Churchill Ndambuki in mourning

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki, arguably Kenya’s most celebrated comedian is in mourning. The entertainer disclosed this news on his Twitter page.

Churchill revealed that he was mourning the death of his friend identified as Pierre who was buried, Friday 23rd April. His fond farewell message read,

“Today we laid a good friend of mine to rest..some people whom you sit under their wise counsel will never be seen in the limelight…I think God has a place for them high above…Rest well Pierre(as we fondly knew him) were wise..”

The Churchill show founder did not disclose the cause of his friend’s death.

We here at Classic105 send our condolences to the family of Pierre at this trying time.

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Churchill and Jalang’o to lead mediation committee between KFCB, DCI and Eric Omondi

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua flexed his muscles this week when he showed Eric Omondi who was boss this past week.

Ezekiel who has been branded the moral cop in Kenya, came out all guns blazing ensuring that Eric had arguably his toughest week in his career.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi posing

The man was arrested and forced to eat humble pie, having to personally apologise to Ezekiel. But it seems that Mr. Mutua hasn’t still been fully mollified stating that Eric now has to pull down all the Wife Material content that is on his social media pages.

It is now emerging that a Mediation Committee will have a sit down with the Board and DCI, over the arrest of Eric Omondi.

Don’t ever use my name again!-Eric Omondi says as beef with Ezekiel Mutua escalates

In a tweet, Mutua said the committee which is set to meet on Monday will be led by Jalang’o and Churchill, and will also include other artistes.

Upon their release, Eric was given a 48 hours ultimatum, to have all explicit videos on his social media pages deleted.

“We received an apology and request from Eric Omondi for an out-of-court settlement of the case against him, but apparently the explicit videos are still circulating on his social media platforms. The pornographic videos MUST be taken down by 8am Mon 15th March 2021 otherwise….

Eric has agreed to our conditions for an out of court settlement. He has agreed to take down all explicit content from his social media platforms. I have appointed a Mediation Committee led by Jalang’o, Churchill and other top artistes to meet the KFCB team and DCI on Monday,” said Ezekiel Mutua in a series of tweets.

Eric Omondi and Shakilla
Eric Omondi and Shakilla

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Churchill didn’t pay me anything for 3 seasons! Eric Omondi reveals

Eric Omondi is one of the most famous comedians in Kenya. His path to the top was paved by the overwhelming influence of Churchill Ndambuki, the Godfather of comedy in Kenya.

The man was recently interviewed by Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani, where he revealed a startling statement that he hadn’t been paid during the three seasons he featured on Churchill Show.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He explained that the popular comedy show gave him a platform to build his brand, through which he made money from adverts and endorsement deals.

He was clarifying on the never-ending claims that Churchill mistreats comedians resulting in depression. He termed the allegations as nonsense of the highest order.

“Churchill has never called anyone to join the show. He always gives us a house to sell your craft,” he said.

“Churchill has never paid me any coin. For three seasons and I did not want the money, but by the time I was finishing the first season, I was already making millions. I got adverts and earned from that.”

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He added: “Churchill was the number-one show watched in Kenya, and so I used that platform to create my name.”

According to Eric Omondi, he should have been the one to pay Churchill.

“I could not be known if he did not give me the platform to sell my name. He sold my name and it is very unfair when I see comedians saying they are being used by Churchill. You are not being used, they are using Churchill,” he said.

The hope is that Eric’s confession will put a lid on the claim that Churchill isn’t a wonderful employer.

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By the time I was leaving Hillcrest, I was a bad girl – Size 8 tells Churchill

Linet Munyali aka Size 8 was a guest on comedian Churchill Ndambuki’s show. The mother of 2 was a ball of fun as she spoke about various areas of her life.

One of them, was her experiences in high school. You see before her turn as a gospel artiste the singer was a wild one at heart.

Size 8 explained that she had almost lost a scholarship due to partying. Linet told Churchill that she had earned a scholarship to State House Girls before moving to Hillcrest due to her performance in the arts.

At Hillcrest, I got the biggest shock of my life as I used a matatu to go to school while some students used choppers. I felt very inferior as I could not speak good English and even expressing myself was a problem. I was very bright and even the teachers noticed my performance was good.

Ati 18k! Kenyans in shock about Size 8 and DJ Mo’s exclusive Christmas event

But her teachers were a great encouragement as they told her that she break out of her shell and become more aggresive, thus becoming the loudest and popular student in school.

