Why can’t African men work with their wives? Maina asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, it was about spouses working together.

Maina elicited a huge debate when he asked “Gentlemen let me ask you a question, can you work with your wife?

Mwalimu could not fathom such an idea “Ati I work with Mwongeli? That’s a no.”

Maina asked him why to which King’ang’i replied “That’s already an answer”

Maian remined him of former colleagues who worked together, ate lunch together and drove home together. So Maina asked why Kenyan men can’t emulate this.

“Why can’t you be like muhindi’s”

Mwalimu simply told him never “wale wako na hiyo grace we support them, mimi yangu ni ngumu. hatuwezi nanyamazana nyumbani halafu tuende offisi. Kama uko gifted in that area ni sawa, aie weuh na saturday an sunday tunashinda na yeye? aie, naeza choka, nachoka”

Mwalimu even added that he finds it weird that Muhindi men allow the wife to be the accountant. And Maina wanted to know why African men can’t do this.

Classic audiences responded saying it can’t work and they would rather die.

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Is it pride you don’t have? Maina blasts men looking for sugar mummys



On the Monday morning conversation, Maina and King’ang’i for the first time were speaking the same language.

And it was all about young Kenyan men intentionally and aggressively seeking much older women to date in exchange for money.

Maina prompted sharp reactions after giving the example of a musician – pictured above- who held a placard seeking an older woman for love.

“I don’t know if you came across him this weekend. He is called MagBee in town holding a placard. He is lookin for a sponsor, qualities a big woman, with a big behind driving a big car with a v8 engine, he even give his social media handle and telephone. what’s up with young men of today? you know you could never have seen this even ten year ago. you know what? is it pride that you don’t have?”

Mwalimu told Maina that young men “are growing kiki, we are growing some kiki, as a man you shoudl never, ushinde ukitafuta mama harrier, there is a new mazda that they want so anakimbizana na hawa wamama, they are ready to surrender everything foir this, you know there are so many nowadays Mwalimu said, they don’t care unataka mam a uji eh?”

Maina declared such men are used “how can you be so brazen, is it the easy life you want as a young man and let me ask you, don’t you feell ashamed goign with her in public? Are you not ashamed to walk with them in public, are you such a young man and what do these young men tell you?”


Here are some reactions from Classic fans about the hotly debated topic.



This cerelac boys are just lazzzzy. They want fame without earning it! They want to wake up at 9, tweet and post their photoshoots while relaxing on their beds then brag while make entries in clubs with big machines

Most thz young are deceived by socialite lives. They want to imitate every aspect of them lives. Which is all false.#MainaAndKingangi

These men are after money. I am married but my boss takes care of me. Ni yeye analipa rent, anabuy nguo and you expect me to leave her aje sasa?

Vijana wa siku hizi they want to live an easy life,they don’t want to struggle. Ndio wanaitwa slay kings.

Boys of Current Generation want to eat from Big SPOON.

No matter how much this issue is sugar coated, the rate is so high and it’s not cool. Many men have lost their manly instincts.

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I own only two boxers that I wear for a month without washing

Men out here are not showering because it’s cold and what’s worse is they are not washing their boxers, preferring to repeat the innerwear for days on end.

Classics Mwalimu Kingangi confirmed these disgusting details, while also admitting he skips showering on cold days.

‘Bora uhai what is better? I die of pneumonia, life kwanza mimi natetemekanga, you know uzuri  with men there is a way our hormones are, zinajua, our pores breath differently, we are made differently, ndio unaona hatupakangi sabuni, ama mafuta”

A caller said his wife doesn’t even know that he doesn’t wash his boxers, and that he owns two. He argued that he doesn’t wash because he doesn’t have time to do it. He is very busy.boxerswashedatapartment

‘sio kupenda kwetu ni vile tuliumbwa, tunajipata tuu, hakuna mtu hunioshea mimi najipata mwezi mmoja bila kuosha. All I do s smell it, ukinusia unapata inanukaa unauliza maji ndio uoshe.Hata bibi hajui kama naosha hiyo kitu. I have two underwear I  wear for a month, unapata ukona pesa lakini, niko na mbili actually ni moja, sio kupenda kwetu  so many men are in this situation” He pleaded for understanding.

