Sauti Sol’s Bien and wife Chiki celebrates marriage anniversary

Sauti Sol’s Bien and his wife Chiki Kuruka have marked two years since they held their wedding.

The couple held a private wedding in March 2020 in a civil union at the AG’s office. The couple was given three hard copies of the marriage certificate for them and their witnesses to sign.

A celebration was later held at Pallet Cafe in Lavington thereafter.

To mark their first anniversary, Chiki recounted how their first year has been bearing in mind that the country was put on lockdown one week after their wedding.

They Bien and Chiki celebrated in Kakamega with his family.

Well, on the second marriage anniversary, Chiki thanked Bien for being by her side always. She admitted that it hasn’t always been easy but vowed to remain by his side.

“I’m sure it won’t always be easy. 2 years of marriage…. 8 years of love.
You are my person
Because my logic matches my emotion with you.
Emotionally, no one makes me feel as beautiful, as intelligent, as powerful, and as beyond human as you do.
And logically I KNOW I’m the best version of myself with you. I know your need to feel free, which means I remain independent. Your ability to tell me off, means I’m never set in my ways. Your fight for yourself reminds me to fight for myself.
It hasn’t always been easy, and I’m sure it won’t always be easy.
But I’m also sure, that YOU and you alone, are my person (you fine AF too 🤪)
To many more moments 🥂🥂.
Happy anniversary!”

Kambua to Rubadiri : Female celebrities whose natural hair is GOALS – List

Gone are the days when rocking natural hair was frowned upon, more and more women are embracing natural hair not only in Kenya but worldwide.

Below are  women who have managed to keep their hair natural.

  1. Kambua

Gospel artiste and TV host Kambua is among Kenyan female celebrities who have rocked natural hair for the longest time.

Once in a while, she does rock braids but her hair is still natural.


2. Wendy Kimani

Kenyan artiste Wendy Kimani has her hair all-natural and no it is not short, brittle and shrunk. It’s very healthy.

It adds some beauty to her already melanin skin tone.


African artistes whom you didn’t know were prominent politicians

3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen is a member of Kenyan music group Elani, she has for the longest time rocked natural hair which proves a woman does not have to rock weaves to look good.


4. Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri is NTV’s Kiswahili news anchor and reporter. Jane Ngoiri has successfully managed to always wear her natural bob hair with much ease.

She not only looks stunning but also beautiful with that natural look.

Jane Ngoiri

6.  Victoria Rubadiri

The ever bubbly Citizen news anchor not only does an excellent job at anchoring, but she also likes to wear her natural crown once in a while.

This makes her glow more as we get to see her origins as an African lady.


7. Chiki Kuruka

The sassy lady is one to admire as she has on most occasions wore her natural hair and mahn! Is she breaking boundaries with this sassy look.


Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

8. Esther Chebet (Real Housewives of Kawangware)

Esther Chebet is a Kenyan actress and is among celebrities who rock natural hair year in year out.

Esther Chebet

9. Femi One

The Kenyan female artiste loves her hair all-natural, the only thing she adds is a bit of colour.

Femi One

10. Olive Karmen

She came to stardom during her first appearance of ‘Blaze Be Your Own Boss’.



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‘Not yet’ Bien talks on why he and fiancee Chiki are yet to get kids

Lead vocalist for all-male boy band Sauti sol, Bien Baraza, has in an interview revealed that he and his fiancee Chiki are not in a hurry to get kids.

Chiki and Bien are engaged. According to Bien, there is still time to date,get to know each other better before the kids come.


Captain Kale reveals ‘naming your wife in your will is a GRAVE mistake!’

‘If I am 31 and no one has ever accused me of impregnating them you will wait. I have kids with Sol Generation you know now want me to sire more kids? That will be a hard tackle!’ Bien said

Bien proposed to Chiki in February this year.

For this special event, he hired an entire cinema hall at the mall and made sure only a few friends witnessed the proposal.

To get her into the mall Chiki’s close friend lied to her that she was having issues with her boyfriend and wanted her to be present when they reconcile.

They were later to proceed to a cinema hall and watch a movie, where Bien and his friends were, although she was not aware.

