Churchill Show comedian says she was a house maid in Saudi Arabia

Churchill Show has been responsible for so many comedic talents rising through the ashes and becoming household names for many Kenyans.

Some of those famous sons and daughters are like Eric Omondi and Teacher Wanjiku.

And it hasn’t stopped there. The show has revealed a brand-new talent. Who is that? Fast-rising comedienne Lucy Mwende Kariuki, popularly known by her stage name, ‘Kayellow Yellow’.

Lucy Mwende
Lucy Mwende

Her life story before fame is so fascinating. Her comedy outfit released a video that explained that she had been employed as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia for about three years. She said;

While I was in Saudi Arabia, I used to do short clips. I did not know that mimi naweza kuchekesha watu kama nimeshika Mic. So mimi nilia nafanya short clips na Kasimu kangu, naweka kwa mtandao, watu wanafurahia.

Lucy Mwende
Lucy Mwende

She went on to reveal that her then fans on Facebook kept on requesting Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill to recruit her in his comedy platform. She added;

I did not believe in myself but when I came back home, kwa bahati mzuri nikakuta kuna hii mashindano ya Ultimate Comic. Nilipita na ni kafurahia sana.

Churchill comedian Zeddy’s baby bump is giving pal Nasra baby fever

Mwende pointed out that there are days she feels like quitting, even trying set books, saying;

Kuna mahali kwa comedy nilikua nimefika nikasikia nikama naweza acha, mpaka nikaanza kujiuliza ama I’m not funny. Coz nikianza kuna auditions nilikua nimeenda. Hadi nikachoka. Nakumbuka kuna siku nilikua naenda auditions za set books. Kuna yenye nilichukuliwa then nikasomeshwa kitabu nikashika yote but wakati wa kuchaguliwa, niikambiwa kulikuwa na watu wengi so wewe, utafanya ya next time.

Lucy Mwende
Lucy Mwende

That did not stop her and Mwende says she has big dreams and with God, all is possible. We all hope that she can become the next big thing in comedy.

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Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol opens up about close shave with TB

Back in Feb/March this year, Churchill show comedian Othuol Othuol was taken ill.

He been diagnosed with TB and Vitamin D deficiency, and asked for Kenyan to pray for him.

Months later, Othuol Othuol, has thanked Kenya’s godfather of comedy Churchill for helping him in his hour of need.

In an interview with Word Is on Monday, he narrated how he was bailed out.

“I finished my medication late September and I’m still recovering. I thank Churchill for paying my hospital bill,” he said.


“Jalang’o and Luolikali group also helped me pay my rent for the months I hadn’t paid.”

Othuol Othuol said many friends deserted him after he became sick. “I lost many friends. Very few came through for me,” he said.

“Comedian Karis took me to hospital when I had no one to help me. He used to take me to hospital every day for treatment. Japheth Oduk was also there for me.”

Talking about working with Churchill and advice to fellow comedians, he said,

“He’s a good person. If you see the soup is too hot, don’t drink because you’re the one who will suffer.”

The comedian, who also acts in local production ‘Auntie Boss’ as a security guard at Taifa Estate, attributes his success to comedians Kajairo, Pengle and Jalang’o.

“Jalang’o has been supportive of my comedy journey and he paid for my first temporary passport to Uganda back in 2010,” he said.

Othuol Othuol performed at a show hosted by Gaetano Kagwa, and he performed alongside UK comedian Kevin J.


The actor was very close to the late Ayeiya. “I really miss Ayeiya. He was a great friend,” said an emotional Othuol.

He admitted he was once an alcoholic but is now a recovered addict. “Being alcoholic affects one in so many ways. I lost friends, respect and jobs,” he said.


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Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw receives largely positive reviews

Hobbs and Shaw is the latest Fast and Furious spin-off. The movie with the large cast was released this weekend. The film received praise for “the charisma of Johnson, Statham, and Kirby” as well as the “visual style and action choreography finesse”

Some critics “had trouble getting past just how much the film was attempting to fit into its two-hour-and-15-minute runtime”. Some of the reviews are below;

Mick LaSalle of San Francisco Chronicle wrote, ‘“Hobbs & Shaw” is witty and mischievous, full of surprise and invention, and a total blast.’

Vince Mancini of Uproxx wrote, ‘It’s not that Hobbs & Shaw attracts dumbness so much as inspires it. You watch it with your mouth dangling half-open, chuckling like Beavis And Butthead, and that’s part of the appeal. Spectacle doesn’t need to be smart.’

Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw

Matthew Dougherty of IGN wrote,’ ‘Though it’s too long, and not every action scene or comedy bit works, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and terrific rising star Vanessa Kirby ensure that there’s fun to be had in a Fast & the Furious movie not centered around cars or racing.’

Critics review Men in Black: International

Michael O’Sullivan of Washington Post wrote, ‘The film is far from prestige fare, yet more often than not, it hits that summer sweet spot between the silly and the satisfying.’

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote, ‘Whatever this is, it’s not a movie — it’s a product more deserving of a road test than a review.’

Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw

Brian Lowry of CNN wrote, ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is an awfully long-winded title for a movie with roughly the same plot as the 1989 squabbling buddy vehicle “Tango & Cash,” only with bigger — well, pretty much everything — and better special effects.’

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Churchill comedian Zeddy’s baby bump is giving pal Nasra baby fever


We are well into baby season in Kenya, and this weekend we were treated to surprise news that Churchill show comedian Zeddy is heavily pregnant.

She unveiled her cute baby bump, as her celeb pals congratulated her.


Nasra her fellow comedian shared the baby bump photo confessing she has some serious baby fever after seeing Zeddys pregnancy bump.

Nasra is bracing herself for the ultimate baby fever and wrote

Pia mm nataka😭😭😭😭😭😭congratulations babe


Other celebrities who are currently pregnant include Diana Marua, Kambu and Milly Wa Jesus, all whom are expected to deliver their bundle of joy soon.


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Teacher Wanjiku is cute as hell in this picture and team mafisi can’t help but thirst over her (Photo)

Kenya’s funniest female comedian Teacher Wanjiku is serving goals right about now.

The funny lady has been on a weight loss mission since giving birth to her adorable daughter. And evidence of her journey is now more clearer than ever.

Teacher Wanjiku has lost a massive amount of weight, and her latest picture on social media tells us so. She shared the saucy picture, asking her fans to comment. Team mafisi did not hold back salivating over her.

teacher wanjiku thirst trap pic

Read some thirsty comments

George Mark… My Role model…. cant wait to share a table with you when invited!!! U #Rock

Steve Kinyanjui.. Teacher how about i become your form tharrry four Bae 😂😂😂

Ezekiel Mutai.. Hizo miguu

Kiprono Jeff Mutai …slow down teacher..its too much!

Samwel Wangechi… Assume am the head teacher I will drive you hom teacher wajiku tutafika kweli

Toney Juma.. U look extra ordinary beautiful, God do create wonders….i appreciate u

Vincent Tendie… Waaaaaa where is chepkatineza I need a password for this server, Hae uko on point teacher

Wahinya Chef Ricky….. aki mammy umeivaaa….that gold dress its dope….can i have dinner with u in that dress?

Gerald Shitavo… Inama mbele ndio ujue haujui