Here are celebrities you didn’t know have teenage kids (List)

We take a look at Kenyan celebrity parents whom you did not know have teenage kids, some have sons other daughters while for others its both.

1.Catherine Kamau

Catherine Kamau’s son is in class eight he turned 12 in 2018 and below is the message his mum sent him on his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my biggest blessing , I don’t know where I would be without you today , you gave me a dream , fuelled my ambition , made me a better person , I love you Leon. Happy 12th bday my egg 😊( am very young pris ) 😂
Happy birthday to all July babies on my timeline ❤️”


2. Robert Burale

Burale’s daughter Lexie completely her primary school last year and her dad couldn’t be more proud going by this post

“And just like that my little girl is done with primary school. God is Good. From class one to class 8 she has never MISSED class.

Only GOD. I would also like to thank PARKLANDS BAPTIST School for great work and guidance.

Last but not least is to thank Lexie s mother ,Joan who has done a great great job also. A great mother you are.

May God increase and bless you..You have played a MAJOR role in instilling values on Lexie. Ubarikiwe ….sasa now for some Ice cream and prepare for High School. Wuehhh. TIME FLIES”

‘Thank you for being a great mother to our daughter Lexie ,Ubarikiwe’Burale to his ex wife

Robert Burale with his daughter
Robert Burale with his daughter

3. Massawe Jappanni

Media personality Massawe Jappani is also a mother to 3  beautiful girls who is a photocopy of her mum.

In 2017 Masswe had opened up about losing her son whom they had named Kwame

“It was a very painful experience by the way 11 years ago I had just gotten married, our first born was a son whom we had already named Kwame .

It came as a huge blow to us and I took time to come to terms that I had just lost my baby.”  narrated Massawe a mother of three beautiful daughters.

“It was a huge blow because I was fresh from the surgery room and after all the painful months .

Meet Kanze Dena’s stunning sister,her beauty can make one sin(photos)

Massawe Japanni and her daughters

I returned home empty handed and you know the excitement that comes with a family expecting their first child,.

The preparations from family members and after all you find yourself off the theatre in the morning wishing it was all just a nightmare and the sounds of other children crying was simply unbearable.” added an emotional Massawe.

4. Wahu

Gospel artiste and wife to Nameless is a mother to a teenage daughter Tumiso Mathenge who turned 12 in 2018.

She celebrated her daughters birthday with this beautiful message

“I give God all the glory for this my baby girl who gave me the title of “Mama”, 12 years ago today. cannot believe how time has flown!!! Practically my height now and turning into a fine young lass.

Happy happy birthday my Sweet Love.. may God continue to bless you, be a light unto your path, and may favor always follow you, in your going and coming.

We love you to the Moon and back! Fam help me wish my baby girl a happy 12th birthday!



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‘My parents threw me out after finding out I was pregnant’ Celina recalls

Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress recently opened up on how her parents threw her out after finding out that she was pregnant despite her tender age.

Kate who was brought up Nyambururu is an actress who is loved for her prowess when it comes to acting and has appeared in shows like ‘Mother in Law’.

However she has since moved on and started her own show ‘Sue and Johnny’

Kenyans react after former MCA aspirant puts up his testicle for sale

Celina on her wedding day

Mauaji City Park: Sikuwa na uhusiano wa kimapenzi na shangazi yangu

She says

“When I came back from Uganda I was pregnant and my parents chase me away  but after some time they forgave me and helped raise my son.

He is currently in class eight and my mother has been very helpful in bringing him up,I left my son at home and traveled to Nairobi to look for a job.

My parents rejected me at first because they felt like I had shamed them before the entire community.”


‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

She goes on to narrate that its while in Nairobi that she met her now husband Phill Karanja after she landed an acting role in ‘Mother -in Law’ which airs on Citizen TV.

“At first we were close friends and he was able to direct me on what to do ,later we started having a relationship and got married.

That is why I trust him with my dreams and ambitions,when we started dating he advised me to never change because he found me with my vituko .

He further assured me of his support always.”


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Kenyan Celebrities Raking In Millions As Brand Ambassadors

Brand marketing is the newest cash cow, and here at home we continue to see company’s using more local artists to market their products, in return they smile all the way to the bank.

International companies are aiming at reaching even the most interior places in Kenya thus using local celebrities to help them achieve their goal.While some of us are  still counting the few coins in our wallets these celebs have to employ someone to make count it for them.