I knew how to dance and so my friends started inviting me to parties to make it lively. I became so popular in school and started going out to have fun.

The celeb who is married to Dj Mo recounted how she partied in most of the party joints in Nairobi, and her grades in school started dropping.

“I almost lost my scholarship as my grades started going down. By the time I was leaving Hillcrest, I was a bad girl and left my innocence at the school. Yani niliacha Yesu shule,” she said.

Fortunately, Size 8 good grades and got admission to a good varsity but her parents could not afford the fees.

“I was to attend Manchester University but we did not have money for my fees and my father told me my brothers were also in school,” she said.

But that dissapointment would not stop the singer from succeeding as a singer but changed course from being a secular artiste to becoming a gospel musician.

Her reason was that she wasn’t fulfilled anymore and fell into depression. Her first hit song after getting saved was the popular and catchy “Mateke”.

“I was so excited and I didn’t think anyone would notice it. ‘Mateke’ was trending everywhere with people having their own opinions, and that broke my heart. I got so much hate on social media and that is when people started judging me and expecting me to backslide. Some even gave me hours,” she said.

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Read Churchill’s classy response to troll asking him to pay comedians’ salaries

Churchill Ndambuki has scaled the heights of celebrity in Kenya and is arguably responsible for the growth of Kenyan comedy.

While he should be thanked for the awesome work he has done in helping put Kenyan comedy on the map, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have his detractors.

Yesterday, the comedian had a savage back and forth with a cantankerous person online who went head to head and enquired about the salaries paid to comedians under him.

“I’m not the government! I am not funded by the government” Churchill tells comedians

As the most recognisable face in Kenyan comedy, Mr. Ndambuki received criticism in the past regarding some of his comedians who, after a few years at the top, end up poor and fall into drug and substance abuse, which later leads to death.

The critic who posted under the name, @5_peopl_e replied to one of the tweets as to whether Churchill had paid the salaries paid to his comedians.

But Churchill’s response was full of sarcasm telling the Twitter user, “Do you want to pay them or?”. But that didn’t stop the critic from doubling down on his previous question and in fact went after the comics’ dark complexion.

But this time Churchill decided to use the more measured and classy tactic to shut down the concerned troll, saying,  “Son, concentrate on the most important things in life… family, health and have some form of investment or some savings.”

I think Churchill’s way of dealing with the Twitter user is the way to go for all celebs. Someone lowers themselves and starts ad hominem attacks, you refuse to go down to their level-the way Obama normally says, “They go down, we go up”.

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“I’m not the government! I am not funded by the government” Churchill tells comedians

The past few years have seen the deaths of many comedians in the entertainment industry. To say that the industry is at crisis point is an understatement and the recent death of rising light Othuol Othuol has brought the issue back to the fore.

The Godfather of Kenyan comedy, Daniel Churchill Ndambuki has been under attack the past few years for his perceived lack of help for the struggling comedians.

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Celebrating Safaricom @ 20 #TwendeTukiuke

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

But it seems that Mr. Ndambuki has had it with being criticised for the plight many comics face and came out with a tough lecture during Othuol Othuol’s funeral.

“…the reason you see why when anything bad happens they say Churchill comedian its because it is the only platform that they get to be seen on. Listen, I’m not the government! I am not funded by the government,” he said.

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Where’s the plot? @jalangoo @wyredalovechild @mainawakageni

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

He added that his show was just a medium to give comedians a platform to build their brands because they aren’t employed on the show as many think. He encouraged them to diversify and not just depend on the show.

“This is just a small dream of a young man who decided to give millions of talented young men and women a chance to be on stage and realise their dreams,” he explained.

‘Churchill visited Othuol two days before death,’ Zeddy confirms

He went ahead to warn them to stop calling fans family.

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Nani anamiss life before COVID?

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on


“Stop waking up and telling them what you are eating, what you are dressing in, and know that you have a life and your family is your mum, your sibling and relatives.”

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Stop calling your fans family – Churchill tells comedians at Othuol’s funeral

The burial of the late comedian Othuol Othuol took place yesterday at his home in Siaya. The ceremony was well-attended by many of his contemporaries including the likes of Churchill Ndambuki, Mc Jessy and Jalang’o.

Father of late comedian, Othuol finally opens about son’s drinking habit

The fraternity that attended had some wise words to dole out but it was Churchill’s words that really stood out. He cautioned the Kenyan comedy community to focus on building their careers.

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A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

He rebuked comedians who often refer to their online followers and fans as family and also document every activity in their lives on social media.

“Stop calling your fans family. Don’t wake up every morning to tell them what you eat, what you are dressing. Stop it. You have a life. Your family, your mother, your children, your parents, stop frustrating them. Guys, stop it, stop it. Those are fans, the moment you stop being funny they will leave you,” he stressed.

The famous comedians gathered together
The famous comedians gathered together

“Grow your brand, money will follow you. When you become a brand, be disciplined. I don’t want to come to another function like this. I want to see the millionaire in you because have what many people lack. Just focus on your career,” he added.

Jalang’o another great in Kenya’s comedy Mount Rushmore also had some words for the late Othuol revealing that the late wanted to follow his footsteps in the laugh industry.

“I gave him the platform when he came to Nairobi for the first time. He said he idolised me and wanted to follow my footsteps,” he said.

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@jessythemc ….

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo) on

The deceased passed on at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) on October 11, after complications emanating from a brain tumour he had.

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Betty Kyallo recounts most special interview with Churchill Ndambuki

Betty Kyallo and Mwalimu Churchill teamed up this past week in one of the best shows of 2020. The two celebs who are from the Kamba ethnic community gave fans the time of their lives with Churchill interviewing the bubbly Betty.

The interview was such a memento for the former K24 host that she even made a note about how special it was in her latest vlog on BK Lately.

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Feeling like a Rockstar!

A post shared by Betty Kyallo 🇰🇪 (@bettymuteikyallo) on

Betty admitted that she had gambled on whether to watch her interview on Churchill or her vlog that premiered almost at the same time.

She confessed that the interview had done so well with Kenyans that the mother of one finally opened up on what made it one of the most special interviews she has had.

I really wanted to be a nun, maybe Ivanna will become one – Betty Kyallo tells Churchill

She recounted, “It was like I was reciting my life story directly to the lens and I got so emotional, at one point I nearly broke down but I tried to hold myself and be strong. I was literally being honest with myself in that interview; I accepted my not-so-pretty past and I openly spoke about it.”

She also came clean on her very rough relationship with her dad, but that how spoke about her during his interview with Churchill touched her.

He called me “daddy’s girl”. He was so proud of me and that was so special to me. I even texted him and said, “dad thank you so much for saying all those amazing words to me”. Because I never got to hear them many times while growing up. I got to hear what he actually thought about me.

And it wasn’t only her dad’s words that impressed Betty, her mom and sister’s words also amazed her,

“I’m happy I was alive to hear what my family had to say about Betty. In life, tell the people you love, what you think about them, what you love about them, what they do that makes you happy. Don’t wait to say it to them at their funeral or on their sick bed,” she urged her fans.


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I really wanted to be a nun, maybe Ivanna will become one – Betty Kyallo tells Churchill

When you look at Betty Kyallo, one instantly notices the bubbly, happy go lucky personality that she is, almost always glowing.

Her general demeanour is inviting to anyone who sees or talks to her. That’s why it wasn’t that much of a surprise that she became one of the most popular TV news anchors in Kenya.

But it seems that Kenyans might have been deprived of her on-screen talents had she chosen her first love.

This weekend Betty disclosed that she had always wanted to become a nun. In an extensive interview with Churchill Ndambuki, the CEO of high-end beauty parlour Flair by Betty said she admired how nuns dressed while she was still young.

Betty disclosed that she was raised in a staunch Catholic family, explaining;

“I wanted to be a nun but mabudesco changed me. Walinichanganya wakanimalisa. I used to admire nuns how they looked nice in their white clothes during mass… I was like I wanna be like them hakuna kusumbuliwa na machali. Halafu you serve God… lakini ilikuwa ngumu. Nikaona wacha tuu nikuwe news anchor I do what I wanted to do. I really wanted to be a nun maybe Ivanna [my daugher] will be a nun.”

And the curvy entrepreneur explained that decorated veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli was her role model;

“I always wanted to be Catherine Kasavuli. I’d watch the news just to see her. I interviewed on her KTN. When I saw her I got so nervous. She was so sweet to me. it was one of my best shows,” she said.

Female TV anchors from the past and where they are now

American actress Eva Mendes also gave up her dream of being a nun so she could fulfill her promise to buy her mother a house.

She had wanted to join a convent and devote her life to the Catholic Church but changed her mind when she discovered nuns didn’t get paid.

