‘I don’t hold a grudge against my absentee dad’ Confesses Adhis Jojo

Churchill Comedienne Adhis Jojo has revealed that she at some point, she felt like her mother loved her siblings more than her.

Jojo’s mother, who was a teacher, was left to look after her 5 children when she parted ways with her husband parted.

It was not an easy time, narrated the comedian.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105 Jojo disclosed that

Growing up I loved school but my mum would tell me ‘let me pay for your sibling this time round while you stay at home’.

At some point I was transferred from an expensive high school to a cheaper one and I could not understand why.

I was young and I could not understand a parent’s sacrifices.

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Adhis Jojo

I used to blame my mother adding that she loved my siblings more than she did me.

Things happen for a reason and if I was not transferred schools maybe I would not be where I am today.

Jojo adds that she is confident that one day her dad will reach out to her.

 I know he will call me one day and I look forward to the day I will meet him. My question to him would be why he left.

I have never asked my mum why my dad left because I was scared it would trigger something in my mum.

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Adhis Jojo

Jojo adds that like every little girl she was a daddies girl before

I miss having a father figure in my life. I am now a big girl but I know that my siblings miss having my dad around.

He left when I was in class three. I was very close to my dad but when my mum got a transfer from home we never returned.

My mum is/was a teacher.

In conclusion Jojo adds

I do not even want him to apologize. I would accept him even if he was to come back now. I do not hold anything against him because I don’t know what happened between them.

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‘Every time he beat my mum my heart broke’ YY on abusive dad

Comedian YY, whose real names are Oliver Otieno, recently opened up on how abusive his dad was while growing up, something that pushed him closer to his mum.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105, the entertainer was open about his parent’s troubled relationship. He said

“When I was growing up my dad was abusive, I was a kid in the middle nlikua naona sa zingine akifika home anaanza kuchapa mathe,sometimes anakuja kama amaelewa so ikaleta a very strong between me and my mum.”

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He added:

“I would see him beating her and I would go in between to try and do something only to be thrown off. I think sometimes maturity gets into an individual depending on the experiences they have gone through and not their age.

I started thinking of ways that I could help my mum, I would help her wash utensils and other chores despite the fact that I could not do it to perfection.”



How did his father’s death affect him? His answer was rather instructive as to the experiences he had gone through with his father. He responded:

“Before then I used to think maybe if dad was here things would be better but then I remembered all the struggles he put my mother through and realized how badly I wanted to give my mother a better life.

Not just my mum, but I would love every woman out there to be respected. “

YYSeating on the fruits of his blessings

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He urged men to respect women and to avoid physically abusing them. One interesting fact about YY is that despite the painful memories he has concerning his father, his stage name is still inspired by his father.

He added that

“YY was my dad’s name. It is a nickname that he was given by his Kalenjin friends. YY is someone outgoing, someone that doesn’t stay at one place.

He used to live here in Nairobi. My dad however passed away when I was in class 3 so I decided to let his legacy live.”

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Blue ticks! Kenyan Celebrities who have been Verified on Instagram

Being verified on Instagram means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

A verified badge is a blue check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who have been verified,

   1. Avril


    2. Njungush


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   3. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’


  4. Sauti sol


   5.Vera Sidika


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     6. Huddah Monroe


    7. Bahati


     8. Victoria Kimani


    9. Joy Kendi


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Exclusive: This is how comedian Chipukeezy landed that job at NACADA

Comedian Chipukeezy was in the Classic 105 studio Friday morning, where Maina Kageni hosted him as he brought along Ugandan star Anne Kansiime.

Maina and Kansiime, both congratulated Chipukeezy on his new job, and they wanted to know how he got it.

Maina sought to know how Chipu go that job. Nikujuana au?

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Chipukeezy coyly responded  to Maina’s query saying;

‘Ni maundu ma mwathani.’

‘Ni mambo ya mungu’, he repeated when Maina insisted on the truth.

Maina asked, ‘apana, ulijuaje mtu hapo ukakuingiza hapo?

‘You know that’s the thing about our mentality as people. Do you have to know people to be successful? or to be employed? or to be given a responsibility?  It’s self given if  you ask me’.

In the June 6 Gazette Notice, Chipukeezy – a comedian, will join NACADA Board as a member.

Did he know he would land such a plum job? KOT were on social media, alleging his relations with several high profile politicians. But Chipu denied this saying

‘No, I didn’t know I would be given the job’.

Chipukeezy, in an Instagram post on Thursday, expressed his gratitude to the President and DP William Ruto following the appointment.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank God, HE the president, the Deputy president for the appointment to the NACADA Board,” he said.

“This is very humbling and I promise to work hard towards ensuring that the task ahead is accomplished as per the expectations,” the comedian said.

Maina ended the interview by congratulating him;

‘congratulations my brother I am so proud of you’, he concluded.

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She is stylish! Comedian Jemutai proves that she has curves (Photos)

Jemutai is one of the most recognized female comediennes in town. She rose to fame after fans fell in love with her trademark jokes centering around Kibet and Korir.

Since then, Jemutai has been known as the most funniest female characters in town.


In recent photos, Jemutai – real name Stella Bunei Koitie – has ditched the long baggy, oversized skirts – look and seems to have embraced more form fitting designs.

Check out her latest trends:


jemutai 4





‘Mum Wants Me To Be A Preacher,’ Churchill Confesses

Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ is the most popular Kenyan comedian known for host his own comedy show.

Churchill Live is a household name, the show brings together comedians from various areas in the country and converges them at a platform for entertaining people.

During an exclusive interview with The Star’s Word Is, Churchill explained what his idea of comedy is, how comedy in Kenya is growing and her mom’s perception of him in comedy.


Comedy is not like science, you cannot talk about things you can’t see or experience. Like when I was coming here, I saw a church that is called ‘Prepare Thy Lord For Thy Lord Doesn’t Take Coins,’ you know things we seeLike  nowadays, I see Maasai cows knocking your car mirror and there like ‘Hamna ndizi humu ndani.’ Comedy is about normal things you connect with, comedy is what you see on your day today life.

Churchill believes that the crop of Kenyan talent and skill will go international. It is a matter of time.

With time we will get to where Trevor Noah and Steve Harvey are –  entertainment-wise. Ubaya ya Kenyans ni ujuaji mingi you want us to get there immediately. 

He also revealed how his mom doesn’t want him to continue pursuing a profession in the entertainment arena.

The only problem I have is with my mum, she thinks I don’t need to be doing this. To her she thinks I need to get a serious job and that is not entertaining people. Because when other people are talking about how there children are doctors, others  accountants and lawyers she finds it hard to explain that her son is a comedian especially in mother-tongue. She wants me to be a preacher – a compromise – especially since my calling is talking.

Churchill’s Sweet Mother’s Day Message To His Mother ( #ThankYouToMum)

Kenya’s top comedian Daniel Ndambuki better known as Churchill or Mwalimu King’ang’i has a heartfelt message for his mum during mother’s day. Churchill says that his mum is the best thing that happened to him and she is his pillar of strength who prays for all of them as a family.

For mothers all over the world Churchill has a special mothers day message to you. He says, “Mother’s are the cornerstone of any nation or the world.”

Watch his amazing mother’s day message below