These habits can portray you as a mean person

Treat others the way you want to be treated is a saying that’s always been hammered into our heads by our parents, friends and colleagues.

But how many of us really pay attention?

These are some habits or behavior you have that show others you are mean;

Tokeo la picha la mean person

Body language

Some people tend to respond by body movements instead of talking back to whatever you asked or said to them. It includes either nodding or even raising eyebrows.

Silent most of the time

You can spend almost a whole day with someone yet they remain silent all through. This shows that the person is not comfortable or does not like your company.

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Being impatient

People who are never patient at any situation are known to be so mean. They want to be favored more than the other people around them .

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Being too content

This involves not caring how other people feel about what you say or do. Your actions matter. Mean people normally say whatever they want in any manner and anywhere. They care about themselves and not any other person.

Not showing interest at all

When you do not make eye contact when communicating, chances are that you have no interest at all. When being addressed, it is important to have eye contact as it shows you are listening and care about what is being said to you.

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Not being keen or attentive

It really annoys and irritates when you address someone or people who are not attentive. When this happens, then it means that whoever you are addressing is not interested in whatever you are trying to pass. This shows that you don’t take note of what other people think or say to you.

Tokeo la picha la not being attentive when talked to


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‘You pray and slay’ Things you didn’t know about Rev. Lucy Natasha

Reverend Lucy Natasha is one of Kenya’s hottest female pastors.

The way she delivers her sermons has caught our attention.

She explains how different it is from other preachers

. ‘I hold my sermons on Monday morning because this is not a church but a ministry.’ she explains.

Tokeo la picha la rev lucy

Other things you didn’t know include;

Her physical appearance

She takes care of her appearance, and has a make-up artist everyday.

‘I always tell people that you have to pray and slay.’ 

She is a fitness enthusiast

She hits the gym 4 times a week and has one cheat day. She gets her motivation from her brother and her personal trainer to keep working out. ‘I do workout because of the fatigue I get from travelling a lot. Breathing also takes too much energy,’ she says.

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She wanted to be teacher when she was young

That was the career she always wanted to pursue. Her dreams changed when she noticed she could spread the gospel which she started at the age of 9. However her great challenge was that she was also a stammerer. ‘ I was a stammerer when I was young but my mother was a great motivation to me. I am happy today because I am a product of my mother’s hard work.’

Picha inayohusiana

‘If you help a man grow he will eventually leave you,’ women declare

Lucy Natasha hates cooking

She says that her sister and brother took all the cooking skills. The meal that she hates to prepare most is chapatis.

She wishes to have a family with two kids

She however disclosed that she has not yet found the kind of man she wants to date. ‘ I want a man who is God fearing and also the attraction chemistry should also be perfect.”You pray and slay’ Things you din’t know about Rev. Natasha

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The reverend was raised up in the Mathare slums in a family of three. All of her family members are servants of God expect for her father who is not like them. She also has one brother whom she works with at her ministry.

Picha inayohusiana

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Here is the way forward if you’re struggling to control your emotions

Expressing your emotions in a more peaceful and calm way has been a challenge to many people. At times, the way we react in regard to how we feel can affect the people around. Therefore it is important to have the best way in expressing our feelings and solving our problems.


Tokeo la picha la emotions

They include;

Maintaining silence

Sometimes being quiet is the best way of solving a problem with someone. Rather than blurt out words that hurt people, somethings are better left unsaid in some situations.


Get a book and go sit in a corner. Reading according to some experts helps you express emotions especially when you are so stressed up.

‘Keep my name off childishness’ – Doreen Majala tells Ringtone

Thinking positively

Be positive even when facing the worst challenges in life. This will help you to overcome any tough situation that you face when you know something positive is going to come out of it.

Always be sorry/apologize

When you have a problem with someone and you are at the point of fighting, always apologize. This is the easiest way of solving a problem in a more peaceful manner, plus it will help you keep good relations with people.

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Walk away

always leave when anger threatens to take over. This helps you calm down away from the person. It is better to solve an issue when calm as it will help you to avoid cases of fighting when angry.

Sharing with someone

Sometimes opening up and confessing your tribulations with other people will prevent you from being depressed. This is the best way of expressing every bitter feeling you have and in turn you can get some advice or solution to whatever predicament you are facing.

