‘My landlord rapes me to collect his rent,I am an orphan and I feel so helpless’ Cries woman

As millions around the world are busy celebrating the holidays a young woman is contemplating an escape plan from her land lord.

Reason being he has turned her into a s#xual object raping her day in day out just because she is a orphan who cannot afford to pay rent.

Taking to a social media platform the young woman pleaded for help stating that she has tried to run but she is helpless.

” I might be dead by the time you get this if I don’t get help ‘I have lived in a one room apartment for 4 years and my landlord has rapes me to collect his rent , I have tried to move out but when I do I get worse treatment from the streets and I end up running back to him his house and he rapes me to keep me .

I hate life, I hate my life, I feel like a piece of shit the way he misuses my body like a toy, make me do things I don’t want to .

He hits me to get his pleasure and you all need to see my body , my chest is sagged because of the way he misuse it, putting different object into me .”

Man stabbed by Jealous wife ‘because he took too long doing the Christmas shopping’


She goes on to add

“I am holding a bottle of sniper now because he has asked for anal with 2 of his friends and I can’t give .  I will die if that man penetrates me and I will die a painful death because he is big . I rather die in peace than miserable .

All I need is help , anywhere to stay , till I sort myself out, even if I can’t get money all I want is were to lay my head for now because I know money is hard to come by . Just a home please. Please save me , I am an orphan”

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‘A woman is like a home cooked meal, tasty and healthy, but sometimes all a man wants is junk’ Reasons why men fall out of love with their women (Audio)

Marriage is not a bed of roses, this was confirmed during the morning show on Classic 105 after men confessed why they stop feeling their spouses.

The debate was brought about by a woman who had earlier confessed that it’s been a year since she got intimate with her husband.

“The last two years have been rocky, this is because we have been in a s#xless marriage for the last two years. It all started after he started coming home claiming he is tired and that he just wants to go and sleep.

My matrimonial bed has been very cold and I don’t know what to do anymore. I am depressed sad  my marriage is breaking apart and I am very scared.

I am now looking for another option, wondering if there is another remedy within the law, because I am out of options now.”

sad 3

‘I have even gone for classes to spice our bedroom life but he comes home drunk’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Maina gave his fans a chance to open up and reveal why they stop having feelings towards their spouses and here is what they had to say.

“At the back of my head I have that fear that my husband might stop feeling me. I know so many couples that I know of who sleep in different bedroom years ago.

Out there you see them out having fun but back at home the relationship is dead. So I tell my husband that when it reaches a point where we are financially stable and I do not have to worry about anything then he is free to marry.

He keeps saying that his mind is not thinking of such issues but I know someday he will think of it. I have even started preparing myself psychologically for when that time comes.”


Another says

“Going off your spouse whether in marriage or in a relationship is very normal. You totally become unattractive to your partner, there are so many reasons behind that but you cannot get straight answers. The heart gets tired.”

‘Don’t ask her for cash, don’t brag with her car’ Here are lessons people should learn from Vera Sidika’s break up with Otile Brown

Another says

“A woman is like a home cooked meal, good for the man warm, nourishing and consistent but sometimes he might just want some junk food.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another male fan says this

“Some women throw a man’s respect away to the dogs after getting the second kid, they feel kama wamefika we feel out of place and misplace our feelings.”

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Morning Conversation: What’s your take on VAT on fuel products asks Maina Kageni

We need to have this conversation because this is the daylife will change forever starting today.

MP’s are expected to vote on President Uhuru’s recommendation slashing the 16 per cent by half.

There is no one who hasn’t been touched by the cost of living. Maina Kageni in his morning conversation asked listeners to talk to their MP about this emotive issue.

Mwalimu Kingangi dug in saying,

‘Ata nywelel za india zimepanda na hii kitu ikianza kesho, wacha kulia hakuna pesa, if you earn more money, the lesser you have.’

I want to know whats going through your mind, coz you’ve got to understand one thing, life will change starting today.

Do you understand the magnitude of this issue? Listen to the discussion on the audio below:


Fire guts down Nduluni Secondary School dormitory in Makueni

A dormitory at Nduluni secondary school in Makueni was on Monday morning razed down destroying property of unknown value.

Mukaa police boss Charles Muthui said no student was injured in the fire incident that started at 5 am adding that the students were attending their morning studies.

“We have no injuries reported but everything in the dormitory has been reduced to ashes,”

Muthui said there is no firefighting equipment in the Mukaa sub-county where the school is located.

The dormitory has a capacity for 151 students ,the cause of the fire is still unknown.