“It was dark so she could not see where we were seated. The movie started and the first video that appeared was from her father, followed by the other videos of her friends.

And that is when I walked over,” Bien said., adding that he had also composed a love song for his four-year girlfriend.


‘It ruins your self esteem’ Grace Msalame talks on her journey with fibroids

A day after he proposed, Bien for the first time shared a few details on how he met his love.Posting on Instagram Bien wrote

“One day I met a girl outside a club on museum hill.


She was hanging out with @emmanueljambo and I thought to myself ‘wow she’s hot as hell.’ About a month later we bumped into each other again at a party and had a conversation.

I was mind blown. I had never met a better combination of beauty and brains. She has a heart of gold. My niggah, my ride or die, my shoulder to cry.”

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Body goals! These are the celebrities who work out and look hot!(photos)

People who work out are usually very intentional with it. They are either looking to lose weight or achieve specific fitness goals.

Let’s face it. December is here and if you haven’t worked on your body, will you really start this December? This is the month where there are all types of ceremonies and they all involve food.

These are some of the celebrities who make us wish we started working out earlier;

1. Talia Oyando

‘I didn’t over dose on viagra,hii mazoeano imezidi’ Willy paul shouts

2. Mandi Sarro

3. Savara and Victor Wanyama

4. Chiki Kuruka

5. Maureen Kunga

6. Sharon Mundia

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Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

Sauti Sol’s famous guitarist and producer, Polycarp Otieno aka fancy fingers, is officially out of the friend zone.

He is married to Lady Mandy, a fashion stylist. Earlier this year, Polycarp had a traditional wedding ceremony at his wife’s home in Rwanda and during the weekend they tied the not at the Fairmont Kenya Safari club resort.

These are some of the celebrities in attendance,

1. Karen Kaz Lucas

Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

2. Anyiko Owoko

3. Annabel Onyango

4. Chiki Kuruka and Bien-Aimé Baraza

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‘Birthday s*# is on me today ‘Bien of Sauti Sol naughtily pens to his girlfriend as she celebrates her birthday

Sauti sol band member Bien is a man in love and there is no doubt about that as he celebrates his girlfriends birthday and as she turns an year older.

Bien who is dating Chiki a fitness guru took to his social media to celebrate the love of  his life with this sweet message

“Happy Birthday to mine. My lover & my friend. No ordinary woman. No ordinary love. Fearless, compassionate, intelligent and graceful. I prayed for this love. I give thanks for this love. I don’t deserve this love. As I transition to manhood hope I learn to love you as well as you have loved me. Also just a quick reminder that we’re now agemates.( But thats a non-issue) Birthday s*# on me today ✌🏿”

Going by their photos it is obvious that the two are deeply in love and we hope they last after all,it is not easy being a celebrity power couple.

Below are some of the photos of the couple as Chiki celebrates her big day



Agitated mourners reject food and cash offered by Kilifi county government to family of bodaboda rider who was hit by a county vehicle






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See this sweet message from Chiki Kuruka to Chimano on his birthday

Today talented Sauti Sol member Chimano celebrates his birthday as he turns 31, a blessing most people have not been able to receive.

He took to his Instagram to celebrate himself on this day and here is what he wrote

“I’m blessed to have the life that I have, blessed to live my dreams and still keep dreaming and bringing them to fruition. Blessed that I have the confidence(which has taken a while to grow) to stand up for myself and respect the individual that I’ve become! The stars keep aligning. 31 isn’t a bad look on me…. #happiness #soulstyleattitude😎😎”

Is a man obligated to feed the kids of a single mother he is dating if they are not married?


 As Chimano celebrates his birthday here is the sweet message his band member Bien wrote to him complimenting his sense of fashion which he thinks is dope.

He wrote,

Happy birthday to one of my best friends in the world. I’m so glad to be part of your journey. Looking at this picture, I can’t help but remember the day I picked you up at the Country Bus station ukitoka Kakamega na bus ya Akamba.😁 Your styling evolution is testimony that you’re serving a real God. More life! Love you to death ❤”

Bien’s girlfriend Chiki also took to Instagram to celebrate Chimano with a sweet poem that left most of us jealous, after all when was the last time someone told you they loved you?

