Take your pick ladies: Here are the most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2019

We take a look at celebs who have either joined the world as single men, or are yet to hook up nor get married. Who would you consider to date/marry?.

1. Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki, Sean is among the most eligible bachelors not only in Africa but also in Kenya.

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

2. Juma Jux

With his melodious tunes, a body worth being on the cover of magazines, who wouldn’t want such a man for a husband.

It’s better to get a handsome man and get beautiful babies whom you will happily look at than marry an ‘ugly” guy and end up with the double tragedy of being a single mother to not so appealing kids, after all even ugly guys cheat.

Jux is currently dating a ‘mzungu’ after breaking up with Tanzanian star Vanessa Mdee.

‘He became very hostile,’ Pascal Tokodi on being conned by a house agent

Juma Jux
Juma Jux


3. Larry Madowo

BBC journalist is among Kenya’s eligible bachelors.

For a man earning a six salary figure he is bound to attract lots of women but he has not found the ‘One’.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

4. Savara

He may be in the limelight locally and internationally, but Savara who is a member of Sauti Sol band, has not found the right woman to convince him put a ring on it.

So ladies go ahead and try your luck.


‘He can’t rise to the occasion’ Women share humiliating viagra incidents

5. Chimano

His voice alone is enough to woo a woman.

The member of Sauti Sol boys band is still single and up for grabs,so ladies be woke.



6. Nviiri

Nviiri the storyteller is also among Kenya’s most eligible bachelors. His talent and music skills is a plus given that no woman loves a dumb man for a husband.


7.Idris Sultan

Tanzanian actor cum comedian Idris Sultan is an eye candy and a single one for that matter.

He is all shades of perfect, Tall, well built, handsome and smart. What more can a woman ask for?

Idriss Sultan
Idriss Sultan

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Family Goals: Meet Kirk Franklin’s beautiful family (photos)

Kirk Franklin is loved world wide for his uplifting gospel music and his energetic performances.

Behind the scenes he is a doting father and husband.

The 48-year-old has not had it easy after his parents gave him up for adoption, and only months ago he forgave his father after a long time.

Speaking about it he wrote

Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live. I’ve lived my entire life hating this man. He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good enough….to this very day. I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own.

Anyang Nyongo’s son breaks the internet after posing in women’s lingerie (photos)


Kirk Franklin forgives his father years after his parents gave him up for adoption

Growing up without his biological parents has not dampened his spirit and he has done his best to be the best dad he can to his four kids.

His children are Caziah Franklin, Kennedy Franklin, Kerrion Franklin and Carrington Franklin.

Below are photos of his beautiful family




Kirks Franklin’s wife and daughter

‘Most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth’ Akothee’s daughter on why she is not dating







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‘I’d gotten used to disappointments’ Gabrielle Union on years of infertility

Gabrielle Union recently opened on the challenges women battling infertility deal with herself included.

The mother of one has had 9 miscarriages and several failed IVF attempts.

According to Gabriel, not being a mother should not be a measure of a woman’s worth. Adding that events such as Mother’s day only increases pain for ‘childless’ women.

The actress who was on a promotional tour for her latest series L.A.’S finest says

I think for a lot of people who have been on a fertility journey, Mother’s Day brings so much pain.

It just feels like a sick joke, of all of your, “I’m using my finger quotes here,” “failures” as a woman. 

‘And when people are like, ‘You’re not complete until you become a mom,” and you’re like, “D***, do I have any worth?” So Mother’s Day just brings all of that up.

Celebrity parents who are turning parenthood into business!

Gabrielle Union with her husband and daughter.
Gabrielle Union with her husband and daughter.

Gabriel adds

So trying to keep that in mind, you know at 46, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, my family were like, “Well, You’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day with the boys as a step mother!”

I was like, “But there is no Step Mother’s Day. You gotta stay in your lane.”‘

‘Ya, I’m doing the work, I’m in the trenches but it’s not my day.

With Kaav, it felt like this is a day that I’m okay to celebrate loud and proud and stand out front. But I also tried not to lose sight of .

For a lot of people it’s a very painful day.

On mothers day Gabrielle shared a post on how she had gotten used to heartbreak and disappointments before her daughter was born.

I’ve cried so many times today for so many reasons, mainly because I’d gotten accustomed to heartbreak and disappointment. I think alot of us live in that space.

I set up shop there. This moment reminded me that miracles do happen. You cant age out of joy. You are worthy. You are worthy.

You are worthy. Sending so much love today to all the mamas, stepmamas, grandmas, aunties real and play, daddies, friends and anyone who has taken the time to nurture another living soul.

I see you, I gotchu. And to those who have lost their mamas, grandmas, mother figures, sending extra love and light and hugs your way. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Source:Daily Mail

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Natural ways of boosting your fertility

Infertility is really a big threat to relationship especially to married couples. A happy family is complete when there are children in it. There are various natural ways of boosting fertility which includes observing your diet. They include;


It is generally healthy for one to have a healthy nutritious diet. One is required to feed more on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and protein foods. This is because these foods contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants help in deactivating the free radicals that can damage both the sperm and egg cell which can cause infertility. It is also recommended to eat a bigger breakfast before starting the day as it may improve hormonal balance.