Kirk Franklin forgives his father years after his parents gave him up for adoption

Elsewhere, Kenyan athlete Joseph Kiprono was knocked down by a car Sunday as he was leading a half-marathon in Colombia in which another competitor collapsed and died, the organisers said.

Kiprono, a previous winner of the event, was leading the 21 kilometre (13 mile) race in second-city Medellin when he was struck by a car that authorities said had “violated a road closure.”

joseph_kipronoAfter being treated by medics on the spot, he was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises and later reported by doctors to be in good condition.

Organisers said a 38-year-old runner had collapsed during the race with heart problems and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Kiprono ran the race alongside Daniel Muindi, who won the race with a time of 1:03:45.

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Classic 105 radio presenter Mimmy Khamis shows you how to slay in these chic hair styles: Photos

Mimmy Khamis is an amazing woman not only for her captivating voice on radio but also for her beauty, which leaves many drooling.

She is a true definition of beauty and brains, after all it is not easy being a working mum, a wife and role model all at the same time.

Conservative as she is, it is hard to ignore Mimmy’s chic look when it comes to her hair, below are some photos that prove that she likes keeping it simple.

Sharon’s murder might have been planned by close relatives of Obado and here is how they planned to eliminate her

We endelea kungangana na stinky weaves while our own Mimmy rocks these trendy hair styles



Shock and grief as Kenyan man living in the US accidentally crushes son to death while reversing his car.



Sharon Otieno rejected a house worth Sh 10million and demanded one worth Sh 35 million in Westlands from Okoth Obado before her gruesome murder.



Mimmy hosts the Classic Cafe on Classic 105, the next time you wanna complain about how hard it is to rock natural hair just look at how beautifully Mimmy rocks hers.

Wacha mabo ya stinky weaves and wigs iishe tafadhali.

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‘My wife was beaten by my side dish who was only defending me’ Should I apologize to her or just let it go?

Women are known to be smart when it comes to hiding extra marital affairs unlike men, but it is not something to be proud about though.

Men are more easily caught given the mere fact that they do not know how to tell creative lies.

A man was caught in a fix after his wife caught him  and his mpango wa kando being all lovey dovey at a friends wedding.


‘I am grateful I said YES, you are more than I could ever ask for’ Emmy Kosgei pens to hubby on 5th wedding anniversary

“I know I messed up on my part but she messed up more .
So I asked my wife to follow me for a wedding on Saturday but she refused,saying she does not have what to wear, I gave her 10 thousand  to buy a dress but she said I should make it 30 thousand for bag and shoes so I ignored her,knowing she was not interested.
I left for the wedding in the morning, which she knows the friend on mine who was wedding but she still bluntly refused to go.
So I left and along the way I picked my side chick and we went together.
I did not know she changed her mind and stumbled into the reception and it was unfortunate that my side chick was feeding me, just this normal public love and my wife had sighted us, she walked straight to my sit and gave me a slap that made the hall quiet .”


I have terminated three pregnancies yet i am pregnant again and my boyfriend has denied it,should i terminate?

Just when you think that the man was spared, he goes on to narrate how the mpango wa kando poured a plate of food on the wife.

“I was still holding my face in shame and she took the glass of wine and poured on my side chick so my side chick slapped her and poured her the plate of rice and moi moi, before people came to settle.
I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. My friends had to cover me to walk away in shame.
Now she left the house before I got home, noticed she moved few of her things and her dad has been calling me. Am I supposed to apologize? I feel she is no different from me. My side chick stood up for me. I need advice before I pick her dad’s call, for now I am blank.”

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Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai aka Big Poppa treats wife to fancy birthday getaway


Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai took a break from the airwaves to do something special for his wife. Who knew he had such a soft heart?

Wakanai aka Daddy Murio tells mpango wa kandos not to expect money from him

Listening to Classic 105 every morning from Monday to Friday, one cannot miss hearing the un-mistakable voice of Wakanai aka Big Poppa Pimping. He contributes daily to Maina Kageni’s conversation, and while his comments drive many crazy, he has another side to his big personality.

Over the weekend, Wakani took his wife to Dubai to celebrate her birthday.

His wife Martha was turning a year older, and the big bodied Classic 105 fan admitted to having had a blast.

He said

‘Mapenzii ilikuaa juu mbaya’.

The trip courtesy of Bonfire adventures saw the couple take an adventure to the desert. If you are ever in Dubai, one of the most thrilling things you can ever do is ride the quad in the desert.

A Dubai desert safari is the ultimate travel experience, out most comprehensive tours come complete with 4×4 dune bashing, camel rides and a mouth-watering barbeque dinner accompanied by a belly dancing performance.

