Women rep seat in the August 4th General election. He would at the time be contesting for the seat against other women such as Rachel Shebesh and Esther Passaris.


Do you remember seeing the poll revealing he was among top three candidates likely to win the seat? Check out the poll that was widely shared on social media. Where were you during this time?


b. He met his football hero Wayne Rooney. Several months ago, Everton English striker Wayne Rooney jetted into neighboring Tanzania, and Maina who is a die hard Man U fan made his way there to see him.


c. The Classic 105 presenter spent months away from work after getting injured, but luckily made a quick recovery to return to the airwaves, with his fans welcoming him back by reminding him what he missed.

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Maina’s Easy Sunday

This weekend on Maina’s Easy Sunday, we feature the Queen of Hip Hop and Soul – Mary J Blige.

Mary J Blige has released a new album dubbed ‘Strength of a Woman’ in which she talks about her marital struggles with ex husband Kendu.

She is in a pretty nasty divorce battle with him, amid claims he cheated on her with her protege.

Mary J. Blige has influenced a generation of artists with hits like “Real Love” and “Be Without You.” She has also had a successful acting career, including playing Betty Shabazz in the TV movie Betty & Coretta.

When a recording of the 17-year-old Blige singing karaoke booth came to the attention of Uptown Records, the company put her under contract immediately. She sang backup until the 1992 release of her first solo album, What’s the 411?, a record that re-defined modern soul. Blige has had several No. 1 Billboard hits and has won nine Grammy Awards.

Watch the clips courtesy V103 Atlants and Wendy Williams show.



Marriage is ‘Nipe Nikupe’ (Audio)

A lady called in on Friday and told Maina Kageni that she divorced her husband and after that happened, the man sent her two thousand shillings for a birthday cake for their child.

She said, “These men are the worst to deal with, immediately they give you small amount of money, they want to act all high and mighty.”

She said after he sent her the Sh2000, the next thing she saw was a long message of insults saying that she was ungrateful for not calling back to thank him for sending her money.

She said the money was meant to cater for their child’s birthday, and it is the only cash he had given her for the five years they have been separated.

Maina later met a guy who told him that Kenyan women are the most ungrateful people on earth.

He says no woman has ever thanked or appreciated their men for being the provider of their home.

Mwalimu claimed that the men are always grateful.

So today morning on Classic 105, the discussion was about how Kenyan women are ungrateful. One man sent a message and said that if Safaricom tell their customers thank you so should the Kenyan women.

A lady later on called in and said that “thank you is a word that most people ignore but it is very important in every marriage.”

She said that if you want your husband to appreciate you, then as a wife you should do that in return.

All these depends on how the couples relate to each other. If the couple does not respect each other, you call each other names in front of children, then there will be no peace and respect in that house.

She added that in some houses, the children do not have any respect for even their parents because of how they see their parents behaving.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Maina Kageni Likens Wayne Rooney’s Clande Affair To What Men Do In Kenya. Women React… (AUDIO)

Everton star Wayne Rooney is the talk of town after he was busted with another woman over the weeekend.

The star footballer was found with another woman in a car at 1:30AM. It is said that this is the second time he has cheated on his wife, who is currently pregnant.

She wants to leave him and is demanding for Sh 9 billion.

Was Rooney being a gentleman by escorting that woman home?

Maina Kageni on the morning conversation at Classic 105, held the discussion about how men stray around when their wives are pregnant even here in Kenya.

Mwalimu Kingangi claims that Kenyan men spend days without coming back to their matrimonial homes and Kenyan ladies put up with that, on the other hand, Maina Kageni finds it so abnormal that Kenyan women entertain this kind of bad behaviour.

A lady called in and claimed that she doesnt find any mistake with Rooney escorting that woman, she claim that the wife want to get money from the husband while in real sense, Wayne was trying to be a gentleman.

She added that she should not break the marriage but stay in that marriage.

When you put up with somethings, the men will always do it over and over because they know you can tolerate it, says Maina.

Another lady called in and claimed that there is no problem when men escort women, she claimed that her husband has not yet bought his own car and therefore he is brought in the house by different women, they drop him even at midnight. Sometimes even have supper at her home and she has no problem with that.

She claims she is so okay with that because it business matters.

Listen to the whole conversation below;



Listen As A Woman Confess To Maina Kageni That Her Husband Has Not Shown Up To The House For A Month

A woman will never react violently for no reason.

That is a fact.

Her reaction is normally triggered by reasons that would make a sane man run insane.

Men, here is a tip, treat your lady with respect and she will reciprocate the same to you.

Today, a lady called Maina Kageni on Classic 105’s breakfast show and explained the  reason why the generation we have of men are not respected.

She shared her story of how her husband has not shown up at their matrimonial home for the last one month. She has been married and they have a kid with the husband who is a driver.

She added  that the husband has not been providing for the family for the last one month.

When asked by Mwalimu Kingangi why that has been happening, she explained that it is not the first time for him to behave in that manner.

She is working on when to move out because she can not put up with the husband any longer

Listen to the whole conversation below…

Men, Here Is Why A Woman Should Not Buy You A House Or Provide For The Family (Audio)

A man called Maina Kageni today during the morning conversation after a tight discussion about a lady who took her man to court after a dispute and she wanted the man to take care of his children even after the divorce. The woman had contributed in building a home with the husband.

After the disagreement, the woman claimed that if she has to go then her husband has to pay back her share which  she had contributed to buy the house.

The man paid her back the money and after three days she left.

The man called in to advice fellow men on what they should never do,

Here is what he said, “Men should never allow their women to buy a house for them, pay fee or buy what you eat especially if you did not take her to school. This is because that is going to be the talk of the day.”

He also added that, “Women who go to court seeking for justice for their children, want to be given that money so that when they get out of that marriage, they will spend with other men and not the children as they claim”.

Listen to the whole conversation below.