That’s Your computer Lab? KOT blown away by Brookhouse school pictures

Pictures of the computer lab at Brookhouse school has gone viral.

If you were not in a group of schools, you will understand why so many of us are salty.

The Brookhouse computer lab is so breathtaking, we can’t deal.

Must Be Nice: Photo of students flying private jet to posh Kenyan school

brooke house sch 1

Nairobi was in 2019 rated as having the most expensive international schools according to a survey by International Schools Database shows that out of the six African cities surveyed, Kenya’s capital had the highest average fee as well as the most expensive fees charged, rivaled only by Cairo about Sh2.6 million. The study was published in the Businessdaily.

Here are some hilarious comments from KOT

Gasheri Shee Is ths a class or inside a plane pliz..

Kanzah Aadam Sheikh I feel we r in ushago here in uk🤣 . We don’t hv these !

Martin Kariuki Aye Brookhouse, is this a class or a ship?

Raabia Hawa Wah some of us tulikua kupanga line ya computer room zikiletewa tukiwa form 3. Anyway Bora uhai

700K per term! Kenyan schools where celebs educate their kids

Kenny Mufasa Bahati Wang Wu Yi editing suite nzima ya Ghana man 😂😂😂 sio nusu ya hii😂😂😂

Otis Wakona Kenny Mufasa Bahati hehehehehehehehe. Am missing this my school too. Waaah, alafu tuanlilia hapa ati equity in representation and in opportunitites. let me focas

Tamala Busuku Wa Evelyn I have really admirer to teach in such schools yaani just to get the experience of dealing with well equipped institutions 😏

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From orga*m to slippery nipple, here are funny names of cocktails – List

The weekend is here and its time to chill and enjoy that drink with friends after a long week. Most joints have happy hours especially weekdays.

This is where you buy one drink and get an extra one. At some joints, you buy two and get one extra, depending with the place.

Dear ladies, ditch that bottle of beer and try something new.

Below is a list of cocktails with weird/bizarre names you must try out.

Blow job

Combination of  Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur and Amaretto almond liqueur, in a shot glass, and top with a puff of whipped cream.

Simple ways to celebrate responsible single dads this mothers day

S3x on the beach

It’s vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice mixed together.

Sand in the crack
A mixture of Captain Morgan, Malibu, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

It’s a combination of mint, mango, and vodka.

Desperate Housewife

A mixture of Smirnoff vodka, lemon, orange juice, and peach schnapps

Alien Urine

Combine peach schnapps, coconut rum, blue curacao, club soda and melon liqueur

Irish trash can

Mixture of rum, peach Schnapps, gin, vodka, blue curacao, and Red Bull.

Slippery nipple

It’s a mixture of sambuca and Irish cream liqueurs.

Go naked

It’s a mixture of grapefruit, beer, syrup and lemon vodka.


It vodka [of your choice] mixed with Amaretto, White Creme de Cacao, and Light Cream.

Short trip to hell

Mixture of strawberry, wild berry Schnapps, peach, Red Bull and a shot of Jagermeister. It’s lit! Two are enough if you’re a light drinker.

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Politicians you did not know were in-laws – List

Let’s get right into the list.

1. Uhuru Kenyatta and Omamo

Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s son is married to Racheal Omamo’s daughter Faith Achola.

Omamo is the secretary for defence and the first female to ever hold that post in Kenya.

‘My In-laws deserted us with their son’s bill of 1.2 million’ City woman

Jomo Kenyatta and his wife Achola
Jomo Kenyatta and his wife Achola

2. Mutahi Kagwe 

The former Nyeri Senator is married to Mrs Ann Wanjiku Mutahi who is daughter to the late John Michuki. They have four children: Kagwe, Njoroge, Nyawira and Kahumburu.

Former Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe and his wife Anne
Former Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe and his wife Anne

‘My friend framed me to be gang raped by 6 men’ Brenda Obath recalls

3. Nelson Koech and Yvonne Kones

Nelson Koech aka Sonko, the MP for Belgut in Kericho County is married Yvonne Kones, who is the daughter of MP for Bomet East Beatrice Kones.

image-2019-04-30 (1)

4. Mr Adile Ramaphosa and  Bridget Birungu

Son to the South African President is married to the daughter of Uganda’s former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.


