Girls, what do young men tell you to run away from home? (AUDIO)

A dude called in yesterday to Classic 105 studios saying his 16-year-old daughter has disappeared from home and he has heard she is taking drugs. He has no idea where she is.

‘Let me tell you my own daughter changed from one school to another, right now she has disappeared, where do you begin, I do not know where she is, is she taking bhang, I don’t know if she is taking the hard stuff.’

Mwalimu said wazazi huchoka, lakini swali ni watoto huchoka

Mwalimu confessed even his sister disappeared with a ‘kevasu’ (a local loser), and she was told to return to where she went, after she returned pregnant. He says children don’t know of the pressure they give parents.

‘Na kevasu hakuna kitu ako nayo.’

I want to know especially from ladies, when you run away from home, where do you go?

If you have ever run away from home, what do these young men tell you ladies?

What can anyone tell you to derail you from what you know is the right thing?

‘Sistangu alienda kwa posho mill barabarani, na akaolewa na kevasu when she was 17-years-old’, narrated one amused man, describing his sisters deeds.


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Happy Birthday: Classic 105’s Harriet Kinga sweeps through the dirty thirties looking like a snack

She is the mellow voice on Classic 105, who keeps us eager to listen to her.

Classic 105 presenter Harriet Kinga this weekend turned a year older. An excited Harriet flaunted her latest look, sending her fans into a frenzy. Kweli the thirties looks good on her.

She wrote;

‘Happy birthday to me. Still growing still learning and 30s suddenly feel so good.✌😘😘

Catch her on Sunday at 10a.m to 2pm, for her show.

Classic 105 Presenter Harriet on her birthday

Her birthday treat included a festive dinner, and if you don’t know she is a foodie. Check out her lavish birthday festivities

The party was lit for Harriets birthday

Other Kenyan celebrities who have turned 30 this year include; Rich kid Anerlisa Muigai, King Kaka’s wife among others.

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Exclusive: 5 things you didn’t know about Classic 105’s Terry Muikamba

Terry Muikamba is not new to radio lovers. She is the gorgeous lass on Classic 105, who hosts the Overdrive show alongside Mike Mondo every Monday to Friday.

Well, despite having worked for several media houses, she says there are things her fans do not know about her. Read through:

1.Terry Muikamba bites her nails so much

“People do not know that I bite my nails a lot, Hence I always wear fake nails, which I do not care about because I bought them.”

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)


2. She has never had Maziwa mala in her entire life. Isn’t that so odd? Most of us have had it with Ugali or some other combination, many times.

3. She love sweet things, “I am a sweet tooth, my goodness I love sweet things”,

4. She is the first-born in her family and also an aunt, something she is very proud about.

5. She always treats people the way she wants to be treated. This was a piece of advice she was given by her parent.

And finally good news team mafisi. Terry is not yet married. Asked about her ideal man she said; “I do not have a specific thing that I look for in a man, so long as we can connect, however, I have a thing for guys who have an exotic accent.”


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Classic 105 Fans! We will keep counting the money until you chicken out

There is 250,000 shillings to be won at 9am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5 pm only if you can play chicken.

Classic 105 is rewarding listeners if you call  in at these times.

It’s an opportunity for two listeners to play chicken with a twist whereby we reward the person who’s the chicken as they are not willing to take a risk and the one who tries to hold out for more money loses.

When you hear our cue to call in (a cock crow), the first two people to get through will be on conference call and get to play Chicken with each other.

We shall play out different amounts of money incrementally and the first person to say ‘Chicken’ wins the amount.

Try it. Call us on 0711 046105

Pesa Otas! Maina Kageni Receives a Birthday GIFT Worth Sh19,000 From Mwalimu Kingangi (PHOTOS)

Celebrated media personality Maina Kageni turned a year older on June 29, 2017, and he couldn’t hide his joy for being able to celebrate another birthday.

Maina Kageni is a favorite to many, having been in the industry for more than a decade, even from his TV days years back, to becoming one of the most popular and biggest radio presenters in Kenya.


His breakfast show, #MainaAndKingangi was recently awarded as the Most Social Radio Show 2017 during the recently concluded prestigious OLX Social Media Awards 2017, as fans showed their unwavering support for Maina Kageni and his co-host.

‘Thank You, Guys. We Did It,’ Maina Kageni Scoops Prestigious Award For His Popular Breakfast Show #MainaAndKingangi

During Maina Kageni’s birthday, he took to his social media to share a throwback of himself back in the day, with this inspiring message to himself;

Dear God, to You be all the glory. It’s my birthday today, 29 June. Here’s a throwback photo because God’s still got my back since then and to this very day!!!!