 ‘I made the decision too late’ Eunice Njeri on walking out of her marriage

Eating heavy meals in the evening can also lead to overweight. Foods rich in fibre is also important as it helps to keep the blood sugar balanced and also gets rid of excess hormones that can lead to infertility.

It is also important to eat foods with lower carbs as they help to reduce insulin levels and helps in menstrual regularity. This makes your fertility on a safer level.

Tokeo la picha la dieting

Healthy weight

Always observe your weight when feeding, you should not be either overweight or underweight. When you are overweight or underweight, you have high chances of having longer cycle lengths hence difficult to get pregnant.

When you are overweight it means that you got a lot of fats in your body and it influences your menstrual function. Studies state that obese women have lower chances of getting pregnant.

‘Every marriage has a price to pay’ Says Muliro’s ex husband Eric Omba

However, it is possible for one to acquire the required health weight. This is by engaging in exercising on a daily basis. When you engage in exercises it makes your body active hence reducing chances of infertility in your body.

Tokeo la picha la workout

Take time to relax

It is important to have time to relax once in a while. When you are stressed, depressed or working under high pressure you are not likely to conceive.

This is due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body when stressed. Have some time to rest once a while and have enough sleep and avoid overworking yourself.


Tokeo la picha la relaxing

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‘I had given up on ever having children of our own’ Dj Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Babies After Wife’s Battle With PCOs

Celebrated gospel DJ  Soxxy opened up about the struggle they went through as a couple to conceive, due to his wife’s medical history with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) .

Born Jackson Kamau but known to many as Soxxy, the gospel DJ has been married to Anne Kamau for the last 6 years and together they have two kids. The couple who got married in June 2014, had their life planned out but what they did not know is that GOD had other plans for them.


He says

Like any relationship, it has not been easy. I remember when we were getting to know each other, she confided in me that she may never be able to have children because of a condition she had, called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). At that point, I didn’t even consider what she had just told me because having children or not was not a big deal to me and at that point I hadn’t thought she was going to be my wife. Perhaps it was love that was clouding my judgement, because after all, they say love makes you do and say very foolish things.”

‘If I’m destined to die on a certain day, nothing can change that’ Says DPP Noordin Haji as he confesses on being sent threats by Al Shabaab

In the beginning of the young marriage, the couple had decided to delay getting kids so that they could at least enjoy each others company. That did not bother DJ Soxxy, but it did bother his wife. He says

“Once in a while she would hint that we should start trying for a child but I would be adamant because we had agreed on how long we will wait. Slowly Anne began to get depressed and the roughest season in our marriage began.”

DJ Soxxy and his wife

Anne’s depression was the push that Soxxy needed to start trying for a baby

I gave in and we started trying for a baby. In that season I realized why people say “mtoto ni zawadi kutoka kwa Mungu.” (Children are a gift from God). We always assume that it’s the contraceptive that allows you or keeps you from not being able to conceive but alas, I came to realize that conception is one of those things only God, the Giver of life, can do.”

Days passed, weeks, months, years yet nothing. All this time Soxxy’s wife was on constant medical attention, moving from one drug to another and yet none of the interventions were working.

The frustrations, helplessness began causing a rift in their young marriage because Anne felt like he was not supporting her enough.

I did not know what else to do, considering I always accompanied her to her doctor’s appointments, listened to her when she needed to vent and gave her a shoulder to cry on.”

Jacque Maribe’s friends are nowhere to be seen despite her arrest and here is what Classic 105’s fans think about it:Audio

Their  house became a warehouse for pregnancy test kits because apparently his wife felt kits sold locally were substandard and sent a friend in the UK to buy her dozens of pregnancy kits.

On the issue of PCOS DJ Soxxy says,

“The problem with the PCOS condition is that the hormones lie to the body that it is pregnant, hence at times when my wife would do the home test, the kit would show that she is pregnant only for her hopes to be shattered when she goes to the gynaecologist and she is told there was nothing.”

He continues

“At one point, I began wondering if perhaps I was the one who had a problem (not a very common thought among our species). You know we always laugh about the phrase “shooting blanks” but at that point this had stopped being a laughing matter. I started researching about it and looking around to find out if there was any man in my circles who had ever gone for a fertility procedure and what it entailed.”


He adds that with time [email protected] which was supposed to be enjoyed turned into a dread session given that he started feeling inadequate.DJ Soxxy says

“I started feeling like an “insufficient” sperm donor. The doctors advise did not help me much as he recommended that we have sex on a schedule. Trust me even though this may have meant more sex it wasn’t as good as it sounds. Woe unto me if I came home late or dared to say I was tired! That would be cause for us to fight for the rest of the month and yes still perform my “rightful duty” nonetheless. She even started doing weird things like keeping her legs up for like 30 minutes after a session to assist the “boys” swim deeper. (There are things we men will never understand 🙂).”

