Child support In Kenya and what different cultures dictate

Since time in memorial it has been the responsibility of the man to take care of his kids regardless of whether divorced or not.

But that is slowly changing due to cultural erosion and westernization. We take a look at what different cultures say about child support.


The Luhya culture strongly dictates that the child belongs to the father and that a woman should not go away with the kids if the parents part or officially divorce.

But that does not give men the go ahead to be irresponsible in situations where a woman becomes adamant and carries the kids with her.

If the above happens the man is still expected to cater for his kid/kids, if the kids are left behind and the man is not capable of taking care of them the man’s extended family is welcome to chip in.


Kikuyus are not so strict like the Luhyas when it comes to child support given most Kikuyu women do not hang around when a relationship is not working out.

Kikuyu women are generally left with the child in traditional custom. Like every other community Kikuyu men are expected to completely take responsibility over their kids.

This is regardless of whether the woman is remarried or not but most men do not bother to once they part with their wifes.

‘Apambane na hali yake na hio mtumba’ Wakania says on whether men should take care of their kids after their women move on with someone else

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Commonly referred to as the Kale community, Kalenjins are more serious when it comes to implementing their cultural practices.

Just like the Luhyas, Kalenjins do not appreciate it when a woman goes away with the kids after a relationship fails.

The Kalenjin culture strongly dictates that a child belongs to the man’s side thus it is the responsibility of the man to take care of them.


In the Luo culture,it is the responsibility of the man to take care of the kids divorced or not.


According to the Muslim culture it is the sole responsibility of men to take care of their kids

 “All of you are guardians and are responsible for your wards. The ruler is a guardian and the man is a guardian of his family; the lady is a guardian and is responsible for her husband’s house and his offspring; and so all of you are guardians and are responsible for your wards.”

— Sahih al-Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 62, Number 128

The culture  puts the main responsibility of earning over the husband.


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Hamisa Mobetto sues Diamond Platnumz for child support

When bongo singer Diamond Platnumz admitted to cheating on his wife Zari with socialite-cum-video voxen Hamisa Mobetto, he announced that the two had a love child.


In an interview on CloudsFM in Tanzania, the popular singer made it clear that he was paying for the upkeep of his son with Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond Platnumz Tells Off Those Who Thought His Shine Would Fade After Confessing His Infidelity


But this doesn’t seem to be the case, well according to documents that have been leaked showing that the socialite is suing Diamond Platnumz for upkeep.

The news of his infidelity elicited mixed reaction, with many blaming Hamisa for breaking a home, and getting pregnant to trap Diamond Platnumz.


Scandal over Zari Hassan’s wedding ring, did Diamond buy a KSh 900 ring?


Diamond has already responded albeit in a cryptic message, telling people to leave him alone, and his only woman is Zari Hassan the mother of his two children.

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MP in trouble over delayed child support

The High court has today ordered Igembe Central Member of Parliament Cyprian Kubai Kiringo to clear outstanding school fees amounting to over Sh320, 000 for a child whom he sired out of wedlock.

Milimani Children’s court magistrate David Kuto said that an earlier order issued against the MP had not been fully complied with.

The child’s mother had sued the MP for failing to pay for the seven year old girl as ordered by court.

The court directed that the matter be mentioned on 21 January to confirm compliance.

Imara Daima MCA sued for child support

Imara Daima MCA Jairo Asitiba who has been sued for Sh276,900 for child maintenance, has claimed the said child’s mother is only out to tarnish his name.

On Thursday the child’s mother, through lawyer Jack Mackenzie, filed contempt of court charges at the Milimani Children’s Court.

She accused Asitiba of failing to comply with previous court orders. However Asitiba told The Star that he has never married the woman.

He denied the woman’s claim that he has not been supporting the child. “This woman has refused all attempts at dialogue, Asitiba said.

He accused the woman of working with his political rivals to tarnish his name.

Man who paid £30,000 in child support he is not the father

A man who paid out around £30,000 to the Child Support Agency (CSA) for a child he has proved is not his will not get his money back despite a promise that he would.

The CSA wrote to him twice saying that if he could prove he was not the father of the girl then he would get a full refund.

But now the 49-year-old has been told that even though he has provided a DNA test showing that he is not the father, he will not get a penny back.

Mr Carter said that he will continue to fight to get back the money he has paid out on the girl who is now 22.