‘Unfollow him if you dont like him’ Chimano’s fans shouts at his trollers

Here is her message;

“It took me ages to think really of what to write here, because @iamchimano’s friendship and love isn’t really something that words seem enough to describe. So I figured I’d steal some words from a great. Spoiler alert it’s long 😂

Said what’s wrong my friend
Something is bothering you
Tell me what the problem is
I’ll see what I can do
There are times we disagree
We agree more than we don’t
We won’t always see eye to eye


But we will more than we won’t,We got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through any hardship, just know
You are a friend of mine ❤️
Chris Stapleton”

After receiving his birthday message from Chiki here was Chimano’s response

Awwwww babe I love you so so much. Always there for you.”

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 Bien Aime’s Girlfriend Chiki reveals hilarious but embarrassing nickname bestowed on her


If you’re looking to be a bad a**, look no further than this chick.

Chiki Kuruka’s exercise regimen is quite taxing, if you have ever watched her video’s. Perhaps that prompted some people to call her a ‘devil’ as she claimed in a recent post.

Lucky Guy: Bien’s Stunning Girlfriend Chiki Shows Off Her Toned Abs In Sassy Gym Clothes (PHOTOS)

Chiki wrote;

‘If you missed our last bootcamp that was a mistake. About a year ago I got nicknamed ‘the devil’ by alvinleefitness in this picture I can see why. 😂
For more in
fo on the next one…Wellness is pushing your boundaries’.

Even Nameless was taken aback by her photo and expressed himself in the most hilarious way.

‘Wah.. I am scared! But will come see the “devil” at work soonest. Damn fam!’

Dance and fitness enthusiast Chiki

The dance and fitness enthusiast recently embarked on a boxing challenge that she says has always been her dream.

Hopeless Romantic: Bien-Aime Spoils His Hot Dancer Girlfriend Chiki With These Expensive GIFTS, And They Ain’t Fake (PHOTOS)

I started something I’ve wanted to do for a WHILE! With gabriella w fitness Kick boxing taught by a CHAMP. So I’m thinking how dope would it be if the Chiki Kuruka family joined me learning how to kick ass!!

Chiki Kuruka kickboxing


Lucky Guy: Bien’s Stunning Girlfriend Chiki Shows Off Her Toned Abs In Sassy Gym Clothes (PHOTOS)

Celebrated Sauti Sol vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer Bien-Aimé Baraza is not just very talented with an ear-soothing voice, but he’s also handsome with a body that drives lasses crazy every time he performs on the stage.

But only one woman has been able to have all that.

Away from music and the everyday hustle to make it big in life, Bien is a remarkable boyfriend to his Kenyan-based Nigerian girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka, who is a dancer, fitness instructor, and model.


The two have dated for a while now, but before they officially revealed that they were an item, they had actually dated for a year, though many people came to know about their romance at the end of 2015 after they made it official publicly.

Chiki and Bien have been inseparable and always display public affection whenever they are together, and there is no doubt that they are indeed happy despite their busy work schedules.


But a few weeks ago, there were claims that the two had fallen out after a nasty argument, and that Chiki had even moved out of the house they lived with Bien. The two were also not spotted together during Annabel Onyango’s baby shower.

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

The lovebirds then came out to refute the breakup claims, with Bien telling off his haters with funny videos and photos;



“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!

Since then, Chiki seems to be showing off her toned body, and you can be sure she has a hot one because of her dance workouts and training, and sometime back, she even shared pics from a recent photoshoot.

She recently shared some sassy photos in tight gym clothes and let’s just say, Bien is one lucky guy, Check them out below. Isn’t she lovely?



Hopeless Romantic: Bien-Aime Spoils His Hot Dancer Girlfriend Chiki With These Expensive GIFTS, And They Ain’t Fake (PHOTOS)

Celebrated Sauti Sol singer and songwriter Bien-Aime Baraza and his stunning girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka are one of the cutest and most loved celebrity couples in the local entertainment scene.