5. Lavender Orengo

Siaya Senator James Orengo’s  daughter Lavender Orengo may not be married to a politicians son, but we celebrate her for crossing the borders by marrying Hanington Muisyo Mutua.

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Here are five fashion statements that President Uhuru spends his millions on – List

Unlike most Presidents, Kenya’s very own Uhuru Kenyatta has set the record higher for other head of states when it comes to fashion.

So far, The commander-in-chief has shown that apart from politics, he has the best taste when it comes to his fashion sense.

In this article, we focus on some of his outstanding clothes he has stepped out with;


Before he was re-elected. President Uhuru stepped out wearing a designer shirt with the theme colour of his party Jubilee. At the time, he was campaigning for re-election.

The head of state wore a white silk shirt which had some embroidery on the shoulder and around the hands.


Carol Pulei, a Kenyan designer was glad to be associated with the making of the shirt.

Pulei said it was such an honour that Uhuru chose to wear it to such an important function.

This is not the only eye-catchy shirt Mr.President has attracted attention with. Below are others that we think made it to the top of the list.



The president doesn’t wear cheap hand wears. He is that guy with a taste of good jewellery and watches are part of it.

I must admit that his various watches are designer materials that are in most cases imported and costs millions of shillings.

Hijab looks you can borrow from Lulu Hassan and Jamila Mohammed

President Uhuru

On a lighter note, research says that ladies know the kind of man they are dealing with judging by his watches.

Below are some of the millions President Uhuru walks around with on his arm.

A Patek Phillipe Nautilus series worth 2.6 Million

President Uhuru’s watch

Rolex GMT-Master II worth a whooping Ksh 1.5 Million

President Uhuru

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak worth KSh 4.8 million

President Uhuru’s watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Gold worth Sh 1.4 million

President Uhuru’s watch

The president’s Rolex Submariner Green Bezel which worth Sh855,000 might just be the cheapest watch he owns.

President Uhuru’s watch

Foot Wear.

In most cases, the president wears black official leather shoes.

But when he decides to go all in, he blows people away with his taste of the fine things in life.

On one fine Sunday morning, the President left Netizens talking after he stepped out with Taft Men’s Outback boots.

These designer boots are only Ksh 25,000 but he indeed looked stunning in them!

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s boots

During the celebration of the 55th Jamhuri day, His Excellency arrived rocking a red commander-in-chief ceremonial military uniform. This was the first time he ever wore it.

However, he had previously worn the green military combat jungle. Wearing a military uniform is perceived to be a show of power from the commander-in-chief.

Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, who was the founding President, and retired President Daniel Arap Moi wore the ceremonial gear on national holidays.

However, retired President Mwai Kibaki never wore it.

‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals

In an era where filters are the in thing, Akothee has advised Kenya men to learn to appreciate their women with all their flaws.

This is because most of the things we see on Instagram are not real. Most people are living by the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’.

Akothee advises,

  1. Never compare your wife with ladies you see on social media, she is the mother of your child! treat her stretchmarks as a beautiful natural tattoo💪, this is a special sacrifice she made, for you to be called a daddy.
  2.  Your wife’s priority is not to glam up on social media, but to make sure every member of the family is secure.
  3. Your wife looks older than the ladies on social media simply because she is living reality and growing grey hair from thinking of what next with your family including the lubbish you 🤔.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

4. The money you spend on ladies you meet out there, would have been good money for a family retreat and see your children jump on a bouncing castle 🤔
5. Having excuses of not being home every weekend hurts and cuts deep into a woman’s heart. If wishes were horses, weekends should be cut off your routine🤔

‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Is Akothee suffering from burn out

6. You never have money for your family, but you got money to spoil your friends 🤔 your wife looks older than your mother, simply because she is carrying pain 🤔
7. Don’t complain that she gained weight, she is broken from inside and has no time to take care of herself💔 she is busy taking care of you and the family 🤝
8. You wonder why she is unhappy 🤔 you never appreciate her or her beauty never surprised her even with a flower 🤔
Women are strong, but they incubate a lot
Take care of your wife and children
All these people you are entertaining will come to your burial on the burial date, and take photos with your coffin🤔

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Exclusive: Being a hawker really humbled me, it was a difficult job – Vivianne

Vivianne has opened  on what her first hustle was to encourage young people not to be ashamed of their humble beginnings.