Trouble conceiving affected the couple so much to the extent of them avoiding social gatherings or even the church to avoid uninvited questions.

How DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gave Birth To 2 Kids After Suffering From This Terrible Infertility Disease

“My wife didn’t want people asking her why we were ‘keeping them’ and not getting babies. Anytime someone jokingly commented “Mumetuweka sana, mnangojea nini?” (Why are you keeping us waiting), I knew that was the end of that day and the week ahead would be hell.”

This went on for months. More tears, more pregnancy tests, more doctors’ visits until the doctor finally made the call and told them, ”I have done everything possible as a doctor to help you guys conceive and now we need to look at other alternatives.

He gave  two options; we try IVF (In Vitro Fertilization- an assisted reproductive technology of fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm sample, and then manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish) or surgery both of which were still not 100% guarantee.”

Soxxy adds

“At this point Anne and I had given up on ever having children of our own and all we could do is pray and wait. I remember coming home from work in December only to find 3 pregnancy kits on our bed all indicating positive – I would know! I had become somewhat an expert pregnancy kit reader. I asked whose pregnancy kits they were as if they could have been someone else’s.”


Even with the evidence of the three kits, the couple refrained from getting too excited to avoid dashed hopes. The couple decided to give it sometime before visiting a gynaecologist.

We were pregnant! The doctor was possibly more excited about the good news than we were. What a journey!  “People often lightly say that the final report is not the doctors, but God’s.” For us these words will remain very dear for ages to come.

The couple is now blessed with two kids Eliana Wairimu whom they consider a miracle baby and Ethan Wambage.

DJSoxxy's miracle baby Eliana Wanjiku
DJ Soxxy’s miracle baby Eliana Wanjiku

He is a proud father and a true manifestation that miracles indeed do happen.

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From chapo chafua to teargas! Sheng words used in food kibandas

When Kamande wa Kioi sang ‘Karanga Chapo’, he said most people go to a hotel and take a soda and leave because they don’t understand the language used.

Sheng is now everywhere, even in hotels. Vibandas around our workplaces is a good example.

Most people use the language to fit in the class of people at that particular place.

‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale

fatty foods 2

Mary, a kibanda (better known as kibandaski) seller in Westlands, told the Star she interacts with more than 50 people daily.

She has a food joint and most casual labourers go there for lunch.

“People who visit here are from all walks of lives, and it always helps using the language with them.

Customers are happy if we understand each other. Some even come with hard names, which sometimes I don’t know the meaning of.

But when we communicate, they make me understand what they want,” she said.

Here are some of the Sheng words used in our local food joints.

Kamcheti – rice,

Githeri is ballast, kokoto or ridhgez.

Chapo – handkerchief

Ugali is plaster.

Omena-Kisumu girls.

Fish – Kisumu boys

Njiva– fries,chips

Maziwa mala– Mgando,

Block bread– mattress.

Karara – Half a chapati.

When they ask for teargas, don’t run away, they are simply requesting for pilipili, while Dubai sausage is mutura,” Mary said.

Rolex is a chapati rolled with an egg,

madondo or nyagah is beans, while chafua or nyeshea is chapati with beans soup.

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‘The pressure became too much’ – David Rudisha on battle with alcoholism

Double Olympic Champion David Rudisha has opened up on coping with personal tragedy and battle with divorce and alcohol in his career.

During a candid interview with the BBC, Rudisha vowed he has put all his challenges behind and is firmly focused on a full recovery.

Local celebrities whose careers took a nose dive due to their battle with alcoholism

Rudisha took to alcohol to try and overcome the myriad of challenges that were heavily stacking up in his life including being off the track and parting with his wife Elizabeth Naanyu in 2016.

“The pressure became too hard. I used to hang out with friends and party a lot,” Rudisha told BBC.


Perhaps the most devastating and recent blow to the athlete came earlier this year in March when he lost his father, Daniel Rudisha, whom he described as his biggest source of inspiration in his career.

Local celebrities whose careers took a nose dive due to their battle with alcoholism

 He died two weeks ago from heart attack at Nakuru War Memorial Hospital. The elder Rudisha himself was a stellar athlete who represented Kenya at the highest level internationally.

The late Rudisha represented the country during the 1964 Commonwealth Games in 1964 in Kingston, Jamaica.

“He played a big role in my life. He gave me the passion to love the sport and taught me discipline and respect towards fellow athletes,” Rudisha said.

David Rudisha
David Rudisha and his dad

The Olympic champion said his father was his greatest strength and encouraged even when he failed – something which Rudisha says made him be the star he is today.

In 1968 alongside Hezekiah Nyamao, Charles Asati and the late Naftali Bon, Rudisha won silver in the 4×400 relay.

Daniel Rudisha’s greatest accolade came during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich where he won gold with Charles Asati, Hezekiah Nyamao, Robert Ouko and the late Julius Sang in the relay event.

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Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

Polygamy is no longer a thing of the past as more and more men are adopting the culture. While some are married to two, others are married to three women.

