A list of sneaky ways girls save their clande’s phone number

Technology has helped many people conceal their cheating ways.

Do you find unusual names and numbers in her mobile phone address book?

Instead of the name, does she have abbreviations or codes?


So if you see dad call a bit too often, there’s a problem. She is using that name to cover up all those flirty messages and calls.


Reasons why wives stay with their husbands despite cheating allegations

Below are some of the ways she will save her side dish just to play safe in the relationship;

  • Some ladies have accepted that they save their “men” with ladies name as a cover-up.
  • Either just use a single letter just to avoid any arousing questions from either their spouses or boyfriends.

cheating wife


  • Initials are the go-to most if not all women in this stage of life. I can agree with you that women are very smart beings and they can really play with any man’s psychology.
  • With the internet and dating apps present, some women have opened up to finding a side guy through tinder and saving them as “TN” with those initials to hide the person’s identity.
  • Last, but not least most are saved by where they live. This is a safe way because finding the person would be a bit difficult and challenging.

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‘I caught my wife cheating on me in our matrimonial bed thrice’ Cries city man (Audio)

During the morning show on Classic 105 a man shocked many after confessing that he has caught his wife in bed cheating on him thrice.

Yes you heard that right not once not twice but thrice,Narrating his story to Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi ,he says

“There is nothing as painful as loving someone and she goes out there to cheat on you,I almost killed myself because of a woman.

I found her cheating with three different men in our house,the first time I forgave her ,the second time I also forgave her when I found her a third time I could not forgive her.

I even called her dad to sort things out,mapenzi wachia mwingine mimi siwezi.”

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