Speaking during an exclusive interview she says

I have done a lot of activation’s for companies and supermarkets.I also sold cutlery on the streets I did it once and I sold everything that day.

I was working for a company that paid very little commission.

That is one thing that discouraged me otherwise I have always been aggressive.

Its difficult you really have to humble yourself. I had studied marketing but I had to settle for that job. I decided to try and see what comes out of it.

It’s important to embrace opportunities.

Exclusive: ‘My husband is OK with me communicating with my ex’ Vivianne


Vivianne and her husband Sam West
Vivianne and her husband Sam West

Diana Marua also recently opened up on what her first job was. Driving through Hurligham, she took a video of the place where she says she worked as an Mpesa agent.

The place is now Goodlife pharmacy next to the total petrol station around DOD.

I used to work at this pharmacy before it was renamed Goodlife as an mpesa agent…my first job. This far I call him Ebenezer.

She gives thanks to God for her success saying she started from somewhere and she has now made it.

Use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level. It takes time to grow

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Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

Polygamy is no longer a thing of the past as more and more men are adopting the culture. While some are married to two, others are married to three women.

Below is a list of Kenya’s most prominent polygamists, some have opted to keep their wives off the limelight.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya’s founding father and father to the current Kenyan President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a polygamous man, He was married to four wives.

His first wife was the late Grace Wahu, Edna Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and lastly Ngina Kenyatta who she sired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ,his son Uhuru and former President Daniel Arap Moi

Boni Khalwale

Former Kakamega SEnator Boni Khalwale is married to three wives.

His first wife was  Adelide , the second Jospehine and Diana Khalwale.

Adeline succumbed to Pulmonary Hypertension after 39 years of marriage to the prominent politician.

khalwale- classic 105
Boni Khalwale

Oscar Sudi

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi is among Kenyan politicians who are polygamous.

Sudi is married to Lilian Sudi and Ann Sudi.

Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

 John De Mathew

The late Mugithi Maestro John Demathew was a proud husband to two wives whom he acknowledged until the moment he took his last breath.

Sarafina Wairimu Mwangi was John’s first wife while Caroline was the second.

John De Mathews wives
John De Mathews wives

 Francis Atwoli

COTU Boss Francis Atwoli is among Kenyan men who are proudly polyamous.

Atwoli is currently married to TV host Mary Kilobi who is his third wife.


‘My dad Jared is not a sponsor,’ Akothee’s daughter Rue warns fisilets

Wycliffe Oparanya

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya is not only a man of the people but also a man with a big heart.

He has two wives namely Priscillah Oparanya and Caroline Oparanya.

Wycliffe Oparanya-Classic 105
Wycliffe Oparanya

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria

The vibrant politician is married to three wives and he is not shy to flaunt them.

He caused a storm weeks ago after introducing 2 of his 3 wives during a public rally.

Gikaria and his two wives-Classic 105

Taking to the stage, the lawmaker who showered the senator with praises noted the event would not end without him acknowledging his wives since it was a women’s event.

‘I am the Nakuru Town East MP and when one has a wife he has to acknowledge.

I have several Nakuru Town East First ladies let me introduce my first ladies to you.’

He noted that one of his wives was not present at the function suggesting she had just welcomed a new baby.

‘This one is Veronicah Wairimu, She is number one, and this one is number two, number three is not here but I will bring her here another day.’He added

Jackson Kibor

Prominent Eldoret business man Jackson Kibor is a polygamist at heart.

Jackson Kibor

Kibor divorced his third wife Naomi Jeptoo Kibor in December 2018

Eunita Kibor, Kibor’s fourth wife. RIGHT: Josephine Jepkoech, Kibor’s second wife Photo/WINSTONE CHISEREMI

Kibor divorced his second wife Josphine Jepkoech in October last year. His first wife had died years ago.

Kibor and Naomi had been married for 43 years.

‘I wish you nothing but death,’ Daughter tells mother

A campus lady confessed to her mother that she wished her nothing but death because she felt her mother was not supportive enough to cater for her needs.

The girl believes a mother should support her child’s financial needs regardless. She let us in on her thoughts about her dispute with the mum.

She said

I hate you so much and I wish you nothing but death. Since I set my foot in campus you have done nothing but making my life miserable. At times I even wonder whether you are my real mother or I was a mistake in your life.

If I was a misfortune you could not have allowed me to this world to suffer. Did you forget abortion is there? I just pray that you could just vanish so that I know my suffering is due to your absence.

I swear I can just strangle you with my hands and live with that guilt of relieve.

This bitter lady uttered these words to her mother because she thought that she was not supportive enough to her needs.

She said the mother literally refused to pay her rent which led to her being thrown out of the house. Her mother is employed hence she saw no need for her not to cater for her basic needs.

Police probe murder of High court clerk attached to Justice Hellen Omondi

This led to her thinking of killing her mother because she was of no use to her life.

I rather suffer when you are dead than when you are alive, she told her mother.

The lady in question says that her mother was not proud of her going to University. She thinks that that is the reason why her mother hates her. The lady describes her mother to be the worst being that cannot relate well with people.

Family cries for justice over UN employee who murdered their daughter

The friends to the girl in question tried to talk to her but it seems she had made up her mind.

The fact remains that no matter what, she would still remain her mother but the lass rejected this statement.

We hope they can get past their differences and heal the mother-daughter relationship.

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Jare Ijalana is the 5-year-old Nigerian girl labeled ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’

Talk about Black Girl Magic! Jare Ijalana has been labeled the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’ after three portrait photos of her recently went viral on social media.


It was last week when wedding photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa based in Nigeria posted a series of her photos on her Instagram account.

Similarly, a few hours later, they received thousands of comments and likes on Jare’s magnificent beauty.

Media personality Kobi Kihara is blocking people on social media. She explains why…


Mofe Bamuyiwa, the photographer, captioned this photo:

‘Oh yes she’s human ! She’s also an angel ! “J A R E “
I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless !
I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes !
Posing them as adults ! Was my trick to create it a timeless portrait !
J A R E , when you clock 21 remember to do same pose and style.’

All in all, pretty much everyone who has laid eyes on her photos has been calling her, ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.’

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10 times TV personality Tracy Wanjiru showcased her impressive style (Photos)

TV personality Tracy Wanjiru, is well known for being a bubbly and fun-loving presenter for Teen Republic. She also doubles up as an MC.

Furthermore, she never disappoints when it comes to her sense of style and dressing.

The lady knows how to put an outfit together and look on point.

Here’s 10 times Tracy Wanjiru has completely killed it with her looks:





tracy1 (1)


‘They Made Fun Of Me, Look At Me Now,’ Beautiful TV Personality Cries






Haha! This Is The Crazy Thing That Njugush Did To Tracy Wanjiru That Left Everyone In Stiches

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Do I tell my girlfriend that I got another woman pregnant? Asks city man

A city man has found himself in hot soup after impregnating another woman despite having a girlfriend whom he wanted to propose to and settle down with.

The man in question fell into the trap of a malicious lady who had wanted to warm his bed for some time without success and not only did the lady succeed in laying the man but she also got pregnant for him.

The confused man whom Kenyans would term as a Fisi for his fornicating nature wrote,

“I have a lady I’m committed to, she’s in school and graduating soon, I’m planning to propose to her as soon as she graduates. She’s in another state while I live in Abuja. I also have another lady friend here in Abuja, a working class lady. She has always wanted an affair with me. She broke up with her ex early this year cos of genotype issues.

She visited me about a month ago, one thing led to another,  we had sex. The CD broke and I released into her. We went to a pharmacy immediately after to get postnor 2, however, she didn’t take the pills in my presence as she didn’t get down from her own car to the pharmacy with me. I just bought it, gave it to her, got into my car and drove off.”

Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

On visiting the lady’s house the man was shocked to learn that the lady is expectant and she has plans to disrupt his marriage plans to his main girlfriend.

He adds,

“So last week, she called that she wanted to see me, I went to her house, only for her to tell me she’s missed her period. That it was meant to come a week ago. I quickly asked her to go with me to a lab, lo and behold, she was pregnant. She swore she took the drugs immediately she got home when I accused her of not taking it. She knows about my fiancée and my plans to settle down with her. So I asked her what she wants to do with the pregnancy, she said she doesn’t want to be a baby mama.

Huyu ndio wife material: Mercy Masika shows Kenyan women how to dress


“That she would get rid of it except we’re getting married. She said she would send me the cost of the abortion after consulting with her doctor. I accepted initially, but after thinking about the situation, I told her I don’t want to be part of it, that I can’t be a party to abortion. Told her she should do whatever she wants to with the baby. Told her I can give her money for some other things but not for abortion. In anger, I told her I wash my hands off her plans. So today, I called to know if she’s gone ahead to abort the baby, she said it’s none of my business since I said I washed my hands off it.”

He concludes

“I’m confused, what should I do? Should I inform my fiancée about this lady and the pregnancy, should I just wait for some months to confirm if she did abort the baby or kept it before informing my fiancée? I don’t want to settle down with her cos she’s pregnant with my baby. Pls advice.”

Hii ndo inaitwa umama Fans tell MC Jessy after this photo emerged online

Here are some of the comments from readers who felt they needed to give the man in question a piece of their mind

adaheze: See how stupid you are? You’re washing your hands off. If you can’t take responsibility of your actions, do not engage in premarital sex. Child.
ijijebaby: U are not a good man how will u tell her that u hands are off her because she is pregnant plz call that Lady and tell her not to abort that baby for u cause that is God blessing.

jeminat_temitope: If u don’t want to be part of abortion then u must be the latest baby dad in town cos u are responsible for everything that happens and it’s better u tell ur fiancee now than her knowing later. Thank you

oke_official300: Learn to think about consequences of your actions next time
chiamakachymmafavour: U washed ur hands but secretly wanted her to do the abortion… selfish untamed human mtchweew

joyfulhart2000: Both of you are wrong, though she just wanted to hook you with pregnancy . You can’t wash your hands off it. Go and sort things with her.
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Anxiety can be inherited from your parents – Scientists

New research suggests children may inherit brain traits from their anxious parents that make them susceptible to the same mental health condition.

Patterns of anxiety in families have long been observed by psychologists.

But, most research suggests that the similarities are due more to ‘nurture’ than genetic ‘nature.’

Meanwhile, a new examination of brain structures in anxious families of monkeys was conducted by the University of Wisconsin.

It identified at least 1 inherited brain circuit that plays an important role in the development of anxiety, according to Daily Mail.

They found anxious parents and their children shared inherited connections.

And, uncommonly close connections between brain parts that generate a fear response.


Bishop Allan Kiuna celebrates wife with this beautiful message on her birthday

What became clear for mental health conditions is most develop through a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Dr Fox of the University of California and his collaborators at University of Wisconsin decided to look for the brain structures that might distinguish young Rhesus monkey’s temperament from others.

He and his team estimate that the paralyzing shyness and ‘anxiety temperaments’ of the baby monkeys were about 30% inherited from their parents.

Furthermore, he cautions that this doesn’t mean they have found the root of all anxiety, or even the root of some anxiety.

Otile Brown drops new jam ‘Baby Love’ with Vera Sidika as the video vixen

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Lilian Muli to Churchill, here are celebs who were video vixens

Being a video vixen in Kenya has become a serious job. What you might not know is that some celebrities were vixens even before the world knew what it was.

Below is the list

1.Kamene Goro

Kamene is the latest celebrity to be a video vixen in a music video.

She featured in jam ‘Figa’ which is done by Ethic.

Kamene Goro spoke about stalking and other issues

2.Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has been a video Vixen not once but twice.

Vera became a sensation for the first time after appearing in the video ‘You Guy’  by P Unit .

The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Fast forward Vera went to become a vixen for her ex boyfriend Otile Brown in his video ‘Baby Love’.

The song was so warmly received by the fans and it has so far garnered  8,580,721 views.

3.Lilian Muli

Believe it or not Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli was once a video vixen for Kamba artiste Kasolo.

Lilian appeared as a vixen for the first time in the video ‘Kyaa Kya Ngai’

Lilian Muli looking glorious

Check out the posh house of businessman Paul Kobia – Photos

4.Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has also been a vixen in a video for the song Mdogo Mdogo by the musician SKay.

She was doing what most ladies are dying to do now and she did not make a fuss about it.

Betty Kyallo in the dress

5.Huddah Monroe

Back in day when no one knew who Huddah was she featured as a vixen in the song ‘Ukweli’ which was done by Propesa.

Huddah Monrioe

When she later joined the A-list league of video vixens she was one of the main characters in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

6.Sabina Chege

The Muranga woman rep was a video vixen.

The famous John De Mathews has hit songs and his famous “Njata Yakwa” has our very own Sabina Chege as his video vixen.