Below is a list of Kenya’s most prominent polygamists, some have opted to keep their wives off the limelight.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya’s founding father and father to the current Kenyan President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a polygamous man, He was married to four wives.

His first wife was the late Grace Wahu, Edna Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and lastly Ngina Kenyatta who she sired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ,his son Uhuru and former President Daniel Arap Moi

Boni Khalwale

Former Kakamega SEnator Boni Khalwale is married to three wives.

His first wife was  Adelide , the second Jospehine and Diana Khalwale.

Adeline succumbed to Pulmonary Hypertension after 39 years of marriage to the prominent politician.

khalwale- classic 105
Boni Khalwale

Oscar Sudi

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi is among Kenyan politicians who are polygamous.

Sudi is married to Lilian Sudi and Ann Sudi.

Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

 John De Mathew

The late Mugithi Maestro John Demathew was a proud husband to two wives whom he acknowledged until the moment he took his last breath.

Sarafina Wairimu Mwangi was John’s first wife while Caroline was the second.

John De Mathews wives
John De Mathews wives

 Francis Atwoli

COTU Boss Francis Atwoli is among Kenyan men who are proudly polyamous.

Atwoli is currently married to TV host Mary Kilobi who is his third wife.


‘My dad Jared is not a sponsor,’ Akothee’s daughter Rue warns fisilets

Wycliffe Oparanya

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya is not only a man of the people but also a man with a big heart.

He has two wives namely Priscillah Oparanya and Caroline Oparanya.

Wycliffe Oparanya-Classic 105
Wycliffe Oparanya

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria

The vibrant politician is married to three wives and he is not shy to flaunt them.

He caused a storm weeks ago after introducing 2 of his 3 wives during a public rally.

Gikaria and his two wives-Classic 105

Taking to the stage, the lawmaker who showered the senator with praises noted the event would not end without him acknowledging his wives since it was a women’s event.

‘I am the Nakuru Town East MP and when one has a wife he has to acknowledge.

I have several Nakuru Town East First ladies let me introduce my first ladies to you.’

He noted that one of his wives was not present at the function suggesting she had just welcomed a new baby.

‘This one is Veronicah Wairimu, She is number one, and this one is number two, number three is not here but I will bring her here another day.’He added

Jackson Kibor

Prominent Eldoret business man Jackson Kibor is a polygamist at heart.

Jackson Kibor

Kibor divorced his third wife Naomi Jeptoo Kibor in December 2018

Eunita Kibor, Kibor’s fourth wife. RIGHT: Josephine Jepkoech, Kibor’s second wife Photo/WINSTONE CHISEREMI

Kibor divorced his second wife Josphine Jepkoech in October last year. His first wife had died years ago.

Kibor and Naomi had been married for 43 years.

Do’s and Don’ts when visiting your mother-in law this holiday

The holidays are almost here and most women are preparing to be taken to visit their mothers-in-law to be and here is how to leave an impression.

1. Stay Offline

You might be tempted to spend your days on the couch catching up on your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook post but dare not.

Don’t let your mother-in-law assume you are a useless potato couch who has nothing to offer. Make yourself useful.

2. Offer to Pray for meals and before sleep

We all know that he prayer can move mountains, so before you are even asked offer to pray you never know it might soften even the hardest of hearts.

3. Dress  appropriately

The temptation to rock booty shorts may be high but hold it down girl,Your  In-laws have seen enough tender things to get swayed by your.

So wrap a leso or wear something decent otherwise your in-law might start asking the son kama alioa kahaba (prostitute).

4. Help with house chores

Slay queens this is meant for you, there is nothing like Pizza when you go to your mother-in-law. Don’t let her know you don’t feed her son well.

Utawachwa ubaki mataani.

Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

5. Avoid gossip

The best way to make your mother-in-law fall in love with you is to avoid joining other girls in the village to gossip.

You would rather gossip with her, hio hawezi mind.

6. Abstain from pekejeng

I know this idea may sound really bad but what is better than making your MIL to think you are practising abstinence?

Waiting a few days wouldn’t hurt. It’s better than waking up to stares over all the weird noises you were making at night during your escapades.


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African artistes whom you didn’t know were prominent politicians

Politics is becoming more and more enticing for artistes with scores joining the field during elections.

Some have been in office for two terms.

The trend is picking up not only in Kenya but in Africa as a whole.

Below is a list of artistes and actors who successfully ventured into politics.

  1. Desmond Elliot
Elliot, who is known for his acting prowess on Nigerian Movies, declared his intentions in September 2014 to run for Lagos State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress.

He contested and won the Surulere Constituency in the 11 April 2015 Nigerian General Elections.

Elliot was recently re-elected as the winner of the Surulere 1 state Constituency election in Lagos State.

Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

Desmond Elliot-classic 105

2. Professor Jay

The celebrated Tanzanian artiste is the Member of Parliament for MIKUMI constituency.

He is well known for songs such as ‘Yatapita’ ‘Hapo Vipi’ among others.