Girls, now you know how disgusting men can be.

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My husband would rather sleep on the couch to avoid me

If your partner decides to sleep on the sofa as opposed to sharing a bed, is it a red flag for your relationship.

The Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni centered around the topic of men sleeping on the sofas.

Maina was astounded and said this is why he will never get married “it is incredible what you go through”

Women confessed their heartbreaking experiences with husbands who prefer the sitting room to their marital bed. Here are some confessions below.

The first women said “Let me tell you Maina, I am currently single, but before that let me tell you, he used to sleep on the sofa mtu analala kwa kiti kila kitu na makosa haionekani, sometimes they just have their won stress, it;s nto somethign I have done to him. Wako tuu na kisirani yake, akufukuzaye hakuambii toka, huyu jamaa ako tuu na vitu zake, mine was sleeping on the sofa coz he was cheating. He woudl coem to our marital bed once in a long while, and we would use our own blankets with our backs facign each other. So I eventually told him it’s better he sleep in the sitting room. He slept there almost two months, but we didn’t quarrel. Imagine for two months, I stopped washing his clothes, kwani I’m his maid, if he can sleep on the sofa then there’s no difference let him wash his clothes”
couple annoyed
Another angry wife said “Sometimes, it’s not the woman it’s the man who has his own stress and takes such decisions to sleep on the sofa. My husband slept on the sofa for a whole year and I never asked him”

A third said “Let me tell you it happens Maina, mine was sleeping for six moths alilala kwa kiti na nikajua after six months. He didn’t tell em why after six months. I would bring mine, tunalala na yeye ako sitting room, we had fought, one day he came and found socks weren’t washed he started a fight, then after that I thought it was over after reconciling, but he would come home only talking to his children then he would sleep in the sitting room, six months ikaenda nikajua kwani mimi ni ngombe, I would bring in and upt to today he doesn’t know,”

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‘Kenyan mothers let teen daughters dress inappropriately’  Man calls out parents


The fashion choices being embraced by female Kenyan teens was heavily debated on the Classic 105 morning conversation after one man castigated mothers for letting them dress provocatively.

He was of the opinion that Kenyan mothers never look at or question their daughters decision to wear some items,

‘What are we buying these girls? Are parents paying attention to what they buy? Their breasts and backsides are always displayed. How many times do you go to a club, see women only to find out later they are underage? 

He was also of the strong opinion that teen girls emulate how they mothers dress and behave towards men. So if a mother dresses provocatively, her daughter will pick up queues that she should also do the same.

Diamond mom under fire after referring to Tanasha’s son as “Kichwa Kikubwa”

‘These girls physique is deceiving, they look older and even when they are with their moms, people ask if they are sisters’.

This thinking elicited mixed reaction from Classic 105 fans who either called in or tweeted tagging us online.

A caller said

Maina don’t blame it on the single mothers and the kids too because the moment you give them money hujui atarudi kama amenunua nini. What we can do as parents is, the minute your children turn to teenagers have a sit down and have that conversation.

Another listener added that

We live in generation where kids are in the club more often than in the church. This has nothing to do with the parents, its the society. We need to stand together as parents and figure a way forward.”

Maina,blaming single mums achana na wao they are special. I have been brought up by a single mum and my three sisters are to the point. They are good and sijawai ata ona any of them akiwa amevaa hivo mnasema. Single moms lecture their girls and are caring to their kids

I will always be grateful to Sheila Mwanyigha – Prezzo confesses about ex-lover

#Mainaandkingangi don’t blame kids let’s start from mother’s coz wao ndio ununua hizo nguo..

Maina we live in a world where every negativity is blamed on single mothers, some have raised up good kids who are good role models to upcoming generation but some are a disgrace though


Parents are to blame here. They are soo busy doing nothing in social media themselves and by them giving kids smartphones, they want the kid to be occupied with it so as not to disturb them.

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Wives are community property until they turn 40 – Man sensationally claims



A woman will never really settle down and be a wife until she turns 40 years old, was a confession that stunned Maina and King’ang’i during the Thursday morning conversation.