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Old video of skinny and broke Churchill Ndambuki amazes Kenyans (video)

The entertainment industry is replete with examples of celebs who have come from the bottom and made it big financially in the end.

The stories feel our pages and show that for many greats, life doesn’t always start easy. One of those examples is decorated comedian Churchill Ndambuki.

The man is the most influential comedian in Kenya at the moment with his various shows contributing greatly to making the budding industry a legit concern in the entertainment industry.

The man hustled and struggled before his rise and rise to the great heights he now inhabits. Churchill recently decided to remind people of how come he had come when he posted a video of himself doing a hilarious skit on-stage.

In the video, one can see that life had been good to him since the recording of the clip as he was remarkably skinny during the recording of that clip.

In the video, the comedian is seen delivering a joke on stage in form of a hilarious Swahili poem. It is not clear when the video was taken or where he was performing but looking at it, you will most definitely agree it was in the 90s.

View this post on Instagram

Do not despise the small beginnings.

A post shared by Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

The caption to his video was a timely reminder inspiring many of his close to two million Instagram followers. He wrote, ”Do not despise the small beginnings.”

The video motivated many Kenyans on his comment section who agreed with his message. Churchill himself is proof of his resiliency message as one can see that not only has he gained fame, and clout over the years but that his weight has increased with the blessings of his hard work.

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Even Churchill gets treated harshly by the directors -Jasper Murume reveals (exclusive)

Jasper Murume is one of the funniest men in Kenya. I recently had a deep conversation with the Churchill Show actor who was a breath of fresh air as he spoke about his industry and his future.

One of the questions I had for the comic was what he thought about the recent clamour in the industry after the death of some prominent comedians.

Jasper Murume

Some of his fellow comedians have blamed Churchill Show director Victor Ber for being a chief part in the hardships the comedians are having.

He said that he hadn’t spoken about the issue but didn’t want to accuse anyone for any wrongdoing. “Until now I haven’t spoken about that. Actually, if you watch the podcast we have talked about it a little. I am not going to ever accuse anyone because I believe kila mtu akona life,” Jasper said.

Churchill Show director Victor Ber speaks after damning accusations by some comedians

He then went on to detail the tough times he himself had had. “Yangu imekuwa sawa but it was very difficult starting for me at Churchill Show just like everyone else.”

Jasper Murume
Jasper Murume

He then dropped the bombshell that even Churchill Ndambuki had been treated with the same brush as his fellow creatives. “The directors are very tough, not only on us but with Churchill too. I have seen them speak harshly to him telling him to stop kidding about!”

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki on stage

He added that the industry was hard and one had to be strong mentally. “The place isn’t easy and maybe some people can’t take it. We we brought up differently and I am not going to blame the victim also. But for me, things have been good so far. Even if you chase me away, I will still come back.”

New ventures

Jasper then explained that he had been working on a new project with former Classic105 presenter Tina Kaggia. “We have been working on a podcast with Tina Kaggia. It is called Nyumbani Radio. We talk about current issues in Kenya where we also host comedians and celebs on the show. I came up with the idea.”

Jasper Murume with Tina Kaggia
Jasper Murume with Tina Kaggia

He added that they would be posting content every Thursday. And had he come up with idea due to Covid-19 restrictions?

“Covid-19 has really messed up entertainers, even our show is closed at the moment. I had always had this idea but the recent pandemic has made me make a stronger digital push.”

Check out his new podcast below:

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Churchill Show director Victor Ber speaks after damning accusations by some comedians

Churchill Show has been in the news recently. And not exactly for the positive vibes one would expect from the most popular and influential Kenyan comedy show over the years.

It all started after the death of comic Kasee late last month. The death has opened up old wounds in the industry with many quarters trying to explore what the malaise is in the industry that is causing such occurrences.

The late Kasee
The late Kasee

Some leading comedians like Chipukeezy and Zeddy attacked Churchill Show director Victor Ber blaming him for a lot the issues that the industry is facing.

‘Lazima utukanwe…’ Churchill faces trolls over not paying comedians

Zeddy alleged that Ber had also sabotaged the career of female comedians to give his wife, Wanjiku an edge and is the biggest cause of depression among comedians.

Victor Ber with his wife
Victor Ber with his wife

She also alleged that so serious was the situation that a number of comedians have sunk into depression before their eventual deaths.

Ber who has been silent about the allegations has finally responded to the claims saying that not only would they remain as friends but that she was welcome to come on Churchill Show

“Yes, without a doubt (I will welcome her). Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more and it wasn’t until Wednesday (July 8) that I picked up my phone and texted her and she called me back. I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they were,” Ber said.

Victor Ber posing

Ber also felt that their was malice in Zeddy’s allegations, saying that someone intent on bringing down the legendary show was behind the claims made by her.

Njenga Mswahili and Kasee are among the Churchill Show comedians whose recent deaths have raised eyebrows.

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Mwalimu King’ang’i declares how he would like to get fired after Mediamax text saga

The Kenyan media landscape is one that mirrors and reflects the rest of the Kenyan economy-job losses and massive shrinkages in the job market.

It has been a bloody scene to witness and be part of-Don’t forget I work in this industry.

Since 2019, nearly every major media company has participated in redundancies that have seen many Kenyans end up in financial ruin.

Betty Kyallo shows off new Sh7million Porsche Cayenne days after leaving tv job

And that’s before we talk about the scythe that is Covid-19. That now is the big kahuna that will affect generations to come. Just ask KCSE and KCPE students who will not sit for their exams anytime soon if there ever was one.

The recent Mediamax firings through text have left many Kenyans shocked at the callousness the company displayed.

One of those Kenyans to complain about the turn of events is Mwalimu King’ang’i. The comedian expressed total disgust in the process and considered it insensitive of the media house, stating that such texts might not only come as a shock to employees but who knows, people might get into serious accidents.


King’ang’i stated that he would prefer that his employer takes him out, wait for him to get high then he/she can break the news.

“The day you decide to fire me, don´t send me an SMS, I can even be driving or doing something that might cause an accident. Let´s get this straight, you don´t do that sh*t to me. Call me for a drink and when I am high, drop the news. Some things can kill you.”

He was speaking to his Classic 105 co-host Maina Kageni who also wondered at the heartless treatment the TV journalists had been given after years of serving tirelessly at the media station.

“Shame on you, how can you do that? How can you ask someone to meet you at a certain hotel and then drop such news?”

Maina Kageni with Jalang'o
Maina Kageni with Jalang’o who recently lost his job at Mediamax

The Mediamax firing was the talk of the town earlier this week when former employees shared the cold text message announcing their unemployment at the company.

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Churchill reveals reason he keeps wife and kids hidden from spotlight

Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has the biggest comedy show in Kenya. As such the man has a huge following wherever he goes and with this fame has come measures that the man has taken to protect his family.

He recently spoke to and opened up about why he does it. Despite being in the limelight for more than a decade now, little is known about him beyond his comedy.

Churchill with MC Jessy
Churchill with MC Jessy

He said that he wants to retire and lead a private life. He said that the biggest reason for that was that Churchill is a public persona and that one day he will retire and as such he chose to keep his loved ones away from his fame.

‘At some point after giving all my life to the public as I have done, I will jump into private life with the people who have been pushing me from behind,’ he said.

Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy
Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy at the event

The man believes that celebrities should keep their families, especially their kids, away from media glare so they can live their lives and pursue their dreams.

The interview occurred at the Youtube event organised by Google where he was feted with the Gold button for reaching 1 million subscribers on the platform.

Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Last year some photos went viral with photos claiming that the comedian was eating at a restaurant with his wife (this is still a rumour as the Mr Ndambuki has never confirmed the information.

Churchill at the restaurant with the unkown woman
Churchill at the restaurant with the unknown woman

However, one cannot still get a glimpse of the lady’s face as the photos only show her backside.

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Churchill mourns as popular ‘Churchill Raw’ comedian found dead

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill is in mourning after the death of one of the comedians who featured in his show in the past died; that man being Churchill Raw comedian Anthony Njenga popularly known as Njenga Mswahili.

Njenga Mswahili
Njenga Mswahili found dead

In a statement seen by, Churchill said that the comedian passed away on Thursday morning. Anthony Njenga occasionally made appearances on the Thursday night comedy show (Churchill Raw) since its inception in 2013.

‘Laugh industry grieves the passing on of James Anthony Njenga AKA “Njenga Mswahili” which occurred on the morning of 7th Nov 2019. We express our deep and heartfelt condolences to the grieving family and joins in their prayers for the deceased.’ read the statement.