We now know Churchill as a force to be reckoned with in the media industry but few of us know that one of Churchill’s first video was as the ‘ningependa kutuma salamu’ in Rufftone’s hit song ‘Mwikulu’.



In 2004 DJ Mo starred as one of the ‘video vixens’ with the coolest moves in Father Mbuyu’s video ‘Ruo Rwa Korogocho’ (pain of Korogocho slums) shot in Baba Ndogo.

Dj Mo
Gospel Dj Mo

In the video DJ Mo is in a white shirt and a knitted cap because he was such a huge fan of King Kaka formerly Rabbit/Kaka Sungura.

Mwalimu Rachel

Many don’t know that our favourite teacher was once a video vixen in Nonini’s ‘Pole Pole’

Mwalimu Racheal


Mike Mondo reveals why four women hold a special place in his heart

Mike Mondo has revealed the women who have stood by him even before the media world knew of his existence. Among them is his mothers best friend.

Mondo attributes his radio career to Rahab Mwendwa, his mother’s  best friend.

He stated that Mwendwa was the first person who encouraged him to start doing radio after noting that he had the personality, voice, and charisma to succeed in the industry.

She was the first person to push me to do radio given that I had the character and the personality for it.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

During a recent interview Mondo praised  his grandmother, Mary Mwamodo for instilling a sense togetherness and resilience in the family unit.

In my house there is no man or woman so everyone has to work,She taught me how to cook and bake.

There was a time I went through a crazy face and so my grand mother taught me all these things.

Mondo described his mother as a strong woman who managed to raise four boys on her own after his father passed away.

He narrated how when his father passed, his mother was not working and had to get back into the job market and find a way to put all her children to school up to university.

Poll: If Maina Kageni roasted maize in Muthurwa, would women date him?

Mike also mentioned his auntie Elizabeth Mwangi, who took them in during a difficult period in their family journey.

He stated that Mwangi took care of him during his entire university days and early on when he started working, where she would provide bus fare and food among other essentials

‘There is a time we had no roof over our head and she took us in. My mum was working in Botswana and we were left in Nairobi and she took us in.

For my entire campus life she was my mum. Bus fare, food to my first ever job she was always there.

My son and daughter are my friends up to date.

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Exclusive: Joho’s barbers reveal why they charge 10,000 per cut

Eric One Wash and Dufanda are the envy of many after they shared that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho pays them a whooping 10,000 per session.

In an exclusive interview the duo says that Joho is just one of the many celebrities they work with.

Joho is however not the only celebrity I have worked with. I have shaved Victor Wanyama, Mariga, Ommy Dimpoz, Nandy  and Diamond Platnumz.

My style is makes me unique from other barbers. I am the best in Africa.

‘Kenyans pretend to celebrate Lupita yet they ignored her before’ City man

joho 7

Ommy Dimpoz and Juma Jux are however hard to work with because they do not like mistakes, they are perfectionists.

On how he ended up as a barber he says

I used to be good in drawing while in school so I combined my art with my profession.

Below are photos of the stylish barbers.

Dufala,Governor Joho's barber
Dufanda,Governor Joho’s barber
image-2019-04-29 (10) (1)
Eric One Wash,Governor Joho’s barber

image-2019-04-29 (8) (1)

image-2019-04-29 (11) (1)

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Family Goals: Meet Kirk Franklin’s beautiful family (photos)

Kirk Franklin is loved world wide for his uplifting gospel music and his energetic performances.

Behind the scenes he is a doting father and husband.

The 48-year-old has not had it easy after his parents gave him up for adoption, and only months ago he forgave his father after a long time.

Speaking about it he wrote

Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live. I’ve lived my entire life hating this man. He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good enough….to this very day. I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own.

Anyang Nyongo’s son breaks the internet after posing in women’s lingerie (photos)


Kirk Franklin forgives his father years after his parents gave him up for adoption

Growing up without his biological parents has not dampened his spirit and he has done his best to be the best dad he can to his four kids.

His children are Caziah Franklin, Kennedy Franklin, Kerrion Franklin and Carrington Franklin.

Below are photos of his beautiful family




Kirks Franklin’s wife and daughter

‘Most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth’ Akothee’s daughter on why she is not dating







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Depression, fear, timing: Reasons why some celebs are yet to bear kids

Motherhood is a journey most people love to experience and despite some not wanting to be mothers we can’t help but wonder what kind of mothers they’d be.

