“I give my man sh100k a month” Woman tells about her submissiveness


A March 25th speech from Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu about being submissive to a man was the topic of discussion on Thursday April 8. It inspired many men to tell Maina Kageni that Kenyan women are filled with pride, and should borrow a leaf from Suluhu.

Too much pride that when they get into positions of power they forget their men and become ‘kichwa ngumu’.

But Maina wouldn’t hear any of this and defended Kenyan women saying they act up because men treat them badly, including cheating on them. He advised that “if you are good to a woman, she will be so good to you too”.

Co host Mwalimu told him off saying “there is no Kenyan woman who can be like this. she goes to Vera beauty college, gets a certificate and it is a wrap on your relationship. Amejifunza pedicure anmanicure amepiga hesabu anaona she doesn’t need you, she says naona ikiiisha”.

A woman told of how submissive she is to her broke husband as she considers him the head of the house inspite of her massive wealth.

 “When I married my husband, he was broke, he had only 1 trouser and 1 shirt. I was this lady who had graduated with a good job, I stuck with him and to date he has not made it.I finance him. I give him a hundred thousand shillings a month,  to go and have fun with his friends. I have bought him a car, people think the cars are his and I don’t tell anyone but it’s me who bought all this property. Even my own parents don’t know I own all this property. I would never tell them , I would rather protect his image, Our Bible tells us that men are the priests, woman have to submit. He has the PIN to all my accounts, if I earn a bonus he knows how much and what I do with it, he knows all these things, when I get some money from my chama, he know how much. When you hoard money, it hurts you more than the people you are hiding from, it’s so reliving and you live happier than hiding. I know my position. I’m the neck and he is the head. ‘

President Samia Suluhu on March admitted she still kneels and submits to her husband when serving him food.

She made this known in a video on social media where she said kneeling before her husband to show submission and honour would not make her inferior to him but was rather a sign of love and affection.suluhu bodugaurd 1

She said; “Some of you will say we are equal in all aspects of society, No! That’s not the right position. Even as vice president, I will kneel before my husband. I don’t kneel because I am inferior, it’s because of love and affection.

Don’t leave this tradition so we can strengthen the bond of our families and bring up our children through good manners.”

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‘You’ll infect people in ushago’ Kenyans tell citizens fleeing Nairobi


You could unknowingly be taking the virus to people upcountry.

The reason why Italy is the hardest hit is because citizens disregarded instructions from the Government, and traveled countryside leading to a nationwide spread of Coronavirus.

Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz

Now the same situation could very well end up the same way, according to Classic 105 fans who called in to persuade travelers to rethink their decisions.

The conversation with Maina Kageno on Wednesday was all about Kenyans fleeing the city, to go ushago because they think it’s safer there.

If we travel to mashamani where there is no exposure, we risk taking the disease there, but its difficult to convince Kenyans not to travel, Maina said.

How can Kenyans be convinced not to travel to ushago over coronavirus? asked Maina to which listeners responded with their thoughts below:

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

A female caller said ‘I think there is something people need to understand those of us in Nairobi will risk if we go ushago, there is less risk in ushago and if we go we take the problem there,’

A man called in and said ‘tunaenda nyumbani ni lazima isemekane hakuna kutoka nje alafu utafanya nini? Watu waende nyumbani, ni kuzuri maisha ni mazuri huko, twende ushago hii maneneo ya corona ikisha turudi’.

Sharon ShanienTwo hearts/…Am staying here,I cant go home,lemme just be mindful.Who knows I might hav the virus or contract it on the way,coz we literally don know who’s +ve despite the 4 known cases. My fam back in shags am not comin! I need them safe

Willis Raburu encourages Willy Paul’s wife to finish him

Kelvin Mwangi..Kenyans got this believe Covid 19 is just around the city only.

