‘I regret cheating on my girlfriend’, Ben Pol opens up

Tanzanian superstar Ben Pol was in our studios today with Maina and King’ang’i, where he opened up about a time he cheated on his girlfriend.
The singer, who has teamed up with Harmonize for “Why,” a bongo flava love song, says the song is from a personal experience he had.
” The song Why is from a personal experience that I don’t want to lie about. There was a time I was in a relationship with a girl who was so good to me but I was cheating on her and even taking her for granted.
It got to a time she was tired and left me. I decided now that I was single to move around with different girls. I was tired with that and decided to settle with one.
Karma followed me, she also cheated on me like I did to my previous girl. That is when I asked myself, but Why did I have to do that? and now the song.”
Ben Pol told Classic 105
How was it working with Harmonize?
“Harmonize has been my friend and when I wrote the song, I sent it to him to listen, he was happy and asked to do a verse then we shot the video and now we have it.”
Listen to the collabo below:

Ben Pol who has found a home in Kenya also said he may be completely settling in Kenya.
Kenya is home and I am thinking of moving here. There is a lot of love from you guys. I have come for different things like a charity event at Makadara children’s home where I will giving back to the society as I mingle with my fans.”
Ben said
Listen to the whole conversation;

Baby mama’s narrate their shocking experiences with shameless baby daddies

Bringing up a child is the responsibility of both parents but more and more men are being elusive when it comes to taking care of their children.

The sole responsibility is being left to the women which is in turn leaving them bitter thus then denying their baby daddies permission to be a part of their kids lives.

More men are using gifts to fill the gaps of their absence something that is causing a negative attitude between the parents and their kids.

Jesse Jackson once said, “Your children need your presence more, more than your presents.”

The rate at which single mothers is increasing is alarming, Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo gave listeners a chance to tell their experiences in the hands of their baby daddies.

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Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

According to him he could not understand why women would go to an extent of denying their baby daddies access to the kids yet they expect him to pay for child support.

One caller, a lady left many wondering after she gave her heartbreaking story with a Nigerian baby daddy.

“It is four years since I gave birth to my baby girl. My baby daddy took three days to respond to my messages after I informed him that I had delivered a baby girl.”

She continues, “Even after three days he only responded with a ‘kudos’ text when contacted by the mother in law on why he was not taking responsibility, the Nigerian went ahead to clarify to the mother in law that he only wanted to have a good time with her daughter and nothing else.”


When asked whether she tried to contact him she adds:

“I met him once on the streets as I was rushing to the hospital after being told my daughter is sick, I told him our daughter is sick but he even had the guts to ask me to pay for his fare to and from the hospital.”

She concludes by saying, “Women are only bitter because of what they go through at the hands of their baby daddies.”

‘Nothing but love for you always’ Awinja celebrates brothers birthday

The last caller a Nigerian man himself explain how he almost his marriage to an irresponsible Kenyan Baby Daddy.

“I met my wife with a kid and when I married her, I took her son as my own, catering for all his expenses  including his school fees. This I did for 18 years and the baby daddy was nowhere to be seen.”

Adding, “In between I lost my job and my wife suggested talking to the baby daddy to help him pay for our son’s school fees but he told her he would only help  if only she went to bed with him to which my wife rejected.”

Things eventually picked up for this Nigerian man and he was back to business and he managed to educate his stepson all his degree and masters and just when the stepson was about to get married, the Kenyan baby daddy reappeared.

“He reappeared and said that he would be the one to give the kid away, the family of my wife nearly lynched him. My wife went through a lot, there is a very big difference between a father and a dad, a dad bears the responsibilities something most men are not willing to do.”

He concludes by saying

“If you don’t want to impregnate your woman the next time wear a condom.”

For more of this interesting topic listen in on how it went down on the breakfast show with Maina and Kingangi

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Kwani wanafungua server? Kenyan women prosper after their husbands die (Audio)

On the Classic 105 morning conversation, Kenyan men were put on blast for not appreciating and celebrating their women.

During that conversation one lady commented that widows prosper when they lose their husband.

The hosts Maina and King’ang’i  were left outraged and couldn’t wait to get the truth out of it from women

Maina asked widows if life is better or do women sometimes wish their husbands were dead.

A lady insisted that men don’t like it when their women prosper more than them.

She added that it doesn’t have to be that the man is dead but also being separated from a man makes a woman prosper because they use their full potential to make in life without being ‘kaziwad’ by the man.

This were words said by a lady who spoke her heart.

“Our Kenyan men are very selfish they don’t want us to succeed.”

The lady said that men would prefer their wives to quit their jobs just for them to be superior than their wives.

She also added that when a man dies, a woman focuses on her family and puts her mind on how she will care for her family unlike men who just think of moving on by marrying another woman thus forgetting their family.

Listen to the full conversation.

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