When a man cheats it’s ok, but for a woman it’s a disgrace – Men tell Maina

Men’s manufacturing default settings are polygamous and women shoudl put up with it.

Men repeatedly told Maina Kageni on Wednesday October 13 that they are polygamous by nature and this habit must be supported without fault.

The confessions were as a result of Maina Kageni asking men why they can’t be forgiving of wives cheating yet they expect the same?

Here are a collection of men with their own experiences.

“Men are naturally polygamous. Only a man is allowed to go to that extend not a woman. A woman is not supposed to make a mistake.”

@KristophMutua...Mwizi hapendi kuibiwa hence it being hard for a man to forgive a straying wife….relationship is like a football game,only one goalkeeper is allowed in the field of play per team

Another man called in saying ‘Maina you need to understand something, according to manufacturers setting a man is manufactured to be polygamous, a woman supports her man achieve those polygamous dreams and when you ask me to be content with a woman to telelza there is no shetani when it comes to a woman, if I found out my wife has strayed that is suicidal, that’s not a mistake that is suicide straight away only a man is allowed to go to that extent, a woman is not allowed to make a mistake, a man is allowed to cheat, a woman isn’t”

Another man said “a man is promiscious by nature, be it a lion be it a bull, a male creature”


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My side chicks call connected to my bluetooth in traffic with my wife


A bluetooth device gave away a mans cheating ways. His confession was made on the Classic 105 conversation where Maina wanted to know what happens when wives and side chicks call each other, plus why they do it.

This is something that happens alot and men need an answer coz you will never find men doing this. If you are a wife who has done this or are the other woman calling, coz men never do it. Let’s talk about you calling the other woman, when you call her what do you want ladies, ebu tuongee.”

So this man confesses that his wife has been having suspicions about him cheating. He told that his wife complains about similar numbers always calling his phone. But the cheeky man insisted those were his co workers to save himself from a fight. Married

Unfortunately, being stuck in traffic in the company of his wife was the day he was caught. His bluetooth connected and a woman was heard calling him darling sweetie. He described it to Maina

“Aki the number flashed on my screen and she brought up the conversation.”

He tried gaslighting the wife but she wouldn’t have it.

“Nnie maundu maya sometimes it’s very freaky. Hii Nairobi let me tell you Maina, my side chick called my wife and when she picked up, she said I want to speak to nani, so  I was like and who are you? she said no I am the colleague so I asked which colleague, weuh kalinuka and then surprisingly she has monitored the names on my phone, so this one time in traffic my bluetooth is bad the side chick calls me in the car and shouts ‘sasa sweetie’ nie reke gwire, I was ready to be swallowed”

A tickled Maina wanted to find out more moshene, but the man insisted his wife was near and wasn’t about to revive her anger. So he hang up.

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It’s just for money, we chop it seriously and move on – side chick confesses


There was major moshene on Classic 105 on Friday morning, all courtesy of side chicks who called in saying why they target married men.

Maina delved into the topic of why side chick agree to date married men and many confessed that it’s all because he has money.

One woman called in saying “we never date broke married men, only the ones with money, why would I go for a broke man?”

Maina sought to know from single girls why they go for married men.

“So now this morning we want to know single girls, why do we entertain married men? There is nothing he is offering you apart from money. Do you  honestly think that a married man will leave his wife for you? When a married man tells you I love you do you believe him?”


This elicited all sorts of responses from single girls who called in with their experience.

A second woman echoed the thoughts of the first female caller saying it’s all about his money and how they chop it.

“The only remaining responsible men are the married ones, we want one who is ready made, we no longer want to grow with a single broke man”

A third woman set tongues wagging saying

“We don’t go to them, the married men come to us on their own, siwezi entertain kama ako broke, kama ako a broke married man, siwezi muentertain, hio pesa ndio nataka, even if he tells me I love you do you know how I respond? I says thanks!”

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My husband cheated on me with my sister and friend but I won’t leave him


After three years in a marriage, a wife discovered that her husband had been cheating with her sister and worse impregnated the girl twice.

