Kenyan tweep and influencer among 4 killed and dumped in Kijabe Forest

The identity of four men whose bodies were found dumped in Kijabe Forest on Monday has been identified.

According to a source, the four were friends.

Among those is a popular blogger and influencer Frank Obegi.

The late Frank’s brother Leyton spoke to yesterday saying that his Kisii-based family, wasn’t aware that Frank had been missing since Tuesday last week.

The other three have been identified as Moses, Eli, and Frank.

In what seems like a premonition of his death Frank had tweeted about death.

 “One day we’ll leave this world behind. So live the life you will remember,” a notable lyric from the late Swedish singer, Avicii in his song, ‘The Nights

Another significant tweet that the late Frank penned last week read, “Lonely Together.”

Their body parts were chopped off in Kijabe. 

The influencer is among four mutual friends who went missing a week ago in Nairobi’s Kasarani area. 

A fourth body connected to the three is said to have been found in Magadi, Kajiado County.

Lari OCPD Anderson Furaha said that the three bodies were badly mutilated and it seems they were killed through strangulation and had their private parts amputated.

In 2021 four friends were also killed under unclear circumstances.

Jack Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, Brian Odour, and Elijah Obuong reportedly left the restaurant in a white Toyota Mark X only to vanish into thin air minutes later.

Friends and relatives of the missing men noted their phones went off at around 3 pm.

The missing men’s Toyota Mark X was also found 500 meters from the Kitengela club on Tuesday, April 20.

3 of the bodies were found, 1 body is still missing.

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Madiba hints that he’s ready for baby no. 2 with Jackie Matubia

Burna Boy cries after murder of Iconic Punjabi singer

Widow of man murdered on Mirema Drive didn’t know what job he did

10 things you didn’t know about Betty Kyallo’s youngest sister Gloria

The Kyallo sisters have been trending after they launched their reality show Kyallo Culture. The one who has caught the attention of many is Gloria. She is sassy, confident, and very outspoken.

Below are things that you did not know about her

  1. Gloria is the last-born sister to Betty and Mercy Kyallo.
  2. She is aged 21.
  3. She is a Mental Health champion.
  4. She is engaged to Ken Warui, the two have been dating for years.
  5. She plans to get married at age 35.
  6. She is half-Luhya half Kamba.
  7. Gloria is an animal rights activist.
  8. Gloria is an aunt to Ivanna, daughter to Betty Kyallo, and her ex-husband Dennis Okari.
  9. Gloria is a model.
  10. She has three pet dogs namely Nala, Shaggi, and Lulu.

In an interview with Mpasho Kyallo said she is not ready to get married until she gets to 35.

I am not getting married before 35, I am still young. I don’t want to think of being with someone right now.  I am gonna be with Ken as long as I am happy if happiness ends, I will leave,” Gloria Kyallo stated 

Gloria says she no longer wears a promise ring given to her by her bae Ken Warui. She says her fingers became big after she added weight.

Ken says he cannot force Gloria to marry him adding that he would compromise with her if things got to that level.

“I told her we do not have to necessarily get married. I am a cultural man and would want a ruracio and a big wedding but I think I can compromise because I know we can get lovely babies. I am very conservative and she makes me happy plus she is very happy.”

Asked what she loves about Ken, Gloria shared,

“Ken is very kind and that is the first thing I go for in guys. Intelligence is a must, if we cannot have deep conversations we can’t work. He is very humble and one thing about him is that he grounds me and that is something amazing he has in a man.”

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Hakuna time table’ Juja man living in the same house with his two wives speak out

I keep making mistakes’ Betty Kyallo on her past relationships

13 interesting things you did not know about Betty Kyallo

Madiba hints that he’s ready for baby no. 2 with Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia and her husband Blessing Lungaho have taken their first staycation after the arrival of their newborn daughter.

The mother of two decided to treat her man to a father’s day gift. Through Matubia’s YouTube channel, she shared

“He has been very helpful with the kid. We take turns in taking care of her.”

Madiba joked that he might as well create baby number 3 during the staycation.

Third born knocking, si tumekuja kwa hoteli. Why are we in a hotel then?”

Asked whether they conceived at a hotel Matubia responded,
“We conceived while in Coast.”

To which Terence Creative added,
“No wonder the baby’s name is almost similar to that of people from the Coastal region. If you are a mum and you have just gotten a baby, it’s good to sometimes leave those four walls of your house.”

People have told Matubia to let Blessing walk her down the aisle before she can give him a second child.
Matubia and Madiba made their relationship public on valentines day.

The Zora actor proposed to the love of his life on his birthday which is in April 2022. The couple is co-parenting as Matubia has a daughter from her past relationship.

Madiba also has a child from a past relationship but it’s not clear whether he lives with her or not. Taking to social media to announce the news of the birth of their child, Matubia penned,

“Good Morning ☺️Great news!!! Baby is finally here!!! We give thanks to God for a safe delivery… DR. Nyamu and the staff of @komarockmodern Thank you. This was one interesting delivery so watu wangu wa YouTube the video will be up very soon so subscribe and hit the notifications bell… Thank you, fam for your prayers. Blessed Monday!”

Matubia is now a mother of two since she has a daughter from her previous relationship.

Former Mother-in-Law actress said she learnt she was expectant at eight weeks.

“That day I wasn’t feeling well. I even thought I had contracted Covid-19,” she said.

“I had no appetite, and his cologne was irritating me. I was at a point where I never thought I could be pregnant again.”

Matubia was tested for different things, among them pregnancy.

“Between my last period and the time of conception, when I was getting pregnant, I was on family planning  an injection,” she said.

The couple was accompanied by their BFF’s Terence Creative and Milly Chebby.

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I keep making mistakes’ Betty Kyallo on her past relationships

9 unknown facts about Uhuru Kenyatta’s first son-in-law Alex Mwai

Prominent politicians and celebs who were ‘ignored’ on fathers day

‘I keep making mistakes’ Betty Kyallo on her past relationships

Media personality and reality TV star, Betty Kyallo says she will never go public with the person she is dating saying it brings with it a lot of pressure.

The mother of one says her mum has been pushing her to take some time off and go for coffee dates.

“The previous relationship was too much drama I was like I’m done!”

Betty says she has in the past made mistakes, that is why Kenyans are keen on keeping up with her relationships.

Betty Kyallo: I keep making mistakes/Past relationship was dramatic

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho. Co.Ke 

“I think with everybody you are always kinda like look for somebody who fits you and sometimes you have to like go the long road to get to know who is good for Betty.”

How would she describe her personality?

Betty says she is crazy about being in love

“I am a lover. When I am in love with you I will love love love you but when I am done you will never see me again. But at the moment when I am in love with you, I will give it my all.”

Betty says she will keep her partners private in the future.

“I think I am just gonna date on the down-low try as much as I can and sometimes it is completely not possible.” She said. Adding, 

But I think that’s one of the lessons I’ve learned because with you dating someone on the down-low you get to understand somebody without the noise of the world. “

She adds that she is not about to waste her time if the relationship is not working. This, she says is to help her protect her own peace and energy and she won’t be there forcing issues.

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13 interesting things you did not know about Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo Mothers day tribute about being pregnant

From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

9 unknown facts about Uhuru Kenyatta’s first son-in-law Alex Mwai

Alex Mwai has been trending after he officially wed Uhuru Kenyatta’s only daughter Ngina.

The couple tied the knot in a red-themed traditional wedding.

Little is known about the ceremony because the couple loves their privacy.

The news wouldn’t have leaked were it not for Dennis Itumbi.

He took to his socials to wish the couple unending blessings.

However, here are some quick facts about Uhuru’s new son-in-love.

  1. Alex is an Investment Director at Hesabu Capital Kenya.
  2. Alex worked with PowerGen Renewable Energy in the commercial development department.
  3. Alex has worked at PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC). His major focus was on valuation, due diligence, and M&A services.
  4. He co-founded Perkera Advisory, a business development, and transaction advisory for East African startups.
  5. Alex holds a BA from Durham University, UK.
  6. He also furthered his studies and got an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.
  7. Alex is the son of Sam Mwai, a renowned sports marketing guru, and manager of the Karen Country Club.
  8. Alex is in finance and marketing and is part of the team now investing in electric boda bodas and Tuk Tuks in Kenya. he is described as someone who is ” An all-rounder in Marketing and Finance.”
  9.  Alex and Ngina welcomed their first-born daughter last year.

Alex becomes the first son-in-law to resident Uhuru, and Fiona Acholla is the first daughter-in-law.

Fiona is married to Uhuru’s first-born son Jomo Kenyatta.

 Jomo and Achola got married in a beautiful traditional wedding in Gatundu 5 years ago.

The couple is blessed with two kids, with their son being named after President Uhuru.

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Meet Ngina Kenyatta’s husband (Photo)

Photos of the different times Ngina Kenyatta has wowed us with her humility

‘Hakuna time table’ Juja man living in the same house with his two wives speak out

Abraham Mwangi,35 has opened up on how he is successfully living together with his two wives in Juja.

Serah Wachira,35 is the first wife while Maureen Njeri 33 is the second wife.
The couple has 4 kids between them.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Abraham said
“Maureen and I met in 2008 and 2014.
At the time we knew each other professionally.
Sometimes Sarah would see me being called by Maureen and I would tell her to pick up the phone.
Serah knew Maureen but at the time we were just friends.”

Abraham says his relationship with Maureen blossomed after he disagreed with his first wife.

“I remember we disagreed with me and Sarah.
I would get home late sometimes I would call Maureen so that we could do coffee.
In the process, the friendship blossomed into an affair.
I found myself in a very confusing situation as Maureen was now pregnant.
That was in 2019.”

Grace says she thought Abraham and Maureen were just friends
“I thought they were friends until one day my son told me to see ‘toto.’
I saw the photo and then I started connecting the dots. That is when I found out they were lovers.
He was not home at the time, and after a few days is when I asked him about it.
He never denied it. I told him I wanted to know Maureen.”

Co-wives Maureen and Serah at their home in Juja.

Maureen says
I was afraid at first but having been friends it wasn’t hard for us. What has kept us together is that we have good communication.”

Asked if they would agree to a third wife
“We would never agree to a third wife.”
Maureen added that for her to agree to be a third wife she had to consult Serah.
Abraham says he has no schedule on how to live with his wives
“We have a five-bedroomed house so everyone has their privacy.
I also have my room.
I have no schedule, some days I come home late but I know how to balance to ensure the two are happy.
In my family, no one has two wives.”

Serah is an interior designer, and Abraham is a computer engineer who doubles up as a data specialist.
Maureen works with Abraham in his companies.

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Corazon Kwamboka tells off Kenyan who told her that second wives don’t last

Amber Ray excitedly dances to Zuchu’s unapologetic song about second wives

Why do men neglect their first families after marrying second wives?

Meet Ngina Kenyatta’s husband (Photo)

Over the weekend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s only daughter Ngina wedded the love of her life Alex Mwai in a colourful traditional wedding ceremony.

The news was broken by Dennis Itumbi on his socials.

He congratulated the couple on their union adding that he wishes them nothing but blessings.

Ngina Kenyatta, Congratulations on your Traditional Wedding.”


“May God fill your journey with blessings solidify your union with renewed love and importantly grant you a great family.”

Ngina is alleged to have welcomed her first child in 2021.
This can however not be proven as no photos have ever leaked regarding the same.

The news of Ngina giving birth was kept hushed until the last minute.

Like her siblings, Ngina lives her life away from social media to the disappointment of many.

A source told Mpasho that the theme of the wedding was red.

“The bride looked stunning in her outfit and her bridal party was dressed in red. The event was fabulous and everyone was dressed up and ready to celebrate the newest married couple in town.”

Alex is an Investment Director at Hesabu and previously worked with Ken Gen company. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Dedham University in the UK and ABF from IEB school in Real Madrid.

