‘Don’t wish to be famous, wish to be rich’ – Cardi B

Singer Cardi B has advised fans to dream of making more money and not wish to be famous.

According to Cardi B making money is much more important compared to fame.

The American rapper says being famous sometimes makes her sick and she regrets it.

She also took it to her Instagram stories in the aftermath of the Met Gala afterparty to warn her followers against struggling to gain fame.

“I am sick of fame” Cardi B admitted.

Cardi B also had a live chat where she told her fans that being famous feels like being in prison, where someone cannot be his/her true self even for a moment.

“I have always felt like I am a prisoner of fame,” Cardi B said.

Cardi B also pointed out fans who have always wished to be rich and famous, She advises them to only remain with the wish of becoming rich and withdraw the wish of becoming famous.

” I was cursed with fame,” she said.

Cardi_B_Photo_by_Chris_Allmeid_(cropped) (1)
Cardi_B_Photo_by_Chris_Allmeid_(cropped) (1)

The American rapper said that she is wishing to go back to the times she used to dance and earn money when she was not known to the world.

Cardi B is known for her aggressive flow and candid lyrics, She began to gain publicity in 2013 which was due to his videos that were going viral on her Instagram page. 

Cardi B’s most popular music that added to her fame was ‘Bodak Yellow, released in 2017. Even though he started being famous in 2014. 

‘Bodak Yellow’ solidified her place in hip hop. She was nominated for two Grammys in 2017 for the best rap performance and the best rap song. 

He hasn’t aged one bit: Latest pictures of Michael Bolton


From ‘When a man loves a woman’ to ‘how can we be lovers’ US singer Michael Bolton’s love songs are among the greatest love hits of all time.

The 66-year-old performer has had an illustrious career in music that began in the 70’s.

He has accumulated 50 years in the show business as a multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 65 million records globally.

We hit his Instagram to pull out a few pictures of how amazingly Zaddy he looks. Girls feast your eyes on him.





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‘Sleeping with other people’s men really excites me’ Brags city woman

Have you ever wondered why some women sleep with married men despite being aware of their marital status over and over again?

Well, some do it for fun like in the case of *Nancy.

According to Nancy, the fear of being caught adds a thrill to the relationship.

My name is Nancy and I love to sleep with other people’s men, not because I am cheap or a slut but I just love to have the fear other women have.

I have a well-paid job and I don’t even collect money from these men after [email protected] I just enjoy it.

I just want to have it with any man I feel has a serious relationship especially the ones who brag about it or their wives.

‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale


‘I wish I could bring back my mum to life, one more time,’ Cries Grace Ekirapa

Just when you think you have read enough Nancy added that she had been doing this for five years.

I have done this for 5 years now and I want to stop it.

I have a relationship too but nothing too serious.

Now I think I am possessed because each thing my mum tells me about how she has been with my dad for years.

When she says that I feel like she is bragging and that thing just comes inside me daring me to sleep with my dad to shut my mum up.

Nancy said she has been to churches but nothing has been done to help her.

I have gone to churches to tell them but they just keep asking me to pray or bring money for the project and all.

I am gradually becoming a slut and I hate myself. How do I stop this habit?

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Weird reasons why Kenyans love going to uhuru park to get intimate

A Nairobi man was slapped with a fine of Sh1,500 or serve a jail term of one month for having sex at Uhuru Park grounds in broad Daylight.

The man identified as Maina was showcasing his sexual prowess on Joyce Wanjiku before his luck vamoosed.

Here are the reasons why some Kenyans love getting intimate in open fields such as Uhuru Park.

Mr Maina arrested for getting intimate in broad daylight at Uhuru Park

  1. It is free
    Let’s be realistic no one will charge you for sleeping on the grass or on a bench especially if they do not know that the reason you are there is for a sexual escapade. So why waste Ksh 2500 on dingy lodging in town when you can easily get a room for free under the sun/moon.
  2. There is no rush: We all know that hotel rooms work on a scheduleMost hotels charge you according to the hours you spend. The problem comes in when a man has a libido higher than Mt Everest but pockets flat than a tarmacked road.