Well, Maina Kageni and his co-host have the best chemistry on radio wowing listeners countrywide, with Mwalimu King’ang’i always bringing some humor to the show even during the most critical conversations.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Maina Kageni Celebrates Turning A Year Older With A Special Person, Find Out Who (AUDIO)

Well, one thing you may not know about Maina Kageni is that he loves drinking his dabo dabo, and yesterday Mwalimu asked what gift Maina wanted, and he responded saying he would love to be gifted a 21-year-old whisk. This particular whisky costs between Sh16,000 – 19,000.

Believe it or not, the comedian went ahead and bought Maina a bottle of Glenmorangie Signet, a Highland Single Malt.


From what I gathered, “Signet is distilled from malt with a good portion of chocolate malt too. Chocolate malt is heavily roasted malted barley. Some of this whisky was also matured in virgin oak casks.”

Other than that, the packaging is also very unique and impressive. Maina Kageni was super excited when Mwalimu gave him a well-packed Glenmorangie Signet and had this to say; “My new baby. Asante sana Mwalimu.”

Check out some photos as Maina flaunts his Sh18,000 drink. May you have more birthdays to come Maina Kageni.







STRENGTH AND STAMINA! You Have To See Larry Asego’s Weight Lifting Skills At The Gym (VIDEO)

Larry Asego is one of the most celebrated radio personalities in Kenya and he’s not all about the voice, he has a lot of other thing going on in his life outside the studio.

The funny guy is known for his humorous stories and comments on his rush hour show with his partner in crime Nick Odhiambo.

Together, they make the best duo in their Nick, Larry and Friends show to boost your mood after a long day at work with great music that is accompanied by hilarious jokes and in case you’ve never tuned in, you’re missing out on a lot.


Other than spending his time entertaining listeners on Larry, Nick, and Friends, Larry Asego is also a professional photographer who loves taking photos of nature and animals, documenting them on his profile and social media.

Perfect Dose of Laughter! Nick Odhiambo And Larry Asego Dedicate This Sweet, Love Song To Single Ladies (Audio)

The other thing that Larry Asego is really addicted to is working out to keep fit and it’s not the easy kind of push ups and squats.

They say no pain no gain, and Larry Asego truly embodies this and at the end of the day you can see the results.


So now, Larry Asego has set an April target to achieve his fitness goal, and he’s hit the ground running, no pun intended.

DON’T EVER MESS WITH HIM! Larry Asego Shows Off His Incredible KickBoxing Skills (Video)

He recently shared a video lifting weights, showing off his toned legs and bulky arms, with a caption that simply read; “April target on course.”

Check out the video below as Larry Asego shows his weight lifting skills.



ROSES ARE RED… Here’s Proof That Larry Asego And Mimmy Khamis Are Both Lovers Of Love (PHOTOS)

Top radio presenters Larry Asego and Mimmy Khamis are not just workmates but have been friends way before the female radio host joined the Classic 105 family.

Mimmy Khamis is the only female radio host at Classic 105 Kenya and is currently hosting the mid-morning show where she entertains her listeners with music from back in the day while interacting with them in the warmest way.

Her simplicity and humble nature make her very admirable and loveable, with a natural chocolate-complexion beauty that is hard to find with an eloquent and unique presentation voice.


On the other hand, Larry Asego is one of the funny guys with his partner in crime, Nick Odhiambo, who make your evenings on Larry, Nick and Friends show worth it with rib-cracking humor to ease the rush hour moment for the listeners.

DON’T EVER MESS WITH HIM! Larry Asego Shows Off His Incredible KickBoxing Skills (Video)

Other than being a respected radio personality in Kenya, Larry Asego is also a professional photographer and during his free time, he likes to work out in the gym or take boxing sessions once in a while.

During a recent interview that I had with Mimmy Khamis, she revealed something we didn’t know about her and Larry Asego. Apparently, they were in the same primary school, in fact, they were deskmates who were pretty close friends.

WOW! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Once Stole Ksh1000 From Her Mum’s Handbag (Video)

Which explains why I started by saying that they are friends from way back in the day and after meeting at Classic 105 when Mimmy came aboard, they kept the friendship going.


The radio presenters have such a good rapport to the point that they at times come to the office wearing matching outfits. This time round, they unknowingly coordinated with the colour of love, red!

The coincidence was too much and the two couldn’t help but share the photos. Larry shared the lovely pic with this caption; “With my favorite colleague @iammimmykhamis”.

Mimmy put the photo with; “iammimmykhamis#whenyouthinkinthesamecolor 😄😄😄😄😘😘😘.” Check out the sweet photos of Mimmy Khamis and Larry color matching below.






WOW! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Once Stole Ksh1000 From Her Mum’s Handbag (Video)

You all know her as the new female presenter at Classic 105’s mid-morning show but there’s more to Mimmy Khamis than meets the eye.

The soft-spoken yet eloquent presenter is currently the only female radio host at Classic 105 who’s taken up the challenge enthusiastically, learning from radio kings like Maina Kageni and Larry Asego.

Mimmy Khamis is very conversant with the kind of music her listeners love and prefer to listen to, and when it comes to introducing songs, no one does it better than her, giving out all details and information you need about the particular kind of music.


The black beauty is also very humble, soft-spoken and if you ever encounter her you immediately notice how she oozes confidence. Recently, she revealed that she is a lover of love, and even shared a couple of her all time love songs that she would listen to over and over again.

But other than that, there’s a lot more to Mimmy Khamis and in a recent interview, she revealed some of the things we didn’t know about her, some are surprising while others are shocking and well, some are just hilarious.

THIS IS WHAT TICKLES HER FANCY! Mimmy Khamis Reveals Her Top 5 Love Songs Of All Time (Video)

When I asked Mimmy Khamis about the 5 things we didn’t know about her, she first went into deep thought, trying to recollect some of them and then she suddenly burst into laughter, and that’s when I knew that this would be very interesting!


The sassy lady disclosed a lot, but what caught my attention was when she confessed that she once stole Sh1000 from her mum’s handbag a few years back, to see if her mum would notice, but sadly she didn’t so Mimmy ended up using the money, which she regrets to this day.

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis also revealed that she was school mates with fellow radio presenter Larry Asego. Find out which school they went to including other things you didn’t know about Mimmy Khamis below.




THIS IS WHAT TICKLES HER FANCY! Mimmy Khamis Reveals Her Top 5 Love Songs Of All Time (Video)

Her voice is pure bliss on Classic 105’s mid-morning show, and there’s no doubt that the bubbly Mimmy Khamis is already a favorite to many.

The mellow-voiced radio presenter has learned the art of interacting with her listeners and her way of expressing songs makes it easier for her fans to understand all the details for the kind of music she’s playing.

Other than that, Mimmy Khamis also likes to engage her listeners in a few relationship or trending conversations and most of the time, she keeps it real, giving her side of the topic without being biased.


The sassy lady has is the only female radio presenter and being around media kings like Maina Kageni, Larry Asego, and Nick Odhiambo, she has picked up a few lessons from them, to be able to fit the shoes of her predecessor.

Meet Classic 105’s Mid Morning Radio Queen, Mimmy Khamis As She Explains How She Plans On Filling Her Predecessor’s Shoes (VIDEO)

Mimmy Khamis is not only a black beauty but also a very down to earth, cheerful lady with a personality many adore.

A while back, we talked to the stunning radio presenter, where she opened up on her love life and her ideal man, and surprisingly she revealed that she doesn’t mind kissing a guy on the first date.


Other than that, Mimmy Khamis also broke men’s heart when she revealed that she is taken and unlike some people who show love on Valentines Day only, love is something she celebrates with her man every day.

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Well, speaking of love, I was very curious about the kind of music that would top her list when it comes to love songs of all time.

Mimmy was more than willing to share her top 5 love songs that she would listen to over and over again, whether on Valentines Day or any other time.

Spoiler alert, most of the love songs are from the 90’s and some of the songs by Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild. Watch the short video below to find out which songs make Mimmy Khamis’ heart skip a bit.






LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis oozes charisma, elegance, and pure charm whenever she walks into the room.

The mid-morning radio presenter recently took over from the previous radio host at Classic 105, and so far, she has proved that she can fit into the role, with a unique style of presentation and interaction with her fans.

The sweet, yet down to earth lady is also a lover of music, and when you tune in to listen to her smooth, mellow voice, her introduction to songs is just impeccable, giving details about the artiste, when the song was dropped, and even the message behind the lyrics.

Meet Classic 105’s Mid Morning Radio Queen, Mimmy Khamis As She Explains How She Plans On Filling Her Predecessor’s Shoes (VIDEO)

Mimmy Khamis is not just charismatic but has also proved that she can swim with the sharks, being the only female radio presenter at Classic 105.


The beautiful presenter is also a lover of love and being Valentine’s Day, I took the chance to find out a few things about Mimmy’s Valentine’s plans, and of course took the chance ask her about her love life and more.

Mimmy Khamis is laid back when it comes to talking about her personal life, and most of the time, she likes to keep it professional. That, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a life outside the Classic 105 studios.

When we finally sat down for the interview, the bubbly Mimmy was calm and collected, as she waited anxiously for the questions I was going to ask her about Valentine’s and relationships.


My first question was about the qualities her ideal man should have, and on that note, Mimmy Khamis revealed that she’s happily dating, as well as she whether she would date a guy shorter who is than her (she’s 5 foot 10 inches).

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

Another interesting thing that Mimmy spoke about was whether she would go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and her worst Valentine’s ever. Speaking of dates, the pretty radio host confessed that she would kiss a guy on the first date…very interesting huh?

Watch the short video below as Mimmy Khamis talks about Valentine’s Day and dating. Oh, and also find out if she would prefer chocolates, flowers, teddy bear or a bottle of wine as a gift and if she would go to Uhuru Park for a date on this lover’s day.