Tokeo la picha la sharing a problem

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Drink something

When you are angered and feel like screaming or shouting out loud you can always sip something. This will help you to calm down and reverse whatever you wanted to say which could affect your audience.


Sometimes the emotions you have can be as a result of being worked out or tiredness. This requires that you do some exercises and your muscles and mind gets to relax.

Tokeo la picha la workout

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Habits you should avoid when going to a club

When you gong to a club there are some habits that you should avoid to have a good time. They include;

Tokeo la picha la club

Mixing drinks

Mixing drinks can really put your liver at risk. It can lead to vomiting as it may tamper with your digestion system. It is advisable to take such drinks in dilute form with either water or a soft drink.

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Leaving your items unattended

You should be careful with your items especially your phone and cash. Not everyone goes to the club with good intentions. Other go with intentions of stealing from the drunk people, so more reason you should be careful.

Wearing high heels

If you love dancing, wear comfortable shoes. Six inch heels are cute to look at, but you won’t be able to dance.You could even fall and break your ankles if drunk.

Picha inayohusiana

Taking stranger’s drinks

Taking someone’s drink that you don’t know is to dangerous. Someone can either poison you or even drug you so as they can harm you or even steal from you.

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Taking too much alcohol

We are constantly told that too much consumption of alcohol is harmful to ones health. When in the club, it’s important to limit how much you drink, plus also know the limits because of your health and your security too. If you get too drunk chances are that you may black out and in the process people can take advantage of you.

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What the curious facts your appearance says about you

Sometimes well almost always, your appearance can portray the kind of person you are.

These are some of the features that can describe the kind of person you can be;

Tokeo la picha la appearance


When one has wrinkles on their face it can be due to many reasons. One is a sign of aging, it can also be due to stress from anger.

Tokeo la picha la wrinkles

Prominent cheekbones

A study conducted by scientists at the University of London show that men with a high level of testosterone have broad faces and thick cheekbones. The level of this hormone has a direct connection with dominance and aggressiveness. One look at your cheekbones can make one know the level of your hormones according to that research.

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The face shape 
Scientists have proven the connection between face shapes and dominance. The ratio of the distance between your ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and  your upper lip can tell the chances of your success.

A shot tells your profession

One shot of you can give a clear definition of the kind of person you are. Someone can tell the kind of profession you are taking from the way you are dressed or conduct yourself.

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The selfie positions also have a deeper meaning other than that of attraction. One of them is about gender. Women turn their heads to the right showing their left cheek and men vice versa when taking selfies.

Tokeo la picha la selfie


This especially to psychologists is used as a tactic of reading someones mind and behavior. For instance someone can look deep into your eyes and tell whether you are lying or telling the truth. The eyes can also say whether you are using drugs. Especially if they are red in color and it’s not a healthy problem.

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‘Never lose appetite over a breakup,’ Captain Kale advises Kenyans

Break ups are bound to happen in every relationship but how to move on after that is the challenge most people grapple with. To cry or not to cry?

Well, self-proclaimed Dr Love and Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale thinks that crying over a break up is wastage of time.

Never lose appetite because of a heart break, never stop eating because someone has dumped you. Yes, I know you feel so bad at such a moment, yes that I know but you know what?

You will need that energy to walk away. In fact, when you get dumped, take care of yourself even more since that is the time you need yourself the most. Wrong decisions are often made when someone is hurting.

‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises


‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale

Kale goes on to advise that it is important to remain focused after a break up after all other relationships will come.

When someone walks away out of your life, try so much to remain focused, it might be hard, but be the captain of your own happiness and define who you are even better.

Remember, there was a time when that person was not in your life and you were living, so do not let your life come to a stand still because they left.

Treat it as a passing glance, a lesson learned and a season lived.

Black woman crying

In conclusion, Kale says

Also, you need to know, some people who walked away out of your life, should have literally run on their way out of your life since they were just there to block your blessings.
Take it positively.

Crazy as it may sound Captain Kale is very correct mambo ya kujiua juu ya mapenzi tuache, please.

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‘A woman who beats her husband is cursed,’ Shouts Gloria Muliro’s ex

Pastor Eric Omba – Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband – has advised that women who beat their husbands should make an effort to drop such habits.