Felix Agola(Mr President)..maina now the corona cases have been reported in Nairobi,those who have panicked have sought to travel to shagz where they might be a litte bit safe

Steven Ngugi..Maina if its true there are departures from Nairobi, the gava need to lockdown Nairobi, we can easily contain corona within Nairobi lakini wakiipeleka ushago it shall heat us bad once our foodbasket is affected

@AmozKipchirchir..Good morning Maina, mine is to just caution those pple traveling home from Nairobi & advice them to go self quarantine themselves for 14days. For those we’ll be running the city please let’s always take the outlined precautions.


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My wife stopped me from seeing my parents for 20 years



For 20 years, a man has not seen his parents because his wife doesn’t want him to.

He blames his wife for the breakdown in his relationship with his parents,but Classic 105 fans were not having it.

Many told him off saying ‘this is total madness, you can’t blame your wife ati she prevents you from seeing your parents’

‘Long Overdue’ Itumbi tells Jowie Irungu after release on bail 

Another said ‘That’s your st*pid decision and shame on you’ he was blasted.

What exactly is the mans story. He explains below:

Since 2002, my wife to be denied me from visiting my parents, I came to Nairobi in 2002, cohabited with her in Langata and I’ve never gone to see my parent since then, she threatens when when I tell her I need to go back home.

This upset listeners who said this is an even bigger issue for others. This view was supported by a female fan who wrote on Twitter after tagging Classic 105 that

‘Iv’e got a brother who left home when I was in High School came back after I was done with even college only to find out that had passed away two years ago and he wasn’t even aware coz we had no way to reach him’

These revelations arose from the Thursday morning conversation where Maina sought to know  why men leave their parents and never return home to help out their parents financially.

From Jeff Mwangemi to John Karani: Maina Kageni pays homage to golden oldies of radio

Do you know of such cases? What has been the solution from family members in dealing with such drama?

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‘Never beg or plead in your marriage’ City mum advises 


If for some reason your marriage ended today, would you marry again?

This discussion was provoked by an article published in the local dailies asking Kenyan men to reveal if they would remarry, should their current marriage fail.

Not a single man said he would.

Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

The constant nagging, monitoring every coin spent, accusing and control are some of the reasons why men find it hell being married.


Classic co-host Mwalimu Kingangi shared his thoughts saying

There are women who are headaches. Have you ever seen a trap you can’t get out of, there are men suffering, and would never remarry, it’s like going to form one again, never.

Mwalimu pleaded his case that many male listeners agreed with

there are men here who are finished, if they told their mother what they are going through, they would be taken back by mum, it’s just that they can’t report it to the cops

Woman burned alive by her husband dies of respiratory complications

The true colors of one woman came out when she let the truth be known to men.


She was ready with some hard hitting facts for men saying

”Kenyan marriage life is a 50/50 gamble. If you want to marry a woman, you shouldn’t expect to be treated better while you treat her badly. Women too wouldn’t remarry after leaving our marriages!” #MainaAndKingangi

We don’t pretend, if you see something amiss, tell him. Ati oh if  you ask a man where he has been, that he will now cheat on  you? We won’t pretend that everything is ok when in the real sense it is not? My point is a man will cheat regardless, so lets not cheat each other in a marriage and if you feel you are not ready to get married, kaa na mama yako, na hakuna kubembelezana kwa marriage. Why should I beg you, it should not be one sided, not always women begging a man.

‘I dated him as a mkokoteni guy only to be dumped when he got rich’ -Mary


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‘If you don’t have money stay with your mother’ Maina advises broke men

If you are looking for love and don’t have money stay with your mother, was the strong message Maina Kageni had for broke men.

Why do you want to get a woman and you don’t have money? he posed. Why should you expect a woman to sacrifice her best years and then when you get money you find a young woman

This comes after a young man called him narrating how he is broke and looking for a Kenyan woman to marry.

The young man is 30 years and heartbroken no woman wants him

I’m 30 and I’m a hustler. Women are going for older men to support them financially, yet I have no such capacity to give her money and I want to get married. They tell me to tafuta pesa then you come for me, at 30 years (this will be very difficult) si hiyo inakuwa ngumu , yet these are the same ladies who will show up later with children from the old men asking us to marry them.


Maina was not moved an inch and continued his tirade against young, single and broke men

Dynamics have changed and income now plays a big role. 