Churchill Ndambuki
Mr. Ndambuki on stage

He added, ‘Sad day… It’s with great sadness… We grieve the death of Njenga Mswahili. May God’s will be done!! #Itiswell #RIPNjengaMswahili,’ added Churchill.

According to the details in the statement, Njenga was found dead on the Dagoretti rail tracks, but the cause of his death remains a mystery.

Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Mr. Ndambuki said that the police had taken up the matter and investigations have begun to establish the cause of his death.

‘James Anthony Njenga was found dead on Dagoretti rail tracks. It is not yet clear under which circumstances this fate befell him, but police have been involved and more will be divulged,” read part of the statement.

The statement put out
The statement put out by Mr. Ndambuki

May he rest in peace.

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Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill shocked many of his loyal fans with his latest announcement. The man who has become the godfather of Kenyan comedy with his numerous shows said that the final airing of Churchill Raw was to occur yesterday.

He wrote on his Instagram page,

Do you know these faces?
Today we celebrate a journey, a journey of nothing but Growth and Transformation.
The ‘Mid-Week’ dose of fun and laughter comes to and end on NTV today.
Tune in. #ChurchillRawFinale

Churchill Ndambuki
The comedian on stage

The ending of the show which airs on Thursday will not affect the airing of the longer version of the program, Churchill Show, which will continue airing on Sundays.

7 Years Later: Eric Omondi reminisces meeting Churchill

This news was also confirmed by his colleague Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jessy, the host of Churchill Raw.

Churchill with MC Jessy
Mr. Ndambuki with MC Jessy

He wrote

It’s been an amazing journey hosting Churchill Raw. The Churchill Raw family reunites as we air the season finale. As we restructure the show to be bring you even better content, we just want to thank you for the amazing support that you’ve given us over the years. 
Some of the raw talents that have passed through the show have gone to become the movers and shakers of our entertainment industry. 
Keep it here, don’t move as we plan to serve you more. 😎

MC Jessy
MC Jessy

Some notable acts who have used the show as a springboard are; Steven Oduor (DJ Shiti), Carolyne Wanjiku (Teacher Wanjiku) Sleepy David, Edwin Butita.

Radio Jambo’s Daniel Mwangi alias Mbusi and Hot 96 FM’s Shiks Kapienga even made a few appearances on the show.

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Comedian Churchill celebrates birthday but present is stolen

Churchill Ndambuki had an interesting 42nd birthday yesterday as he was celebrated by Youtube with an award for reaching 1.06 million subscribers. The special award ceremony hosted by YouTube at Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi.

The awards were presented to him by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina C. Mohamed, with Google Kenya Country Director, Charles Murito and Africa PR Lead for Google, Dorothy Ooko, also present.

Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy
Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy at the event

The comedian still received an award but not with the artefact that he was supposed to receive with it, the priceless golden button meant for the comedian.

The golden button
The golden button

It was Ms Ooko who revealed the sad news that the golden button was stolen while in transit to Kenya but she told Churchill that he shouldn’t worry as they had already placed an order for another one, which would be delivered at a later date.

‘Every time I want to quit…’ Churchill Ndambuki shockingly tells fans

The comic wan’t in a sulking mood and wrote on his Instagram page;

Faaaam! We made it 🔥🔥
Such a timely gift.. hii ata si imetosha birthday.
Thanks to the Churchill show family, our comedians and you, our fans for getting us to this milestone.

The WaJesus Family, Joanna Kinuthia, Wabosha Maxine, Alex Mathenge and Waniz Sharon were also awarded at the colourful event.

Reaching a million subscribers in Kenya is no mean feat only coming second to Citizen TV which has 1.43 million subscribers. His numbers while noteworthy pale in comparison to PewDiePie who is a Swedish Youtuber who has 101 million subscribers!

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Find out why Maina sent Churchill Ndambuki a condolence message

Maina Kageni spoke today about prominent comedian Churchill Ndambuki. Maina condoled with the media personality saying that the comic had lost an important person in his life.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki

He said on his morning show;

He has undergone a msiba of sorts. He has lost a lady who played a big part in raising him, she was like a mother to him. Her name was Joyce Malika. Joyce passed away after a long illness, so condolences to him (Churchill).

Maina added that he was grateful that the deceased had helped raise the comedian, saying that she was a blessed woman. He said that he understood that Joyce played a big part in raising one of Kenya’s biggest comedians.

He urged Churchill to mourn Joyce well and that ‘all shall be well.’ We at also send our well-wishes to him.

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