Unlike back in the day, it has emerged that women nowadays met out physical and emotional violence and abuse on their husbands, something Omba says the bible is against.

Taking to his social media platform to advise Kenyans Omba said,

Ladies Be Warned: Any Woman who beats her Husband will go straight go to hell. this is because a man is the iImage of God and a woman is just one part ,a rib that God has taken from a man.

A man is the head of the family and symbols of God in the family and a protector and the blessings come through him.

Gloria Muliro and her ex husband Eric Omba on their wedding day
Gloria Muliro and her ex husband Eric Omba on their wedding day

‘Stop investigating your men,’ Mwalimu King’ang’i advises women

Omba further pens,

But if a woman beats her husband it doesn’t matter what the husband has done, that woman is cursed and she will never enter into the kingdom of Heaven if she doesn’t repent and receive Jesus Christ.

He goes on to advise that if by any chance you are in an abusive marriage the best thing is to report it to church elders or the police if need be.

If you have problem or misunderstanding with your husband take your issue to church, to his parents or to the police but never punish your own husband.

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‘I keep my girlfriend away from social media to protect her,’ Confesses Moji

Gospel artiste Moji Short Baba has revealed that he is planning on getting married soon.

He revealed that he has been in a serious relationship despite hiding his bae.

Moji confessed that despite keeping his better half away from the limelight he is happy.

I will get married soon. She is not known by the public and I also do not want her to be known.

All people should know is that I am in a relationship. I am not keeping her away from the limelight because I am afraid she will be snatched from me.

Moji Short Baba
Moji Short Baba

I am doing so because I am trying to protect her and myself.

I have learnt from my friends that sometimes people close to you can be used as a target when things go wrong.

He adds,

True love waits and I am waiting.

Asked on whether he has ever been trolled Moji said,

As an artiste there are moments when  you are trolled. When Kelele Takatifu broke up and I was trolled because people automatically assumed that I was the reason for the break up.

By virtue of me being outspoken people made their own assumptions.I however told myself that with time people would come to understand where I was coming from.

There are people who can never understand no matter what you tell them. I use the feedback from my fans as my motivation.


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‘Losing mom before I could take care of her was painful,’ Moji Short Baba

Gospel artiste James Muhia alias Moji Short Baba has opened up on the struggles he has gone through growing up among them being born to an underage mum.

Moji who was speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105 said,

My mum delivered me when she was only 16 years old .We were living in Mai Mahiu, Narok and thankfully my grandparents did not chase her away.

My grand mother had 8 kids so when my mum bore me my grandma took me in as her 9th child.

‘Happy birthday my darling,’ Tina Kaggia gushes over Maina Kageni

Moji Short Baba
Moji Short Baba

Moji adds,

At some point the house we were living in was swept away by water. Then, on a different occasion there was an earthquake and it cracked so we had to shift and come to Nairobi.

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Moji adds that losing his mum before he was able to spoil her with his hard earned money was something that was heartwrenching.

Losing my mum was hard because I have two siblings. Her dying before I could take care of her was very painful. It was hard.

The burden was very heavy so I asked God to help get the load off me. 

Because if you try to think deep into some of these things (death) you can end up doing bad things.

Further more, I knew I had to be strong for my siblings.

Moji is known for his signature beard and pint-sized stature. He explained how he got the street moniker Moji Short Baba.

Growing up, one of the main things was that I was ridiculed for my height.

I actually grew a beard in high school and I was sent home so many times so that I could shave given that I was in a mixed school.

I decided to pick all those things together with my real name James Muhia and created the name.

Asked why he parted with Kelele Takatifu he says,

We came together in high school, after that we grew up and we started doing things differently.

As christian we decided to just go our separate ways. We keep in touch because we never parted in bad faith.

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Read Khaligraph’s savage response to fan who criticized his parenting skill

A Kenyan man was left licking his wounds after he criticized Khaligraph Jones over his parenting skills.

Jones welcomed his first child weeks ago with bae Georgina Muteti.

The fan was doing what he thought best, little did he know itakua ni mazishi.

Jones shared the video below with his daughter. His fans were quick to correct him on his cradling skills.