Please don’t call Kenyans girls gold diggers, they just know what they wan

In this economy, you want a woman to wait ten or twenty years for him to make money?

Wait until you get money to get married Maina said

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I had to cross the border to get a wife as Kenyan women are gold diggers

Back in July, President Uhuru visited Tanzania, where he indicated he wants his son to get a wifey from.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that Tanzania would be a good place for his second born son Muhoho to try his luck in marriage.

Kenyans were upset about it, questioning if the President thinks Kenyan women are not good enough. I would love to know his answer.

Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away
Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away

This sentiment seems to have been corroborated by a man who told Maina Kageni to advice men to ‘vuka border’.

The man told of his frustrations with gold digging Kenyan women, and eventually decided to go to matoke land (Uganda) to search for a wife.

‘The worst Kenyan gold diggers are those who are working. They are bottomless pits they are trying to live beyond their means, so it’s not wrong to be ambitious but you see kila kitu ( they want to be done for everything) People give up dating because of things like that. 


So is this the reason why he doesn’t date Kenyan women?

They are on a mission to kula, they are corrupt they have messed up relationships from the word go and they are going to mess you even more. People should look for wives elsewhere.

I’m married to a Ugandan I had to cross over and get a woman from Uganda. I tried but Kenyan women especially the ones with children, they are messed up they are poison

Whew chile, a little too harsh on us isn’t he girls? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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Men confess about the types of women they don’t want to marry

A story that’s made the Monday pullout on the Standard quotes men as suggesting there are no women to marry.

Apparently many Kenyan women are undomesticated, needy, lazy, thankless slay queens, madam freebbies, team clueless, and women who play hard to get and much more.

A couple of men told Maina Kageni that there are no women to marry in Kenya.

The men told me that there are no worthy women to marry, that  women have too much baggage, that there are so many eligible bachelors, just that there are no women worth calling marriage material


Maina’s co-host Mwalimu Kingangu slammed women adding

Kenyan men are getting a raw deal, yet men are in so much demand, we are an endangered species. They women are kichwa ngumu

Maina opend up debate to listeners with this question

Are Kenyan women unamarriable?

Kenyan women intimidate men: because a woman will not sit in the house and wait for you to do everything for her,

Do Kenyan women come with too much baggage?


A majority of male callers were of the opinion that women are just gold diggers. Sample their views below

charles maina…
Take the one you can afford and stop saying that women Love money
Lakini,electricity,women and hot porridge are the three things I fear in Kenya😂#MainaAndKingangi

Dickie Múrími… Gone are the days when love was love nowadays money has replaced the real love .. bitter truth 😥😥 #MainaAndKingangi
Jose Dot Mali Ya Mungu..
I’m waiting to see that day a lady banker getting married to a mkokoteni guy @itsmainakageni #MainaAndKingangi


Do you expect us to marry all these girls who get married in campus do kinds of abortion? am 28 and not in a harry, on the other side wengine wanakula pitza to they are lazy to gor for it they ask for delivery imebaki walishwe #MainaAndKingangi

Douglas Davins..
I have never seen a man leave a woman because she is broke. In fact, I’ve seen men working for years to support a woman to support a woman who never got lucky to be employed. Don’t tell me its a mans duty to provide while u use equality where it suits u.. #MainaAndKingangi


What’s your opinion of this line of thinking? Drop your comments below.

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I forgave my wife for cheating because.. I’m ALSO GUILTY


When is it advisable to come clean about adultery and when is it better to keep things hush hush?

A man beat a hasty retreat after initiating a probe on his cheating wife.

He began narrating his discovery

what surprises me most is that our women are so discreet in what they do


Does this statement come from personally experiencing something? He responds firmly, without hesitation.


I just found out, I bumped into it. It was just a coincidence, of course I asked who is this and you see the mos intriguing part of it is that even if you ask her best friend, she will never admit it too.