Alex Mwai, the businessman married to President Uhuru’s daughter Ngina
Uhuru Kenyatta’s son-in-law Alex Mwai
Alex Mwai, Ngina Kenyatta’s husband

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Stay Strong King! Rapper declares undying love for Ngina Kenyatta

Photos of the different times Ngina Kenyatta has wowed us with her humility

Exposed: Why Ngina Kenyatta is NOT and will NEVER be a slay queen

Prominent politicians and celebs who were ‘ignored’ on fathers day

As the world celebrated fathers day, some celebrities were left licking their wounds after their baby mamas snubbed them.
Some of these celebrities have more than one baby mama but none of them cared to wish them anything.
These are
Diamond Platnumz
The Tanzanian star has three baby mamas namely Zari Hassan (2kids) Hamisa Mobetto (1 kid) and Tanasha Donna (1 kid).
None of these women bothered to celebrate their baby daddy on fathers day.
Oga Obinna
The celebrated radio host was among celebs whose baby mamas didn’t go all out on social media to celebrate them.
The radio host cum singer has three baby mamas.
Jamal Roho Safi
The flamboyant Somali businessman was ignored by his first wife Amira.
It would be understandable given how he has publicly embarrassed her in the past.
Amber Ray
Amber Ray also ignored her baby daddy on father’s day.
Even though she has never introduced him to the public, she did not give a damn about celebrating him.
William Ruto
Yes, you read that right, Deputy President William Ruto was among politicians who were not publicly celebrated on fathers day.
Politicians such as Ngirici, Kate Waruguru, and Idah Odinga celebrated their spouses on fathers Day.
We can’t blame her maybe she was busy or she just forgot.
Uhuru Kenyatta
Like most Kenyan men, President Uhuru Kenyatta was also not wished the a public happy father’s day.
The father of three is married to Margaret Kenyatta.
He like many others was celebrated by word of mouth or via text.

Nick Mutuma

Celebrated actor Nick Mutuma was also among celebs whose baby mama’s did not publicly celebrate them on father’s day. Nick has a daughter with actress Bridgit Shighadi.

Omosh Kizangila

Tahidi High actor Omosh also learned the hard way that father’s day messages from your baby mama can be like expecting to get milk from an elephant.

So in case you were not wished a happy fathers day just remember you are not alone.
And that doesn’t make you a bad human being, or maybe you are.

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Politician Wangui Ngirici’s husband poses inside luxurious Mercedes s600

Politician Bonny Khalwale roasted over fathers day picture

Happy Fathers day to these first time dads

‘He abandoned me at the hospital after I delivered a disabled kid’ Maina Kageni told

Kenyan women have opened up about why they ignored their baby daddies on father’s day.

Speaking to Maina Kageni , some said their baby daddies abandoned them at a critical time in their life.

*Carol says she did not wish her dad nor her baby daddy a happy fathers day

“I never wished my dad a happy father’s day because he was not present.

I had to be the one to look for him because I use his name.

So how do you go wishing someone who doesn’t give a damn about you a happy day?”

Did she celebrate her baby daddy?

“I did not, why should I?

When you force things you feel like you have not moved on. 

Why are people who got pissed because of not being wished a happy fathers day?

If you are useless you should do something to rectify that.”

*Shiro says she was abandoned at the hospital

“My baby daddy left me in the hospital because I delivered a disabled child.

He told me there are no disabled people in his family. My son is 18 years now and is in form 4.

He was born with one leg, so why should I wish such a man a happy fathers day?

Below are some more comments

Lovely Lorna: I celebrated my daughter’s stepfather because he has been here our baby girl loves him and knows only him…he will always be our dad.

Sam Gitau: Some ladies are wishing happy father’s days to themselves coz they are single mums..a woman cant play the role of a man paying bills does not make you a father.

Murithi Swalee: These ladies never get satisfied if you providing for the kid they complain you are not available if your available and providing they complain you are a threat to the husband so let ladies complain we are used to that these days.

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Politician Bonny Khalwale roasted over fathers day picture

Happy Fathers day to these first time dads

Politician Wangui Ngirici’s husband poses inside luxurious Mercedes s600

‘I talk to Diamond all the time’ Zari shuts critics over Kenya trip

Zari was in Kenya recently and word on the street was that she did not meet up with Diamond Platnumz who was also in the +254.

In an interview with the Tanzania media station, Zari now says she does not have to broadcast her meeting with Diamond.

“Because we are already a close-knit family, and I always talk to Diamond, the whole time, we talk about our children, we talk about other things how we are doing na vitu kama hivo.

So it’s not a must if I have spoken or met Diamond in Kenya that I must put it on social media. Oh, I have met Diamond! I am not a fan to tell the media I have met Diamond. I am the mother of his children, not a fan”

Sources told that the two ex-lovers were in the city for business and to shoot an episode of the ‘Young, Famous and African’ reality show.

