It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave – Maina

Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly after being widowed?

And how long should men wait to remarry after death of a spouse asked Maina during the Wednesday morning conversation.

Deep down, most women feel that men on their own are needier than women in similar circumstances, emotionally needier, and in greater need of conjugal support bringing up a family.

On Wednesday morning, Maina and co-host Mwalimu debated the matter.

This follows a question that arose after the burial of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

One of her girl pals begged her husband to wait and honor her memory.

Maina sought to know: Why don’t Kenyan men cherish the memory of their late wives: why do they remarry in a month or two?

Mwalimu defended men saying there is pressure from society to fill that gap

We are weak, the people around us don’t give us peace, inakuanga ngumu to say it honestly the support mechanism makes it hard, like when you are invited for drinks by other men that’s when it starts, you know people are pushed, some women just throw themselves at you and you are not ready, so stop comparing men and women we are very different

Maina wasn’t convinced saying ‘Kenyan men mlirogwa’

how can you in such a very short time, bring another woman? Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly, it’s like forget her she is gone? Have you no shame, it’s a matter of honor and respect, ladies you need to ask your husband today, how long will it take you to remarry if I die today?

The argument didn’t stop there over the matter, and Maina had his last word

It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave, Maina shouted

and can you imagine the impact on the kids you have with her?


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Father’s that return to their children’s life after they have succeeded are selfish says Maina Kageni

Tuesday’s morning conversation on Classic 105 was about when dads come back to your lives later on what do you do?

Maina believes that deadbeat fathers should not be forgiven and its selfish for fathers to come back to their children’s life after they have succeeded. His father passed when he was a toddler and he says,If for some reason he was still alive and I find him at the reception, I will walk past him like the wind.”

A 28 year old man called and said he has not seen his father for 25 years. Maina gave him a chance to assume his father was listening and asked him to talk and this is what he said, “I’m a very bitter son because for me there is something I understand what you had between you and my mum was not between me and you and the part I never understand is at least you knew where mum comes from, so why have you taken this long?”

King’ang’i however had a different approach on the topic and thought it was ‘mafundisho ya mama’ and that they should accept their father’s back and the important thing is that they are back.

Maina and King’ang’i social media pages went crazy and here are some comments;

Sarah Muthoni. I was raised by my mum for 30 years if he came back I would never accept him I hate him with a passion.

Blessed mum: My brother chased my deadbeat dad after abandoning us for many years and he later died and we didn’t bother to know where he was buried and what kill him.

Tony: Its better dead than absent.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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Listen as Kenya men confess leaving their matrimonial homes for MWK’s because of their wives

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation started on a high note today with men confessing why they would leave their women for their Mpango Wa Kando’s and never return back to their matrimonial home.

Well, today Maina’s topic was based on a woman he met during the weekend whose husband disappeared and never returned, leaving his children with the wife and went to his MWK, forgetting about her and he  does not even pick her calls.

Mwalimu on the other hand said that no matter how long he goes away from his home, he will still come back and women should be patient, but Maina didn’t buy that.

He was mad and had this question, “Guys! What can make you forget the woman you walked down the isle with and your children for another woman? He also asked the MWK’s to tell him what they give to these married men in that they even forget their first wives.

The discussion had mixed reactions as always. One man said,”For a man to disappear from his home, there must be something she did to him that even on national radio, you can’t say it. Its better you leave than committing murder and end up in prison rather be at peace and free somewhere!”

Another male caller confessed to have left his wife 4 years ago. He told Maina, “you need to understand that women make men go away,  you know these women are the ones who make us go and another one welcomes us in. Connect that Maina. The kids are mine and I do not refute that. I have been gone for four years, I do everything for the children. She should not wait for me but I will go back maybe some days. These women are hell. I spoke to her 2 years ago and when I want to help my children, I just go there without her notice.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

Maina Kageni’s One in A life Time T.B.T Confession ( Audio)

Maina Kageni is rated among top Kenyan radio presenters, but did you know that Classic 105’s Maina Kageni started somewhere just like any other person who is at a particular level. Continue reading “Maina Kageni’s One in A life Time T.B.T Confession ( Audio)”

Girls, are you losing your guy to a yummy mummy Maina Kageni asks (Audio)

It appears that young girls have a negative attitude towards older women going by the conversation on air on classic 105.

This all has to do with age, and the perception that young girls have that they will never age.

There was a complaint this week on air, that young girls are losing young ‘jamaa’s to older women. Apparently the young men meet the old mama’s in the gym and the reason they are drifting to older women is that they look good compared to their young girlfriends.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni tackled this conversation, asking why young girls don’t work out like older Kenyan women.

A 23-year-old female caller shocked Main when she said she does not need to exercise because after all, ‘those old mama’s’ are ageing and need to shed the kilo’s more than young girls, lest they lose their husbands. Then she discloses to Maina that she weighs 70 kilo’s and does not consider that ‘fat’.

Aki yaoo..Classic 105 fans responded:

Listen to the audio: