A list of sneaky ways girls save their clande’s phone number

Technology has helped many people conceal their cheating ways.

Do you find unusual names and numbers in her mobile phone address book?

Instead of the name, does she have abbreviations or codes?


So if you see dad call a bit too often, there’s a problem. She is using that name to cover up all those flirty messages and calls.


Reasons why wives stay with their husbands despite cheating allegations

Below are some of the ways she will save her side dish just to play safe in the relationship;

  • Some ladies have accepted that they save their “men” with ladies name as a cover-up.
  • Either just use a single letter just to avoid any arousing questions from either their spouses or boyfriends.

cheating wife


  • Initials are the go-to most if not all women in this stage of life. I can agree with you that women are very smart beings and they can really play with any man’s psychology.
  • With the internet and dating apps present, some women have opened up to finding a side guy through tinder and saving them as “TN” with those initials to hide the person’s identity.
  • Last, but not least most are saved by where they live. This is a safe way because finding the person would be a bit difficult and challenging.

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‘My Pastor Is Sleeping With My Wife,’ Cries Out Heartbroken Man

Cases of pastors ‘chewing’ their flocks have been rampant of late. Married men no longer feel their marriage are secure especially those dating/married to churchgoers.

Some of the women are side dishes of pastors and a married city man is hurting after he found out that his wife was having an affair with his pastor.

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‘I killed my wife for sleeping with her boss’

The man says recently he busted his wife on a video call with the said man of God and they were both naked. He’s confused on what to do because his pastor gave him a job.

“My pastor is sleeping with my wife but I don’t know how to confront him because he gave me a job.
I have been suspecting but had no evidence until my wife started having midnight calls. I always want to be awake but I notice that I sleep off after food, so I decided to pour the food she gave me that night and pretended like I ate it. Acted like I have slept off as usual. This lady went to the sitting room, took off her clothes then put the light on and called someone via video call. She put the phone on speaker and place it on the divider as she touched herself. I was seeing my pastor naked on the phone, touching himself and telling my wife to press her breast . I had to take my phone to record but it was not very clear because her phone was far, I took pictures of her.


I have been thinking about how to handle this. I am irritated to my bones, my own pastor, I really respected that man I must say. How do I handle this matter?” he wrote.

Do you think he should confront the pastor and his wife?

Check out some of the comments from social media users

Bisolaogunniyi: End times scenario

Nedsond: Act fast, you may be killed soon…

Sparkle: The evil that this generation does even Satan is sitting on a sofa with popcorn to take notes.

Cynthia.okonji: We keep hearing different stories every day. Only God will help us….

King: Confront your wife, make sure you get enough evidence from her phone (their chats, nude picture, and videos). Don’t even make it a big deal with your wife yet until you get those proves. Then turn to your pastor (get a solid back up) send him evidence with the names of press company and newspaper company, TV&Radio station you intend to reach out. If he doesn’t comply with you as much as possible. But while all this is going on, don’t be on same roof with your wife.

Loveday: You never see anything. You people see pastors as God. Spiritual father. I am sure you will go to church later today to pay him tithes and offerings and he will still fuck ur wife. I wonder how many wife has gotten pregnant by pastors and give to their husband.
Cindynwokebirinwa: Confront the idiot and your stupid wife. So cos he gave you a job he should then go ahead and sleep with your wife? And plz, stop eating your wife’s food. It’s obvious she has been drugging you with help of the pastor. The next thing now will be to kill you to cover up this sham cos he is a pastor.

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‘Church girls are bad news!’ shouts woman after she found condoms in her bible

They say do not judge a book by its cover and I agree to that. A young woman has shocked man after she revealed how her boyfriend picked another woman in church and had “lungula” with her.

According to this woman, the church girl forgot her bible behind and while going through the pages, she found her address, contacts and a pack of condoms inside.

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Gospel singer Mary Atieno’s husband accused of cheating and mistreating musician

 Here is what she wrote to a relationship expert.

“May God punish my boyfriend, do you know this useless boy left me in church yesterday and picked a girl from church, took her home and had sex with her. But the foolish girl forgot her Bible, and her name, Phone no, address, and school was in it.
Do you know that church girls are bad , she had condom inside the Bible too.
How can I punish him? He has admitted and apologized but I want to hurt him so bad.”

What would you have done if you were in this woman’s shoes?

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‘My girlfriend turned down my proposal and I proposed to her friend, did I do anything wrong?’ poses city man

‘I’m in love with 2 women,1 of them is pregnant and I don’t like her,’ confused man seeks advice

A man, who has confessed to being in a relationship with two women (one for five years and the other for two years) is confused on what to do.

According to the man, he loves the woman he’s been in a relationship with for five years more than the other one. But the problem is, he’s impregnated the one he doesn’t love (two years) and she has refused to abort.

He says he has since then broken up with the girlfriend of five years and he’s seeking advice.