He is still involved in music having released a song three weeks ago.

professor jay
professor jay

Below is the link


3. Bobi Wine

Ugandan artiste Bobi Wine is among artistes who ventured successfully into politics.

Jaguar ditched the music and joined politics for the first time, emerging the winner of the Member of Parliament seat for Starehe Constituency in 2017.

He revealed that come 2021 he will vie for Presidency.

bobi wine after arrest


Marriage magic! From Uhuru to Raila, politicians married for over 25 years

4. Charles Njagua Kanyi

Jaguar ditched the music and joined politics for the first time, emerging the winner of the Member of Parliament seat for Starehe Constituency in 2017.

He is no longer active in music, unlike his counterparts.

Mheshimiwa Jaguar
Mheshimiwa Jaguar in a file photo

Jaguar’s best song was ‘Kigeugeu’ which he sang before he became an MP

5. Banky W

Popular musician and actor, Olubankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W hold the position of House of Representatives.

He won during the 2019 general election.

He was declared the flag bearer of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP) for Eti-Osa Federal House Of Representatives.

He is well celebrated with his songs being listened to by millions.

Banky W

Below is one of his most listened to song.

6. Jose Chameleone

Popular Ugandan afrobeat artist, Jose Chameleon confirmed his interest in politics as he eyes one of the top seats in Uganda’s next general elections.

Speaking to journalist at DNA Lounge in Kampala, the singer announced he would be vying for the Kampala Lord Mayor Seat come 2021.

Jose Chameleone and his wife-Classic 105

Below is a video of Chameleone doing what he loves best.

7. John Kiarie alias KJ

KJ was best known for his stint on Redykulas years ago, he, however, decided to venture into politics and he is currently the Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South.



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Fractured hands, maggots infestation… Gory details of Tob Cohen’s murder

Postmortem examination results released on Friday revealed that a blow to the right side of the head is what killed Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen.

It has now emerged that the late Dutch businessman Tob Cohen died from a severe head trauma inflicted by a blunt object.

Detectives found the body at his Kitisuru home almost two months after he had been reported missing.

“The body was of a male adult of Caucasian race who had been preserved by refrigeration and was decomposing….in a black Polyethylene bag, yellow Polyethylene bag and red Polyethylene bag,” the report reads.


Daggy Fresh to Alice of Shoppers, here are photos of Classic 105 fans

Some parts of the body were found to be decomposed with maggot infestation while the eyes had been blindfolded, hands and feet bound with a rope at the neck.

Both hands were fractured with overlaying bruises while his upper lip was found to be torn on the inside.

The body of the Cohen was found on Friday afternoon – eight weeks after his disappearance – in an empty water tank. It was wrapped with many layers of black plastic.


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700K per term! Kenyan schools where celebs educate their kids

Education investment in something some Kenyan parents are taking seriously.They have chose to spend hundreds of thousands and even millions as school fees.

Below are some of the kids and where they school

1. Ladasha– Montessori Learning Centre.

Ladasha Wambui, daughter to gospel spinmaster DJ Mo and gospel artiste Size 8 studies at Montessori Learning Centre.

It’s located along Grevillea Groove, off Brookside Drive, in Westlands, Nairobi.

The school which was established in 1998 teaches using the British National Curriculum.

It’s divided into Kindergarten and Preparatory School. The Kindergarten School has three sections; Infant class ( 6 month+).

Toddler class ( 2 years+), and Preschooler( 4 years+). The preparatory school consists of Junior Prep (years 2-4), Middle Prep (years 5-6), and Senior Prep (years 7-8).

‘We’ll miss you’ friends and fans bid goodbye to Citizens Hussein Mohamed

montessori school fees 2019-Classic 105

2. George Ikua – Kiota school

According to our sources, the kids to the late TV presenter Janet Kanini Ikua and George Ikua study at Kiota school.

The late Janet and husband George Ikua during a photo shoot

Its located on Denis Pritt Road, Nairobi. 

Kiota School fees structure

Apart from the school fees, there are other optional fees for students who want to pick up sports.

Ballet dance-Ksh 3000

Musical Instrument – Ksh 5000

Taekwondo-Ksh 4000

Roller Skating –Ksh 5000

Monkeynastix -Ksh 5000 plus an annual registration fee of Ksh 1000

French-Ksh 4000

Little Einsteins club- Ksh 5000 plus an annual fee of Ksh 2000

Tennis –Ksh 4000

Check out photos of former Tahidi High actor Ephy Saint and his adorable daughter

3. Creme de La Creme – Riara School.

Creme who is known for his prowess on the decks is a father of two, a son and a daughter who study at Riara school.


Other celebrities whose kids study at Riara include DJ Kriss Darlin.


As you might known Riara is just not your school next door.

Below is how much you will have to cough to keep your child there.

Reception school-63,000*3=189,000
Inter-mediate- 67,000*3 =201,000
Pre-Primary- 69,000*3=207,000
Standard 1-2:79,000*3=237,000
Standard 3-4: 87,000*3=261,000
Standard 5-6:93,000*3=279,000
Standard 7-8:101,000*3=303,000
Caution fee-Ksh 10,000

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Unajua songstress Wendy Kimani

4. Terryanne Chebet’s Daughter Imani – Pembroke House School

The daughter to media personality, Terry Anne Chebet, Imani goes to Pembroke House School which offers the British National Curriculum.

To guarantee a place at Pembroke House, a joining fee of Ksh 150,000 per child is required.

However, 50% of this fee is refunded after the final term.

Terry Anne Chebet taking some time off with her daughters Imani and Talaa
Terry Anne Chebet taking some time off with her daughters Imani and Talaa

Located just outside luxury area Gilgil, Pembroke’s term fees start from Ksh 84,4888 per term.

This then amounts to more than Ksh 2 million per year, for years 3-8 and Kshs 726,000 per term for Nursery school.

5. Julie Gichuru

Media personality Julie Gichuru is doing a good job investing in her kid’s education.

Her kids go to Brookhouse School located along Langáta Road in Nairobi.

Julie-Gichuru-and-familyJulie-Gichuru-and-family in a past photo

Brookhouse School fees as we all know is pretty steep with the school fees ranging from 490,000-875,000 for years 2-5 and 6-8 paying 535,000 for day scholars and 920,000 Kshs for boarders.

brook-house-school fees 2019 brook-house-2-1

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‘I yelled, I begged,’ Kibera man tells of how his daughter was gang raped

A Kenyan man has narrated how he begged intruders to spare his 13-year-old daughter, as they dragged her into the night and gang-raped her.

But that was not before they repeatedly drove nails into his head.

The man said the thugs quickly ransacked the house, picking valuables such as phones while another went into the bedroom where his daughter was.

“It was the night of February 4, 2014, when a group of men hit my door with a big stone sending it gaping. Some got inside while two remained at the door to keep guard.

He was badly scarred and left for dead.” the father told a Kibera court on Friday.

SUSPECTS: Nelson Vasereze (R), Charles Onzere and Abdi Mutua in a Kibera court on Friday. Image: CLAUSE MASIKA
SUSPECTS: Nelson Vasereze (R), Charles Onzere and Abdi Mutua in a Kibera court on Friday.

He said the man came out of the bedroom pulling his daughter, but when he pleaded with them to release her, it only earned him a nail in the head.

The father helplessly watched the intruders take his daughter away as he lay in pain.

“One of the men had a wooden frame with nails in it. He used that to hit me, driving the nails in and out of my head,” he said.

I yelled, I begged, I shouted, but every attempt earned me more nails in my head. Sometimes, they used a knife to stab me. The more I acted, the angrier they got.

Eventually, they left me writhing in pain as they disappeared into the darkness with my daughter,” he told the court.

The man told Kibera senior resident magistrate Barbara Ojoo that he dragged himself to his brother who lived nearby.

He found him and his wife and told them about the attack. They went to the police station the following day where they reported the attack before embarking on a search for the daughter.

‘My pastor husband forced me to abort, beat me and raped me’ Cries Terry


 After hours of searching, they found his daughter locked up in a house at a nearby plot crying in great pain. Inside the house was a picture of one Nelson, whom he knew very well.

“I know all the accused persons here. Nelson’s father is my personal friend,” he told the court. I together with other members of the family took her to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where she was treated and after that we began to look for the culprits,” he said.

They nailed my head and defiled my daughter, man tells court

The daughter wept as she testified.

“They appeared in my bedroom with a bright spotlight which they shone in my eyes. I was chatting on my phone which they grabbed ruthlessly,” she testified.

She screamed to alert her father, unaware that he had already been captured. She said they dragged her out of bed to the living room.

“He tried to defend me, but they nailed him in the head. One picked a knife and stabbed him and he fell down. They would punish him even when he turned his head to my direction,” she narrated.

All of them defiled me repeatedly, one keeping guard as the next jumped on me, at least three rounds.

It was very painful and when I screamed, they threatened to kill me. They ordered me to stay quiet for my own sake.”

The now 17-year-old told the court that they left her father took her to a nearby place with overgrown grass.

Then one of the thugs dragged her to a house, where they both spent the night.

“Nelson took me to his house and slept beside me the whole night. He did not touch me again. In the morning, he locked me inside and left until I was found by my uncle,” she said.

She said her uncle called other family members who broke into the house and rescued her. She identified the picture of Nelson that was hanging inside the house.

Her father took the photo which he used to find Nelson, one of the accused in the case.

“My friend called me and informed me that he had seen Nelson in a chang’aa den drinking. I sent him Sh50 and asked him to keep buying him alcohol as I sought police to arrest him,” the father said.

Nelson Vasereze, Charles Onzere and Abdi Mutua were arrested and charged with abducting, defiling or gang-raping a child and robbery with violence.

State counsel Nancy Kerubo said other accomplices are still at large. The case will proceed on November 27.

Nelson Vasereze in Kibera court on Friday.

Nelson Vasereze in Kibera court on Friday.

Daggy Fresh to Alice of Shoppers, here are photos of Classic 105 fans

Classic 105 fans are loyal and they keep the station running, but have you ever wondered who are the faces behind the voices that call every morning?

Well, worry no more as we have uncovered the faces and below are their photos.

  1. Daggy Fresh

Daggy is a loyal fan who has constantly kept tabs on Classic 105’s Salamz session, re-sharing the stories of the site and even tagging us on matters that interest us and for that we celebrate him.

Daggy Fresh- Classic 105

2. Mike Rua

Mike is a celebrated Kenyan Mugithi maestro, but he is also an ardent Classic 105 fan who constantly keeps fans updated especially on matters traffic.

Mike Rua
Mike Rua

Meet Maina Kageni’s biggest fans on Classic 105

3. Fifi Njau

Fifi Njau is a big fan of Classic 105 and an ardent fan of Maina Kageni going by her message below the two have been friends for more than a decade.

‘And this is us celebrating the majorest birthday ….my radio ride or die

happy happy birthday mainareeeeee.@ItsMainaKageni

have a blast !!!!!you are the best thing that has happened in my life for 10years now!!!!!

Maina Kageni and Fifi
Maina Kageni and Fifi Njau
Fifi Njau-Classic
Fifi Njau

4. Alice of Shoppers.

If you listen to Classic 105 you must have heard the name Alice of Shoppers, well for her loyalty we celebrate her and what she does.


Alice of shoppers -mpasho

5. Pinchez Wa Gukaa

The list would be incomplete without Pinchez, Calm collected and daring is how to best describe him.

Pinchez Wa Guka- Classic 105


Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

6. Debrah Njogu

The next time you are wondering who Debrah Njogu is here she is.

Debrah Njogu (1)


7. Purity Ngethe

Purity’s name cannot miss in the Classic 105’s salamz list. She is our fan and she also has fans who always reach out to celebrate her.

Isn’t she pretty?

Purity Ngethe
Purity Ngethe

8. Wangui Wambeca

Sexy cannot define Wangui enough, she has looked to die for and mark you she is a working-class woman. So now you know what calibre Classic 105 fans are made of.


Wangui Wambeca- Classic 105

9. Jamoh Wa  Britam

The next time you wonder who Jamoh Wa Britam is, worry no more as you have now seen the photo of the face behind the voice.


Johny Britam- Classic 105


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Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

Sarafina Wairimu and Caroline Waithira, wives to the late Mugithi Maestro John De Mathew have proven it is possible to co-wives without fights.

Below are a few tips that worked for them that other men can pick from.

1. Introduce them to each other

One thing that makes polygamy effective is introducing them to each other, whether they get along or not they will at least know they are not the only ones.

Gone are the days when co-wives appear during burials.

 Speaking about her experience Caroline said that De Mathew gave her an ultimatum.

‘He called me one day and told me he wanted me to meet his first wife. I was reluctant but he told me if I refused I could not continue living with him.’

2. Do not bad mouth one wife to the other

No matter how bad things might get, do not bad mouth your first wive to your second wife. Just sort your issues or talk it out with someone else.

Photos of the two widows John De Mathew has left behind

3. Do not teach the kids to be enemies

Kids have a mind of their own, so let them decide on their own if they want to be friends or not.

Sarafina, De Mathew’s first wife said that he never favoured the kids.

‘He would take our daughter shiku then pass by Caroline’s house and pick his son and take them out together.’

4. Let them create their own rapport

The temptation to want to force your wives on each other might be high but let them find their own way towards each other.

Speaking about their relationship Caroline, De Mathew’s second wife said that Sarafina reached out to her and that helped them be friends

‘She started texting how I was doing, before long we would bump into each other at the supermarket randomly,after that we started taking our kids for outings together.’

Sarafina added,

‘We became such good friends that our husband started becoming afraid of the friendship.’

‘He loved me to the end’ Read touching tribute from De Mathews 1st wife

 5. Love them equally

Loving one woman more than the other and showing it is a recipe for disaster.

According to De Mathew’s wives, he loved them equally

Caroline said,

 ‘When he was at Sarafina’s place he would give her shopping money for both of us and she would send it to me via Mpesa.

If she was at my place he would do the same , not once did he favour one of us more than the other.’

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‘Adelaide is dead,’ Bonny Khalwale loses his wife of 39 years

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has lost his first wife Adelaide Khalwale whom he had been married to for 39 years. She succumbed to pulmonary hypertension.

Speaking during a presser with KTN Khalwale said,

‘For avoidance of doubt I wish to announce to members of my extended family and my friends that Adelaide is dead.

Adelaide was my wife of 39 years from 2003 w when she was first diagnosed with cancer. as a family we refused to be intimated by the possibility of death.

She has died not from cancer,she had cervix cancer in 2003 but we went through chemotherapy and she got better.’

Mbarikiwe: Here is the new project Itumbi and Maribe are working on

Khalwale added that they had overcome so many battles with cancer and in the end, it’s not what killed his wife.

This year she developed cancer of the blood, also known as  multiple myeloma we started chemotherapy and she completed the course.

This week we went to the Cancer Centre, we did the profiles of the blood and of the bone marrow and confirmed the cancer had been cured.

Two days ago, she developed pulmonary hypertension,  for the two days she started taking the medication then she just stopped breathing.

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Things Diamond should do for his relationship with Tanasha to survive

Diamond Platnumz recently welcomed his fifth child with Kenyan damsel Tanasha Donna and we can’t help but notice his excitement.

He recently turned 30 and being a father of five is a huge responsibility, He has made his mistakes and below are things he should learn.

1. To keep his relationship off social media

If you haven’t noticed Diamond has in a way matured, he no longer blasts his critics on social media and he does not over post his bae Tanasha as he did in his previous relationship.

Now that he has turned 30 he needs to style up and avoid giving critics something to talk about.

2. To be engaged in his kid’s life.

Time and time again we have heard Diamond being accused of being absent in his kid’s lives.

He should try to make changes in his life by making himself present in the life of Tanasha’s son otherwise we will be on his case like a tick sticks on a cow.

‘Sleeping with other people’s men really excites me’ Brags city woman

Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

3. To zip up.

We have all heard the phrase the internet never forgets, Being a celebrity means that things will be written about him every day.

Much has been written about him being ‘Father Abraham’ and fathering kids left, right and centre. It’s time he learnt to zip up.

4. Condomize it

No one gets a kid when all wrapped up unless your sperms are stronger than missiles used by North Korea to disrupt countries.

So one thing Diamond should do is to use condoms or advice Tanasha to get on family planning, she is still young asituzeeshee msichana wetu kwa kumzalisha.

5. Blasting his ex’ on the media and in his songs

Diamond has in the past blasted his ex’ on interviews and in his songs and that’s a habit he should drop ASAP.

The one thing he should keep doing is giving us dope music.

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Mbarikiwe: Here is the new project Itumbi and Maribe are working on

Jacque Maribe has been off the limelight but that has not stopped her from extending a helping hand to the community alongside Dennis Itumbi.

Just recently a Kenyan woman reached out to Itumbi asking for help in terms of donations to run her Children’s home and Itumbi shared that Jacque had offered to help also.

Partly Itumbi wrote,

‘Pastor’s Moment: What do you need to have impact on society? (Long Post Alert)

Many times in my life I have known the answer, or so I thought, all you need is nothing, but a persistent will.

But yesterday evening, I met a waiter who taught me the most important lesson of life, ” You can have Influence, without Affluence.

You do not need wealth to change society, you just need to decide to do your part, with the little you have.



 Complain less, reach out more and in all things start your influence where you are do not wait to get a podium higher,” the waiter told me.

Monica, began her texts in a unique manner, ” I want to tell you something, but first promise me you will not tell the President or DP”

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

Itumbi added that the lady narrated how she saves her tips from her waitress job to help homeless kids.

The conversation that followed is my sermon today.

” Dennoh, I got a job as a waiter a few months ago. I am not paid much as you may know, but I get tips,” Monica started and I urged her on.

 I live in Dandora and two months ago, I started a programme that I hope will save several kids and grant them a chance in life,” Monica continued.

 So I started with shelter, I am paying rent for two houses of Shs.5,000 each, because I chose to separate the girls and the boys,” Monica continued.

 The actual cost is actually Shs. 4,500, it is the other costs such as tokens that are catered by the extra 500 bob,”

So, I ask how do you feed them and how many are they?

 Dennoh, these kids scavenge at the dump site, and at their age food is everything, so I have convinced them to go to school and that way they get free lunch,” Monica explained.

homeless kids

Monicah added that she sometimes buys goods in bulk adding that she wouldn’t mind some help



All I am asking for now is a mattress, “I need 10 of them size 4 by 6 ama 5 by 6, pia ukipata watu wanadonate food unaweza nishow, hii ni story Sisi tunaweza sort bila kuenda mbali sana,” Monica narrates.

“By the way to keep them busy, they have been cleaning the estate and our part of Nairobi river. We have also been planting trees,” Monica discloses and send pictures attached.

(Governor Mike Sonko. I am sure you can help Monica too…0


Itumbi went on to add Kenyans to help to state that he has already helped her by sending her cash but would go later to deliver mattresses.


‘Okay, am calling on you to sacrifice a meal, a beer or an outing, once a month and let’s give Monica 100 bob a month.

Are you willing to be part of #MonicaTouchingLives – comment below and be part of the #100BobMovement per month.

We can start immediately. If I get 700 of you we can make a difference together.

Tag a friend and let us send Monica 100 bob, also I will note those of you who offer to be part of this and create a team.

Just sent mine ….to Monica on +254 (0) 723253953

71314758_10221451368502033_3305782060819415040_nIn conclusion, he said that Jacque is accompanying her and we are impressed.

‘As for the mattresses, we will deliver the 10 of them with my good friend Jacque Maribe – I spoke to her and she has offered 6 of them as long as I look for the other 4.

Let us all Just be Us. Humanity.

God Bless You Monica, for reminding us that simple lesson, we just need passion and a will to hold someone else.’


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