‘It gives me panic attacks’ Women talk of their horrible experience with P2

Two Kenyan women have shared their experience with the morning after pill commonly known as P2 among them being unwanted pregnancies and painful abdomens.

Three years ago, Erica* (not her real name) missed her period but dismissed it as an after-effect of p2.

She had been engaging in unprotected sex with her boyfriend of about a year, and she would take the pills thereafter.

“I would take them three or four times a week because we rarely used protection. I was completely sure they would keep me from getting pregnant,”

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

He was her first sexual partner, and conversations with her friends suggested the pills were the safest way to prevent pregnancy.

“When I talked to my friends about it, they told me their boyfriends bought the pills for them and it always worked. So I was sure about it.

She started to suspect she was pregnant after experiencing fatigue and nausea.  A pregnancy test came back positive.

“I started getting scared that my sister would realise I was pregnant so I had to get rid of the pregnancy,” she said.

Despite taking the pills again, Erica fell pregnant and aborted for the second time.
Women's eNews
Women’s eNews

Ellen* took P2 for the first time seven years ago, when she also lost her virginity and has been taking them ever since..

“I took all of them together because I was afraid if I took one pill and skipped the other for 12 hours, it would fail.

Once I take them, I feel a pinch in my abdomen and it gives me a lot of anxiety and panic attacks because I don’t want to get pregnant. I’m not ready.”

The pills have never backfired on her.

“I take them once or twice a year. The rest of the time I use condoms or withdrawal,” she said.

Ellen says she is not convinced taking the pills 12 hours apart will work, so prefers to take the dose at once.

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‘He became very hostile,’ Pascal Tokodi on being conned by a house agent

Pascal Tokodi has revealed how a house agent conned him of his hard earned money after he got an agent online who claimed to be in Karen.

“The guy told me there was a house ready but it had already been booked, although the person had not moved in for one week. So I asked how much more I could pay to get the house,” he said.

Although he had not met the agent, Tokodi sent the cash as he felt the “agent” was “very nice”.

“The agent told me to go to Karen and someone would pick me up,” he recalled.

‘I am not gay, I am as straight as a man can be,’ Shaniqwa clears the air

Upon reaching there, he called the “agent”, who changed the story, saying the guy who had booked the house earlier sent more cash to get it.

“Since I wanted the house, I said I would send more. He tells me the wife is coming to pick me. I call him again and the wife picks and asks who I was.

I introduced myself and hang up and tried to reverse the money but they had withdrawn the cash.

I decided to call him again but I soon found out that it was a person from Umoja. He became hostile towards me afterward.” 

Pascal Tokodi
Pascal Tokodi

Exclusive: I don’t sleep with my female fans – Confesses MCA Tricky

It is at that point it dawned on Tokodi that he had been conned of his cash.

“I hope the money helped him. Experience is the best thing and I learnt my lesson,” he said.

Having a conversation about the deeply entrenched con culture in Nairobi is long overdue, and the more we continue to stay silent, the more the conmen and women are winning. So, it’s time to speak out.”

The highly anticipated new web series, Janjaruka (Wisen Up), will launch at Pawa 254 and online on Wednesday. It is produced by Flick 7 Pictures.

Janjaruka is an entertaining series but with a serious message: Should we accept that conmanship is a part of life in Nairobi and, bigger than that, why do those paid to protect us often take advantage of us when we seek their help?

“Our aim with Janjaruka is to begin a conversation about being conned in Nairobi. And to ask the question, is there anything we can do about it?” Flick 7 director Aggie Nyagari told Word Is .

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‘They plucked my eyes out,’ Eldama Ravine woman cries after going blind

Police in Ol Kalou have launched investigations to find the mother of a one-month baby girl who was retrieved from a pit latrine.

The baby was discovered by a resident who had gone to relief herself in the latrine at a residential building near Ol Kalou town slaughter house.

She heard the baby crying and screamed hence attracted neighbours and police who were on patrol.

Photos from Mr Seed’s colourful ruracio to fiancee Nimoh Gachuiri

The baby was wrapped with a sheet and put in a sack which was then tied at the top.

Police used a hooked metallic object to retrieve the baby from the ten feet pit.

Nyandarua Central Sub-County deputy police commander, Florence Karimi, said the baby was rescued in good condition and rushed to J.M.Memorial hospital even as the mother is sought.

Else where a woman was left blind after unknown people gouged out her eyes.

Opticians said that Norah Jepchirchir will never see again after the heartless act by unknown assailants who attacked her as she made her way home last Saturday evening.