Bien and Chiki have been dating for almost three years now and are still going strong despite being in the glaring eyes of the media. Recently their relationship was rumored to be on the rocks.

Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)


It all started when Bien attended a baby shower for his manager Marek Fuchs wife Annabel Onyango, without his girlfriend Chiki, then a close source to the couple revealed that the two were no longer together after a nasty quarrel.

Other than that, the two had not been seen together for a while and had even stopped sharing photos of each other on social media, raising speculation if all was well.

The lovebirds would, later on, come out to address the rumours, denying claims that they had broken up by sharing a video where they hang out and made fun of rumomongers.

“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!


When contacted by Mpasho, an irritated Bien refuted the claims, “WE ARE OK, WE ARE CHILL, DON’T CALL MY WIFE AGAIN ASKING HER STUPID QUESTIONS.”

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

Well, that was then, and the two have since been spending more time together despite their busy schedules. Sauti Sol has gone ahead to prove that he is a hopeless romantic by getting his stunning girlfriend genuine Puma and Vans sneakers.


Chiki made sure to reveal that the shoes are not fake, with this caption; “When you bae spoils you with sick Pumas and original Vans.”

The Puma shoes cost around Ksh 6,800 while the original Vans are about KSh 6,200. Bien must have gotten her the amazing sneakers when he recently visited the US with his fellow band members.

Check them out the sporty shoes below. Nay or Yea.




Bien Aime’s Girlfriend Chiki Kuruka Shuts Down Rumours She’s Broken Up With Him

Well, the internet has been going crazy with reports that Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime and his girlfriend Chiki Kuruka had broken up. These two are considered a power couple in the 254, and it came as a shock to many when the reports or should we say rumours went wild.

Chiki and Bien1

It’s one thing to talk about something jokingly and it’s another thing to actually insinuate or rather fill in the blank spaces with what one might think is true.

Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

The couple are not having it with these rumours, and Chiki has come out to blast those who placed them in that category.


“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!

She is a successful lady who has started her own dance studio, where she teaches ladies how to dance, just to let off steam and feel good about themselves.


She went ahead to state: “Sorry you caught us irritated this morning. But we appreciate you guys a lot. Apparently having a job as a woman in 2017 is a crime and my duty is to remain on Bien’s arm. If not we have broken up! Its not just a joke its thoroughly insulting to hard working women. What I cant seem to shake is the insulting manner in which women in media are always reported on. I cant shake the fact that my expectation as a woman is to bee at Bien’s side like some type of trophy when I too work and run a successful business. I know this has also happened in various ways to other women in the industry and it has to stop, or what messages will be sent out to our young girls.”

“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza is a bitter man after allegations that he had broken up with his dancer girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe.

The rumours started when Bien attended his manager’s wife Annabel Onyango’s baby shower without his better half, raising eyebrows since they are always seen together in events more so if it’s a friend’s ceremony.

Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Other than that, the two had not been sharing photos of each other on social media for a while, fuelling the claims that they had called it quits.

Reports had revealed that Chiki, a dance and fitness instructor, had moved out of the house she was living with Bien, after a nasty quarrel but the couple has come to rubbish the claims.


When Bien was contacted, he was infuriated about the whole drama, saying that he and Chiki are very much together and chilling. He breathed fire telling our reporter Liz to leave him and his ‘wife’ alone;

We are okay, we are chill, don’t call my wife again asking her stupid questions.

This was before he went to social media to post videos so that he can irritate his haters and rumour mongers who came up with the gossip, making it clear that they are very much an item.

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

In the video, Chiki takes a video of a shirtless Bien, sarcastically asking him; “How are you doing after our break up.” A happy looking Bien then gives this cryptic response; “I’m so sad since we broke up.”


The lead singer then dances to their latest song, Love Again as Chiki films on, then shares the video with the caption that reads; “Watasema mchana, Usiku watalala. This shit still lit.”

In another video, Bien films Chiki as she walks around the house in a t-shirt, then they flaunt their love all cuddled up and grinding on each other as they sing along to the same song.

Check out the video below which was definitely meant for haters who started the rumours. But this looks like a cover up for something that had happened because a close friend of theirs confirmed that they had major issues in their relationship.