“I have 2 serious relationships (5 and 2 years respectively) but am in love with the one I have dated for 5years than the other. The problem am having now is the 2 years lady is now pregnant and not ready for abortion but seriously in love with the other one. I don’t wish to lose or leave her for some reasons because we have shared a lot of things in common (she’s even having an international passport carrying my surname). Though I have told her (5years girl) to allow us to break up, but my mind keeps feeling guilty about it.  I am Thinking I have really offended her though she’s not aware of the other girl’s pregnancy but she will get to know once she delivers. Hope she won’t feel bad about this. I need advice.”

Check out the reactions

Oyin_sweetberry: Both of them don’t deserve an unreliable man like you!

Tushblackcoffee:  You are seriously in love but you cheated for 2 whole years without reservation and now you are asking if she won’t feel bad. Chai!!!!!!!

Mandy_smash: Guy you don’t love the 5 years one because if you do you wouldn’t have cheated on her.

Sunpeace: So you want to waste her time again for nine good months devil?

Breezy_zee: This world is wicked

Olodo: You don’t play with people’s hearts like that, man
Rachyejis: Reading this senseless post makes me think you deserve a series of dirty slaps…how do you keep two serious relationships and yet loved the first but still kept cheating.now you are here saying trash.is like you want to be unfortunate in this life you came to.

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Is she off the market? Zari flaunts engagement ring barely a month after dumping Diamond Platnumz (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz’ estranged wife Zari Hassan seems to be doing things to hurt him. Barely a month after they parted ways, the mother of five has already done a few things that will easily anger her ex.

Diamond Platnumz has not seen his children since he broke up with Zari

Zari in a lengthy post she shared on Instagram claimed that she and the Tanzanian crooner were no longer together.

“There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in all sorts of media in regards to diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with diamond, as my respect, integrity, dignity & well being cannot be compromised,” Zari wrote in part.

She added that:

“We are separating as partners but not as parents.

This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.

I will continue to build as a mogul, I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too.

I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means.

Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you zari supporters.”

A few days later, she flaunted an iPhone X worth sh132,000, thanking a mystery man for gifting her with the latest gadget. Zari also posted a photo getting ‘cosy’ with a man of Arab descent leaving many tongues wagging.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan with an identified man

If you thought that was enough, Zari has just posted photos showing off an engagement ring, which seems to be costly. The socialite-cum-businesswoman was cruising in a Mercedes Benz seated in the driver’s seat when she took the photos.

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Bride Price Manenos: Gospel singer Ringtone gears up to handover  dowry for Zari’s hand in marriage

The photos sparked heated debate online with many claiming that she was off the market while others speculated that it was just a publicity stunt and was doing this to hurt Diamond Platnumz.

Here are the photos of Zari flaunting a ring


Zari shows off her engagement ring a few weeks after partying ways with Diamond Platnumz


Zari shows off her engagement ring a few weeks after partying ways with Diamond Platnumz


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‘It’s been 48 hours after Valentine’s and I haven’t seen my girlfriend of 2 years,’ cries heartbroken man

A young man is heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years left him on Valentine’s day for another man.

According to this man, his girlfriend ran away with a Yahoo boy and three days later, she hasn’t come back yet.

“It’s been 48hours after Valentine’s  and I haven’t seen my girlfriend. She left me in mainland and followed another man (a Yahoo boy) to another city. It pains me so much. Is it a crime to be honest with your girl that yo can’t afford the luxury now due to your future plan?

I work am not broke, but it seems these Yahoo boys won’t let us enjoy life with our girlfriends.  I will quit my job and join Yahoo boys. I am in pain. Its not fair for our two years old relationship. Will I ever recover? I’m hurt. I am in my house alone and my girlfriend is out there being pounded like fufu in a Yahoo boy arms.What can I do to forget about her? This is a girl I have invested so much on but it seems contentment is not in most girls’ dictionary. This is the worst Valentine week ever. I resorted to drinking alcohol hoping I will forget her but nothing has changed. Love indeed sucks.”

Check out the reactions from social media:

Dollinanga: Love doesn’t suck, loving the wrong one does. Sorry you’re hurting, you’ll get through it. Some of us have gone thru worst ,yet we survived. Don’t become a bad person cos of someone who doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find better. Just don’t give up on love

Justhorpe: She just show you her real colours. My dear move on with your life

Ohmonzuha: The best revenge is to be successful in what you are doing. Get up tap ur back and say… You’re strong, you will overcome, and you will succeed.

Jedd: bro God just saved you from future problems. You would have heard one day your wife left your baby and traveled to meet a Yahoo boy.

Ttvirtuous: 1) Sorry about the hurt, 2) NOT all girls are vain and materialistic, 3) Instead of quitting your job, why not develop yourself and get a better job then pray for the right woman. Don’t go from frying pan to fire all because you are hurt.

Nkasanwa: Don’t turn bad because of one girl who isn’t worth your love, a million and one decent girls out there to build beautiful life with.

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