 Nakuru Provincial General Hospital medics declared that the 30-year-old single mother of two will never see again after she had both her eyes gouged out in Eldama Ravine.

‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi

The incident is said to have happened near Camp David, a few meters from the Eldama Ravine police station.

Norah, who says was rescued by police and rushed to Eldama Ravine sub-county hospital before being transferred to Nakuru for further medication is yet to come to terms with her new reality and pleaded with the government to come to her and her young family’s rescue.

“I will no longer see, they did not take my money but decided to pluck my eyes out, she said as she cried and cursed the assailants.

I would rather they had even chopped my hands or legs.”

Speaking at the PGH Nakuru eye unit, medical officer in charge of the eye unit Benjamin Kariuki explained that every effort was done to rescue Norah eyesight but revealed that her eye balls had been gouged out.

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‘He can’t rise to the occasion’ Women share humiliating viagra incidents

The weekend is here and most men are tempted to take the blue pill to boost their bedroom performance.Here are experiences from Kenyans who have used it.

*Nancy (Name has been changed to protect her identity) says

Back in college I used to date a man who would use Viagra.

His performance was prolonged to an extent I would give up because his erection would go on for hours.

Given a chance now I would still date a man who uses performance enhancing pills.

Asked on what made his ex-boyfriend use pills to boost his performance Nancy says

He would only get an erection by using pills,without them he could never rise to the occasions.

I loved the guy And I didn’t want him to despise himself ,so I hang around.

I wish you could hear how I used to fake moaning sounds to massage his ego.

Dressing like a fire fighter to bed kills the mood – shouts Captain Kale

Angry/depressed woman

*Racheal narrates how her sponsor ‘used’ her all night after using the blue bill

I met this prominent Kenyan politician who is in his 50’s, we got talking and decided to spend the night together.

What I did not know is that he had popped some pills to give me the performance of my life,I was not prepared for what I went through that night.

We had sex uncountable times and I felt like I could not hold it anymore,My man on the other hand was still as erect as he was when we started getting intimate.

My date was majorly spent in the washroom as I had to constantly go cool my ‘cookie jar’.

I feel like he was trying to get value for his money.

Here are six things that attract women to a man

*Tedd narrates how a friend of his took his side chick to Machakos for a getaway only for it to turn into a disaster.

Mike took his girlfriend to Machakos ,having had promised her a night to remember he popped a blue pill only for things to turn around for the worst.

He remained erect for hours and even his efforts to get into a cold bathtub to try and cool things down did not work.

It was only in the wee hours that his manhood retained normalcy but by then his woman was nursing bruises.

While the blue pill has worked for some men for some it has never been a solution.

*Ken narrates

I have known Peter (not his real name) for many years,at some point he got ill and his [email protected] drive got so bad that he could not rise to the occasion in the bedroom.

Sad and depressed Peter decided to try and use [email protected] enhancement pills to try and salvage his ego but not even that could help.

Despite using the pills Peter is till unable to get an erection, he has resulted to making his women enjoy [email protected] in other ways.


Mary Wambui Mary, a registered cardiovascular thoracic nurse says that the worst-case she has witnessed from the use of a blue pill gone bad is a man having a 6-hour erection.

I witnessed a patient having an erection lasting 6 hours and the couple had to come to the doctor because it was very painful and very uncomfortable.

On a different occasion I have interacted with a patient whose blood level went to 60/30 which is very low.

We had to give him drugs to normalize his blood pressure.

Wambui further adds that the blue pill should only be prescribed to a patient when they are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

‘Sex enhancement pills should only be recommended when one is suffering from erectile dysfunction. If as a man you can get an erection I don’t understand why you would want to take viagra.

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Exclusive: I don’t sleep with my female fans – says MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky has in an exclusive interview with Classic 105 reveled that the reason he does not sleep with his fans is because he is afraid of losing them.

According to Tricky, a fan has other friends who might be his fans, so ruining a relationship with one means severing ties with the others.

He also went to confess that no woman has ever dumped him.

I have never been dumped maybe I have never loved. The moment you allow fans to hit on you that becomes a mistake given once you sleep with a fan you end losing other fans.

‘when I die, women will claim I am their baby daddy’ Brags Man Kush

Churchill comedian MCA Tricky in the past clarified that people took things out of proportion after word went round that he wanted to date Akothee’s daughter.

Tricky says his only mistake was chatting with her in the comments section, it was very public.