Check out the enviable vacay pics courtesy of Bonfire adventure;

wakanai dubai 4

Uzuri wa mwanamke sio urembo ni tabia explodes Wakanai aka Big Poppa

wakanai dubai 3

wakanai dubai 2

wakania dubai 1

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What makes parents kick their kids out Maina Kageni asks (AUDIO)

A woman called in to the Classic 105 studios, recounting her anger at being chased away by her parents with a three-month-old baby.

The angry woman revealed she was just 23-years-old, when her ‘heartless’ parents kicked her out and yet she had not healed from the wounds of the C-section. She was chased away when it was raining heavily.

‘Maina some parents are just heartless, nilifungiwa nyumba, wakaniambia hatuna pesa sort yourself out, niko na mtoto amcnga sijapona kidonda, some parents are heartless, she narrated

It was raining and I was calling my parents ati hawana pesa. There are some arents who are heartless, she repeated.

How can it get there?

Mwalimu was not convinced by her story, and demanded she come clean on the matter. He insisted parents also get tired to the extent where they chase away their child.

He says there is a story behind her explanation. He adds that by the time parents chase away their child, there have been events leading up to this drastic action, when they say enough is enough. Parents have warned their kids, but they are not listening, what do you want them to do?

‘inafika mahali unachokesha mzazi now it’s to watch you’,

Do parents get tired? Are you a parent?

Have you ever gotten there with your parents to the extent they don’t care what happens to you?

Some parents even take their child to the police and beg them to arrest their child.

One caller said’ Maina, don’t blame parents, there are things we do to them. Like my sister was in Form two and she went and got married. when she was pregnant, the guy used to beat her up, and then she went back home to our parents. ‘alikuwa anaambiwa stop going back there‘, but she didn’t listen.

‘She was told to go and sort herself out. sometimes we are to push our parents to do so’.

A parent gives her reasons for kicking out her son, and why she has no regrets about it. Listen below.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo’s sister is stunning (PHOTO)

Classic 105 drive presenter Mike Mondo is known for his s**y voice on radio. He is such a social guy who posts a lot of pictures as the life of the party with his fellow celebrities.

Despite his many Instagram posts, we have never seen him post much of his family. He surprised us with a photo of his sister and damn isn’t she lovely! Very gorgeous and that rangi ya thao kind of girl!

When your sister looking so fine she makes you feel like you ain’t trying hard enough.

They had attended a wedding together and they looked lovely posing in white looking all gorgeous with makeup well done looking like a queen.

Throwback photos of Diamond Platnumz’ mum before money and fame

Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz is still in the country after yesterday’s successful album launch at the Kenya National Theatre.

Known for hits such as Number 1, Halleluyah, Utanipenda, Sikomi, among others, Diamond Platnumz’ music is currently dominating the local airwaves thanks to his prowess on the mic.

The singer, who is set to visit Texas cancer centre today for a cancer awareness charity event, has become the talk of the town after narrating his life journey leaving many hopeful. In an interview with Maina Kageni on Classic 105, Diamond revealed that he ‘tarmarked’ and did menial jobs to earn a living. At one point, he used to earn Sh90 a day.

Well, Diamond attributes his success to his mother for being there for him and being a Thursday, we have compiled photos of the artistes mother before fame and money. Check out


Diamond Platnumz' mother
Diamond Platnumz’ mother before fame and money


Diamond Platnumz' mother


Diamond Platnumz' mother
Diamond Platnumz, his mother and brother Rommy


Diamond Platnumz' mother
Diamond Platnumz, his sister Esma, and brother Rommy


Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with his mother back in the day


Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with his mother back in the day

Diamond mother recently turned 51 and she’s dating a new man after being single for quite a while. She has 353k followers on Instagram.

Mama Dangote

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Why Kenyan women can’t keep quiet after giving a man money (AUDIO)


A woman on Classic 105 stunned many when she proudly and openly declared she has built a home for her husband and ensures she deposits cash in his account regularly, with the biggest amount being Sh300,000.

It turns out that there is a problem women have and that has to do with giving men money. Why can’t women help a man out financially and not keep quiet about? KOT of course were on hand to give their take on the topic. check out some comments below.

Mwalimu Kingang’i says men help out all the time, but women have a problem doing so.

‘Show me one woman, yule amesaidia mwanume mpaka akafika mwisho, na hasemi. Hawawezi pita watatu. Literally dragged a man from the mad, akamsomesha, akapata kazi, he built an empire, na amenyamaza.’