I did not rape her or sleep with her! DK Kwenye Beat speaks of scandal

One fan wrote,

Nutritionally this is unacceptable.

To which Khaligraph promptly responded



Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones


‘I don’t like being put in a box’ former Machachari actor Ian Nene

Below are more reactions to the post.

OG congratulations. Though chunga usimess eardrums za Mjunior juu ya excitement. She still can’t handle that pressure

Another fan adds

By the way, you have the best parenting skills ever you guys. Unajua mtoi ukimzoesha loud music at a very early age like this, hatakuwa na stress na sijui kulala ama kusumbua akiskia the slighest noise.

You are on the right track, uwachwe kabisaaaa

Another Instagram ‘parent’ added,

Lakini si unapigia mtoto kelele

From Khaligraph’s response it is obvious that peoples should learn to mind their own business.

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‘Its tough out there,’ Janet Mbugua’s husband addresses break up rumors

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu has finally addressed the delicate topic of whether they are still a couple. Word on the street is that they have broken up.

Janet, unlike other celebrities, loves keeping a low profile.

Recently, Eddie Ndichu was celebrating his mothers birthday as she turned 60 and it is then that a concerned friend inquired if the two are still an item.

‘Happy birthday my darling,’ Tina Kaggia gushes over Maina Kageni

janet mbugua

‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

The friend asks,

Eddie, bloggers wanasema mmeachana na Janet Mbugua,Oh God how I wish it’s a lie juu nawapenda sana.

To which Eddie responds,

Wanatafuta maclicks mbaya ni kunoma streets….hakuna jobs….nawapenda bado

The friends further adds,

Oh thank you sijui ningefanyaje. God bless your family.

Below are screenshots of the entire conversation.


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52  WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52 (2)

‘It had been years of pain’ Janet Mbugua speaks on battling endometriosis

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52 (3)


As if to emphasize that they are still a couple Eddie went on to share a photo of him and Janet showing off their newly acquired watches and the responses are hilarious.

#Retro type of weekend! Thank you @retrocasio_kefor the delivery! Brilliant pieces!

Below are some of the comments

julietwairimu:Heheee wadaku mtaambia watu nini ….God bless your marriage❤️❤️

just_ngigi:Kamati ya roho chafu watasema nini sasa? Napenda hii couple hadi naumwa😍😍❤❤❤

robimasero:A family that Casio’s together stays together 😍😍….#Casio #Timex

moreentsav:Vile naona kamati ya Roho chafu wakikimbia kwa the other twin wahakikishe udaku😂😂😂Hapa it’s confirmed Mambo Ni shwariiii….kule kwingine vipi?

leahnaimo:May God bless you both

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Aaaw: See Harmonize’s message to Maina Kageni on his 47th birthday

As Maina Kageni celebrates his 47th birthday today, Tanzanian artiste Harmonize took the chance to personally dedicate a song to Maina on his big day.

As you might know by now Maina and Harmonize are bff’s and it is not a shock that the man famously known as ‘Konde Boy’ by his fans would give such a touching gesture.

In the video shared on Maina’s social media page, Harmonize said,

I just wanna say happy birthday my brother Maina Kageni,I love you and I wish you more luck more life and more blessings.

Maina who was obviously touched by the gesture responded thanking Harmonize for his touching message in the caption below.

Thanks @harmonize_tz…. God bless you and your incredible talent always!!!!!

Jeff Koinange also gifted Maina with a bottle of Moet, after all, what is a birthday without some drinks?

Other celebrities who took the chance to celebrate Maina include Janet Mbugua and here are their messages.

willisraburu: Happy birthday @mainawakageni 🎉🎉🎉

officialjanetmbugua: @mainawakageni Happy birthday Maina!!

gicherefissh: Happy birthday kijani short yenye sauti ya simba na kicheko infectious😘😘😘… May God bless you with many more health yrs to keep rocking with that voice🔥🔥🔥. Hapo kwa Tz mpaka unaekelea kichwa tutaongelelea Nyuma ya tent please.

eric_one_wash: happy birthday

luingure: Happy birthday at the senior-most bachelor. …..may you never get a wife

talliaoyando: Happy birthday sweetie ❤️

joyceomondi: Happy Birthday, @mainawakageni!

nanawanjikugecaga: Happy birthday my friend ❤️❤️❤️

deejaykalonje: Happy birthday bro. Happy Birthday to my favourite celebrity!