    So what is a man to do unaenda tu Uhuru Park where you can get ‘fully serviced’.

    Gents, stop milking your baby makers! Urologists warn about jelqing

  3. No condoms: We all know that most men hate using condoms. Even when you have them on your hands a man will always find an excuse not to use one.One advantage of using an open field for such escapades for a man is that he will comfortably say ‘Babe unajua hakuna chemist karibu?’.

    Just like that, he will enjoy raw ‘goods’.

  4. No need to clean up: The other silly but realistic reason why people love romping on open fields such as Uhuru Park is that there is no need to clean up.You have probably heard the phrase ‘Thie ukiumaga (Go drying)’ well it applies perfectly in this case.

    You finish with your business and go drying.

    The final reason why people love open fields is that some men are so broke to even afford a post-coital meal.

    Thus Uhuru Park works just fine for the rendezvous.

19-year-old Kitui man slashes his 18-year-old bride to death

A 19-year-old man allegedly slashed his new wife to death with a panga.

The man is being held at the Kitui Police Station.

The incident took place at Katithini village in Misewani sub-location of Kitui Central sub-county at around mid-night on Tuesday. The Kitui Central sub county police boss Sicily Gatiti confirmed the brutal killing.

She gave the name of alleged murder suspect as John Mutinda, while the murdered woman is Ciiru Murimi.

Body of a boda boda operator found hanging under a tree

Gatiti said the motive of the murder was unknown but police where holding the alleged killer as investigations got underway.

She said when the police got the report about the murder at around 1 am on Tuesday night, they visited the scene and recovered a bloodied panga that was used in the killing.

He said the police took the body to the Kitui hospital morgue.

Villagers who alerted the assistant chief for Misewani, Musili Moki, who alerted the police said the young couple was newly married.

However on Tuesday night they were engaged in a quarrel that resulted in the man killing his spouse.

Other uncorroborated reports indicated that the family of the woman was not aware of her whereabouts because she was married while on her way from Embu to a secondary school in Kitui.

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Meet Zul Talski, Tahidi High ‘teacher’ who has left women drooling- Photos

Tahidi High actor Zul Talaski is not only talented but he is handsome.So handsome that women cannot help but drool he is giving men a reason to be scared.

Going by comments by women it is obvious that they all wouldn’t mind having a piece of him.

doreen_doll:Hotness in all shades

prax_brandy:Aww😊🔥 why you this cute 😁😁

silviaalusa:Yes am ready but for you are soo handsome am ready but I don’t know what GOD has restored for me.💙

ivy.428:Whoever said no one is perfect wen it comes to looks was wrong, here is the living proof.

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi

Tahid High Actor
Tahid High Actor

damarischristal:Gosh…. That smile always kills me softly

ojodehmarion:I just love you

pure_jem:Woi madada zangu…😂😂😂this boy child murdering the girl child. .ooh nywele..ooh macho ..ooh ooh i beg his just bt a normal human. Just who decided to do thier speciality..hadi wengine ndo wanajua kuokoka.wololo😋😜#thinking out loud no offence taken😉

Below are the photos

zul talaksi,Tahidi High actor

zul talaksi

zul talaksi

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi


Tahidi High actors





Would you date such a handsome man?

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‘I’ve been sleeping with my cousin for years, I can’t resist him’ Brags woman

A woman has been caught in a dilemma after being blackmailed by her cousin whom she has been sleeping with for years despite being married.

*Melanie* says that it all started as an accident which has now turned into her worst nightmare.

I have been sleeping with my cousin for the past 5 years and it’s becoming a problem to my love life.

I no longer feel any sexual attraction to any man but the moment I  see him I run crazy and want to have sex with him, something that started as a mistake has become an addiction

Something we both know is wrong and could cost us much because we are from a royal family be this good.

Local and international female celebs battling endometriosis -List


It started 5 years ago when he came to town to stay with us for a few days,everyone was out and i was all alone at home,I had just had my shower and was standing naked in front of my mirror when he walked in without knocking .

