Photos of video vixen allegedly infected with an STI by gospel artiste Weezdom

Kenyan video vixen Quinter765 – real name Jane Wambui – has accused gospel artiste Weezdom of allegedly infecting her with an STI.

Weezdom has however denied the allegations.

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Quinter said that she experienced pain while peeing and had bloody spots from her neither regions after several escapades with the artiste at his Roysambu home.

Below are the photos of the damsel whom Weezdom bedded.


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Kenyan Celebrities whose soul mates are not Kenyans (photos)

Love is love, and whom one chooses to be the soul mates is a personal choice.

Below are some of the celebrities whose spouses are wazunguz,

1. Annabel Onyango

‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

2. Wendy Kimani


3. Octopizzo


4. Jeff Koinange

5. DJ Moz

Chills for who? This response by Betty Kyallo to an online troll proves she is the queen of clap backs

6. Vanessa Kiuna


7.Nyotta ndogo

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‘I am alive to see this happen,’ Size 8 celebrates as her daughter turns 3

Size 8 is one of the Kenyan celebrities who is not shy to put or talk about her family on social media. The gospel artist took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter as she turns 3 years old today. This is what she had to say.

‘Ohhhhhh Happy day glory be to God HALLELUJAH my daughter ladashabelle is 3 years today.

Waaaaappppiiiii shangwe na vigelegele Kwa Yesu.

Am alive to see this happen.

ohhhhhh Satan how you have lost. Happy birthday my princes 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😊😊😊’

Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

In the past, Size 8 also took it to instagram to celebrate the growth of her daughter considering the fact that she had complications during her pregnancy and almost lost her daughter.

Ladasha’s father and Size 8’s husband also took it to Instagram to celebrate this day by writing a very memorable post saying,

‘Happy birthday my cute little one. ladashabelle ,
Today MY wish is to put the smiles on your face that you always put on mine &mummy .
Just the other day I held you for the first time ukiwa so tiny, now see what God can do ,you have become super beautiful , Gorgeous and you are just nuclear awesomeness

A day like this you made me get a new name (Daddy) . Today is the birthday of the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl in the world. My daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart.
Mummy size8reborn & I love you too much .
Today be ready – to have fun.’

Below are pictures of the adorable 3 year old, Ladasha Wambui Muraya,



‘No one said it’s gonna be easy, but it’s worth it,’ Bridget Achieng unveils baby’s gender




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Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

Sauti Sol’s famous guitarist and producer, Polycarp Otieno aka fancy fingers, is officially out of the friend zone.

He is married to Lady Mandy, a fashion stylist. Earlier this year, Polycarp had a traditional wedding ceremony at his wife’s home in Rwanda and during the weekend they tied the not at the Fairmont Kenya Safari club resort.

These are some of the celebrities in attendance,

1. Karen Kaz Lucas

Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

2. Anyiko Owoko

3. Annabel Onyango

4. Chiki Kuruka and Bien-Aimé Baraza

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Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

It is not everyday you meet a strange person. Strange people come with weird shapes and sizes but for some it is not by choice.

Here are some of the strange people,

She is the smallest woman in the world, standing 62.8 cm tall.

2. Mikel Ruffinelli

She has the world’s biggest hips. Her waist measures in at 40 inches, but her hips are eight feet around.

Fashion from back in the day that has made a comeback

3. Mohammad Kaleem’s

His hand condition has puzzled doctors and there is no solid prognosis. This eight-year-old Indian boy’s hands measure more than 12 inches from the base of his palm to the end of his index finger.

4. Amoo Hadij

He is the dirtiest man alive. This 80-year-old man has not bathed in more than 60 years, and currently resides in a small abandoned brick hut, surrounded by garbage, dirt and animal feces.

5. Rolf Buchholz’s

He has 453 piercings, because he simply loves the feeling of getting pierced.

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Did Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife spend almost half a million to throw him a surprise dinner on his birthday?

Machako’s governor Alfred Mutua turned a year older and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a went out of her way to treat the love of her life to a surprise dinner.

Mutua, who turned 48, took to his social media platform to thank his wife for going the extra mile of ensuring that his big day turned out perfect, going further to describe how magical the night was.

The  dinner went down in a tented camp at an undisclosed location.

“Last night’s birthday dinner was great. We enjoyed a great meal & cake while listening to the various melodies of the night – animals were also up and about for their dinner. As Paul Simon once sang: “Oh, what a night, what a garden of delight!” Scroll to see pics of the cake eaten in the middle of the amazing Kenyan wilderness.”

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua treated to a surprise party by his wife on his 48th birthday

Here is  a rough estimate of what Lilian might have spent on her man’s birthday. Taking a private plane, and flying to  secluded camp site for a special occasion will cost you a pretty penny. More so when you are a celeb or a politician who wants to keep away from prying eyes.

We sample how much it would cost for 3 nights out at the Olare Mara Kempinski,  including a rough estimate of how much it would cost a couple to fly from Wilson Airport to Olare Mara


Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara


Flying from Nairobi to their luxurious, hidden destination might have caused a dent of not less than 300,00 putting in consideration that flying private comes at a price.

