Wewe mjinga utajua Yesu si rika yako – Ringtone attacks Willy Paul

Singer Ringtone has been going hard at fellow artiste Willy Paul, without holding anything back at all! The real definition of zero chills.

His mission is to make sure Willy Paul is living ‘the Christian way of life’ well according to him.

It all started when he claimed that he sent Willy money via Mpesa and the name that appeared was Wilson Abubakar.


This upset Ringtone because he claims he is not living by the gospel mantra which is why he no longer sings gospel music. All because he is a Muslim trying to lie and fit in the Christian life.

you foolish man, Jesus is not your age mate!

Whatever Willy Paul does, Ringtone is ready to condemn him. Just the other day the Saldido CEO posted a picture where he was showing off his abs shirtless and we could see his boxers, According to Ringtone it is a sin before God.

willy Paul I want to address you. if you want to call yourself you gospel artiste, you must shave your colored hair. take off your earrings. number three when you came into the industry you had no tattoos and now you have demonic signs on your hand. you can’t call your self a gospel artiste

He went futher to state that:

we will not allow you to remove your clothes. only the devil like being naked. he was sent down naked. you are showing people your boobs, your underwear and your bad stomach. which Christian are you? God, forbid! I curse out the devil.

From the video you can clearly tell Ringtone is angered by Willy Paul’s acts but despite all his cursing out, Willy has not responded.

Check out the video below.

Lights! Camera! Jesus! How Christians Are Building Their Own Hollywood

Nicolas Cage, panicked and bug-eyed, is once again fighting to avert disaster on the big screen, this time as airline pilot Rayford Steele. Fire spews out of a gash in the plane’s wing; a chisel-jawed young man attempts to subdue an unruly mob of passengers as a blonde flight attendant is tossed about in her seat. On the ground, cars crash, explosions rock the sky and civilization is engulfed in a wave of panic and anarchy.

“Looks like the end of the world,” a man remarks.

What it looks like is typical Hollywood apocalypse porn in the vein of “Deep Impact,” “The Day After Tomorrow” or “2012.” In this case, however, the end-times event isn’t a giant asteroid, catastrophic climate change or a Mayan prophecy come true, but the Rapture, with non-believers abandoned to fend for themselves after Christ’s true followers are beamed up to heaven. Based on the series of books by the same name, which were written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and have sold over 65 million copies since 1995, “Left Behind” delivers all the titillation and destruction we’ve come to expect from a Hollywood blockbuster.

hollywood embracing christianity
hollywood embracing christianity

Yet, despite its A-list razzle dazzle, “Left Behind” was produced outside of Hollywood’s traditional orbit. The man primarily responsible for bringing it to the big screen is Paul Lalonde, a Canadian filmmaker who co-produced and co-wrote it. His Ontario-based production company, Stoney Lake Entertainment, is part of an emerging nexus of movie studios that are devoted to creating Christian films.

Full story:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/02/christian-film-left-behind-nicolas-cage_n_5901280.html