‘We’ll miss you’ friends and fans bid goodbye to Citizens Hussein Mohamed

Celebrated journalist Hussein Mohamed has called it a day at Citizen TV.

Hussein, who used to read prime time news on Citizen TV every Tuesday and conduct high profile interviews has decided to take a break.

He has been anchoring prime time news at the station for the past 10 years.

Announcing his exit, he tweeted, “It has been a wonderful 10 years at Citizen TV. I have enjoyed & relished every moment I shared with my colleagues at RMS. I have decided to take a break after October In Sha Allah to concentrate on other matters. Loved the fans, the critics & everything in between. See you soon.”

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KOT show support for Citizen journalist for on air mishap


A Citizen TV journalist is trending online after making a mistake while breaking news about the arrest of MP Ndindi Nyoro.

We all make slip ups in our job reporting whether online, on air or elsewhere.

Victor Kinuthia caught the attention of KOT when his English mistake was noted. It is said he is a reporter for a Kikuyu station, and being his first time reporting in english he blundered and ‘murdered’ the Queens language.


Fellow journalists have come out to defend him, narrating their experiences as rookies, and in general the challenges faced in this industry.
Yvonne Okwara-Matole wrote
It was his first time. He will get better with time. We all start somewhere. We will train him.
Francis Gachuri..
Victor Kinuthia will be FINE. He was thrown deep end as journalism demands in such a breaking news situation. He has the right attitude and with self belief, confidence and a winning spirit, Victor is destined for greatness. We will accord him all the support.

KOT have also sought to reassure him that it will get better
Ondari Clive..
Those ridiculing Victor are the same that think knowing English is a measure of inteligence. He reports for Inooro TV, I wouldnt point a finger. #KOTLoyals should condemn these bastards.
. Its uncouth of us Kenyans
reporter who made the common rookie mistake that we all can do… Show him love and support. He will be fine
Dennis Kiplimo™ ..not be an expert in Journalism matters but all I know is that the situation Victor Kinuthia was in, is not that easy. I hope someday he tells a story of how this motivated him to keep going.
Y’all should know how tough it is for a guy born & raised in likes of Murang’a, Nyeri, Nyandarua & Kirinyaga to confidently speak good English. Victor Kinuthia even with his Homeland accent tried. Ain’t the best English speaker but must acknowledge he’s well updated with his beat
Hussein Mohamed..
In many professions, you hide your mistakes. In journalism, you broadcast them. So give Victor Kinuthia a break. Was his first live link in a chaotic scene. He’ll learn like many of us. Let’s revisit this when he makes it in a few years, In Sha Allah

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Inspekta Mwala actor opens up about alcohol ruining his life


Sports journalist-cum-actor Allan Muliro, one of the pioneer actors of TV series ‘Inspekta Mwala’, is hoping to secure another job after alcohol destroyed his life.

Speaking to Word Is yesterday, he said,

“I lost my job as a sports presenter on Radio Citizen’s Viwanjani Michezo na Burudani show because of being alcoholic. My performance at work wasn’t good and my family also fell apart.”

He said he was deeply affected after he was fired and regretted having lost the precious chance in his life.

“My wife and I are trying to work things out and I’m happy the relationship has improved after rehab. But I regret my past and keep asking myself why am I alone, why did I do this’?” the actor said.


“If given a chance, I would go back and do my best because I have the potential.”

Muliro said he became an alcoholic since 2013 after losing his mother until 2018, when he was taken to rehab in Thika.

“I was so close to my mother and her death really affected me. I would find myself drinking so much. Life in rehab is lonely and the good thing there is you reflect on what you’ve lost and want for the future,” he said.


Speaking about ‘Githeri man’  Martin Kamotho, who slipped back to alcoholism despite receiving a Head of State Commendation, Muliro said,

“When you leave rehab, you need people to support you.

“But if there’s is no one ready to help, the chances of you going back to alcoholism are big. The support system is very important.”

Muliro keeps himself busy by “running and doing exercises every morning”. He also participates in mentorship programmes.

“I work closely with Alcohol Anonymous, where former alcoholics share their recovery journeys just to encourage one another. I also mentor youths sometimes in churches, telling them about the consequences of alcohol and how to stay away from drug abuse.”