Below are some of the Kenyans minting millions from being brand ambassadors:

Celina Kamau

The talented and daring Celina has been a brand ambassador for Harpic, a cleaning detergent for a few years now and girl isn’t she making money. She is among the few Kenyans involved in brand marketing and she seems to be doing it well given her outgoing and talkative nature.

Image result for photos celina as a brand ambassador for harpic


Mercy Masika

The Mwema singer is a brand ambassador for Aerial,  a cleaning powder soap, the laid back singer is minting millions  from the partnership, apart from being a celebrated singer she is mandated with the role of marketing the product.


Maina Kageni  and Adelle Onyango

Things can only get better for this duo after being named the brand ambassadors  for Johnie Walker, just when you think they have it all life ends up putting more their way.

Johnie Walker is a very famous label and we can only imagine the smile of duo’s bank accounts

Janet Mbugua

The former Citizen TV presenter is the Kenyan Brand Ambassador for Lifebouy whose main aim is to promote self cleanliness including washing hands before and after meals, visiting the toilet and touching dirty surfaces.

Her major role is mainly to focus on school going children who are more prone to germs. She is also the proprietor of Inua Dada an initiative meant to help maginalized girls in the society.

Related image


Ladasha is among the youngest brand ambassador in Kenya, and although her parents are in the limelight she has made a name for herself and she is laughing all the way to the bank.

The Soft Baby brand ambassador is daughter to Dj Mo and gospel artiste Size 8 commonly known as Mama Wambo.

Although she is almost outgrowing the diaper stage, she has really minted millions from the deal.

Image result for ladasha lands a brand ambassador role with pamper


The kitu kimoja hit maker is in a partnership with Titel an international phone company.The partnership entails the songstress being  present at numerous Titel events, especially ones geared towards the youth as itel fortifies its brand in the Kenyan market.

Image result for avril nyambura lands a brand ambassador role


Shaffie Weru

He is the Hennessy Brand Ambassador. Do you know others? Leave your comments below.

‘Imma Stay Thick’ Kate The Actress assures fans after concern over weight loss

Celina has been a familiar face for many especially after her long stint on the hit Tv series Mother-In-Law. She has a rigorous life which she carefully documents about on her social media pages.

Many of her snaps feature her lithe and curvaceous figure. Many of her followers are not there merely to get inspirational quotes from the actress but to get inspiration from her body.

And that fact was made apparent when these “attentive” followers castigated her for trying to lose her curves in the gym. Celina, whose real name is Catherine Kamau, took to social media to quell any fears that she might be willing to lose her sultry figure.

The actress, who stars in the comedy Sue and Johnie, has been winning hearts of fans and other bodily parts of many a fan. For this reason, fans were thrown into panic when she recently shared a post that strongly suggested she could be on her way to cutting down on weight.

Kate actress

Her followers were almost instantly on her case, begging her not to go on with her fitness plans. What they did not understand at the time, perhaps, was that the actress merely meant that she was intending on working out not to lose weight, but simply to stay fit. And she later on clarified to her fans that she was not losing her curves anytime soon. Kate actress

“Guys, the comments on my page, I swear I’m still thick!” Kate hilariously hit back.

Check out more of her inspirational photos below:

Kate actress  Kate actress


Are you inspired? I know I am.

‘Good Bye To Tummy Swallowing And Corsets’ Catherine Kamau Set To Lose Those Extra Pounds

Losing weight has always been a problem for many people and it has even lowered many people’s self esteem.

Anerlisa gave most of us hope that with hardwork and determination, one can lose weight and live a healthy life. Last year was definitely her year as she lost more that 70kgs.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Well it seems Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina, is ready to follow that route as she has decided to join the weight lose wagon. She took to social media to explain how easy it is to let go of your body and end up gaining so much weight without realizing it.

She shared a photo of when she lost weight a while back and the current photo that shows she’s actually gained a couple of pounds.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

She wrote, “The picture on the right 😅😅 weeee it’s prove to show no matter how awesome your body is, if you let go, definitely the results will show. Good bye to tummy swallowing and corsets, 😂😂😂 I will be back with that @serenawilliams toned body 😋💪.”

Celina has beautiful curves and we just can’t wait to see how snatched she’ll look after losing those extra kilos.

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Check Out These Beautiful Photos From Celina’s Glamorous Wedding

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina, said I Do to the love of her life of many years, Philip Karanja. The wedding was done on the down low and many people didn’t even know it took place.

The ceremony took place at Windsor Golf Club on Friday and was attended by close family and friends, Comedian Njugush, