Today on Classic countdown we sample music from the year that American singer-songwriter and actress.Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson.

1.Michael Bolton – Lean On Me

2. Toni Braxton – You Mean The World To Me

3. Karyn White – Can I Stay With You

4. Big Mountain – Baby I Love Your Way

5. Mariah Carey – Anytime You Need A Friend


6 Things You Didn’t Know About This Woman With The SWEETEST Voice On Kenyan Radio

Days are gone when the media industry was known to be one boring place full of old chaps, especially men. Nowadays, things have changed. We have seen a crop of new presenters and anchors transform the media industry for 10 years, and we are indeed happy about them.

Just like their TV counterparts, radio personalities have also upped their game and are giving them a run for their money. With many talented and multi-skilled young beautiful women and men around, soon, we will be competing with the top international media industries.

Well, today we focus on the one and only Classic 105’s iron woman, the lady with the sweetest voice. I’m taking about Susan Kiprono. Below are the six things you didn’t know about her…


Her voice is so unique and you can all agree to that. Her golden voice has earned her multi-million deals with top corporates in the country. Did you know she is the lady with the sexy voice behind Safaricom’s “The mobile subscriber cannot be reached”?

Passionate and committed

She is so passionate about her work. Whenever she is on air reading news, she makes you feel her love for the craft. She keeps us tuned in to the radio listening to her sweet voice. And did I forget to tell you that she comes to work every morning at 4am?

She is bilingual

Susan Kiprono is indomitable! Her mastery of the Queen’s language and Swahili has made her stand out from the rest. Unlike many who cannot pronounce names of EPL footballers well, Susan is just different; she does it well, as if she was their first teacher at nursery school. Have you ever heard her read news on Classic 105 and Radio Jambo? If not, you should tune in now.

She went to medical school at the University of Nairobi for three years

Susan’s dream was to be a top doctor in the world, but after studying for three years at the University of Nairobi’s medical school, she opted to try something else and she landed in the media industry, thanks to her golden voice!

She is a wife and a mother

The humble, kind and down-to-earth personality is a wife and mother to two adorable kids — a boy and a girl. Despite her fame and money, Susan has managed to keep her private life away from the public eye, unlike some of her counterparts who thrive on controversy.

Oh! And did you know the hardworking radio journalist is also a talented singer?! Her mellow voice inaweza toa nyoka pangoni!