The wife told her real life story during the Thursday morning conversation on Classic 105, where Maina asked wives how they deal with the embarrassment in public or at family gatherings. He asked

“So I want to know, you walk into any gathering and everyone knows your husband is like. How do you maintain your dignity? How do you keep your chin up> You walk into the office and everyone knows about your husband but you have to be professional. How do you do it?”

The woman described her humiliation in her story below

“My husband cheated with  my sister. Apparently she aborted two of his pregnancies, but for the second one she didn’t have the money so she asked one of my aunts and they all knew. Everyone knew what was going on behind my back, but I had no idea and I was living with her since she was six after our parents separation. My sister has been living with me in my house, my family knew, my in laws knew about everything and no one could tell me what was going on”


“So you can imagine when I found out all this happened we had a disagreement and I moved out to live with my friend, but eventually moved back again to my marital home. While I was away from my marital home my husband went hitting on the friend who was hosting me, the person I  went to to comfort me. I used to go to family gatherings and people were looking at me with sympathy, and I’m here with my friend she had sent me screenshots of their moments, after I returned to my marital home. You can imagine you visit public places you hear people discuss you that you are so pretty and they are wondering what he was looking for  out there. I am still with him, and I know he will cheat again but at some point in marriage you invest too much, ok this is my second marriage and in the first I didn’t invest like this so I can’t afford to leave him juu ya ujinga yake, and it there’s no angel out there it happens in all marriages.”

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9 ways to repair your relationship after someone cheats


Infidelity is one of the toughest things a spouse can try to overcome in a marriage, however marriage experts says it can also be the catalyst for positive change.

If both you and your partner want to take the necessary steps to heal from an affair, it won’t be a walk in the park, however it’s going to be a long road.

Here are 9 things the two of you can do together to possibly repair your relationship.
1. Be open and willing to accept forgiveness

2. Make a conscious decision to forgive your spouse

3. Think of a calming place or do something to distract yourself from dwelling on those thoughts, when images of the betrayal or hurt flash in your mind,black-man-cheating-tn

4. Stop yourself from throwing the affair in your spouse’s face whenever another problem arises to settle scores.

5. Accept that you may never know the reason for the affair.

6. Refrain from seeking revenge or trying to get even as your actions to revenge will only make your pain worse and doesn’t solve the transgression of your spouse.

7. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that you condone the hurtful behavior.

8. Be patient with yourself and don’t hurry the process of forgiving as it takes time.

9. See a psychologist to help you let go and forgive if you are still unable to forgive, or you find yourself dwelling on the betrayal or hurt.

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Usicheze na wanawake! TBT to Newspaper ad placed by cheating husband


It’s Thursday and we are throwing it back to the time a man placed a newspaper ad to apologize to his wife.

Francis Onyiso a KDF officer was said to have once placed an ad in the local dailies in 2014.

The husband regretted having cheated on his spouse and paid for an advert that certainly got national attention.

In the advert on Star newspaper, Mr Onyiso asked his wife Janet Aoko Owino to forgive him for the pain he had caused her and the rest of his family.

I, Francis Onyiso, take this opportunity to apologize to my beloved wife Janet Aoko Owino for the pain I have caused her and the family. I ask for forgiveness and promise never to repeat again, the advert stated.


Although it was a small ad, Kenyans who are very good detectives noticed the ad and  took screenshots making it go viral.

While it has been six years on, we pray and hope the couple found peace and were able to get past this issue. Love wins!

The reason this has resurfaced is because of Kikuyu musician Samidoh who wrote an apology letter to his wife for cheating and siring a child with another woman.

Samidoh on March 2nd shared his apology below on his social media acounts, leading to discussion about how men shouldn’t apologize for taking on another women because after all polygamy is now legal in Kenya.

samidoh apology

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Don’t waste money on DNA’s, go eat nyama choma at Kamakis – man advises


The popular nyama choma eating joint Kamakis was just minding its business.