‘Happy birthday my darling,’ Tina Kaggia gushes over Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is turning a year older today and among those who have penned him birthday messages is Tina Kaggia who is a bosom buddy to Maina.

Taking to social media to celebrate Maina who is known to his fans as ‘Mama County’ Tina pens

Now where do I start with you. I love you so much. I started from being the girl who’s knees buckled the first time I met you mpaka I chucked my heels, to you being my boss, I eventually became a workmate in your eyes, to you becoming someone so dear and precious to me.

‘Let me tell you Maina Kageni…’ side-chic spills the beans

Maina Kageni

Tinah Kaggiah adds

I thank you for your love and friendship. I thank you for always having my back, protecting me, loving me and never walking away. You are a great human.

Today I celebrate you for being who you are and for your lion heart. Happy birthday my darling @mainawakageni. I love you.. You deserve nothing short of the best ❤️❤️❤️.

‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

maina kageni in the office

Shaffie Weru also took the chance to celebrate Maina on his big day praising him for being his mentor.

You are my mentor en supporter in every sphere of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day……Happy womb escape day my G!!! my Bro My Day-One @mainawakageni 

Adelle Onyango also took the chance to celebrate Maina Kageni

Happy birthday big bro!

Thanks for the morning, compliments 😂 and love!

Wishing you a year of love, happiness, peace of mind and another FABULOUS trip to Monaco
with me of course!


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‘Stop investigating your men,’ Mwalimu King’ang’i advises women

Mwalimu Kingangi has a bone to pick with Maina Kageni over what he terms as negatively influencing women whose men are polygamous.

Maina on the other hand could not grasp how a man can have many wives and he is not courteous enough to inform the first wife.

The debate came after a woman confessed that she only found recently that her husband is married to someone else.

Maina I found out that my man was married the day he was to take me to their home.

The worst thing is that I have a child with him. We have been together for 6 years, he is a serial cheater.

Maina could not wrap his head around why a man should hide his marital status just because he is providing for you.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Below are Mwalimu’s thoughts

Maina what is the problem? No one is complaining what is really the issues here?

Ati she has found out he is married after six year? That is not a problem.

For that man to stay with the ‘secret’ for six years he needs an award because women can spy on you in a week.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Well here are conditions that Mwalimu Kingangi feels a woman should walk out of a polygamous marriage/relationship.

1. If he is not providing yet he is married to many women.

2. If he is mistreating you.

3. If he is physically abusing you.

4. If he is always away from home

5 .If you are suffering

According to Mwalimu men should do things chini ya maji .

He dedicates this song to Classic 105 fans who want some convincing.


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Meet handsome son and sexy wife to Classic 105 biggest fan Wakanai

Classic 105 biggest fan Wakanai is loved and hated in equal measure, but nothing beats the fact that he is a dedicated family man.

In one of his posts, Wakanai advises that in life all a man is supposed to do is be the man his woman needs him to be.

A man doesn’t need to be perfect to make a woman happy. All he needs to do is to be the man he said he was when he first met her.


Wakanai has on a few occasions left many shocked given that he is a ‘big’ man something many do not expect. His advice to them is

No need for gym time. S#x in the morning is equivalent to having spent the first few hours in the morning at the gym. It is believed that an hour of sex can burn as much fats as a 30-minute jog.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Wakanai may pass for a joker but he is a serious family man whose son graduated from High school in May 2019.

Taking the chance to congratulate his son, Wakanai penned a touching post on how proud he is of him.

Congratulations son you have made dad and mum proud as you graduate to college.


In another post, he shares a photo of him and his son captioned.

Don’t they grow so fast 

Classic 105 fan Wakanai and his son
Classic 105 fan Wakanai and his son

Below are photos of Wakanai’s beautiful family.

Wakanai with his wife in blue) and sister
Wakanais son
Wakanai and his better half

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Lilian Muli to Churchill, here are celebs who were video vixens

Being a video vixen in Kenya has become a serious job. What you might not know is that some celebrities were vixens even before the world knew what it was.