Add in the cake and all other miscellaneous payments, roughly the couple might have spent half a million for the birthday.

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Khloe Kardashian Opens up on being shamed for not fully breast feeding

Khloe Kardashian has opened up about being mommy shamed by people for not breast feeding her child full time which is what society expects.

She took to her Twitter account to explain to her trollers on why she has not been able to do so ,she said

“Mommy shaming is real!But the truth is i’ve tried to breastfeed only and it wasn’t working for me.I feel fortunate that i am still able to breastfeed but with the help of formulas .Breastfeeding is something i really wanted to do but i am not fully able.”

Khloe is  new mother to her daughter with basket ball star Tristan Thompson.According to Daily Mail the star had explained through her website that she’s having to supplement daughter’s breastfeeding with bottle feeds the day before

‘Because I don’t produce enough milk, I also have to give a bottle with every feeding,’ wrote the 33-year-old.The Keeping Up With The Kardashians mainstay made the candid admission in a blog post promoting a baby formula mixing machine.

Khloe Kardashian during her pregnancy
Khloe Kardashian during her pregnancy

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‘With the formula I use, I have to give True the bottle within 30 minutes of making it, so it’s amazing to have this machine make it for me,’ wrote the reality TV star.

‘It’s super easy to use — and fast, so when I’m exhausted and can’t even keep my eyes open in the middle of the night, it’s a total lifesaver.’

This comes just after her mother Kris Jenner, 62, revealed the Revenge Body host will be moving back to Calabasas, California ‘very soon’ for the summer as True’s father Tristan Thompson – who is in the middle of the NBA finals with his team the Cleveland Cavaliers – will be off season.

Khloe Kardashian with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson
Khloe Kardashian with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson

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‘She’ll be home soon, so it’s really great,’ the Kardashian matriarch told Us Weekly on Thursday.

When asked if Khloe will be coming back for good, she replied: ‘I think so! Yes!’

The cover girl has been living in Cleveland, Ohio, since the birth of her daughter True two months ago because she wanted to be near her boyfriend – who plays basketball out there for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Khloe’s famous relatives have been trying to persuade her to head back to California because they feel like they barely get to see her or the little one now.

A source recently told E! News: ‘Everyone is understanding of her situation and they are all trying to be there for her, but obviously want her home.




Rest in peace!!! Wendy Kimani in mourning after losing her dad

Celebrated singer Wendy Kimani is in mourning after losing her father,the  artiste took to her instagram page to break the sad news .

The caption was followed by the photo of her dad who she has managed to keep away from the limelight given the attention she commands with her music prowess

It’s so hard for me to post this…I still have no idea what to say because I don’t want it to be real.😔


Her social media fans and folowers have expressed their condolosence to the amazing WEndy and here are some of their messages.

ythera_So so sorry you have lost your dad Wendy. May God grant you guys peace.

naitwa_evePole @wendykims May God shower u all with his Love of comfort😢

dennoh_the_guy1We are both in this together wendy..what else can I say rest in peace grandfather…we will get through this

nyasakaemmaso sorry for your loss. may his soul rest in peace..

wanja_xoSo sorry Wendy.Thinking of you and your family.

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wanguikagomaMy condolences love. May you and your family find comfort in Christ Jesus. It is well @wendykims

min_andreIt’s been a month and 1 week since I lost my papa. I still cry myself to sleep. May your dad rest in heavenly glory.

annbaibePole for your loss! May he R.I.P💗💗💗

brettahlelisaPole Sana,


kevin_ngeiPole sana

elijah_omegaPole to you and your family.

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miznjeriPoleni Sana @wendykims for your loss.. May God hold your heart and those of your family during this tough time ♥

ann.princess90My heart felt condolences, R.I.P Papa Wendy

vaniakiki27Sending you love and light dear. Pole sana 😞

gachanjastacyForever in my heart dad.


callmekacheMy condolences my dear! Strength and peace that knows no bounds…

shirokamauHe is faithful enough to comfort you wendykims

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‘Rest in peace in heaven abode ‘Janet Mbugua mourns pilot Barbra Kamau of ill-fated Fly Sax plane crash

Kenyans are mourning that ten people who died in the ill-fated plane Fly-Sax-5y-CAC. Among those who died was a female pilot Barbra Kamau.

Barbra has been hailed as a Kenyan who loved and was dedicated to her career, having dreamt of being a pilot since her childhood. Many celebrities had interacted with her including Israeli-born singer Gillad, who shared a sweet message of Barbra and her co-pilot Jean.

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Janet Mbugua eulogized Barbra, as she penned down a message;

Words would never be enough!💔💔💔 May our good Lord rest your young lively soul & all those on board in His heavenly peace. 🙏🙏🙏

Among other celebrities mourning Barbra is Julie Gichuru who expressed her sadness on her instagram page

Such a beautiful spirit. Such an incredible loss. RIP sweetheart, we shall all meet again 💔 she wrote

Would you consider getting back with your ex after a major break up?

We send our condolences to the grieving families. RIP Barbra.





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