Dear men, you would rather gather together your friends and treat them to nyama choma and drinks at Kamakis instead of wasting money on DNA’s to establish if that child you are raising is biologically yours.

This is the advise a man told on Classic 105, during a discussion about men raising other men’s kids.

The man hoped men would listen to his advise to avoid the trauma and psychological distress that follows discovering the kids he is raising are not his.

“My name is Chege, Maina let me tell you what I advise men about taking the kids for DNA. I beseech you don’t, because you will find out of the four kids, three are not his. What do you think such a man will do? I am sure about mine, I have one kid, with one woman. I am sure because when I married her I was her first love , si you know what I mean? I trust her 100 percent. Mimi ndio nilikuwa mwakilishi wake, lakini wengine huko nje, enda tu kamakis uweke nyama mkule, there’s no point in DNA”black-family-620x480-610x400

He told men to bravely soldier on raising that child that calls him ‘daddy’. He told that those with lingering doubts of the paternity should be ignored .

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with this man or does one bite the bullet?

Important to know facts about DNA:

DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. In a DNA paternity test, the result (called the ‘probability of parentage) is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child, and the probability of parentage is typically 99.99% when the alleged parent is biologically related to the child.

It is possible to determine who the biological father of the fetus is while the woman is still pregnant through procedures called chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis.

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I’m married with four children from different fathers to revenge his cheating

Dear Kanairo, do you get mad or get even?

A woman who was cheated on, got her revenge on her husband by siring children with other men.

And not just one child, but four of them, and she has no regrets whatsoever.

She told Maina Kageni her secret that this is how she got her revenge because the woman her husband was cheating with dumped a child on her doorstep.

“All this I did because he cheated on me, kwanza kuletewa mtoto na huyo ni photo copy, I didn’t even imagine my husband doing this, huyo mtoto ni photocopy and I swore I will revenge”

She said she also found out he had other children out there with multiple women and it hurt.SAD-WOMAN-CRYING

It hurt so bad, that to make herself feel better for the wound inflicted on her was to ‘get a child out there’.

To get back at her unfaithful partner she got three children from different baby daddys and a fourth is on the way.

“I’m six months pregnant with the fourth kid with his best and closest friend and all this i did because he cheated on me”

The husband broke her hurt and here is their full story about messing around
“I have three kids and none is for my husband, they are different men. After I got married him I cheated on him with a reason. He cheated on me, immediately after marriage and a woman brought a kid and told me its his kid to raise him. I heard other stories of kids with others, that’s when I decided I will get from outside. I’m six months pregnant with the fourth kid with his best and closest friend and all this I did because he cheated on me. Kwanza kuletewa mtoto na huyo ni photo copy, I didn’t even imagine my husband doing this. Huyo mtoto ni photocopy and I swore I will revenge. So I’m pregnant with a fourth child. Ni revenge tuu, nothing else, and then it gets to a point where hataki kuprovide coz he thinks they are not his, so the fathers to these children are giving me money because this man is not able to because he is providing to the other baby mamas, imagine you are me Maina, what would you do?”

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Tonto Dikeh’s ex married the side chick embroiled in his marital drama


Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh’s marital drama got our attention when she accused her then husband Churchill of illicit affairs and domestic violence.

Tonto Dikeh accused him of having an extramarital affair with his then P.A. in 2017.

Tonto released video evidence of domestic abuse and pointed fingers at another actress Rosaline Meurer, whome she says slept with her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Rosy Meurer is back in the news again after Churchill confessed he married her after that drama.

Tonto and Churchill 2017

Churchill, in a birthday message penned to Meurer on Monday, on his official Instagram handle @olakunlechurchill, addressed Meurer as Mrs Churchill.

“A special sunrise, on this precious day, a great woman was born. During my hard times when depression would have taken the better part of me, you were my bedrock

“When it was like the whole world was against me, you stood by me, even took some missiles because of me.

“When I thought I lost it all, you encouraged me to hope in God that He will give me back all l have lost.