On that Wednesday, Zari said her visit was business-related.
“I’m also supposed to be working with the governor’s (Mike Sonko’s) wife, and we are supposed to visit children’s homes.
Me coming to Kenya and not tapping into that would not be a Zari visit. I love the Kenyan food, that’s ugali, nyama choma and sukuma wiki.”

The Ugandan-born socialite is currently in Tanzania again to distribute sanitary towels to girls.
While visiting Kenya, Diamond took some time off to hang out with his son Tanasha Donna.
Tanasha was outside the country on business.

On the first day, she spoke to the assembled media who eagerly waited with bated breath for her to oblige them, something she did with the likes of Mungai Eve.

Unfortunately, that attitude wouldn’t last for the length of her trip as the last two days she kept on postponing interviews with other media houses until she finally declined.

A Mpasho writer was invited to interview her on Thursday evening at Runda only to be locked outside for five hours.

“Who invited you here? You have to wait for they are still shooting,” a security guard said.

The shoot took longer and at around 8.15 pm, her manager Galston through a phone interview said Zari was too tired to do an interview.

“I have been informed about you guys and assured you are good people. Unfortunately, she is tired and needs to go and refresh for another gig tonight,” he said, promising an interview on Friday.

Zari Hassan

“Please make time tomorrow at 12:30 pm, she will do an interview with you.”

Zari was back at Runda Mumwe on Friday, with journalists waiting to interview her. She just peeped from the door and continued with her shooting.

Her manager sent a message saying he would update her on what time she could be interviewed.

“I will update as we go.”

Aware that journalists were waiting to interview her, Zari was cautious that no ‘stranger’ took any photo of her.

Before stepping out, she ensured that nobody was holding a phone and her manager walked hand in hand with her.

The shoot continued up to around 5 pm, with no communication from her manager.

After follow-ups, Galston said she had refused to do an interview as there were other businesses she was doing.

“I am sorry but she has said no.”

But why didn’t she do the interview? According to sources who spoke to Mpasho, the mother of 5 refused to do an interview after a story about her new and much much younger bae (the word used was ‘toyboy’) was done by a Kenyan blog.

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Zari’s baby daddy Diamond ready to have more kids

Zari forced to refund Sh200k to tour company on Kenyan trip

Zari angry at fraudster haunting her life

Eric Omondi accuses Nicola Traldi of beating up his ex Chantal, he responds

Eric Omondi took to his social media to share a video of a badly beaten Chantal Grazioli. Eric alleges his ex was beaten up by her boyfriend Nicola Traldi.

In the video, he is seen supporting his ex as she walks down the stairs.

“Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a COWARD!!! Nicola Traldi is a Coward. He is Weak and Insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he PROTECTS a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. 

This is UNACCEPTABLE and he will face the Full WRATH of the LAW!!! He will serve as an example to all those UNCOUTH, UNCIVILIZED, and PRIMITIVE men who physically assault women to feel they are STRONG!!! @miss.chanty”

See the video below

Reacting to Eric Omondi’s video, Nicola stated,

“I never did such a thing.”

He further went to defend himself on his Insta stories saying he would never beat a woman. Adding that he is a father of two girls.

He also stated that his mother brought him well enough to know a woman is not supposed to be beaten.

Nicola Traldi denies beating Chantal
Nicola Traldi denies beating up Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend Chantal
Nicola Traldi accused of domestic violence

Contacted by Mpasho, Nicola acted shocked and clueless about what he was being accused of.

The two started dating after Chantal and Eric Omondi broke up.

Eric and Chantal had dated for years and broke up mutually.

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Most women are getting into marriage because of loneliness’ – Size 8

‘I have packed and left my marriage countless times,’ – Diana Marua

Simon Kabu admitted at a local hospital

‘You are amazing,’ Zari Hassan thanks Kenyan artist for gifting him with her late mother’s portrait

Zari Hassan has thanked a Kenyan creative for gifting her with a drawing of her late mum during her visit to Kenya.

She says at first she was skeptical about the surprise but when she saw the gift she couldn’t control her emotions.

“As we walked out of the hotel in Nairobi someone mentioned there is someone to surprise me.