Would they scold or spoil their kids? That is something we can’t answer as we have to wait and see.


Below are celebrities who are yet to become mothers.

  1. Sheila Mwanigha

It’s undeniable that Sheila Mwanyigha is a beautiful woman, to top it all she is hard working a go-getter and we are sure if she was to get kids of her own they would be drop-dead gorgeous.

She had in the past talked on wanting twins

“My mum always tells me that marriage is God’s plan and He brings someone when one is ready and that being married is not synonymous with happiness.”

She added that she would also love to have children,

“I have a niece and she is the love of my life. I would love to have my own someday, maybe twin boys.”



2. Joey Muthengi

The celebrated TV host has both beauty and brains. If she was to become a mother we feel she would make very cute babies.

She had however in the past said that kids were not in her list of priorities.

Partly in an interview with Yvonne Aoll, Joey was asked if she wants kids and she said no,

‘I’m not having any. I don’t want any.I also don’t think motherhood is an easy job. My sister has kids, my brother has a kid, it’s work.’

She added,

‘My parents have accepted it. It took my mum a while to accept that I don’t want kids, she thought it was just a phase, but now she’s come to terms with it. So, my parents and I are fine.’

Joey Muthengi

3. Corazon Kwamboka

The lawyer turned socialite has one of the most curvaceous bodies out there. A true figure 8.

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree and you can imagine how beautiful or handsome her kids would be.


Corazon Kwamboka

4. Lola Hannigan

The former TV host has the looks, the brains and a body to die for. It would be crazy to eliminate her from this list after all don’t they say kids pick after their mothers?


5. Vera Sidika

Even  Otile Brown was infatuated with this woman!

Vera Sidika has in the past hinted that she wouldn’t mind being a mother, but we are yet to see the results of that wish.

“When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids,” Vera recently wrote on her social media.

Vera Sidika
Before and after of Vera Sidika

6. Lupita Nyong’o

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice is a phrase that best encapsulates the first African woman to win an Oscar. She did so by playing the role of a slave.

In the movie, you couldn’t tell that a pretty woman lay underneath all the scars and tears but there was one.

It’s not clear whether she wants or does not want to be a mother though.


7. Sanaipei Tande

The radio presenter started out as with the musical group called SEMA and has since flourished and branched out onto a somewhat successful solo career.

Sanaipei is a beauty to behold, curvy, confident and smart imagine what her babies would look like? She has in the past said she would love kids of her own.

“I would love to have a family, have somebody to take care of, because, let’s be honest about it, as a woman when we get past the age of 30, you start to feel a sense of loneliness.

And there is a lack of meaning to your life because there is nobody to live for, nobody to do things for. I look forward to that,”

8 Huddah Monroe

The socialite who started out on Big Brother is now an established “boss woman” and is still as beautiful to look at as she was when in her early twenties.

Despite altering her looks a little (what money can do) Huddah is and was a beauty going by her past photos. She would make cute babies.

We can’t wait for her to be a mum.

Huddah had in the past expressed her fear of becoming a single mum.

“It’s just sad that people crave to be baby mommas and baby daddies. No longer – MOM and DAD typa family settings…. and you wonder what’s the next generation gone be like?

For those asking why I’m not having a kid yet…. I’m waiting on God’s timing – plus MY BIGGEST fear in life is to be a single mom.

I CANT raise my kids without a father. Or a father figure. It’s important to me that my kids have their dad there,” she said. 

Huddah Monroe-mpasho


9. Chiki Kuruka

Chiki is the fiancee of Sauti Sol member Bien and damn gal got looks.

Her fiancee Bien had recently hinted that babies will have to wait as they have too much on their table.

According to Bien, there is still time to date, get to know each other better before the kids come.

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10. Anita Nderu

She is sassy, classy and beautiful and to top it all she is book smart.

Who wouldn’t make such a woman the mother of his kids? Whether girls or boys we are sure her kids would make most ovaries twerk.

Anita has however in the past said that she would only become a mother when she knows she can take care of a kid.

‘I don’t think most people realize how big of a responsibility having children is. So I am not willing to bring anyone into this world until I am sure I can take care of them.’ Anita said

Anita has in the passed opened up on battling depression.

Anita Nderu-mpasho

Everyone has their opinions but mine are always right!

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