I blundered by chatting with her in the comment section and everybody saw it. What people did not know is that people were watching.

The next thing I knew I was on blogs.

After hearing the news, Akothee summoned me at her home to ask me if I was serious about wanting to date her daughter.

Mca Tricky and Rue Baby
Mca Tricky and Rue Baby

‘All the women I’ve dated approached me first’ says Kibaki’s grand son

As you might know Akothee is a no nonsense woman and her character might have intimidated MCA Tricky to deny wanting to date Rue Baby.

You cannot just touch Akothee’s daughter just like that. I denied that I was in love with her daughter.


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Check out how the 3rd edition of Plascon colour event went down -Photos

Kenyans were treated to a fun filled weekend at the 3rd edition of the Plascon Colour Run which was first introduced in June 2017.

The run aims to fund raise and sponsor disadvantaged students.

The run fund raises for the registered Community Based Organization (CBO) “Sports for Change”, which sponsors the education of disadvantaged but academically gifted students.

This time the event was held at Uhuru Gardenson August 11th.
The 5km Plascon Colour Run uses coloured powder to demonstrate the diversity of a rainbow to encourage cohesion among Kenyans, the event also seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle by making physical activity fun!
There were also performances by Kenyan acts Sailors famous for their hit song ”Wamlambez” which has taken the country by storm.
Below are photos from the fun filled event which was attended by people of all ages. Pics courtesy Moses Kiarie of the Star
Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
Colour 5


Plascon colour run participants pose for a photo


Plascon colour run participants dance to some music




Meet the woman who adopted Bahati after his mother died – Photos

Bahati recently introduced us to the woman who picked him up in Mathare after he lost his mum and schooled him and other unfortunate kids.

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua had hosted his ‘mum’ at their home and going by the photos it is obvious that they were excited to meet each other.

He took to social  media to remind people that no matter what, never forget where you come from.

MY SHORT STORY : A few years after I lost my mum I met this white lady in Mathare Slums; Name: THOURUN from Iceland who decided to take me as her own son.

She took me back to school and even sacrificed to stay in Kenya to take care of me and other street kids who joined us to make ABC Kenya Children’s Home.

She became a mother that I never had and from her is where I learned how to give and sacrifice for others to have a good life. (Maybe this is the reason I get sick if I don’t support others in their lives & careers) It was passed to me by #Thourun°

‘I might never give my husband a child’ Janet Mbugua’s sister in law on battling fibroids and miscarriages

Bahati with his wife Diana and his foster parents
Bahati with his wife Diana and his foster parents

According to Bahati having been helped at some point has enabled him have a giving heart something he will never get tired of.

Since then no matter what I go through to me GIVING HAS BEEN A CALLING 🙏 And now this pic here was one of my most humbling moment.

That the person who even bought my first house shopping to encourage me in being independent – Today she visits me in my own house/home and even to Thank God with me as we receive our fourth born child.

Dressing like a fire fighter to bed kills the mood – shouts Captain Kale


May God Bless you #Thourun & your husband Sammy bcoz of you, I went to school and I will never forget to say ‘Thank you’ to your hand that once fed me.

One day when I get rich I will build a Children’s Home like yours… BUT TODAY MY PRAYER IS THAT WITH LONG LIFE MAY GOD SATISFY YOU IN JESUS NAME.

Bahati’s mum also took the time to visit Bahati’s adopted son, Morgan.

Morgan Bahti
Morgan Bahati

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‘I am not gay, I am as straight as a man can be,’ Shaniqwa clears the air

Kenyan comedian Shaniqwa has hit back at a fan after he blasted him for having ‘brown’ teeth during a live session on his Instagram.

Shaniqwa who is loved for his ‘Ntakumuuuuurder’ slang warned the fan not to count his chicks before they had hatched as he was yet to become a parent and see what God will grant him.

I am happy the way I am. 

Don’t talk ill about people yet you have not given birth. God saw it fit for me to be this way and I am Ok.

We have so many things to be thankful for rather than keep complaining. Let people talk because we live the way we want by the end of the day.

One daring fan posed the question whether Shaniqwa was gay

‘I am not gay Bro I am straight. I have a wife,’ Shaniqwa courteously responded

‘when I die, women will claim I am their baby daddy’ Brags Man Kush


‘No one ever died over lack of [email protected]’ Pastor Burale advises men to zip up

Shaniqwa went on to confess that contrary to what people believe, he is a humble guy.