Very skeptical I’m not that kind of a person who loves surprises but I was like ok.

 Looking like a kid expecting candy or flowers, @jonewa__ slowly and carefully opened a frame that seemed like a portrait, well it was. 

It was my mother’s portrait😢”

Zari says having lost her mum the painting came as a very kind gesture.

“I lost it, was so touched, so many emotions ran, I couldn’t help it. 

I cried. Thank you for touching my life differently, you are amazing.”

The mother of five revealed that she was also gifted a portrait painting of her son with a Diamond by another artiste.

Not forgetting the artist who handed me my son @princenillan portrait in the club. 

I love you back…Nee calls it his ‘favorite photo of all time’. Thank you, we appreciate you😊 🤝

📸 @focus_eye_event.”

Zari Hassan overcome by emotions after being gifted her late mother’s potrait

Zari’s mother passed away in 2017 while undergoing treatment at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala Uganda.

Mrs. Halima Hassan was hospitalized after she suffered a heart attack and after spending a few days in hospital, she returned home. 

She was re-admitted at Nakasero where she died.

Zari and her siblings spent the better part of the week camping at the hospital hoping that their loved one would return back home but that was not bound to happen.

The mother of five took to social media to share the sad news with her followers and she wrote;

“It’s with deep sorrow that my family and I announce the death of our lovely mother who passed on this morning. May her soul rest in peace, May Allah forgive you your sins and grant you Jana.

You will forever be loved our Old Sun, us as your kids were given the best from God as our mother. We appreciate all you did for us. We will forever cherish you Mama.

Sleep well. “

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Madiba and Jackie Matubia learned of their daughter’s gender during delivery

I will be in the delivery room during the birth of my child,’ – Maina Kageni

Madiba and Jackie Matubia learned of their daughter’s gender during delivery

Blessing Lungaho alias Madiba says being among the newest dads in town is something he wouldn’t exchange for anything.

Speaking during an interview with People Daily, the father of two shared,

“I feel simply amazing I was hoping for the baby to be a girl from the jump. We did not know her gender until she arrived in the world.

In a past interview, Madiba had said she had deliberately asked his bae Matubia not to reveal the baby’s gender.

The couple wanted it to be a surprise.

The actor has a child from a previous relationship and is also parenting Matubia’s daughter from her first marriage.

Matubia had earlier revealed she got pregnant despite being on contraceptives.

Jackie Matubia

She says the news caught her by surprise hence she did not know whether to be happy or sad about it.

She only found out she was expectant after she slid and fell during a night out with her friends.

She assumed she did not get hurt after the fall but she was hurt. Sharing her story via her YouTube channel the actress said,

I knew I was pregnant at 8 weeks. There is an event I went to and we partied hard. I went backstage and missed a step and fell. When I went to my friends I told them about it and we even laughed about it.”

Matubia did not know at the time that she was expectant. She only learned that a few days later.

The next day my left side butt cheek had a swelling. That day I just stayed indoors. The next day I wasn’t feeling well, I even thought I had covid. I had no appetite, and his cologne was irritating me. I was at a point where I never thought I could be pregnant again.”

Matubia says when she got to the hospital she was given different tests while waiting for the results.

“Between my last period and the time of conception, when I was getting pregnant I was on family planning (an injection)

The doctor told me I was 8 weeks pregnant, I froze when the doctor told me that. I did not know whether to laugh, cry or shout. Zahri’s (1st born) was something I had planned for. In This second pregnancy, I wasn’t ready because our relationship was just in the ‘honeymoon’ period.”

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Madiba explains his reaction to Jackie Matubia’s pregnancy despite her using birth control

I laboured for less than 5 minutes’ -Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia-I got pregnant despite being on contraceptives

13 interesting things you did not know about Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been causing ripples in the entertainment industry thanks to her business acumen.

Truth be told, the girl is a hustler.

Most people know her thanks to her past relationship with Dennis Okari.