He stood there staring while i tried to cover and throw him out but then he held me like no man has ever and kissed me I think I fell prey because I always found him sexy and attractive because he was my dream kinda man.

He calmed me down and made love to me till I couldn’t move and since then it became a habit.

She adds that she has tried to convince him against what they are doing but he has threatened to expose her to her husband instead.

The last time I tried to refuse he slapped me and forcefully made love to me and he even threatened to tell the man that came to marry me about our affair.

I want out but how do i go about it?,I have tried to talk to him but it didn’t work out and he cant stand seeing me with any man.

My life is a mess and I need help.

What would you advice her to do?

‘My husband took a 1.5 million loan to go on vacation’ Cries woman

The morning debate was an extension of yesterdays topic on depression and why it is affecting men more than women according to recent studies.

World Health Organization recently ranked Kenyans as the 6th most depressed people In Africa .

A female fan of Maina Kageni argued that the reason men are most affected is because they love living beyond their means.

Giving her example the woman narrated how her husband went to a financial institution and took a loan of 1.5 million just to go on vacation.


A male caller called in and here is what he had to say.

Living beyond once means is a disease with men. You are employed for 10 years and you can never account for your money but a mama mboga is prudent enough to built a house with her money.

Another adds

Kenyan men drink like fish and party like animals.

Gladys Shollei reveals the most annoying thing about her husband

Another adds

Maina I have to spend my money the way I feel. Lazima tuambie mwili pole.

Why should I drink Konyagi because as my wife you think drinking Johny Walker is a waste of money? When I was in high school I was bought school shoes twice right now I have more than 30 pairs because I can afford it.

We used to go steal from vibandas because we could not afford it

Do not tell me what to buy because back then I was struggling. Do not crucify men because women are also irresponsible with our money.

That’s is why when you ask  her to meet you in town she will ask you to send her pesa ya Uber because she knows you are loaded.

Maina Pesa ni yangu ntatumia vile nataka.

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‘My mpango wa kando called my wife ugly and stupid’ shouts angry man

Its no longer news to see young girls dating older men who are fondly referred to as sponsors .Rosy as it may seem things are not always smooth.

A married man has found himself in a fix after his  mpango wa kando took the initiative of abusing his wife adding that she is so inactive in bed hence pushing the man to stray.

Narrating his ordeal *Timmy says

I hate myself for ever hurting my wife. My useless girlfriend just insulted my wife to my face.

She said I married a log of wood who can’t satisfy me in bed that is why I keep running to her like a he goat on heat.

She called my wife ugly and called her foolish that I was forced to hit her so bad.

I broke up with her this evening and I am ready to focus on my marriage but I have one problem. I no longer enjoy normal [email protected] apart from anal.

I don’t know if my wife will allow me.


He asks

Do you think it will be disrespectful of me to ask my wife for anal s#x?. She is naive and if she refuses I don’t know how i will cope.

I might have to run back to my ex .

Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

Below are comments ,a majority of the people bashed him for his bad behavior while others were too shocked to respond.

zizi_fella:Have you heard of something called love? Love puts other people’s need above theirs. You love your wife, then don’t put her in a position where her body will be damaged just because of your selfish desires.

optimistdre: Seriously I feel ashamed for some men and pathetically for good women fallen into the wrong men and verse versa

juleechi9599: Don’t force me to say that u are indeed a he goat.

perfectglowsurprises: Was the an#s meant for [email protected]??? What rubbish, you don’t love her. Love is not selfish u want to break her totally just to please yourself, draw close to God Nd he’ll help u overcome this demonic life

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Man offers his kidney as dowry for DJ MO’s stunning sister

Netizens were left spoilt for choice after celebrated gospel spin master DJ MO shared a photo of him and his sisters to the excitement of team mafisi.

Baba Ladasha as he is famously known shared the photo on his social media platform with the following caption.

“Have a great night , from my blood sisters & I . 
Tabby & Viggy 😍.”

‘Police sat me down and told me I was lucky’.. mzungu narrates missing Ethiopian airline flight by two minutes

DJ MO and her sisters

Hard as it may be for team mafisi to believe DJ MO’s sister Tabby Wangui (In a head band) is married that means she is off the market .

Men open up on why they live in fear of being killed by their wives

She married the love of her life in an intimate event held in Thika on 18th,August 2018.

Below are comments from Kenyans most of whom have already decided how much dowry they want to contribute

Enoch Muthii: 3 ngamias, 21 bulls, 4 puppies, one toe, one kidney, niwaletee unipatie mwenye ako kati kati bro

Muthoni NduatiNgai..mathuiti maa

Red Kelly Ea: Huyo wa kati waah nimrembo aje ameoleka? anafanana wambo.

Patrick M. Makau: Lovely

Jaynerosemax Makandi: Beautiful

pauloh_mkenya:Unipe mmoja @djmokenya.

vkeikay: Eyes na go tell it all great love

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‘I caught my husband raping my sister yet I am pregnant’, cries city woman

A Kenyan woman has been caught in a dilemma after her husband to be sexually assaulted her sister despite the fact that his fiancee is pregnant.

Taking to social media to narrate her ordeal she says

” I am broken.
My husband to be raped my younger sister, we are not married yet but I am pregnant for him and we went to see my parents and have prepared for the introduction next week.

My sister cane into town on Monday and stopped by in my mans house, I was asleep when I heard her screaming.

I rushed to the guest room and saw my man on top of her having already beaten her to a stupor ,she looked so weak and he was riding her like a horse.

I had to push him out and start fighting him even as  he apologized.”


‘I paid my own bride price but he keeps cheating on me’ Shouts woman

She adds

“I took my sister to the husband and ran a  test and she is medically ok .

I begged her not to tell my parents but she still told them and my dad swore that if I go ahead to marry that man that he will kill me and kill him self .

I asked him what about the baby In my womb and he said I should abort it, that if I make the mistake of bringing that child to this world that he will kill the child himself, .

 I know my dad to be a man who don’t play with his word,My man has been begging, he has cried and almost killed him self since this week .

I am frustrated I  don’t know what to do I love this man so much ,I feel like the devil just wants to mess up my life .”

datingJust when you think you have read enough the woman even goes to quote the bible saying that one should forgive 70 times 7 times.

“Should I ignore my dad and go ahead , after the Bible said we should forgive 70 times 7 times why can’t I forgive him .

It was just sex he had with my sister he did not kill anybody.”

What would you do if you were in this woman’s position?

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Exclusive: ‘I strayed from my marriage out of lust’ Confesses Ben Githae

Gospel artiste Ben Githae has cleared the air on allegations that were made against him by his baby mama, of not taking care of their twins.

Speaking during an exclusive interview heard by Classic 105, Githae says

“I was married for 18 years, before I strayed out of our marriage with Margaret Wanjiru.

I cannot say when I exactly started straying all I can say is I strayed and I admit that.

My wife found out long ago that I had strayed and gotten twins and it brought out a lot of issues between us.

We sorted some but some issues were left unsolved.

There were threats and intimidation from my baby mama and that is when she implemented them and let the world know we had children together”

Akothee warns daughters against getting pregnant for a celebrity


Asked on whether it is true that he had asked his baby mama to carry out an abortion, Githae says

“Those are just allegations, we were together for 5 years , I can’t say that there was nothing that pushed me to stray I was just ‘greedy’.

I do not have any obligation towards her but I have an obligation towards the kids so I take care of them.

To say the truth my relationship with my wife was shaken during that time.

Beryl Ouma was strangled to death while she slept – Postmortem reveals

ben-githae's twins

By law I have responsibilities to bring them up but there is no law that says that by this day I can see them and on this day I can’t see them.

Visiting them is my choice. The kids are very innocent and it will reach a point where I can even call and ask them where they are.

For now they are still young so I do not know if they recognize me as their dad.”

He concludes saying

“If I say that the the affair did not affect my wife I would be lying, we are managing. I am still trying my best but I am still a man under probation.

My wife has kept these issues to herself for long but when it came out to the media it was the last straw for her, however my family has been supportive.

