9 Things You Did Not Know About Sexy 10 Over 10 Host Joey Muthengi

She is the sexy TV host whose beauty leaves many envious. Joey Muthengi is a beauty to behold, and her infectious laughter cannot be ignored.

She has quickly made a name for herself in Kenya, after relocating from the USA.

1. She wanted to be a teacher

Just like other Kenyan celebrities, she too has another career should she decide to quit TV. Her first love is teaching, and she almost went as far as getting a PhD to further her skills.


2. Studied Communication and Business Management at the Hope College in Michigan, USA.

Joey is a graduate from Hope College in Michigan USA, proving she’s both beauty and brains.


3. Worked with Channel O

Joey is a girl of many talents and back then when girls were busy running after sponsors she was already working with Channel O as the first Kenyan VJ (Video Jockey).


4. She hosts The Breakfast Show and 10/10

She co-hosts The Breakfast Show which airs early morning on Citizen TV with Fred Indimuli and also co-hosts an entertainment segment together with Willis Raburu.


5. She  loves  murder-mystery shows

She may look soft but don’t let that deceive you, she is a lover of hard stuff and enjoys anything to do with police and courtrooms. The only problem is that she can’t follow one show at a time.


6. She is sister to gospel artiste Holy Dave

The soft spoken beauty is sister to gospel artiste Holy Dave and the two enjoy a close relationship.


7. She is the last born

She is the last born in a family of three boys and two girls, and while many last borns are spoilt, she isn’t.. Check out her siblings below. Aren’t they all gorgeous?


8. She is a big introvert

Although she is always in the limelight she is more comfortable being alone and is a bit scared of crowds. She is the kind of person that prefers to just catch a movie, enjoying a big mug of coffee rather than go out clubbing.

9. She co-runs Mathengi Foundation with her brother Holy Dave

She is a philanthropist and together with her brother, they run the Muthengi Foundation which  focuses on empowering young people through education. The foundation donates to the poor and visits childre’ns homes.

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