The father of one thanked his colleague Abdi Munai for giving him a shoulder to lean on.

“He is my best friend and we’ve been together for a long time. He is an adviser and a friend you can always count on. He was in ‘Vioja Mahakami’ and I was in ‘Vitimbi’ and at one point, he used to act as President Moi, while I played the role of his bodyguard,” Muliro said.

Inspekta Mwala (programme) recently celebrated 10 years. Muliro’s message to recovering alcoholics is, “There’s always hope and a new start and beginning.”

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I love drama! Maina Kageni responds to Sonko’s interview on Citizen

The recent public exchanges between Sonko and Passaris have gripped the country and also served as an embarrassment according to KOT.

It got worse as Sonko was the guest on Citizen TV Wednesday June 5h, where he exposed private conversations with Passaris, leading to the TV station abruptly ending the interview.

In Thursday’s morning conversation on Classic 105, Maina Kageni’s topic was about Sonko’s behavior.

Maina sought to know from Classic 105 listeners how one deals with a person who cannot keep a secret.

Tokeo la picha la jk live sonko

What do you think about what you saw yesterday with Sonko at the JK live interview?

What could you have done if you were Sonko’s wife?

These are some of the questions that Maina asked. He was however somehow convinced that Sonko was not wrong about what he was doing. He also said that he is hopeful that Sonko will one day ‘anika’ corruption scandals.

Maina dug in with his opinion saying

‘The only thing with Sonko is that you just never know what is coming he might say something that might get you sued. There is something about Sonko that I like. I can’t put my finger on it I just get the sense that cartels fear him.’ 

‘I will sue KAA’ Sonko shouts after having his private parts electrocuted

‘I love drama’ Maina shouted.

The comments from Sonko also elicited mixed reaction.

One of the female callers said, ‘I was so ashamed about that interview because i was even watching it with my husband and son. I wonder what he will advising his children if thus what he does in public. I love my governor but with that he went overboard.

Murang’a MCAs dare Sonko to demolish governor Wa Iria’s house

On the other hand those who were of opinion that what Sonko had done was right said;

What Sonko did was right because he always says what is there and there is no way he could been believed without carrying evidence with him. 

This social media always preach wine and take water. They were not ready to receive the truth as it was and that is why they were stopping him. 

I like our governor because he always says the truth as it is with valid evidence along with him.

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Winning together: Excitement as Lulu Hassan and Hubby Rashid Abdalla co-host news on Citizen TV

Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla are always serving us couple goals and have extended it to national TV.


Yesterday, the power couple presented news together for the first time making them the first ever couple to work together in the Kenyan media industry.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Citizen TV recently rebranded and poached top anchors from local media stations and many are happy with their strategy.

Well, Lulu Hassan and her husband trended online after appearing together on air and Kenyans were awed.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla


Check out some of the comments below:

Alistairtms: That intro by Jamila was pure fire!!!!!

Faith Edwards: Lulu hassan keshapata mpenzi….wenzangu acha tubaki tu kua watazamaji…..😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bora uhai swahiba zangu 😂😂😂😂😂

Aisha MbappeAisha: These two are just adorable, I can’t help but admire them

Lwangu Raychelle Lumurdy: Kiswahili iko Huku Leo kwanza venye jamilla Mohammed alianza cheii you might think all 7 walikua watoto wa walla bin walla

Lulu Hassan with Linus Kaikai
Lulu Hassan with Linus Kaikai

Beverly Dberyl: The smiles on their faces.Pure bliss

Lucy Gladys Akoth: I love the couple,, the way Rashid looks into Lulu’s eyes,, woow,, am touched.

Mimmoh Njoroge: Uzuri hapa hakuna ati niko jam ama nini sijui boss ameniongeza kazi nitafika late kwa nyumba ..hapa ni kumaliza job wote kwa nyumba ….

Tabitha Mary Mukami: Wako poa, lakini Nashangaa what will happen Ile siku watakuwa wamekosana na hawaongeleshani kutaenda aje?

