‘Lazima utukanwe…’ Churchill faces trolls over not paying comedians

Comedian Churchill has been facing trolls on social media over claims his comedians haven’t  been paid for sometime.

These allegations started on Twitter and for the better part of the weekend, Churchill was trending.

Taking to his Twitter account, Churchill – real name Dan Ndambuki – pointed out that it is about time people embraced positivity.

“For me, it is all about positivity,” he wrote.

He stood his ground and at times countered fiery allegations from KOT with fiery statements of his own.

“Create a show for them and you will have helped them,” he responded when one user accused him of shortchanging his comedians and referred to his jokes as stale.

Churchill reveals reason he keeps wife and kids hidden from spotlight

When pressed to lay out the truth he was referring to, he responded saying, “The truth will destroy the very same comedians I have tried to grow.”

He added, “Lazima utukanwe ndio wajulikane (They have to abuse you to get clout),” he tweeted.

And when asked on his cryptic response and why he didn’t just come out and offer a detailed explanation, he quickly pointed that if there was any explanation to be given, it would be given to the comedians in person.

 “So, if you write those things, make sure you ask how can we help these guys. That is how we can grow as a society,” he said.
Churchill has helped thousands of comedians in his comedy platform ‘Churchill Show’

Radio star Kingangi describes life in self isolation with family

Parenting during the coronavirus quarantine period is proving hectic, according to the confessions of many on Classic 105.

With schools closed to contain the spread of the virus, parents say the situation at home is craaaazzy.

How crazy? Classic Mwalimu Kingang’i is about to lose his mind.

He confessed to Maina Kageni that

 ‘na ile kukula wanakula fridge haina kitu, wamevunja kila kitu, wamewatch cartoon zote, kuna cartoon ya pig wanapenda sana, nimechoka nayo, kanguruwe kenginien kana teta sana,’

Diamond Platnumz in self quarantine after manager tests positive

Kingangi noted how parenting is different today compared to back in the day

‘parents don’t know how to deal with it, shida si mtoto ni mzazi’

total chaos ata hujui utawapeleke wapi

Maina then asked parents to call in and say how they are dealing with the situation at home. Here are some comments that show how tough it is.

Monique Kimmss..
#MainaAndKingangi Hapo kwa budget gava isaidie priss wazazy tunaumia Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Kwanza wanaumauma vitu alafu wanatupa kwa dustbinCrying face


Hajali! Dennis Itumbi speaks up after being sacked on his birthday

#MainaAndKingangi watoi huitisha chai every hour. They’re always hungry. A loaf of bread is enough for only 1 child. The govt shd help every household that has 2 kids or more with money. Let them use their huduma number recordsSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya

There are people who work with budget. Now these kids are at home you need to provide breakfast, lunch these are meals they had in school because its paid for.”

Sharon ShanienTwo hearts..
Am trying to explain to him what corona is hashikanishi .. amekataa Yeye ataenda kusoma na teacher hio Confused faceConfused face.. then am continuously cooking in the house @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

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Mwalimu Kinga’ngi shares fond childhood memory of Daniel Moi

The death of former President Daniel Moi has reignited memories countrywide.

Moi died early Tuesday morning, according to a proclamation from President Uhuru who shared the news.

Classic’s Mwalimu Kingang’i has joined Kenyans in sharing his special encounter of Moi while he was a student in Ukambani.

Rest In Peace: Former President Daniel Arap Moi dead

Mwalimu recalled how school going children would be forced to line up the streets in anticipation of Moi’s visit to the area.

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe

Mwalimu described how a teacher messed the experience for the entire school. The teachers name? Morphat. Read the interesting anecdote

Another day alikuja and all morning we had been instructed to cheer until he arrives with his motorcade. Those days his motorcade was so big, and we lost our voices screaming his praises. By the time he arrived our teacher Morphat would scream at us to continue chanting his praises or face a beating. Tulikuwa tunatingisha bendera, tulipewa the day before almost 10,000 kids waiting in line for the president with  guy ordering us to tingiza bendera. When he came I will never forget.

His convoy stopped then he asked a representative of the school to come forward and tell him our problems. We picked teacher mophart. Mophart told him we didn’t need anything, that tuko nyuma yako, how do you say we don’t need anything yet we don’t have water, roads, arrh teacher morphat I shall never forget him.

What all Kenyans also remember about Moi is that he started the tradition of building gabions.

Mwalimu recounted his experience seeing Daniel Moi help build gabions in Ukambani.

The memory was so funny that to this day, Mwalimu Kingan’gi couldn’t help making Maina laugh with tears.

He said

He came another time to Ukambani when it was times of mumonyoko wa udongo kujenga gabions. I was there then akaumia kidole hapo ndio tulijua power, the way he was evacuated from the stones, ndio nikajua power ni kitu 

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Churchill Ndambuki – I used to work in Industrial Area washing bottles

Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, is probably the most influential name in comedy in Kenya. The man has literally opened the doors for many of the comedians we love today.