Below are things you did not know about her

  1. She is 33 years old, having been born on 15 March 1989.
  2. She is half Luhya – Half Kamba. Betty Kyallo’s mum is Kamba while
  3. Betty Kyallo is a Daystar University alumnus. 
  4. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.
  5. She is the second born in a family of four. she has two sisters (Mercy Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo) and one brother (Brian Kyallo).
  6. She attended Olerai Primary School and Uhuru Gardens primary school.
  7.  Betty attended Kangundo Girls High School.
  8. She is a divorcee, she was married to Dennis Okari in 2015. The couple got divorced in 2016.
  9. Kyallo is a mother of one, a daughter named Ivanna Okari.
  10. She has a reality TV show dubbed ‘Kyallo Kulture.’
  11. She is the owner of the salon Flair by Betty and a barber shop known as ‘After Shave by Flair.’.
  12. Betty is the ex-girlfriend of city lawyer Nick Ndeda.
  13. She grew up in Kajiado. 

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I have packed and left my marriage countless times,’ – Diana Marua

Maina Kageni shocked after man brings a side chick to his pregnant wife’s house

‘I will be in the delivery room during the birth of my child,’ – Maina Kageni

Radio King Maina Kageni has revealed he would love to be present in the delivery room when his kid is being born.

According to Maina watching a woman bring life into this world is something worth witnessing.

I would be in the delivery room. You are watching the creation of life and that is an amazing thing.

It’s a special moment how can you not want to be there?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i was however not impressed, he insisted the men should stay away from delivery rooms.

“Maybe I am the one who is afraid. There is something about me and hospitals. I do not even love how hospitals smell.”

In an interview with Mpasho, Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo who is a certified nurse warned men against being in the delivery room.

According to him, the trauma some men go through is not worth it.

Men should stay outside the door and let their sister, your mum, your mum-in-law be there,” he said.

Mike said men are no use to their wives while in the delivery room.

“In most cases, they will end up being stressed out after the experience,” he said.

Some male callers shared their experience in the delivery room

*Mike says he was present during the birth of all his kids

That moment of me being there for the birth of my kids was beautiful.

I even lifted my kids and gave them my blessings.”

Some women were not pleased about their men being present during the delivery.

Liz Wanja shared,  “Sasa on today’s topic, My husband wanted to be in the delivery room when I was giving birth to our first born ati moral support kosokoso.ile mbio nilimtoa nayo kwa delivery room anaikumbuka hadi leo.

But he loved chewing it when I was pregos. ilukuwa moto fire.”

*Nelly says a man being in the delivery room doesn;t make the experience less painful.

“Men should not be in the delivery room. Childbirth is traumatizing! Hapo inakuwanga wewe, Mungu na muscles zako.” 

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Stanbic Bank partners with Radio Africa Group to host Yetu Festival

Kenyans will on July 30, 2022, be treated to a fun-filled weekend at Stanbic Yetu Festival.
The event will be held at Carnivore Grounds.

The lead artist will be American singer and songwriter Anthony Hamilton. Other artists to perform include Otile Brown and Motown in Nairobi Ensemble.

Speaking during the unveiling of the sponsorship Somoina Kimojino who is Radio Africa’s events manager shared,
“It’s such an honour that we are here. This partnership started a year ago, The conversation started earlier.
Charles (Stanbic Bank CEO) has had a passion for music and when he came to Kenya he wanted to do something to support the industry.”

Adding, “Covid happened and we had a conversation on how we can support the industry without going out.
We came up with Yetu Concert. The event is about supporting Kenyan artists.
The show has 10 Kenyan artistes lined up.

Today we are announcing the partnership of Stanbic in regards to the Stanbic Yetu Festival.
DJ Pinye and DJ Stylez will be among those on the decks.”
Said Somoina.

Speaking about why Stanbic Bank decided to sponsor the event, the bank’s CEO Charles Mudiwa said the event is all about having fun and promoting Kenyan music.

“As Stanbic Bank, we believe in music and culture. Standard Bank also supports Jazz Festival in South Africa. We also support young Jazz artists, supporting the arts goes beyond Jazz music.

Music is something that unites Africans, we do music when happy when we cry, and every moment is a musical moment.

He noted, “Our whole lives revolve around music. At Stanbic Bank, we cannot say we are truly Kenyan unless we support music around us. Bringing an international artist to aspire more, to learn, and to grow.”

The tickets are in three categories mainly
Regular Tickets-8,000
Couples tickets- 14,000
VIP tickets – 15000

Tickets are available on www or at any Stanbic Bank branches. The event is sponsored by Radio Africa Group in conjunction with Stanbic Bank.

