This Is Why He/She Will Always Cheat On YOU – Scientists Present The Hard Truth

The old adage ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ may have some truth in it, according to a new study.

People who have been unfaithful in the past are far more likely to do it again – compared to those who have always been faithful.

Researchers say this is because infidelity desensitises the brain from the negative emotions linked to lying.

Therefore, even if a cheater feels guilty about lying the first time, they are less likely to experience the same level of regret the next time around.

The study was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

In another study, researchers discovered those whose previous partners had been unfaithful before are twice as likely to be cheated on again, according to a paper published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

That research looked at 484 participants of mixed-gender relationships and their sexual relations with someone other than their partner.

The results showed that people who had cheated in their first relationship were three times more likely to cheat in their next relationship compared to those who had stayed faithful.

And it also discovered that suspicion of cheating worsens over time.

Those who have suspected being cheated on in the past were four times more likely to accuse future partners of cheating, regardless of whether they had cheated or not.

Study co-author Neil Garrett, a psychologist at University College London, told Elite Daily: ‘What our study and others suggest is a powerful factor that prevents us from cheating is our emotional reaction to it, how bad we feel essentially, and the process of adaptation reduces this reaction, thereby allowing us to cheat more. With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating any more.’

Infidelity can often leave the betrayed partner wondering why their spouse ended up straying.

Now, new research has identified two key reasons why millennials are likely to cheat and it’s all to do with independence and interdependence.

An overwhelming majority of those questioned – 73 per cent – chose interdependence as their reason for cheating: trying a new person to see if they can satisfy what’s lacking in their current relationship.

Meanwhile, around 20 per cent of people felt their need for independence motivated their betrayal, according to the study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Other reasons for committing infidelity included consuming alcohol and seeking a thrill.

Infidelity in this age group was found to be most common because millennials – typically defined as people currently in their 20s or sometimes up to mid 30s – are trying to sort their adult life out, the team from the University of Tennessee said.

How the research was carried out…
When we deceive someone, the part of the brain that regulates emotion – called the amygdala – is activated, and we can feel shame or guilt.
Dr Garret’s team asked participants to play a game where they would sometimes get more money for lying to their partner.
They were shown a jar full of coins and asked to help a partner guess how many were in the jar.
The partner was only shown a blurry image of the jar.
But when they were told they would be rewarded if their partner over-estimated the amount of coins in the jar they were more likely to lie.
Brain scans of the volunteers confirmed that lying can be a slippery slope: people did lie more over time.
Their brains got desensitised to deceiving, and how much they were desensitised could predict how much more someone would lie the next time.
Their past does matter
Another recent study found similar results.


Here’s Why Men Cheat

Have you ever wondered why men cheat? Do you ever wonder the reasons why the men cheat on their wives and girlfriend? Even women cheat but the reasons for men and women cheating are completely different. Here are some of the reasons why men cheat.

1. Pregnancy – When a woman is pregnant especially when it reaches the third trimester, it becomes harder for her to participate in sex and may not be as flexible as she used to be. Sometimes the woman might be too tired to have sex and the man might look for it elsewhere.

2. Financial dependence – Men like to be on top of everything so when the woman is the breadwinner it makes the man feel “less”. Chances are they will find a woman who can depend on him for a little support and cheat with her.

3. Because you allowed them – If a man has cheated before and you have forgiven him on several occasions then chances are he will do it over and over again. A cheater will always cheat because he knows that you will take them back.

4. To boost his ego – Should a man feel like he is being undermined or unappreciated he will cheat to find validation elsewhere. Infact cheating will make him feel more attractive and wanted hence his ego will “stabilize”

Study: You’re Likely To Cheat If You Watch Action Films

According to  anew study, watching violent movies or reading books with violent content can make you more likely to lie or cheat.

Exposure to human violence is strongly linked to an increase in cheating for monetary gain, the study said.

The researchers carried out several experiments with roughly 1,000 participants for the study. In one experiment, participants were paid to review sentences and edit those with mistakes.

Half of the participants were given sentences with violent language. Subjects were told they would be paid whether or not they were correct, providing an incentive to mark all sentences “correct” to earn money quicker.