Mweristov Omollo: I love how professional they look. If it was me and husbae ingekua nothing but PDA

Citizen TV crew
Citizen TV’s Swahili anchors

Dorcuz Mwongeli: And they look lovely

Madge Wamwene: I like how they are looking into each other eyes…mmhh mimi na mtu wangu Inge kua tusha kiss..

Estar Khoikoi: Lulu amesongelea mzee sana aki the love is real

Maureen Tuluh: I love love this Couple..Very mature and professional…Mimi na Le Bae ingekua disaster

Emma Dinitrogen Tarus: Wameniita mpenzi mtazamaji nkasmile aki


CashMadam Gw: Acha nichunguze makini nione ka watafinyiana macho

Citizen Tv

Geraldyne Wendy: KTN Waite Okari sasa a join mbetty njallo rusungu iporomoke poromporom

Gladys Ngulu: Lovely…Citizen imeweza😄

Halima Michoki Ombati: They look lovely and professional too

Jaylo_roberts: Beautiful couple, I love u guys

Alphoncemwabil: Sasa nauliza nyote mtaenda maternity leave ? @rashidyabdalla

Willymsafi: Lulu hio Baridi ulikua unaskia studio ukiwa na kanze Dena haiko tena.😂😂 😂😂
Nice couples

Fredkuyi: Good job Rashid welcome home working together is a powerful thing kaka.

Jorgez_kenur: Can’t wait for session yenyu na Bi.Mswafari 😂😂😁😂.

Phanoh: Couple goals. U two killed it… U look awesome together. Classic presentation, can’t wait for tomorrow

Milliy_wawis: So lovely may God continue blessings you guys

Forever_daughty_bellah: This is more a than a dream come true…God bless you both

Janoh: Wow…. GOD works miracles, Kanze akakuacha bae akaletwa kuwipe tears…. Loved how closer you ever got to him jana,,, 😍😍😍mapenzi reloaded.

Sirmoreha: No more mpenzi mtazamji from @loulou_hassan

After the news, Rashid shared a photo of him and his wife and captioned:

#CitizenLipoJambo Safari mpya inaanza leo hapa @citizentvkenya na kope mkonyeza nyusi zangu @loulou_hassan 🙏 #sisemikitu

Lulu reposted the pic and thanked her followers for keeping it locked. She wrote:

Ahsanteni sana,Mungu awabariki !!

Has Willis Raburu Found Another Job?

Weeks after marrying the love of his life, Mary Ngami, in a secret ceremony that caught Kenyans off guard, renowned TV personality Willis Raburu is back from his honeymoon and ready to hit the ground running.

Raburu is widely known for his humorous nature and personality that has made him a hit with many Kenyans, mostly on social media and has won the hearts of many including youth.

willis raburu and wife maryaThe award-winning journalist  has scooped several awards including Maji award for a three part series dubbed ”Deadly water”, Children’s Right Awards and Road Safety Award. This points to his hard-working nature.

Well after resuming work, he has posted a photo on social media that has tongues wagging. It appears that he could be ready to sign up for a new job.

His caption read;

“Coming soon”.

Looks like marriage has brought about new beginnings and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.





‘My Mother Is Back,’ Citizen TV Actor Whose Mum Died Exclaims After Welcoming A Baby Girl (PHOTOS)

Kenyan actor John Githui, known for his role as Rasta on Citizen TV’s drama Mother-In-Law, couldn’t contain his excitement after his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl over the weekend.

Taking to Facebook on Saturday, April 1 shared the good news with his friends and thanked God for blessing his family with the newborn.

Understandably, the actor was even more elated since his daughter was born one year and three months after his mother went to be with the Lord.

Rasta’s mother Nancy Wangechi Githui died on January 24, 2016 after developing stomach complications and meningitis.

He described her as one person whom he loved greatly, adding that he feels so empty now that she’s gone when he broke the sad news on social media. Wangechi was later laid to rest on February 3, 2016 Nyeri county.

On March 31, 2017, Ras and his wife Shanti welcomed a baby girl into their family. As such, it’s easily understandable what the actor meant when he said his mother is back.

The newborn is the couple’s third child. Ras and Shanti already have two children namely Tasha and Liam.

“My mother is back! Born last night. I thank the Almighty God for the blessings,” Ras captioned the photo below.


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