“Happy birthday Mrs Churchill. Age with grace, l have got your back 24/7 by the special grace of God.”


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I have a husband and several boyfriends at the same time

A woman explained to Maina Kageni what it’s like to have a husband and several boyfriends at the same time.

Yes she has a husband and an undisclosed number of side dishes and all because her husband cheated first.

The confession was made during a discussion about men who forgive their spouses for cheating. Maina said he would be very surprised to get a confession from a man who has forgiven his wife because gents are not known to do this.

“I want to hear from just one man who has ever forgiven his woman for infidelity, just one, not two or three.  I want one man to tell me based on clear evidence not just rumors. Men have always told me that marriage is founded on forgiveness and they cannot imagine fathom their woman with another man, talk to me!”

And one woman decided to give her experience of being ‘forgiven’.

office affair
“I’ve been forgiven by my husband. He was told by somebody that I was cheating on him, and he confronted me and it happened when he also had a girlfriend so we were equal. He knows that I still have a boyfriend and he continues with his girlfriend. I have moved from one to another different boyfriend and he knows there are many, he only has one girlfriend for the last ten years, mimi naruka from one person to the other, we talk about it plus he has seen my text messages and there is nothing he can do about it, and i have asked him to first leave his girlfriend and they have two kids. So I won’t eave hm. I have invested alot together, we do business together so there is no way nitoke huko and I know there is no way he can leave that lady and even me there is no way I am leaving my boyfriends also, we stay like that”

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I am revenge cheating on my unfaithful partner – woman admits

A woman confessed on Classic 105 that revenge is a dish best served cold to unfaithful spouses.

This made part of the confessions several woman told Maina to defend their decision to also cheat.

The scorned woman whispered to Maina that it is a common practice among Nairobi women to revenge on cheating husbands.

She said that many husbands assume their wife is stupid when she finds out he is cheating and remains quiet. But she revealed that wives who keep quiet are silently planning a revenge mission that will destroy that man when he finds out. She declared that ‘it’s fair game’.

Here is her confession

“The revenge is being planned. Let me tell you Maina. Revenge is a dish best served cold na saa zile unaona mwanamke amenyamaza, you have fasted thinking and prayed over him but he doesn’t change. So that’s why people revenge and the only thing/reason the woman stays is because she has already revenged and she feels good and will never cry again, Kurevenge is doing the same thing, you know in marriage we are already seduced and since you are human you find another man you like. I revenged after praying and fasting for him but he never changed, so I also cheated with a stranger I found attractive.”


Another woman called in and confessed just as much.

“Let me tell you Maina there are different types of women; those who will forgive and forget and move on, na kuna wengine who will pack up and go, but the ones you should fear are the ones who stay silent and the plan. Those women usually plan the revenge that will be taken even satan will just sit down and take note, huyo mwenye ananyamaza ogopa those that pretend they are keeping quiet hata shetani will take note, ile mathambi utafanyiwa!!! they shoudl take care,”

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“I’m tired of protecting him” Burna Boys alleged side chick reveals affair


A 23-year-old girl has come out to allege that she and Nigerian Afro pop singer Burna Boy have been having an affair.

Jo Pear, the side chick, shared two Instagram TV videos, below, claiming the two off them  have been seeing each other for two years. Burna Boy and Stefflon Don began datign in 2018.

She insisted it all started with a DM, but refused to respond to his advances until they met in the UK where he was performing.

“I feel like what he made me feel like when I met him made me feel like love at first sight. He just gravitated towards me, he was very sweet,” she said.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JOPEARL (@_jopearl)

She said then found out he had a girlfriend, Stefflon Don following a disagreement that resulted in an argument. But they didn’t break up inspite of this.

“It’s just been like the elephant in the room that we choose not to discuss and we just go about things like it doesn’t exist,” she said. “In the past two years, he has never mentioned the person I see him with on social media to my face. That person never gets acknowledged, it’s like she doesn’t exist in our world.”

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A post shared by JOPEARL (@_jopearl)

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I fear my husband will stab me in my sleep after cheating on him

Whew chile. People are going through the most out here.

A woman shared her story of being caught cheating on her husband and how his reaction to the incident has her living in fear.

She wrote that he caught her in bed with another man in their marital home, and instead of rage, he has been very loving towards her. She is confused and thinks he might be preparing to stab her to death while she sleeps.

“My husband found me in bed with another man, in our bedroom. I expected him to shoot us right then and there but he didn’t. He nicely asked my side guy to get dressed and leave. He told me to go take a shower. I tried to apologize but he told me he didn’t want to talk about it because there was nothing he can do to reverse what happened. That was the last time we spoke about it. Ever since that day he has been nice to me. He buys me flowers and takes me out at least twice a week. My husband is doing everything I want as from my man.”

sad-black-woman (1)

Now here is the tricky part, the husband is even planning a vacation before Christmas. But that is the least of her problems. It’s killing her inside not knowing what he is thinking. She said

“What he saw last month is eating me everyday. especially since he doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m even losing weight. I expected him to chase me away, punish me or call a family meeting to report me. He’s doing the opposite. I think he’s planning o do something bad to me. Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask him he says he’s admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a woman. I think he’s planning to do something to me when we are overseas. Am I being unnecessarily paranoid?”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is the woman reading too much into it or is the man silently planning something because of all these nice things he is doing instead of being raging mad?

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‘My husband cheated on me every year we were together’ Wife discloses 


The topic of President Uhuru joking (or not) about getting a second wife from Luo land, light up the internet.

Debate was intense and even spiraled over to Classic 105 where Maina Kageni gave his two cents over the matter. He basically called out men contemplating this, wondering why men never find the first wife enough.

” At the end of the day, I want you to tell me what your woman lacks, what does she have to do to be enough for you? me I don’t even think they wonder what you think, coz you are being told to your face you are inadequate for me. Fellas we need to have this conversation, what does she lack that you have to go out there? he pondered

I was a side chick to a married man – Diana Marua

A woman called with her experience that is simply out of this world.

The woman told a horrified Maina that

“I don’t think it’s really something we lack coz no one is 100 per cent perfect as a spouse. I was in a relationship for more than 10 years and he cheated for all ten. The thing is I did everything right. I learnt how to cook his cuisine thinking I would be a better woman than others, I even went online to learn how to please him about bedroom matters, but he still cheated. I blame myself for it because the first time he cheated, I did not walk away. The fact that I gave him leeway to cheat encouraged him, sometimes it’s because of your circumstances coz you think he won’t provide for my kids, but I think it’s not about what we lack it’s a matter of personal decision”

Poll results – Kenyans believe Maureen Waititu is more to blame for relationship drama


Men who take other women is because of his selfishness and bad choices. He woke up and left me one day and moved into the other woman’s house and started another family, and it’s been two years now. Before that everytime he would come back and tell me oh you need to work on this and I would do it to please him, but he still cheated for many many years until I thought I deserve more I deserve better, and women need to realize that and if you are ok with your man having other women then ok, but let’s not kid ourselves that we don’t feel bad he is with another woman”

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Man discovers he slept with his own mother in wifes revenge plan

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

One man was horrified when he discovered he had mistakenly slept with his mother without realizing it.

The mans experience was recounted by a friend on classic 105, in a tale that tickled many.

He confessed that the incident was as a result of the mans bad habit of bedding the house maid late at night as his wife slept.

He used to sleep with housegirls and the woman of the house planned his downfall after the housegirl told her she had a confession.

Size 8, don’t leave Dj Mo even if he allegedly cheated on you! (opinion)

The maid told the lady of the house that ‘there is something I want to tell you mum and please don’t tell daddy (the names she used to refer to her employer and the husband) so she said if I tell you the truth please don’t chase me coz I don’t have anywhere to go. He used to come to my bedroom everyday, and he even gave me double the salary, so the affair went on.house-help-with-a-husband

So the lady wanted to know what exactly happens, and the maid said that ‘he told me to sleep without clothes so it’s easier for him to do it.’

The wife got upset with this information andd plotted her husbands downfall. She convinced the maid to exchange places so that the drunk husband could fall for the trap.

True to form, the drunk husband slipped inside the maids room, did his thing and left to go sit in the living room.

The wife was shocked how much stamina the husband has for the maid but not for her.

Why Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s marriage drama was to be expected

The saddest incident happened, when one day the mans mother came visiting. His mother was given the maids room, and the wife did not warn her husband (remember the husband all along thinks the wife doesn’t know what he has been doing with the maid). So the drunk husband comes home late again, and makes his way to the maids room. He doesn’t notice anything and sleeps with the woman in the room.

The wife the next morning then told the man that he shouldn’t leave the house because his mother arrived last night. She further informs him that his mother is asleep in the maids room, and so he should wait to see her.

The man then realized that he had slept with his own mother, and the shock was too much.

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The one reason men rarely suspect their wives of cheating


What drives women to cheat? And do they stray as much and for the same reasons as men?

A woman told Maina that she began looking for excitement elsewhere owing to what she said was a boring marriage

‘If you only knew what married women go through hakuna love kwa nyumba, mwanauame wakati wa kulala you are told turn like this, there is no romancing there is nothing, then when a woman goes to someone like Mike Oliver anaromanciwa ata kama ni fake,  she is shown wonders by Mike’

Shida! Joho tells Churchill as he addresses Natalie Tewa ‘Katerina’ scandal

Mwalimu Kingngi and several men said the one reason they don’t suspect their wives of cheating on them is because they ‘can’t imagine it’.

A man was in denial, blasting Maina for even suggesting it ‘Skiza there are some things you can’t imagine. I can’t start imagining how, us Africans we have our own culture, romance yetu sio kama ya Alejandro, njugu na credo ndio romance what counts is what is in my heart, they shouldn’t apply telenovela to our relationships,

“Maina usiwai fikiria hiyo kitu because its very painful.”

Yes, they would rather not think about it. Yet it’s happening.

And two men wholeheartedly agreed with women’s reasons for stepping out

I support Kenyan Women in this motion. The kind of movies acted in the houses are horror movies. Women are even strong that they try to pretend nothing has happened to them overnight. A well kept wife cannot go out searching for some Mike Olivers, wanaume changamkeni,

Another man aptly put it that ‘let me tell you you have spoilt things, just by telling men to think aboutit, now that thought can’t come out of my head. . The biggest problem is and I’m not supporting cheating, but what i’m saying is if a man gets a women pregnant he deals with it alone, meaning the wife isn’t involved, but if a wife goes out there and mike olivers, she then brings you a small mike oliver to your home, at the end of the day you have to think that if these things are not mine,

‘No more videos when we are ‘lit’ Amina Abdi tells King Kalala on her birthday

Caller: “Men should know that women are not demanding a lot from them they just want you to create time for them. ” #MainaAndKingangi

Caller: “Women are like cats. If you don’t give it food, it will go outside to eat and come back to the house. Men need to take care of their women.” #MainaAndKingangi

Before morality batallion comes for me, I’m not necessarily encouraging infidelity. I just don’t think it needs all that much encouragement anyway after Mike Oliver outed the married women he has bedded, bragging about his conquests with photos.


Dear classic 105 fam, drop your thoughts on this topic, we would love to share them.

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‘If he can cheat, I can cheat’ Married women’s reasons on thrill of affairs

Most of the women pictured with bedroom bully Mike Oliver were married and that fact is what men are refusing to acknowledge that their wives are out there cheating according to Maina Kageni.

The Wednesday morning conversation proved rather uncomfortable for men who were asked to imagine their wives cheating on them.

And as I went through social media I realized 99 per cent of men were supporting Mike Oliver saying he has done a good job for sleeping with women.  But there is one thing that we are losing sight of in all those pictures more than half of those women were married, why is it that Kenyan men never imagine that their wife can cheat on them, you suspect your girlfriend, your wife suspects you but there is no man that imagines that his wife is playing  him?

Co host Mwalimu Kingangi interjected saying ‘African man love with all our heart because we put them in a pedestal a hologram, pale juu we cannot even imagine it. She’s the mother of your children, this is someone very special, your wife is a different thing, girlfriends is different,’

Scores of women called in with their reasons why they are cheating on their husbands. Men pay attention please!

Shida! Joho tells Churchill as he addresses Natalie Tewa ‘Katerina’ scandal


One put it that the decision to cheat was the culmination of years of unhappiness. She said

‘If he can cheat I can cheat, if he lies and can also lie. As a woman I know how I want to be treated. So if he doesn’t treat me right I will step out.’ #MainaAndKingangi.

Another said

Maina if you only knew what these married women go through you wouldn’t victimize anyone. Hakuna mapenzi kwa nyumba, hakuna romance. So ukienda kwa Oliver unashughulikiwa.” #MainaAndKingangi

Men were urged to listen and not bury their heads in the sand by another woman.

‘hii ni kionjo tu, lakini vile wamama wamekua hunters…..men treat your wives better or “Oliveration’ itaendelea tu.


Betty Bayo threatens to expose men sliding into her DM’s

When women cheat, they’re often trying to fill an emotional void. Women complain alot of disconnection from a spouse, and of the wish to be desired. Three other women admitted to this in the studio calls.
‘Mabibi wanaumia hapa nje! Hakuna mapenzi kwa hizi ndoa.’ #MainaAndKingangi

‘I’m wondering who do these men cheat with? They cheat with somebody else’s wife, so who are their wives cheating with? simple mathematics

‘If you only knew what married women go through. There’s no love,  hakuna love kwa nyumba, mwanaume akikuja wakati wa kulala you are told turn like this, there is no romancing, there is nothing then akienda kwa Oliver anaromanciwa ata kama ni fake, she goes to Oliver she is shown wonders, anaonyeshwa love ata kama ni fake, you know someone who has never been shown love will appreciate anything else,’

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Husband shares photo of pregnant wife carrying side chicks baby to explain infidelity



A married man named Jarmill Walker is trending on Facebook after confessing to having a child with a side chick, and impregnating his wife at the same time.

He shared photos of his pregnant wife carrying his side chick’s baby, and social media users are having a meltdown.
He has been married for 15 years and the wife is expecting their own child in 3 months time.

Sharing the photos, he expressed his happiness over the fact that he got married to a strong and forgiving woman who stayed by his side despite his mistakes.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Unfortunately people do. This is not the ideal situation nor am I the perfect man, husband or father but we learn from our mistakes.

5 common breakup mistakes that makes things even worse

Here are some strong reactions from people, most whom said they wouldn’t tolerate such from a man and would kick him to the curb:

I can’t do it but more power to them ♥️


Praying for her shit feel like someone literally taking a screw driver and stabbing you in the heart…

Trust he wouldn’t do this for her!! We all know women are toooo forgiving! Don’t @ me I said what I said!

As a wise philosopher once said..”nah”

What in the “Rasheeda & Kirk” is going on here 😕

Hot Chocolate! Meet Akothee’s future brother in law

No way!!! Cheating is one thing but having a baby is another one. We’ll be getting a divorce !

Uh hell nall….I’ll make sure the babies have a terrific relationship together seeing as though they are innocent but as far as being together as a couple nope🙅🏾‍♀️

She a real one….cuz I would’ve been out 💨

Ain’t that much forgiveness in the world. Especially after 15 years.blackmancheating

She probably only stayed because she’s pregnant… which is totally understandable

It’s a no for me. Cheating alone is a big No and then to bring a child into the mix. I know people say is ”cheating really that big of a deal?” to me yes. Once you cheat the trust is gone, plus he was out here raw dogging. Who knows how many other women he’s messing with

New Movie Alert! Nollywood releases ‘Entanglement’ a week after scandal


Dear Classic 105 fam, how would you handle such a situation?

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