Gospel Singer Christina Shusho Shared Her Thoughts About Ali Kiba’s Love Song ‘SEDUCE ME’ And Was Swiftly Dragged Online

Is secular music off limits for gospel artistes? One popular gospel musician Christina Shusho has found herself in the eye of a storm after making comments about a love song that is currently trending on our airwaves.

Ali Kiba’s new song Seduce Me has now hit over a million views in less than a week since its release. The love ballad elicited mixed reactions with some expressing disappointment that they didn’t expect such from the bongo star.

Well, Tanzanian gospel singer Shusho shocked many with her comments concerning the song, after saying the song could be mistaken for a worship song.

“Leo unaeza kuta mtu kaitwa kanisani aongoze wimbo wa sifa halafu akalianzisha seduce me….eeh jamani Kiba we noma. – Wimbo ni mzuri sana Professionally in Boss ruge ‘s voice. – “

She went ahead to thank him for avoiding nudity in his song

“Hauna picha za aibu , naeza watch na familia, though sijui maana ya SEDUCE ME. #teamkigoma

Here is the most talked about song:

Fans Mourn With Christina Shusho After The Passing Away Of Her Friend’s Son

Pole sana Mungu amuweke mahali Pema!! A devastated Christina Shusho is in mourning following the passing of a close friends son.

The gospel star’s fans joined her in an outpouring of emotion noting how hard the young man’s death has hit her after she posted a moving tribute to the family of the late young man.

She offered her grief and overwhelming sadness in the post below;

christinashusho; My condolences to this beautiful family, rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa amefiwa na mtoto wake wa kiume hii leo mchana.
Personally habari hii imekua ngumu sana kwangu.
So sad so sad so sad so painful ..eeh Mungu uwe faraja kwa rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa.

Below is a picture of the young man;


Christina added;

christinashusho;Boy, gone too soon, RIP @mireillebasirwaoff, haki pole rafiki yangu, kama mwanamke natambua ugumu, uchungu wa kuzaa unao pitia, I feel the pain. Ujue hauko peke yako , pole sana sana rafiki yangu @mireillebasirwaoff kupoteza kijana mkubwa oooh God mfariji wetu tufariji tena….mfariji tena mireille basirwa katika kipindi hiki kigumu.
RIP boy

Here is a picture of the young man and his mother below;



May his soul rest in eternal peace!



Here Is A List Of Secular Artistes Who Are More Gospel Than The Gospel Artistes

The Kenyan gospel industry has drastically changed over the years to something many people don’t seem to understand. The quality, or rather the mode of music writing is not so appealing and it’s pretty confusing. It has adopted a lot of pop culture influences any you often cannot tell a gospel song apart from a club banger.

A while back, gospel music was ever uplifting with messages that related to many people’s lives and what we go through and parents even taught their kids the ways of the world through such songs. I for one feel blessed to have been born in an era where gospel music was full of teachings and the music still speaks to me to date.


The likes of Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Christina Shusho, Reuben Kigame, Esther Wahome and The Kasangas (although this generation would not know who these are), have over the past released music that is touching and that can be related to in every aspect. These are people we can gladly say, know exactly what they are doing in the industry and whom we can call gospel artistes.

Over the years, everything has changed and many artistes who claim to be gospel artistes have been releasing more of club banging music rather than music that speaks to the soul. Some of the newbies in the industry have clearly just messed everything up in the name of releasing music that is understood by the current generation.


Many have got it all wrong and are hiding behind the name ‘gospel music’, not understanding what comes with it.

For about a week now, Willy Paul and Size 8 have been victims of public scrutiny after they released a song dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’.

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Critics have branded their song as pure secular with many claiming it has no meaning. After all, mentioning God like three times in a song doesn’t necessarily make it a gospel song. Of course, their close friends were quick to defend them from the wrath of social media.

Of late, secular artistes have been releasing music that actually falls in the gospel category and many have related tremendously to the songs. The likes of Collo Mfalme, Nyashinski and Sauti Sol among others are a perfect example of such artistes.


Collo has been a music guru from way back when he was a member of the all male rap trio, Kleptomaniax. The members later on went their separate ways to focus on solo careers. He made it public a few months ago that he has turned a new leaf and he’s now saved. He even went ahead and released a song dubbed ‘Bazokizo’ which is a dance song and many have loved it and the feedback is positive. Considering he has been in the industry for years, he is bound to show everyone who the Mfalme is.


Nyashinski was also a member of Kleptomaniax. He then moved to US. After returning home, he came back with a bang releasing ‘Now You Know’. He later on did a song that has been played over and over again on TV and radio. The song ‘Mungu Pekee’ has been well received by music lovers and the message is pretty clear. The song clearly is inspiring in every aspect.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol have been driving us nuts with their music. The moment they hit the stage, they always cook up something that all of us are amazed by. But then they went ahead and released a song ‘Kuliko Jana’ that has been warmly received by their fans. The minute you hear that song, you heart warms up and you feel at ease. It inspires you and gives you butterflies. It’s like God is speaking to you face to face.

These three artistes have done better songs that can be categorized as gospel than most of our artistes in the gospel industry have done. So what could the problem be? Are we hungry for money and fame forgetting what we are supposed to do? Or are they genuinely in the industry for the art and to truly inspire their fans?

You be the judge of that!

Gospel Music Pays! Singer Ringtone Shows Off His Gigantic Mansion

Singing sensation Ringtone is one of the most popular artists in the Kenyan music scene, who is best known for his hit-songs Pamela, Talanta, Muziki Ni Dawa, Jubilation and many more.

Ringtone, real name Alex Apoko, has been off the music scene for a while now, but has returned with a new track featuring talented Tanzanian singer, Christina Shusho, dubbed ‘Tenda Wema’.

Ringtone has faced alot of controversy on several occasions. He was once accused of  allegedly forcing a woman to abort, after impregnating her.

In another case, an upcoming make-up artist accused the gospel singer of sexual harassment, saying he touched her inappropriately when he offered her a lift in his car and even borrowed Sh.500 from her to fuel the car.

Well, away from all that, it looks like Ringtone has moved on from the drama and is now focusing on his music again, although it was earlier reported that he was quitting music.

Ringtone has now taken to his social media to flaunt his new home, an expensive mansion in Karen. Who thought that gospel music  in Kenya could pay this well for one to even build such a gigantic and costly home?

He put up the photo with this caption;

Another blessing on the many more. Another day to wake up and God bcuz am breathing. Another chance to be a blessing to the undeserving and the unthinkful world. #TENDAWEMA



Selection_319Check out his new song ‘Tenda Wema’ with Bongo songbird, Christina Shusho.