Below is the list

1.Kamene Goro

Kamene is the latest celebrity to be a video vixen in a music video.

She featured in jam ‘Figa’ which is done by Ethic.

Kamene Goro spoke about stalking and other issues

2.Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has been a video Vixen not once but twice.

Vera became a sensation for the first time after appearing in the video ‘You Guy’  by P Unit .

The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Fast forward Vera went to become a vixen for her ex boyfriend Otile Brown in his video ‘Baby Love’.

The song was so warmly received by the fans and it has so far garnered  8,580,721 views.

3.Lilian Muli

Believe it or not Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli was once a video vixen for Kamba artiste Kasolo.

Lilian appeared as a vixen for the first time in the video ‘Kyaa Kya Ngai’

Lilian Muli looking glorious

Check out the posh house of businessman Paul Kobia – Photos

4.Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has also been a vixen in a video for the song Mdogo Mdogo by the musician SKay.

She was doing what most ladies are dying to do now and she did not make a fuss about it.

Betty Kyallo in the dress

5.Huddah Monroe

Back in day when no one knew who Huddah was she featured as a vixen in the song ‘Ukweli’ which was done by Propesa.

Huddah Monrioe

When she later joined the A-list league of video vixens she was one of the main characters in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

6.Sabina Chege

The Muranga woman rep was a video vixen.

The famous John De Mathews has hit songs and his famous “Njata Yakwa” has our very own Sabina Chege as his video vixen.


We now know Churchill as a force to be reckoned with in the media industry but few of us know that one of Churchill’s first video was as the ‘ningependa kutuma salamu’ in Rufftone’s hit song ‘Mwikulu’.



In 2004 DJ Mo starred as one of the ‘video vixens’ with the coolest moves in Father Mbuyu’s video ‘Ruo Rwa Korogocho’ (pain of Korogocho slums) shot in Baba Ndogo.

Dj Mo
Gospel Dj Mo

In the video DJ Mo is in a white shirt and a knitted cap because he was such a huge fan of King Kaka formerly Rabbit/Kaka Sungura.

Mwalimu Rachel

Many don’t know that our favourite teacher was once a video vixen in Nonini’s ‘Pole Pole’

Mwalimu Racheal


‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

We have all been dumped at some point in life. What is more hurting though is the flimsy excuses that are given by our better halves as the reason for the break-up.

During the show

I was once dumped because I was too nice.

According to the guy our relationship had no drama and he wanted that in the relationship.

‘I have undergone 21 surgeries so far,’ Njambi Koikai tells Ellen Degeneres

Terry Muikamba
Terry Muikamba

Mike and Terry gave their fans a chance to narrate what was the silliest excuse that got them dumped and the responses were hilarious.

I got dumped because I was too nice.

What I did not know at the time was that she wanted someone who was a bit rough in bed.

According to her I wasn’t.

Mike Mondo also confessed to being dumped reason being,

I was dumped because I was not a member of the choir. She frankly told me that she felt that our ‘spiritual paths’ did not match.

Robert Burale and his Instagram Brother finally meet (photos)

Another fan adds,

That I was too clean and he felt uncomfortable cause he was not that clean.

Another fan adds that he was dumped after he ate avocados belonging to his then bae.

I ate her two avocados while she was at work, she came back and said am capable of murder and that’s how my sorry a*s was dumped.


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Screw driver: Why you should have this drink in your menu tonight!

Are you hearing this name for the first time and wondering what we are talking about?

Worry no more!

If you are a cocktail person, then this should be in your list tonight.

Screw driver is a drink that is so easy to make you could easily do it with your eyes closed (literally) and you wont screw up (see what i did there? No?  )

How you do it? Well, this drink is just a mixture of two drinks- Orange juice and Vodka, very easy right?



This only means that you do not necessarily have to go to restaurants to have this drink, you can actually make one yourself at your own comfort.

Let us give you a small history of the origin of this drink.

So decades ago, some American oil workers decided to take a break from their days’ work and decided to take a rest.

While on the break they decided to add vodka in their orange drink.

As they looked for something to stir their drink, well they could not find anything. What they used to stir was a screw driver.

The name screwdriver originated from events that happened that day.


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