A guy on called in and said something incredible as we talked about office husbands. He said a woman is only committed to her husband once she hits forty. Once interests in her starts going down then she concentrates on you as her husband, but as long as there is still interest in her out there, she is never yours.

At times the pain will be unbearable – Robert Burale’s heartfelt message to Anerlisa (Exclusive)

Once she starts ageing, that is when she settles down to truly be committed to you. Before that guys you need to accept that she is never your alone.

She is a free agent, Mwalimu asked?

She can entertain attention elsewhere as long as it it there Maina said. So before you get to 40 years guys, does a man have to accept that she is not yours alone?

How true is that? And guys are you ready to accept that before 40, she is not yours alone?


Classic 105 fans seemed to agree with one saying ‘The age between 20’s and 40’s is the most active for a woman, kama hauna uwezo as a man utabaki hapo tuu. Some women when they hit forty is when they become more beautiful and that’s when they start hitting on younger men.’

Another said ‘bitter truth, for your information there is no woman who is yours alone, they operate when there is need, when she is yours use her’.

List Of 5 Concrete Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating A Staunch Football Fan!

A male caller disagreed with this sentiment saying ‘They become hotter at 40, and this is the time when they look for young guys. So you find women this is the time they start life, because the man is down when it comes to bed matters. My wife is 37, so I’m not worried. What I’ve seen before is women at 40 used to approach me when I was younger, and they want me to do things. Yes Maina that is when they showing signs of kutongozana. This thing is bringing havoc to young men.’

Another caller said ‘From 40 is when they start kuiva. Sasa walewameiva at 40, hao ndio wanasumbua’.

Another man called and said ‘They approach us and tell us they are in love. I don’t know hwy they are doing this, anakuita my son I want to be with you, sasa they confuse us.


This seemed to be a resounding idea with more men admitting they are being ‘disturbed’ by women over 40.

Perhaps the shocker was a young mans confession saying at 21 he drives a Subaru. ‘She bought it and it is in my name. I’m 21 years old and I’m dating a woman who is 45 she bought me a new car and the latest iPhone. Sometimes I get to drive her Range Rover. I live a very good life.’


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‘I love Michelle Ntalami,’ Mombasa actor Dan Sonko opens up

Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko has refuted claims that he is in a romantic relationship with Marini founder Michelle Ntalami amidst speculation by the public.

According to Dan the duo only relate professionally and nothing more.

He however said he loved her given that she is a friend and a boss lady.

‘Please marry Michelle,’ A fan begged.

To which Dan Sonko responded

‘I am assuming you mean Michelle Ntalami. She is an amazing human being . We are married in business and I love my #BossLady to bits.’

African Celebrities linked to occult and witchcraft to boost their careers

Dan Sonko and Ntalami

Photos of the sassy and stunning wife to Sport Pesa CEO Ronald Karauri

Michelle responded asking Dan to actualize the rumors and marry her in a white wedding.


Sonko (1)-

Dan lost his wife Dru Sonko after she suffered complications after giving birth to their second born child Darrel Sonko.

Before Dru passed away Dan had taken to social media in search of people who could donate blood for his lovely wife who was fighting for her life in the ICU.

Dan has been taking care of his two sons Djibril and Darrel with the help of his family members and they have indeed turned out fine.

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It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave – Maina

Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly after being widowed?

And how long should men wait to remarry after death of a spouse asked Maina during the Wednesday morning conversation.

Deep down, most women feel that men on their own are needier than women in similar circumstances, emotionally needier, and in greater need of conjugal support bringing up a family.

On Wednesday morning, Maina and co-host Mwalimu debated the matter.

This follows a question that arose after the burial of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

One of her girl pals begged her husband to wait and honor her memory.

Maina sought to know: Why don’t Kenyan men cherish the memory of their late wives: why do they remarry in a month or two?

Mwalimu defended men saying there is pressure from society to fill that gap

We are weak, the people around us don’t give us peace, inakuanga ngumu to say it honestly the support mechanism makes it hard, like when you are invited for drinks by other men that’s when it starts, you know people are pushed, some women just throw themselves at you and you are not ready, so stop comparing men and women we are very different

Maina wasn’t convinced saying ‘Kenyan men mlirogwa’

how can you in such a very short time, bring another woman? Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly, it’s like forget her she is gone? Have you no shame, it’s a matter of honor and respect, ladies you need to ask your husband today, how long will it take you to remarry if I die today?