I am a very humble guy, I am the humblest person you can ever meet its just that the role Shaniqwa made people view me as talkative.

Asked on whether he has ever been dumped for being broke, Shaniqwa said,

Yes I have been dumped a few times. How could someone leave all this goodness?

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Photos from Mr Seed’s colourful ruracio to fiancee Nimoh Gachuiri

Gospel artiste and his girlfriend Nimoh Gachuiri on Saturday made their union official during a colourful ruracio ceremony held at Clay City, Kasarani.

The young couple who are first time parent held the event months after they welcomed their first child, five months ago.

Taking to social media to share a video of the ceremony, Mr Seed wrote,

Chaguo la moyo ata afunikwe nitamjua tu hehe 😜

‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi

Mr Seed with his wife Nimoh and their son
Mr Seed with his wife Nimoh and their son

Mr Seed had proposed to Gachuiri in 2018 at a Valentine’s dinner organised by Bountiful Safaris for gospel artistes and their significant others.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married.

DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible.”

‘No one ever died over lack of [email protected]’ Pastor Burale advises men to zip up

The celebrity-studded dinner was graced by the who is who in the gospel entertainment circles, but the highlight of the night was the surprise proposal by Mr Seed.

In attendance were Size 8, DJ Mo, comedian Njugush, Abel Mutua, Guardian Angel and Betty Kyallo.

“The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands, I planned the proposal on the day. I was so nervous and tense, my stomach had butterflies. She was so surprised. Alilia,” Mr Seed said.

Below are photos from the eventSeed 2

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.17


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.43 (1)


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.24

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‘No one ever died over lack of [email protected]’ Pastor Burale advises men to zip up

Pastor Robert Burale has advised women to be very careful when it comes to relationships given that they are on the losing end when things fail to work.

Giving his reasons for this Burale says,

As a lady you are at a disadvantage when you get pregnant it is your life that will stop while his still continues.

So don’t get excited when a guy calls you at midnight talking in his deep voice.

The man will move on once you get pregnant and you will waste 2-3 years.

‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi


He advises men to zip up or go home.

Men control your zip as for the women keep the file closed, No visa to Bangkok.

You might chose to ignore my advise and end up a prisoner or might listen and end up a governor, it’s all up to you.

What Daddy Owen does to reassure his wife about female stalkers

In conclusion Burale advises men to focus on bettering themselves given that no job market looks for a man with abs

Men stop taking photos holding your crotch. A good job and a better bank account is better.

And please stop sleeping around. Have you ever heard someone has/is dying for lack of [email protected]?

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‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi

Classic 105 radio presenter Mungala Mbuvi has opened up on how he loved a woman who could never love him back.

According to Mbuvi his crush loved another.

In the 1990’s I was in love with a woman named Samantha. I really loved her but she was in a love with a guy called Eric. I guess I was just unlucky in love.

She was lightskin, beautiful but sadly she never loved me.

I do not know why I have bad luck with chicks. Samantha had a friend named Maureen and she was beautiful .

‘I was earning 50k,’ Mike Mondo reveals woman rejected him over ‘little’ salary

Well Mbuvi has since moved on from the heartbreak.

Mike Mondo has also in the past talked about how he was dumped for earning too little.

According to Mike the woman felt the Ksh 50,000 he was making was peanuts.

I have been left because of how much I make. It was kidogo. When I started doing radio I used to make 50 g’s a month. This lady I was seeing told me that that was too little telling me that she couldn’t be with a man that was making that little.

And she refused me for that. She left. Now every once in a while she sends messages telling me that we should catch up.

Mike Mondo and his bae

Terry Muikamba had also confessed that she was once dumped for being too nice.

I was once dumped because I was too nice.

According to the guy our relationship had no drama and he wanted that in the relationship.


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Meet Mike Mondo’s ‘love of his life’ (photo)

Mike Mondo serves goals when it comes to fatherhood. He has a special bond with his daughter and his nieces and he is willing to harm anyone who hurts them.

Sharing a photo of himself and his niece Mondo revealed that who ever hurts her feelings will have to face his wrath .

Meet the #LoveOfMyLife #Taraji I will shoot a ni*ga who hurts this girl! #Unc #Uncle#Love #familyfirst❤️

Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji
Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji

Besides being an awesome uncle, Mondo is never shy to flaunt his daughter Nicole whom he fondly refers to as his ‘Little Bambina’.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions on his threats to future team mafisi.

Have you bought the gun yet? Begin practice too. You will need to shoot someone for sure cause that right there is purity of love as it gets!! Just not everyone has you as uncle to learn from..

Another adds,

🤣🤣🤣 why do you think I’m always in the gym. In 5 years I’m ready💪🏾

Every tattoo on your favorite Kenyan female celeb (photos)

Just when you think you have recovered from the comments another fan adds

U wont shoot my son over your girl😋🤣🤣🤣

Another fan goes on to advise Mike that he should’t worry too much as at some point there will be nothing much he can do about his baby niece getting hurt.

Hahahha just like all of us she will be hurt🤣🤣 and nothing ankoooo can do🤣

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Here are six things that attract women to a man

Different women have different tastes when it comes to men, while some sleep with a man for his money others are attracted by something else.

Here are things that attract a woman to a man


There is nothing as sexy as a man who is oozing confidence, a man who knows what they he is capable of and is not scared to go for it.

2. Stamina

Yes you read that right, who would want to go out with a man who cannot keep his erection for more than a minute? So stamina is a plus.

If you have no stamina as a man, kula mrenda, chapa tizi and lets meet behind the tent.


Experience is important maybe it be while looking for a job or not it is paramount. For most women a man who know where to touch and when is a complete turn on.

It would be really uncomfortable and tiring for a woman to keep pointing where her G spot is to a 30 something year old.

As a man just do your homework and then come implement it .

Dressing like a fire fighter to bed kills the mood – shouts Captain Kale

4. Explore

Milan Kundera once said that

“Making love with a woman and sleeping with her are two separate passions not merely different but opposite.”

Every woman loves a man who loves to explore, a man who is ready to find out what parts of my body will make her orgasm.

It would be really annoying for a woman to start counting all the weekends on a calendar just because she is having boring [email protected]

5.Financial stability

Truth be told, no woman wants a broke man for a husband/wife. We all know pesa hutafutwa but how about you make some mullah and then look for a wife.

[email protected] alone is not enough to sustain a relationship, as most women would say

‘Heri nilie kwenye range Rover kuliko ncheke kwenye boda boda’

6. A clean man

People say mwanaume ni jasho but as a lady I will tell you thats a lie.

Women love a man who has his business together, a good cologne, well fitting clothes, shaven beard and well maintained nails.

We wouldn’t want to lose our precious honey pots to filthy nails, eew.

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From tusome katiba to Mombasa raha, here are words used to ask for [email protected]


Intimacy is one of the basic needs for every couple that needs to be fulfilled to keep a relationship going.

Here are words that the youth are using to engage in such.

Asked on how they would ask for [email protected] without sounding needy or asking directly.

Most of them said, currently the best way to say it is by doing so indirectly.

“The best play is to just make a move, not say, ‘Can we have sex?’ Ask if ‘inaweza’.

Sheng is the in thing.

I decided to get the Sheng’ words the youths are using.

Check out the list. Some will use an indirect means to ask.

  • Uko home nikam?’
  • ‘Nataka therapy.’
  • ‘Zinadai mbaya.’
  • ‘Twende Pekejeng.’
  • ‘Kunyanduana.’
  • ‘Kulambana lolo.’

From lamba lolo to rombosa here is what these sheng words mean

Another friend came and joined the conversation and said for him, if the person they are asking for [email protected] from is their spouse, they will go direct.

Kama ni Mpango, ama Team Tangatanga, lazima ukue mjanjez, I mean you have to request like this,

  • ‘Kam tupike supper.’

Other Sheng words for [email protected] include,

  • ‘Mkunaji,
  • kusoma katiba,
  • piga miti,
  • Mombasa raha.’

Just so you know, the best [email protected] is the enthusiastic fun kind that happens naturally.

Now you know how you get your lady to want to sleep with you without ruining the fun that sex demands.

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ZamZam driver and conductor arrested over death of passenger

Police have arrested the driver and conductor of a ZamZam bus that was involved in the death of a Gerald Kimondo a passenger.

Police said passenger Gerald was pushed from a moving vehicle by the two matatu operators causing his death.

The two, Naphtali Fondo and Alex Gikonyo, are in police custody waiting to be arraigned.

They face murder charges.

Investigations indicate that the same vehicle with registration KCC 021A was involved last year in a similar case along Thika Road near Safari Park Hotel where a 20-year-old Doreen Kinya was pushed out of the vehicle.

Doreen was a student at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies college.

The late Kinya
The late Kinya

Captain Kale reveals ‘naming your wife in your will is a GRAVE mistake!’