He has a theory why women cheat more than men, something Maina Kageni dismissed as completely macho.

women are the masters, at the same time they are also masters of suspicion they suspect their men because they are guilty


while he was quizzing his wife about the affair, did he bother to find out how long she had been cheating?

well I didn’t get to find out how long it was we just has to sit down and sort it out

Perhaps by now you are wondering how a husband can get past cheating. He explains how they sorted it out

cheating on phone

I gave her an option because after all I felt it was unfair just to tell her to go home and I also had a mpango wa kando at the same time.

So Hol’ up, he forgave his cheating wife because he was also cheating? will wonders never cease….

yes….. he responded and hang up his phone.


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you have some major tea to drop? We are listening.

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‘Never lay a finger on a woman’ Maina Kageni reacts to Wajir Woman rep assault


A photo of Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi’s swollen face after being slapped by her MP counterpart in the precincts of Parliament has elicited mixed reaction.

Women are outraged, and men want to know what she dd to him to land a slap.

fatuma gedi crying

Maina Kageni on Classic 105 on Friday, asked listeners if Kenyan women are safe and why men always ask what a woman does to be hit by a man.


It’s amazing how men have rallied around this guy and they are asking this question: What did she do to deserve this? That is really pissing me off, said Maina.

To him that was not right at all to even lay a finger on a woman.

Serena Williams vocalizes domestic violence conversation should expand to men-particularly young boys

‘This women get beaten up by their husbands at home but you will never hear about it. Why is it that it becomes a problem when beaten in public? That should not be an issue at all to be discussed because she might have made the MP upset.’

This is what one of the male caller said. They felt that women at times took advantage of them especially if they knew your weaknesses. They were of the opinion that if at all the women rep was assaulted, then it was because of something she did to offend him.

Bobby Brown to open domestic violence shelter to honour late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Maina wondered about all the comments that were coming from the men’s side. He wondered whether those were the kind of men and fathers in 2019 or 1890. One women callers asked,

What do these men gain after beating us, do they gain a kilo? As they ask what the women rep did to provoke the MP they should also ask what the MP did to her that made upset also. Women don’t rant without a reason’ there has to be something.’ 

Other comments were;

Sometimes one slaps keeps stupidity out of a woman.

Sometimes these women can really push you off to limits. They should mind how to control their mouths because we are tired of being shouted back at!!

These Kenyan are tough headed and they deserve to be beaten. Why is it only in our parliament and not in other countries? They should control their yapping to avoid such violence!!!

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‘Is it really necessary to send naughty photos?’ Maina Kageni asks

The morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi centred on the culture of sharing intimate photos.

This was something I know has been happening for the longest time ever. I would never do this. But now it’s leading to deaths, Maina said.

here is a lady who has gone viral on social media after her boyfriend released her photos online. The was a love quadrangle that went wrong between two couples  who did not know they were exchanging spouses and when they fond out nvdes started flying around which resulted in the death of one man, Maina continued.

Why do you have to send such photos when asked to? Why do you men also ask for the photos? What is wrong with you? Maina asked.

Kenyan woman who ran two brothels in UK slapped with 10 year jail sentence

This is mainly among the young people. It shocked Maina that some of the male callers were positive about the idea, saying they deserved to be sent for such photos.

One of the male callers was of opinion that it was a way of appreciating their women and there was nothing wrong with sending them. However some of the people were against the idea.

Another male tweeted saying that he gives money to ladies to share nvdes. This left Maina wondering where this generation is headed to.

‘Some clients took advantage and just raped me, getting HIV saved my life’ Narrates former prostitute

One female caller was of opinion that it is not right to share your photos and she swore never to share hers with anyone.

Other comments were;

Nvdes ni kama window shopping you have to kagua the product before purchasing it. You have to know the quality of something before going to the value.

I think private parts should be given another name because they are no longer private. I wonder who is the mother of that man saying its okay to send nvdes.

It’s not a bad thing to share nvdes with your girlfriend but you should not expose them in public once you are in bad terms.

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Kenyans weigh in on whether Mengi’s young wife should keep all his wealth

The morning conversation was based on whether the first wife is aware how much her man spends on his second wife/other women?

The debate was elicited by the death of Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi, 75 who was married to Jacqueline Mengi, a 39-year-old woman.