The argument didn’t stop there over the matter, and Maina had his last word

It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave, Maina shouted

and can you imagine the impact on the kids you have with her?


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‘We will see our children when we feel like it’ men tell side chicks


If you are a mpango wa kando stay in your lane ladies.

This was the message men asked Maina Kageni to pass on to Kenyan side chicks who feel they should be paid attention, just like wives.

Their message was

Please tell our ladies with whom we have children out there that we shall come into the lives of those children when the time is appropriate, don’t force the agenda,

That could be when they start schooling, that could even later in their life, don’t rush us.

Maina Kageni turned this into the morning conversation asking ladies if they were comfortable with the message.

Do you agree with them that men you have a child with and he is married with a family of his own, that his time is not your own, atakupimia masaa,

Do you understand where they are coming from ladies?

Several women called in responding with their own life stories with married men

One female caller shocked Maina when she said

It’s true, they will jipanga their time. Like for me nilipata ball and I never knew he was married, he came to see my child when he was two years and from then he comes when he feels like, he sees the child counted times, like four times in five years

And does he support his child financially?

No, maybe when he comes he says maybe nitalipa school fees, unamuwacha tuu, the first time when he say our child was when he was two years, you can’t force him, he will come when he feels like and say where is my daughter?

Another woman also concurred with her story

I have my man and he isn’t bothered being ther emotionally and financially, he has never seen our child. MMy baby is two years now, he has never seen her, he says when the time is appropriate, and when I was pregnant we were together, na kuzaa alikuwa, ehe,

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Should it matter how many men a woman has had before you asks Mike Mondo


Judging from online conversations and with friends, the question of lover statistics is as compelling as ever.

It is understandable to be curious what number you are but what will you do if you love this person?

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Too many men are still raised to see bedroom matters as crude competition, in which bedding a woman who has already had a lot of lovers counts less than scoring with a woman who is “hard to get.”


But I think the average guy’s worry is simpler than that. The more men his girlfriend has slept with, the greater number of lovers to which she can compare his skills. It’s easier to win a contest against two than against 20, he figures. And even easier to rank first when he’s the only one to have ever played the game. No wonder so many men are obsessed with finding a virgin.

A woman called in and told her story.

I have been in 20 relationships

I haven’t found him yet and I can go through another 20 declared a defiant woman.
that’s how I can learn them I have gone through 20 of them and I haven’t found mine.

Shoud it matter asked Mike Mondo to which Mwalimu responded sharply saying

‘My husband’s side chick just gave birth to his child’ Cries betrayed city woman

You know you can have a masterkey but if you are a padlock it’s a problem.
Sasa what is she looking for Kingangi posed to Mike Mondo shocked she has gone through 20.

Congratulations Kingangi said

It’s good for a lady to maintain her values, you now when you go with a man they go with part of you spiritually so minimize that especially when you are a lady. The reason you see most marriages back in the day succeed is because the woman didn’t have many men.

But again, why is it so important to know an exact number? What difference does it make? Knowing whether a potential girlfriend has ever been in love before is important; discovering (slowly and patiently) how her past experiences have impacted her view of men (for better or worse) is important.

See the day Anne Waiguru’s hubby saved a Kenyan man’s shaky marriage

A male caller differed with men by siding with women on this issue. He said

Don’t be preoccupied with how many men she’s had. My cousin is those ladies who don’t like nonsense. She has been with more than 40 men in the past 15 years, so that should not matter whether she has had many men, just accept that she is with you. Why do we expect women not to have a past like men do?

Another female caller told off men shaming women

Stop being obsessed with my past that’s not your business, leave us alone and keep walking forward. I have 16 men actually probably more and they are all a problem. If I have to get to 100 men so be it. Kwanza Giriama men are terrible, it’s actually all Kenyan men you must sample. Hii kitu sio sabuni, haikwishi.

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