Momo is bae! Men who marry chubby women smile more according to this study

Forget diets, forget working out and starving yourself. A new study suggest that men who are in relationships with chubby women tend to smile more.

The study further shows that chubby women  are better at dealing with problems than men who are in relationships with thin women. The regular Kenyan woman is chubby but the hype to lose weight and be skinny has been on the rise due to westernisation.

Extreme diets have led to health complications and even death.

The study also shows that thin women tend to be more reserved, more unfriendly and less expressive with their emotions.

The Argentinian newspaper Buevo Diario reports on the findings from the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology.

According to their research, chubby women make their men ten times as happy as thin women. And we all know that happy people live longer. The study also indicated that chubby women are better at anticipating their partner’s needs.

But keeping fit isn’t bad. And Kenyan fitness experts such as Jane Mukami, who runs 21 Days Of Change, Chiki who has a show Dance with Chiki, Esther Dindi who runs Fit Sistaz and many other personal trainers, inspire us to be fit.

But going by this recent study,  maybe those few extra pounds aren’t fat – they’re love and tenderness! More and more celebrities are making the effort to lose weight  such as Big Ted who recently opened up about his struggle with weight before he lost 70 kgs from his initial 168 kgs.

Female musician Nazizi Hirji is also among local celebrities who have lost a drastic amount of weight over time bringing her sexy back. She went through a complete nutrition change and incorporated workouts .

Talia Oyando, Size 8 reborn, and Kalyeke Mumo have also been tagged along in this fitness journey  and we commend them for wanting to keep fit.

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‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

We know him as one man with great vocals…But there is a part we are missing!

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien is an angry man. News of his breakup with hot lass Chiki has been going viral.

What catalyzed the rumours was the fact that the two have not been seen together displaying their usual PDA.

Furthermore, Bien graced Annabel Onyango’s baby shower alone. That was proof enough that the two are undergoing a rough patch.

As always, we called the Kuliko Jana hit maker for a comment who revealed that he and Chiki were together denying that the two were having problems.


We first called his girlfriend Chiki and on introducing ourselves, a livid Bien snatched the phone from her retorting to request for comment.


We now made another call to Bien himself who shot back angrily at the rumours of their breakup saying,


He went on to say,


From what he said, it seems the two have finally patched things together and are about to prove the Internet wrong. Did they sleep in the same house?


Expect to see Bien and his girlfriend Chiki together in public very soon.


TRUE LOVE INDEED! 6 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Prove That Young Love Can Work (PHOTOS)

Finding true love has become a challenge nowadays whether it’s a young couple or older ones and the rate of separation, break ups an divorce is going up every year.

Celebrity couples are not spared either when it comes to unhappy endings to relationships or marriages and in the Kenyan entertainment scene and showbiz, there are examples to prove it.

Recently, Kenyan top music producer and video director Jibril Blessing and singer Chantelle revealed that they had called it quits after dating for 5 years, which came as a surprise to many.


Other local celebrities who separated in a public manner nclude; Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari, Gloria Muliro and Eric Omba, DJ Ofweneke and Nicah, Eunice Njeri and Rapper Izzo and many others.

WHEN LOVE TURNS TO HATE! 5 Of The Biggest And Nastiest Break Ups In The Kenyan GOSPEL Industry

Despite that there are many other relationships and marriages that are successful. I have put together a list of happily married young couples who are happily dating or are married, proving that real love still exists.

Check them out below.

1. Size 8 and DJ Mo
This gospel power couple has proved to their haters that their love keeps getting better especially after welcoming daughter Ladasha Belle. They support and appreciate each other in every way, including their careers and families.


2. Bien and Chiki
Sauti Sol’s Bien and his Nigerian girlfriend Chiki are one of the cutest couples in the music industry, and compliment each other in every way. Oh, and they can’t get enough of each other!


3. Edith Kimani and Timothy Mbugua
The former KTN news anchor is dating Janet Mbugua’s twin brother Timothy, and when they started dating, no one thought it would last, but they have proved that their love goes deeper than we thought.


4. Njugush and Celestine Ndinda
Timothy Kimani aka Njugush walked down the aisle with his college sweetheart back in 2016 and the two have since been flaunting their love for each other, and are very happy.


5. Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan
The celebrated blogger and her hunk husband held a lavish and classy wedding last year and are expecting their bundle of joy soon. The couple are so adorable and recently dispelled separation rumours.


6. Sarah Hassan and Martin Dale
This newly weds are doing very well back in the US after holding a colourful wedding in Nairobi back in February 2017 after being engaged for a year. The love birds seem very happy and delighted to be together.



Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Sauti Sol has become one of the most celebrated and popular bands in Africa, and we can all agree that their songs are on another level, celebrating the African culture and at the same time keeping it pop music.

One of the group’s lead vocalists Bien-Aime Baraza is the most loved and popular member of the group, known for his breathtaking voice and dance moves. He always has his abs on display when dancing on stage making women go crazy for his masculine body.

KUMBE! Did You Know Them Mushrooms Band Discovered Sauti Sol?

Bien is also a songwriter and guitarist with amazing songwriting skills and has occasionally written songs for other artistes in Kenya.


A while back he admitted that one of the inspirations for this is women and that his thought process equates songs to women. Every Kenyan lady would wish to be Bien’s woman, but only one was lucky to be his woman.

Bien’s girlfriend goes by the name Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka a Nigerian model and fashionista and the two can’t get enough of each other after he came out to reveal that they were dating.


Chiki is also a trainer and professional dancer who recently opened a dance studio.

Bien Of Sauti Sol Rants About Sh150 Valentine Gift From A Corporate PR Person

But what does their private life at home behind all the spotlight look like? Does she cook for him or are they the take away kind of couple? Chiki proved that she’s a wife material by sharing a meal she had cooked for her man.

The sumptuous plate of food consisted of arrow roots, some greens, and pieces of meat. Check out the photo below. How sweet!




Bien Of Sauti Sol Rants About Sh150 Valentine Gift From A Corporate PR Person

Sauti Sol’s lead man, Bien Aime Baraza is the talk of town.
He took to social media to blast a PR/activations personnel of a company that tried to get social media mileage out of him.
He doesn’t mind posting Thank yous on his social media, but he minds very much when the gift – in question – is not worth that kind of  attention.
The Kuliko Jana star said that he was gifted a Sh150 chocolate and asked to post about it on his social media.
He saw red.
This is what Bien said about the whole issue.
On the morning of Valentines I was snuggled up in bed with the love of my life when my phone rang. A gentleman from a top Kenyan media agency had called to inform me that he had a package for me and Chiki; and asked for my address so he could send a rider over to drop it. I was of course delighted to hand it over. He later called after like 45 minutes because the rider was lost, after which I gave a better explanation of my address. In no time my package was here.
I was excited when I saw the slim envelope. My brain was farting with possibilities and probabilities. I remember debating between a holiday or a dinner for two. I tore it up like a kid opening a Christmas gift. And there it was “A BAR OF CHOCOLATE.” My immediate reaction was to call the watchman and ask him if that was all; after which he confirmed “ndio boss, ni hiyo tu.” I thought to myself “what’s the use of sending a rider over, calling me frantically and me giving out my address only to receive a bar of chocolate?”
Shortly after he called again to confirm receipt. I did and as courtesy calls thanked him for the chocolate. But I could hear in his voice that he expected more. After our very brief conversation he sent me a text message with marketing #hashtags and said he would be grateful if I tweeted a thank-you tweet for the chocolate.
Kenyans!!!! What the flying FUCK! How dare you equate an artists tweets to ksh150 worth of a chocolate bar? Since when did artists endorse brands for a bar of chocolate? Whose ‘BRILLIANT’ idea was that!!! I actually felt insulted more than I was grateful for the damn chocolate which if you ask me I could live without. The trouble they went through to call and deliver it defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.
What is the moral of the story? Art should be paid for. Artists put in years building brands that people associate with. You can’t call an accountant and give him chocolate in exchange for accounting services. Put money on the table. I’m disappointed especially with the fact that an agency doesn’t know this because their business is heavily dependent on art and content. Forgive me for overestimating their abilities to think better for my industry.
PS, Chiki ate the chocolate. I was too pissed to even bring it close to my mouth. Bien-Aime Baraza