Anthony Hamilton will be performing at Stanbic Yetu Festivals


‘My loudness almost broke my marriage to DJ Mo’ – Size 8

Maina Kageni shocked after man brings a side chick to his pregnant wife’s house

I talked to my mum an hour before her death,’- Diana Marua reveals

‘I have packed and left my marriage countless times,’ – Diana Marua

Ever walked out of a relationship? Diana Marua has revealed she has walked out of her marriage severally.

The mother of two says growing up with an abusive father made her grow up to be an angry child who thought things could only be done her way.

Speaking on her YouTube channel where she was hosting her sister Michelle Ngoje, Diana shared

“The first two years were very tough.

I used to pick up my bags and leave any time we disagreed.

Mark you Bahati is not the violent type.

I used to snap very easily, I would pick anything I saw and hit you.

But that was because that was what I saw growing up.”

Diana says her marriage is still intact because her husband has been patient and understanding with her.

“I was like ‘I am me and that is final’. I thank God I got a patient husband who would cool off before we solved our issues.

I am telling you that there are so many things that go on in these houses.”

Her advice to her fans

“Nothing is permanent.

For now, you might not have the means to leave a toxic relationship but the best thing you can do is to wait on God.”

Even though their marriage has not been perfect Diana is adored by Bahati.

Mathare North aspiring MP Bahati and his wife Diana Bahati

That has been proven by the countless times she has been showered with expensive gifts among them high-end cars and most recently a house.

Bahati presented Diana’s dream car in a surprise reveal at the Windsor Golf Club. 

The artiste said the gift was just his way of appreciating his wife and the role she has played in his life.

“I wanted to show that I appreciate you for a good job, you’re almost at 700,000 subscribers, you have come into the music industry and have outdone yourself…you are on the right path…the day that people will stop talking about you, just know that you’re dead brand-wise…” 

He then presented her with the posh machine.

“A brand new Prado Toyota TX gift for mama watoto, @Diana_Marua, nimpee hizi gift mbili zimebaki ama nitulieeee?” wrote Bahati on his Instagram page.

He continued, “And that’s how you surprise a queen. Babe, I hope you have loved your third gift, enjoy

The 6-bedroomed house gifted to Diana boasts of a gazebo, an in-house chef, a walk-in closet, and a dressing table.

It also has a huge bathroom that is fitted with a bathtub (and can also double up as a jacuzzi).

It also has a bedroom balcony, a TV room among other things.

The house sits on a 50 by 100 plot of land with a total floor area of 340 square meters.

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‘My loudness almost broke my marriage to DJ Mo’ – Size 8

Size 8 known for her loud nature chose to be submissive to her husband, DJ Mo, to save her marriage.

The outspoken gospel artiste who rose to fame for singing secular songs such as ‘Shamba Boy’ and ‘Moto’ says he did not know the meaning of calming down.

Speaking to YouTuber Priscilla Ndanu on the segment PourItout, Size 8, admitted how she almost failed her marriage by being loud and aggressive.

She defended herself saying that’s how she thought she would counter her man’s ego.

“When I started in marriage I was an AK 47. I was worded If you gave me one bad word I would give back 100.
I used to think that that is fighting that that is how I fight and God told me how to fight in quietness”

Size 8 sought God to find out what she could do differently. She wasn’t happy with the words of God about changing herself.

“I used to fight in my prayer room in my secret place and God told me how you behave will change them, will draw them to God, and God told me I’m not gonna work on your husband, I’m gonna work on you.
I was so offended, I was like ‘no’. God told me to allow him to work on me and through that, the whole house would come to order.”

DJ Mo admires Size 8

Changing meant being a quiet and graceful woman in marriage.

So I learned that submission is not weakness and that a gentle and a quiet spirit when my husband anaruka juu .
You know how men sometimes have their ego but God told me to do my part while he dealt with him (husband).

Explaining further about submitting to a husband Size 8 explained

“As a woman, your identity is in God, Christ, and you have the power you have authority in Christ and when God now tells you to submit to your husband you don’t feel small.

You don’t feel less because you know who you are in Christ so just submitting does not make you feel anything less”

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