‘Can’t Men Find Women Who Are Single And Childless To Marry Nowadays?’ Maina Kageni

There was an interesting article in our of the local dailies that revealed a recent trend where men are settling down with women who have children with other men and Maina Kageni could not understand how this is happening.

A good example is the recent union between Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore and his 3 year girlfriend (now wife), Wambui Kamiru, who has twin daughters from her previous marriage. Despite the fact that a woman has children from someone else, men nowadays prefer to marry them and taking in the kids as his own and even providing for them. Maina’s big question was, “aren’t there any childless, single women out there that men can marry? How is a man able to support another man’s children?”

The conversation was heated and men and women called in to give their views on this trending topic. The issue of women aborting also came up amidst the discussion. Listen to the interesting dialogue in the audio below.