The man who has had a very successful streak hosting his own eponymous shows on NTV wasn’t always the big kahuna he is at the moment.

Churchill on the mike
Churchill on the mike

The man recently spoke to Mpasho.co.ke and revealed some of the struggles he went through before he made his big break. He was speaking during the Ruach Festival at Sarit Centre Expo.

The comic said that he slaved away in Industrial Area as a casual labourer before his main passion, comedy, saved his life.
‘I used to work in industrial area washing bottles and I would be paid peanuts. the money wasn’t enough for food and transport. things were not easy back then,” Churchill told the popular site.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill on stage

The man also had time to praise the Ruach Festival, which was well attended by industry heavyweights like; Uganda’s Salvado, Kenya’s MC Jessy, Sleepy David, MCA Tricky, Otos and Dr Ofweneke.

Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Churchill said that the event was refreshing and restoring. He said that he was also glad and lucky to have been part of the event.

‘I wish it could happen every other day. I needed it and I’m sure those who came there were totally blessed and it must have made a lot of difference in their lives.’

The comedian with MC Jessy
Churchill with MC Jessy

For those who don’t know, the comedian has been in the comedy industry since 1996.  Ndambuki’s wide recognition as a comedian started heightening in the legendary comedy show “Redykyulass” in which he acted alongside Walter Mongare(Nyambane), Peter Kaimenyi (Kajairo), Maurice Otieno (Mdomo Baggy), John Kiarie (KJ) and Anthony Njuguna.

Churchill, along with KJ, Kajairo, Mudomo Baggy, and Nyambane, also created “Red Kona”. Among his other acting credits were the popular Kenyan film, The First Grader

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Churchill comedian Zainabu speaks on grief after death of her baby


Zainabu is currently a mum to a healthy baby girl Malaika after giving birth this past August. But she is letting us in on a secret she has held onto about another baby we didn’t know of.

The  Churchill comedian shared that she has fought feelings of depression when her unborn baby died.

She wrote

 Personally I have been through this and I almost lost my life at some point but up to this point am still struggling to heal but I have been able to overcome pain to great extent. 

Ali Kiba speaks out on rocky marriage to Kenyan wife

Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo
Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo

Zaianbu added that while every person grieves in their own way, there is help and shared some information

Am speaking about this because I have found some way we can exploit and get help in closing the doors of pain as we look forward to healing completely. If you are such a mother or you know somebody who have lost a child, please let us communicate and find each other for us to restore our lives and our dignity.. no matter the circumstances that led to your baby not making it, we are still mothers and we need to recreate our selves through psychological support.

The death of a baby can bring profound grief. Here are some words of comfort from her

my story of pain will yield joy for many people and am here to tell you we can wake up and move again

zaimabu zeddy

You can read her full statement by clicking on this link.   plus more information and support for parents on coping with grief.

Zainabu Zeddy
Zainabu Zeddy pregnant

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7 Years Later: Eric Omondi reminisces meeting Churchill

Speaking at a Churchill Show event on Thursday night in Naivasha, he surprised the godfather of comedy by making a cameo appearance at the show, after seven years.

“In 2006, while I was a second-year student at Daystar, I was an MC at an event which Churchill attended,” Eric said.


“He was impressed by my skills. I was to ask for his phone number later, but he asked for mine. I waited for two years before he called me in 2008 to inquire if I was ready to perform.”


Eric also recounted how he met Churchill, who taught him how to perform.

“I have never told this story to anyone anywhere. People keep asking me how I met Churchill,” Eric said.

“I used to MC at events and people would later tell me that I made them laugh. They kept on asking me to conduct other events. Then one day, when I learnt that Churchill, who was prominent at that time, would attend an event in the school, I got excited.

“I did not want to propose myself to MC the event. So I waited. However, I was given the chance and so I really did my best. I performed narratives and poems,” Eric said as the crowd cheered on, while Churchill happily stared at him.


After the event, Churchill got hold of Eric and described him as a skinny MC.

Two years later, Churchill called him and inquired if he had been watching the shows.

“He asked me to watch 12 episodes of the show and to get ready to perform at the 13th episode. That was my breakthrough,” Eric said.

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Blessings Galore: Check out photos of Njugush’s new machine

Celestine Ndinda, wife to comedian Njugush took to her insta stories on social media to share a sneak peak of their new car.

The new car which seemed to be a Prado left KOT amazed at his success, as he drove the car in Mombasa. He is seriously making money moves.

This is good news as the couple who have bagged many endorsements seem to be doing well in life and also in their careers.

Check out the couples new mega ride.

image-2019-05-24 (5) (1)

Scooping many endorsements including Safaricom, Njugush is proof that talent pays only if you put effort into it.

The father of one who has worked closely with his wife Celestine are definitely enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Drop those normal boring styles and rock your abuja braids like this

image-2019-05-24 (8) (1)


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