The arrest comes weeks after a crew of  a Kileleton Sacco Matatu plying the Kileleshwa-Lavington route threw a female passenger out of a moving vehicle.

28-year-old Florence Wanjiru is believed to have been thrown out of a moving bus.

According to CCTV footage seen Wanjiru is seen boarding a Matatu heading home for the night to prepare for another day at Yongli casino and restaurant located in Hurlingham.

The late Florence
The late Florence

But at dusk, her parents were called by a good Samaritan who told them that Wanjiru had been involved in a mystery accident and that she was injured severely.

“Once we got the call, we rushed to hospital to see her and she was in bad condition,” said John Chege- Wanjiru’s uncle.

Florence was later referred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where she allegedly remained unattended for nearly a whole day and later succumbed to her injuries.

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‘Own your sexuality unapologetically,’ Wendy Kemunto advises ladies

The name Wendy Kemunto has been trending for the past few days after the courts found Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga guilty of raping her.

The two had been accused of raping Kenyan singer Wendy Kemunto repeatedly on her birthday on February 10th.

Kemunto took many by surprise in 2018 after shockingly revealing the harrowing ordeal.

Prosecution asks for 15 year jail sentence for 2 rugby players found guilty of rape

Rugby players found guilty
Rugby players found guilty

The prosecution team wants the two sentenced to 15 years imprisonment or even go as far as life imprisonment.

The 15 years imprisonment will be a lesson to the youth.
It is a high time rape is declared a national disaster.
It will send a message to the youth that it is not cool to take advantage of another because of gender.

In one of her social media posts, Kemunto asks women not to be afraid to own their sexuality.

What if women did a ‘sexual Brexit’ and took back control?” I am all for this!!! Haha
The female flower, the VAGINA is POWERFUL!! What’s more powerful is a woman who OWNS her sexuality UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! They say two things run the world 
Money & ….
Own it ladies 😎 
Strong enough to bear children then get back to business 💪🏾

Below are photos of Wendy


41436715_278361079318856_6673565801533985903_n 43984604_348521005709045_2557333242320839908_n 61242016_111048320154426_7167474515257969538_n 65307480_2383362478576671_3274666275632872882_n

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Here are things to know about rugby players involved in Wendy’s rape saga

Rugby players Alex Mahaga and Frank Wanyama found guilty of raping a musician last year will be detained for a week pending their sentencing on August 16.

The two were accused of gang-raping the singer overnight on her birthday in February last year.

Here are things you did not know about the duo

Alex Mahaga

Alex Mahaga  was a former student of  Alliance High school and he has in the past played in clubs such as
Pan Africa Strathmore Leos.

He has also played for Kenya 7s  under the centre position and he has also played for Kenya under 19.

I did not rape her or sleep with her! DK Kwenye Beat speaks of scandal

Alex Mahaga
Alex Mahaga

Prosecution asks for 15 year jail sentence for 2 rugby players found guilty of rape

Frank Wanyama

Frank studied at Nakuru High school before he proceeded to Strathmore where he studied Actuarial Science.

He also studied for a bachelor of Law at the University of Nairobi.

He has played for Strathmore team, Leos.

Frank is majorly known by many as Animal/Magician.

He got interested in rugby back then in high school where he also started playing.

Frank Wanyama
Frank Wanyama

The duo’s sentencing in regards to the rape will be on 16th August 2019.

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Mwalimu Kingangi reveals why he is upset with Laboso’s husband Edwin

Mwalimu Kingangi is not impressed with Edwin Obonyo, husband to the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

He would do things differently was he in his place.

Mwalimu’s disappointment came after Edwin Obonyo revealed that despite having a governor for a wife, he had never been given any tenders by the Bomet county government.

If my wife Mwongeli was Governor, I would be the one doing business in that county, hata chai ya saa nne I would be the one providing.

As if that is not enough I would make sure everyone knows that my wife is the governor. Mimi ni bwana ya governor, I would make sure people do not forget that.

The last words Joyce Laboso spoke to DP William Ruto

Joyce Laboso addesssing
Joyce Laboso addressing a crowd in the past

‘She was in so much pain’ Raila whispers about Joyce Laboso

Husband to the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso confessed that his late wife has never given him any tenders to the dismay of many.

Eulogizing his incorruptible wife, Obonyo said that he is a contractor but he has never be given any contract by the county government.

I am a contractor but I never picked a job to do here in Bomet County. That’s who we are, we believe that God has given us enough to keep going.




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