According to first wives, they are disgusted when their men do this, leaving property to women who joined his life when he was already established.

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi

Reginald Mendi during their wedding anniversary
Reginald Mendi during their wedding anniversary

Here is what one caller had to  say

Mengi said Jacque was the reason he was  age is just a number and true love conquers all. Let the woman be.

The 29-year-old set to marry Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko – Photos

Another male caller adds

It does not matter when you are dead, what matters is the wife you had before your death whether you had millions or billions.

Whether he had money or not Jacqueline was his wife and she gave him happiness and that will not change now that he is here no more.

We cannot call her a gold digger just because he is dead  and she was young. Jacqueline is in the right place and the property is rightfully hers,after all they were officially married.

Reginald Mengi with his wife and kids in a past photo
Reginald Mengi with his wife and kids in a past photo

Just when you think that Kenyans are done with the matter another caller says

Maina I am waiting for a mega contract I am supposed  to sign and once I do that I plan on leaving my wife.

I can’t enjoy that sweat with her, I have talked to my lawyer and she does not know. You cannot live a life where you only come to see the kids.

I am planning on taking the kids to Mombasa and explain to them what I am about to do.

I have worked hard for myself, She has been running around and she won’t enjoy a thing.

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Morning Conversation: How do deadbeat dads live with themselves

On Wednesday, the Classic 105 morning conversation was about the new court ruling, that will allow children born out of wedlock to access their inheritance.

Today Maina Kageni wants to ask men one thing about being a deadbeat father:

‘You know you have a child out there, and you have never sent a coin to support that child. How do you live with yourself?

The fact that you have a child out there, doesn’t it bother you, Maina posed to deadbeat fathers?

Mwalimu tried to convince Maina that these mothers push men away, that is why baba mtoto does not help.

‘wanakwambia you are not a role model to the child. Kwanza when the lady is a bit stable haaa utaonanga huyo mtoto kwa TV champions league.

you want to go see your child unakatazwa.’

Girls is there any truth to this?

Men called in to respond to the allegations telling Maina that women are to blame.

One man said:

‘ nimemuuliza fees structure na amekataa, bila hiyo silipi!


Another Caller:

“Me and my ex got a child together. Then she got a job which changed her a lot. Sai ata siwezi ona mtoto.

Augustine chemiat Mwotei said:

Maina what these ladies to us wacha tu. When i want my daughter to pay me a visit or aende kwetu excuses huwa mob na nadaiwa fee na shopping aje heri you stay vile uko maina

Noah from Kilgoris said

‘kuna mke tulipenda nayyey tukazaa mtoto mmoja, na kuongea na huyo mtot ni shida atat kuchukuwa simu yangu ni shida, hawa watu wakipayta kazi hata kusalimia mtot ni shida, hakuna siku. Sisi wanaume tunapitia vitu nyingi dunia hii.

Nikitafut namba anabadilisha, nikijaribu kuongea na mamake anakataa. wananifrustrate bure.’


Girls you stand accused. Is this true? Drop your comments below.


My husband has never hugged me since we married

A woman confessed to Maina something that left Mwalimu Kingangi disagreeing with her.

In all her years of marriage, the woman says her husband has never given her a hug.

She said

“If you are my man and you don’t give me what I need I will get it elsewhere and I will walk away.”

Maina we need to feel pampered as Kenyan women, we also need to feel loved, I mean if I get someone to make me feel good I will give him my heart because he is appreciating me.

Guys, Maina wants to know do you know the value of appreciating and pampering a woman?

Mwalimu wants to know is she a bear to get hugs? What is pampering, he also sought to know.

Mwalimu wants to know what kind of pampering women want with this kind of economy? He says the best pampering is men paying rent, buying meat etc.

Ladies, Mwalimu wants to know, how should men pamper you?

Men if you don’t pamper your women, whoever does it for her will get something in return.

Kimani from Thika called saying, wacha ni kwambie unawatetea, ukitaka mwanamke amee pembee endelea hivyo, 

Another said the reason they doesn’t give hugs is simply because they women are too spiky.