Those who reviewed violent sentences were 24 percent more likely to cheat. In another experiment, participants were hired to watch and evaluate movie clips. They were told they needed to watch the entirety of all the clips to be paid.

The researchers found those who viewed violent movie clips were more likely to lie about watching all the videos.

“We hope this information informs parents and communities as they make decisions about what types of media they consume,” Gubler said.

The study was published in the Journal of Business Ethics.


If Your Husband Cheats Don’t Chase Him, Do This Instead

If you have a pet, say a dog have you ever noticed how when it runs away and you decide to follow it instead of stopping it keeps running further? But once you stop and mind your business it comes back up to you?

Well do not get me wrong I am not saying men are dogs or comparing them to canines. However a straying man is what im talking about…. listen clearly.

Many times when a man strays, whether a husband or a boyfriend it’s not your business to follow him around checking on who he’s cheating with and begging him to come back to you. Reason being, one he’s responsible for his actions and you are responsible for yours PERIOD!

You might have also noticed, maybe not through experience but through a friend who has been cheated on, the more she chases the man the more he cheats reason being he knows she will not have guts to walk away hence she unconsiously enables his behaviour.

While the woman is afraid of losing the man, he’s enjoying “freedom” while still being able to have a home. I call it having his cake and eating it. You know he’s cheating but you still stay and put up with him, he can cheat and come back home, no loss.

Stand your ground – If you will entertain his cheating say so, if not SPEAK UP. While it may not bring about a positive change to the relationship or with his habits, it will manage to shake him up a bit to make a decision. He will either style up or move out.

Communicate : Say what you want or expect from your man but remember the thing about communication is it’s two way. You will need to also listen to what he says because it will give you an insight as to whether you will move forward alone or you will work on things.

Draw lines: Simply state what you can and cannot put up with from the unfaithfulness, the crazy partying, the drug abuse, the lies , the flirting , the late night calls etc whatever thing that will not work for you say it.

Seek help : With or without your spouse go seek help if need be. However inform him and should he want to come along allow him to.

 Remember you are doing these things for YOU!! not your man, not the society just you because peace of mind is important. Remember that chasing a man will drain your energy and it’s not worth the effort because you will keep running after someone who has no sense of direction. Besides you cannot change a man. 

Study: Here’s When You Are Most Likely To Cheat

We go to school , college, get a job etc in a bid to make it to the end of something , but as we near the end we are more likely to cheat  according to a new psychological research .

Reports suggests,that the “end” brings out our darker side. This study concludes that, as people get closer to finishing an activity, they become more and more likely to deliberately deceive others for their own benefit. And they do this, the research shows, because they anticipate regretting a missed opportunity to cheat the system.

To demonstrate this “cheat at the end” effect, the researchers conducted an ingenious series of experiments. In the first one, they recruited a large number of people through the internet to participate in a coin-flipping experiment. The task was to flip a coin a handful of times and, each time, to simply guess which side it would land on. So hundreds of people at their home computers duly dug a quarter from their pockets and flipped. Each time, they marked whether they had guessed right or wrong. And each time they got it right, they won a small cash prize.

The experimenters told people explicitly not to cheat. But of course, since people were performing the study in private, there was no way to catch anyone red-handed. It was, on the other hand, possible to detect cheating in aggregate. If no one cheated, the percentage of correct guesses is expected to be around fifty. Minor deviations from this value are normal, but statistics tell us that anything greater than a few percentage points is evidence that people stacking the deck in their favor.

The results were surprising. In the early rounds, the percentage of right guesses reported deviated very little from fifty percent—suggesting few people distorted the results. (This is reassuring for those optimists out there, as it suggests that people are often honest even when they don’t have to be.)

In addition, the number of times people tossed the coin did not have a strong effect on how much they cheated. Even by the fifth flip, the number of correct flips reported wasn’t much greater than chance. What did matter, by contrast, was how many tosses people thought they had left. The experimenters told some people they’d get seven tosses, others ten.

The “seveners” were fairly honest up until the seventh flip—then they cheated like mad, with two thirds reporting a correct guess—sixteen percent higher than expected. By contrast, the “tenners” were honest up until the tenth flip—and only then did they start cheating. This suggests that what makes people want to cheat isn’t how many opportunities they’ve had in the past—it’s how many chances they’ve got left’.