They rebuke me when need be and support me when I need their support.

My kids also knew about me having babies out of wedlock, even when I was at my lowest they were the ones who encouraged me.

The story getting known did not affect me what really affected me was the people who were involved in ensuring that the story gets to the media.

They were people very close to me and so when they did that I felt very betrayed.

I knew that the story would blow up after the baby mama started telling me that if I do not do this or that for her she would tell every one about the kids.

My affair was out of lust, so you saying that we were in a relationship is wrong.”

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Fake Uhuru Kenyatta cons Nairobi businessman Sh80 million

Detectives from the DCI Special Crime Prevention Unit over the weekend arrested seven men who have been pretending to be Uhuru Kenyatta.

The  Conmen have defrauded a Nairobi businessman of Sh80 million pretending that they would award him with state tenders.

It is also believed to be part of the cartel that conned officials from Sameer Group of Companies.

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa

So well organised are the criminals, that they have perfected the art of mimicking the President’s voice to near perfection.

Investigators say the conmen, operate as State House officials.

The caller, who imitates Uhuru and speaks in a voice almost similar to that of the President, tells businessmen of major government works which he asks them to take up.

The ‘fake President’, asks the victim to provide some money for logistical support.

He promises to send some State House officials and other staff from the Interior ministry to the victim’s office to collect the facilitation cash.

Media personality Betty Opondo in mourning after son collapses and dies

Men dressed in expensive suits then arrive in the office of the targeted businessman and introduce themselves as the staff of State House sent by the President to collect cash.

The ‘State House staff’ arrive in high-end vehicles and under police escort. They then collect the cash and disappear.

Highly placed sources familiar with the investigations said rogue police officers from Kilimani police station had been hired to provide security services to the State House imposters.

The con scheme came to light last month after officials from Sameer reportedly wrote to State House seeking an audience with the president over a tender deal.

Shocked State House officials after receiving the letter are said to have contacted the Sameer group official and inquired of the deal between themselves and the ‘fake President Uhuru’.

The matter was reported to the police and officers from the DCI headquarters opened investigations.

Police also impounded three high-end vehicles that include Toyota land cruisers and V8s which the conmen were using.

The arrested men have been identified as Joseph Waswa, Duncan Muchai, Isaac Wajekeche, William Simiyu, David Luganya, Gilbert Kirunja and Anthony Wafula.

Source:The Star

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Classic 105’s Beat The Intro

How quickly can you name a song from the moment it starts playing?

Try your luck by listening to us at  9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm daily from today for a chance to win big.

The Classic 105 Beat The Intro kicks off from the 25th of February to the 22nd of April and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Try out the Beat The Intro with your friends and test your music knowledge.

Also read the poster for further details.

Good luck guys.



Moi University student dies after drowning in an Eldoret hotel

A first-year male student at Moi University died after drowning in a swimming pool at a hotel in Eldoret town leaving his family in shock.
The students whose name is yet to be released was taking a hotel management course, he drowned while on an outing at the hotel with other students.
Eldoret East OCPD John Owuoth confirmed the incident but said they were still carrying out investigations.

“The incident happened but we are still investigating what exactly took place leading to the death”, said Owuoth.


The hotel is owned by a former senior intelligence officer and several managers have been questioned by the police after the Friday evening incident.
The student was removed from the swimming pool and rushed to a nearby private hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Vice Chancellor of the university Professor Isaac Kosgey was informed of the incident and said police were investigating.
Elsewhere activist Boniface Mwangi has insisted that fellow activist Caroline Mwatha was murdered despite the police saying she died from a botched abortion. He wrote:

Caroline Mwatha was murdered. Police have presented their version of what transpired and identified the murder suspects, yet many questions still beg for an answer.

We don’t know how she ended up in the clinic.

Did she walk there by herself? Was she threatened, or coerced to go to that clinic? To date, her phone is still missing.

A human rights defender, Caroline Mwatha, spoke for the voiceless. The very ones on the receiving end of police violations.

caroline mwatha

He added:

As a founding member of Dandora Social Justice, she defended the rights of young people who were subjected to constant police harassment, arbitrary arrests, extortion, trumped-up charges and even extra-judicial killings.

