Morning conversation: “Would you wash your man’s boxers?”

Whether or not, you would wash your man’s boxers was the conversation this morning on Maina and King’ang’i. Well, Classic105 listeners came out to give their personal experience and opinion on the matter.

One lister said it is the man’s personal responsibility to cater to his personal hygiene and that she would never do it.

Another one said it is every woman’s responsibility to make sure that her man’s boxers are clean and well kept.

“I do not tolerate any kind of laziness and uncleanness,” tweeted a listener

Another listener said he is free to wash his woman’s under-garments without fear of being judged.

Morning Conversation: Kenyans have this habit of giving unsolicited advice

Captain Kale, a die-hard fan of Maina and Kingangi in the morning said,

“How can a man wash his woman’s underwear? There are some things a man should never do. The moment you start doing these things, you are done.”


“A woman who is a wife material will never be told to do this and this, that’s why I paid for you to come to my house, I paid the dowry.”

“If you give the housegirl that job, she will become your co-wife. I wash her underwear as who? Those are not men, they are boys.”

“She should be able to even buy and bring the boxers to her”

Men on the fake life of social media and Kenyan women


Whats is this obsession with creating a fake life on social media?

Is social media making many Kenyan women live a fake life?

Today on the morning conversation, Classic 105’s Maina Kageni tackled the topic of people living a glamourous online life yet their reality is not true.

Maina had a conversation with a young gentleman who said he doesn’t know whether to make things serious with his girlfriend.


The young man told Maina that ‘The only reason holding them is the fact that the girlfriend they see on social media and the one they have next to them are two totally different human beings.’

Maina confessed that these young men are feeling short changed coz what they see is the most beautiful thing ever.

Mwalimu Kingangi added his own question to the mix ‘Do women want real men? Men want to settle down lakini wamechanganyikiwa, they are confused TOTALLY, he insisted. 

Male listeners called to complain about how unreal women were. They said women they saw on social media are not the same they saw in real life.  They felt deceived about all that life.

How to dress like the fashionable Alpha female that you are! 

Women were of opinion that men were to be blamed. They were giving them the pressure to look good so they gave them what they asked for. The qualities that men were looking for in ladies were so high that makes them to do all they can to meet them. That included the filters and the makeup apps that they used to make their social media photos to enhance their beauty. They said that men will not appreciate them if they were real because they needed beautiful and curvy women.

Celebrities who’ve ventured into the fashion world and are nailing it!

Other comments were; Maina nobody will like your photo if you are a Njeri. You have to make sure your tummy is flat and your butt is so curvy to have their attention.

We have to filter our pictures and use apps to make our shapes look good. We will also nyonya your money and postpone our meetings before we meet.

You cant blame the ladies but the society which is pushing them to do so. If you have a look at these celebreties hakna mtu ameo dem anakaa mkate all of them look. This makes these ladies to do the same especially in this generation where everybody is of light complexion. There is no job so these ladies take all there time to make there physical appearance better. They need to fake it till they make it.

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I Appreciate My Wife By Telling Her ‘Tano Tena’ Not Thank You (Audio)

Recently during the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, male callers said that women are never grateful to their men and that is why most of them do not provide financially for them.

Maina Kageni during to the conversation on Classic 105 asked the ladies this question; Do your men show gratitude for even the little things you do for them?

Mwalimu said that the men appreciate them so much, “ata kukula chakula yake ni one way of appreciating them”

Maina further asked these questions to the men,

“Have you ever come home and seen the house is clean and bothered to tell her, thank you dear. If you come home and find your children are clean and smart, do you say thank you? Men, when she warms your bed at night do you say thank you”?

The discussion elicited mixed reactions from the listeners.

A male caller said that he appreciates his wife by eating her food although he would prefer to eat in a hotel.

He added, ‘ men give their wives their money but women do not bother saying thank you. Women just grab that money and fixes it in her bra’.

A lady called in and said she has never heard the words thank you from her husband.

Even Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale contributed to the discussion and said that ‘mwanamke ni kuambiwa tano tena si asante ‘.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




Girls, would you be willing to share your husband – Maina Kageni asks (AUDIO)

To share or not to share was the gist of the conversation on Classic 105 Monday morning.

While this is not a new issue, as many Kenyan women have revealed they are first wives and accepted that their husbands have other women.

Yesterday morning, there was a conversation about women who have co-wives and put up with them.

Kenyan were left shocked during the burial of the late Nicholas Biwott when three of his wives appeared in public, heaping praises on each other. Many Kenyans wondered how they could all get along so well.

Well, a woman called in saying her husband has two other women, and she likes all of them.

One lady called in and these were her remarks,”A man is not your property, he can chose on who to love and when”.

Another caller who identified herself as Carol said that she is living a happy life despite having a co-wife. Carol further said that they never fight or fear that her husband may be having other girls out there. she said it becomes easy even to control a husband because all the other wives he may be having will be communicating and telling you where the husband is.

Mwalimu King’ang’i cracked a joke and said that the co-wives can even open a whatsapp group!

Listen to the whole conversation below;




Maina Kageni Likens Wayne Rooney’s Clande Affair To What Men Do In Kenya. Women React… (AUDIO)

Everton star Wayne Rooney is the talk of town after he was busted with another woman over the weeekend.

The star footballer was found with another woman in a car at 1:30AM. It is said that this is the second time he has cheated on his wife, who is currently pregnant.

She wants to leave him and is demanding for Sh 9 billion.

Was Rooney being a gentleman by escorting that woman home?

Maina Kageni on the morning conversation at Classic 105, held the discussion about how men stray around when their wives are pregnant even here in Kenya.

Mwalimu Kingangi claims that Kenyan men spend days without coming back to their matrimonial homes and Kenyan ladies put up with that, on the other hand, Maina Kageni finds it so abnormal that Kenyan women entertain this kind of bad behaviour.

A lady called in and claimed that she doesnt find any mistake with Rooney escorting that woman, she claim that the wife want to get money from the husband while in real sense, Wayne was trying to be a gentleman.

She added that she should not break the marriage but stay in that marriage.

When you put up with somethings, the men will always do it over and over because they know you can tolerate it, says Maina.

Another lady called in and claimed that there is no problem when men escort women, she claimed that her husband has not yet bought his own car and therefore he is brought in the house by different women, they drop him even at midnight. Sometimes even have supper at her home and she has no problem with that.

She claims she is so okay with that because it business matters.

Listen to the whole conversation below;