Irene, was of the view that silence in a woman is the most painful thing, Shiku on the other hand was of the view that giving a man money is giving him a gate pass to irresponsibility. She went on to add that ‘I can help him out other ways but not financially’.

Another woman said ‘I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo’, Purity was of the opinion that unless he is sick I’ can’t help him’.

Another said, ‘If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.’

Here are more comments from KOT to Maina Kageni.

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Is She The Lost Love? Diamond Platnumz reminisces about the one girl who rejected him four years ago

The story of Diamond’s life before the fame, should truly inspire those of us striving to make it.

He opened up about being a hawker, a fuel attendant and a host of other side jobs as he struggled to break it into the music world. He revealed his journey from grass to grace in an interview with Classic 105’s Maina Kageni, disclosing some major details about an ex girlfriend.

At the time when he was selling used clothes, he had a girlfriend named Sarah, who he described in the most loving way.

He even sang about her in his first songs dubbed ‘Nenda Kamwambie.

He said;

‘ Kamwambie was a real story of my life. Katika hustling zangu nilikuwa na dame mmoja hivi alikuwa anaitwa Sarah. Sarah alikuwa mwanamke mzuri, sana na wakileo, lakini mimi sikuwa na kitu mfukoni. kwa hivyo alikuwa ananipenda tuu anajiweka smart sana. na nilikuwa na ndoto nyingi na ahadi nyingi, ‘you know tomorrow I will be a star, tomorrow I will be this. So alikuwa ana amini naweza kuwa hivyo, lakini ilifika time akachoka so akaabiri azinguwe akaniwacha. akaniwacha akaniambia, ngoja nikuambie kitu, Diamond, at this point there is no way I can be with a person ambaye hawezi kumanage maisha yangu’.

In an emotional voice, he continued to narrate about Sarah, adding

‘Yani misiwezi kuwa na wewe direct, na akaondoka’.

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz joined Maina Kageni on classic 105 for an interview. Pic courtesy Ivy Muthoni

To win her back, he tried sliding in her DM, but the constant calls to her were rejected.

‘Kukata tamaa siku nyingine nilimpigia simu nikampigia mara kwa mara akaniambia ‘you know what’ stop calling me because the more you call me the more you keep chasing my men away, who pay my bills, so I had to stop calling’.

‘So then I wrote the song ‘nenda kamwambie’. Imagine tulikuwa na uhusiano mwaka mmoja, coz she’s been my primary girlfriend’.

Check out the song he wrote for the girl he misses:

Our wives give their single friends a ‘through pass’ admit Kenyan husbands (AUDIO)

Girls, you could be unknowingly giving your single pal an opportunity to get intimate with your husband, if the thoughts expressed on Classic 105 are anything to go by.

Several male callers blamed their wives for ‘unknowingly’ hooking them up with their single friends, and said the ‘through pass’ is a blessing they can’t say no to.

One man narrated how his wife gave her pal his phone number so that they can do biashara together. innocent right? I mean so many Kenyans do that. Sadly, the husband claims that his wifes friend seduced him into a relationship and worse he could not say no. He even left his wife for the female friend.

Why do married couples fear single women?

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni wanted to know; how paranoid can one be that their now single friend is not good to hang out with?

Just listen in as callers describe why they avoid their now single female friends, or what happened when they ‘unknowingly’ became friends with single female friends.



This is the biggest lame excuse Maina Kageni has heard from absentee fathers (AUDIO)

If you’re a single mother with a baby by a married man, you need to read this.

Girls, the reason a married man doesn’t help out is because wives don’t allow them to help out these children.

How can a wife stop a husband from doing so? Well male callers said they are afraid of being killed by their wives. This is the biggest lame excuse Maina has ever heard in his entire life.

He wanted to know why men have babies outside of their marriages.

Guys and girls do you buy this excuse?

‘This is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life’, Maina exclaimed.

Is it true that wives play apart in ensuring that their husbands don’t support the other children.

Married women are you the stumbling block from stopping your husband taking care of his responsibilities?

A man said one of the reason they don’t take care of these children is because of wives.

He said wives don’t allow husbands to take care of children born outside of marriage.

Maina wanted to know how this is possible.

A female caller narrated her experience with a married man saying; ‘I was engaged to a someone and a couple of months before the wedding I found out he was having a baby with someone else. He begged for forgiveness and I was okay with it. I told him go to the lawyer and find out how much it will cost for maintenance. I gave him the room to do that he took advantage of me and continued with the relationship with that same woman behind my back. So Maina if you give them room, they go and do more than they are supposed to do.

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Listen to the audio of the full conversation below;

Classic 105 fam, do you buy this?