It is not lost on us that the people who celebrated Caroline’s death are the police hit squad, nicknamed

“Hessy”. Hessy isn’t an individual, but a bunch of sadistic police officers who routinely execute suspects in Eastlands every other day.

Source: The Star

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Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa

Police are investigating a case in which a woman was killed by her husband in what is suspected to be a domestic squabble in Kahawa Sukari.

28-year-old Beryl Ouma was killed at her house in Kahawa Sukari before her body was taken to Neema Uhail hospital in the area.

Neighbour said they heard the deceased screaming during a fight with her husband, but attempts to get in the house were futile.

“We banged the door in an attempt to open it but it was locked from inside. The husband whose voice we could also hear declined to open,”said a Neighbour who did not want to be named.”

Beryl Ouma

Her friends have taken to social media to mourn her death and below are their condolence messages.

Maggy Kiiti: Why berly,,,, did you have to leave us this early…. So sad.. Can’t hold my tears aki
Carina Omwanda: Can’t believe you are gone rest in peace childhood friend
Deizie Doc: OMG is this true…..wayyy this is so sad…..am still shocked…
Miriam Namwaya: What is happening ooh RIP beautiful
Diana Aketch: It’s sad to hear you are no more my dear. Rest in Eternal peace Beryl Ouma Vengeance is for the Lord.

Media personality Betty Opondo in mourning after son collapses and dies







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‘Our kids belong to other men but our wives think it’s a secret’ -Audio

Today men confided in Maina Kageni that their women have been cheating on them, some even getting pregnant for other men without a care in the world.

A wise man once said

“Cheating on anyone is deeper than people realize. It destroys their outlook on love, their future relationships and peace withing themselves.”


Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List

For this men their trust was broken their peace stolen but they are soldering on Here is what they had to say

“Maina I was married and had even taken dowry to my wife’s place, we had a wedding only for me to find out that she was cheating with her workmate.

The man is a police officer I only found out almost a year after they started dating after the wife to the police officer called me.


She asked me if I knew that my wife was in a relationship but as Mwalimu Kingangi says I just decided to watch and see cinema itaishia wapi.

She would lie that she wants to go for  a work related  trip but she was going for escapades with her lover but despite that I still paid her flight.

Main how do you go telling people that your wedding was fake? We parted and she is now married to the police officer.”

‘My son found photos of my ex wife and her lover’ Cries city man

Another adds

“Most of our firstborns are sired by other men but there is nothing we can do about it. As long as a pot does not burn you keep cooking with it.”

Another male caller says

“We know that our women cheat but we avoid confrontation because you confront her the whole village will know, so you just accept and move on.”

Listen more on the audio below

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Teenager commits suicide a day after arriving from his rural home

A teenager committed suicide in Muteithia area of Maraigushu in Naivasha, a day after arriving from his rural home from Nyeri, leaving villagers in shock.

The body of the victim was found hanging from a tree near his home, 24 hours after he went missing in unclear circumstances.

Body of missing Nation employee found at city mortuary

According to an elder in the village Moses Kiragu, the incident had left them in shock as the teenager was of sound health and had not complained of anything.

“He has been living in Nyeri and arrived on Sunday evening before leaving for unknown place only for his body to be found hanging from a tree,” he said.


The humiliating things women married to mega rich men have to do

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed both cases, adding that the suspect in the murder case would be arraigned in court facing various charges.

“The suspect in the murder of the two victims is in police custody while the body of the teenager has been collected and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary,” he said.

Elsewhere, three murder suspects are still on the run after escaping from Eldoret county government cells

They were freed by mistake at the Uasin Gishu County government cells after they were mixed up with other petty offenders, who were set free on Friday.handcuffs_2_0
Eldoret South OCPD Wilson Abduba says CID officers were still searching for the escaped murder suspects.

Abduba says action had been taken to the police officer who caused the mix up that led the suspects to escape. They had been arrested for killing a boda boda rider at Kipkenyo where residents protested after the release of the suspects.

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