We sample some views from our Twitter feed below.

@MucangiV..Good morning Maina?The only women I can pamper is my mother, my children and my wife should come last…my wife is there for companionship nothing else.
@ItsMainaKageni women you’ve made a habit of downplaying your blessings, being unsure of the good things that come your way, being afraid of whether the good things that come will stay, but don’t you see that you can never attract what you’re not ready for?

For that last caller Maina if I could be near him, ningemchangamkia Kofi moja,
What is he saying? Busy Unanitafutia mambo mengi gani ? You don’t have time to hug😏😏.Mambo mengi unatafuta Ni shida na wasichana nkt!! Go drying!!!
@[email protected] @Classic105Kenya Eti I pamper my wife? For what? Why? How? Pampering died when I made you pregnant, when I paid dowry for you, it went with dating. Saizi ni kulea na kujenga boma na familia. What’s wrong with you women? Damn #MainaAndKingangi

How Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingangi identifies his neighbors

Terrorists who killed people in the Dusit attack lived a normal life in Ruaka.

No one knew he was on a deadly suicide mission.

News that one of the killers of the Riverside suspected terror attack lived in Ruaka, has shocked many.

Neighbors say he was even in the whatsapp group, and did not talk much. The only person he spoke to was the watchman.

For the longest time the government has spoken about nyumba kumi.

Maina Kageni in  the morning conversation challenged listeners to name five of their neighbors and their careers. Not many could do this.

Mwalimu Kingangi knows one of his neighbors as ‘that guy aliyeniibia vest’. He says we know our neighbors by the things they do eg, the guy with the noisy subaru, or the one with many children etc.

kuna moja wacha nikuambie. aliniibia vest, na nitakuja kumwabia ebu toa shirti nione vest. 

How does he know the neighbor stole?

‘unaona vile zinamfinya. vest anakuachia zile zimetoboka, 


Do you know you could be living next to the biggest killer in Africa, Maina posed this question.

Do you know your neighbors full names? You cannot know someone by the name Baba sweetie. Do you realise the importance of knowing your neighbor?

One female caller echoed Kingangi’s thoughts saying

Actually I only know my neighbors by their children’s names. I know mama Kate, but I don’t know her full name. I know my landlords name because we pay through the bank account.

Another said

Ata mimi najua Wambua anaitwa Wmbua baba ngonyo jina lingine sijui, na yeye hufanya hii petrol station. Najua mwingine anaitwa Kariuki, lakini si jina kamili.

Maina is challenging Kenyans to do the know your neighbor challenge, and report back.

‘He asks me to send him bundles and buy him credit ‘ Kenyans on people they are cutting off in 2019 (Audio)

It’s 2019 and Kenyans are making new resolutions and women are more  determined to cut off toxic men from their lives and here is why.

During the morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed that the man she was with does practically NOTHING for her.

“This guy never wants to go out on anything, never buys anything yet he comes to my place and expects me to feed him.

Yet when I go to his place he never buys anything nor even cooking a meal. I remember there is a place I went to visit and we just sat there.

When I have problems he gives excuses yet when he has problems he expects me to help. I can’t even think of a single day he ever spent a dimme on me.”

Billionare James Mwangi’s daughters sue their brothers over multi million K1 Club


She adds

“He will be the first person to invite me to his place. I have been thinking and I have concluded that I am the one who has been entertaining his nonsense.”

The debate opened a pandora’s box and below are some of the confessions from women and men on the kind of people they are cutting off in 2019.

“I am cutting off women who live of for Fridays, they party from Friday through to Sunday. Those who don’t put anything but are dramatic, those who don’t want to spoil their nails and make up doing chores, I am cutting them off.”

Gone too soon: Kenyan Man crushed to death by a trailer in Texas, USA

Another adds

“I met a 35 year old man last year and he keeps asking me for airtime. He even asks me for bundles. I gave him some cash of which he promised to refund after two days up to now he hasn’t.

Lemmie remain single and take care of my money.”


Listen to more of the discussion in the audio below;


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‘My ex of 6 years calls me daily yet he is married, It’s a nightmare’ (Audio)

Some people don’t easily accept being dumped, and become stalkers, harassing exes through emails and messages.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed how her ex has refused to let her be despite the fact that she is married.

“My ex keeps following me up to now and I am married. I can’t change my number because of him. I have told him to stop calling me. It’s just that my husband understands other wise it would be trouble.

Whenever I tell him to stop calling me but he keeps calling and texting that ‘He wants me back and he still loves me, adding that he doesn’t care whether I am married.

Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic


My husband once picked the phone not realizing that it was my ex. On realizing that it was my hubby, the ex went on to lie that me and him were still seeing each other.

He even lied to my hubby that he did not know I was married luckily for me I explained myself and my hubby understood.”

‘I just collapsed onto the help…’ Rosemary Odinga on discovering she is partially blind

Another woman says

“I had been married from 2010 to 2016 and for all those 6 years I gave up and left my man given that I had given him so may chances to change and he did not.

He calls each and every day, I do not know what he wants.

I am ok without him. I do not need him but he calls me each and everyday despite the fact that he is married.

Men should learn to let go after we are done with them.”

Here’s more of the discussion in the audio below;

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I haven’t worked for the last 4 years thanks to my married West African bae

During the Morning show on Classic 105 a Kenyan woman caught many by surprise by confessing to being a kept woman for 8 years.

She further added that she has not worked for the last 4years.

The debate was based on whether it is possible for women to be successful without depending on a man and here is what the caller had to say.

‘I have murdered my wife and I am about to commit suicide’ Haunting last words of Nakuru man who committed murder most foul

“I am a woman and I know this things are happening, I am doing well in life and I can’t complain and its all because of a man.I met this man 8 years ago ,He is married and the wife lives in a different country.

We met in a different country(not where he is living with the wife) and things are super,My child is going to a good school ,I am living in my own house men help build our empires so lets not lie about it.

He is not a sponsor since we have been together for 8 years,we are not gonna get married and we are not planning to have kids but yes he is providing.

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Photos of Sauti Sol’s guitarist Fancy Finger’s wedding (photos)

I am also doing other stuff as well ,he sends me 300$ (Ksh 30,000) every month and he even told me I don’t have to work.Initially I used to work in a very reputable organization but since the man had money I just became comfortable and he told me that I don’t have to work.

Its been four years without me working and I am comfortable I started a business which i operate without his knowledge all he knows is that his girl is in the house.

He is a West African man,men support women to be successful lets be real tusidanganyane.”

The confession left Maina Kageni dumb founded

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Maina Kageni blasts Kenyan man who disappeared leaving his date to pay a sh37,000 bill

‘This is the height of bad manners’, shouted an exasperated Maina Kageni on Wednesday morning.

If you have been on Twitter, you must have stumbled upon a thread by a Kenyan dude who described how he left his date to pick up the Sh37,000 bill racked up during a date.

This guy takes these ladies out, they enjoy drinks, eat and have so much fun. But he does the unexpected and he bails out on them leaving behind a bill of ksh37,000.

Here is part of the thread, that will leave you in stitches or upset.

‘Nairobi living- A friend’s friend( a babe) invites me for a drink a few weeks back and later tell me she’ll be bringing friends. I go to meet her and get there before her and order my beers and chill’

Is that a man behaving badly or is it just being mean?


At this point, the chicks have mulikad him on social media.

Maina dug in, responding to this thread saying;

‘When you entertain a lady men, you must entertain her completely’.

KOT recounted their experiences with dating girls, saying majority of women take it as an opportunity to order for things they have never eaten or drank in their life.

He added;

‘Guys if you cant afford it don’t invite girls for a drink. Women never travel alone. Don’t guys know that?’

‘If you know you have a problem just say it guys, it’s bad manners to leave girls like that.’


Read more of the thread below;

Who is the problem here; is it the man or is it the women and their ordering habits?

Girls have you been embarrassed by a man like this?


Have you ever been taken for a date and abandoned there with a bill?

What’s your opinion?

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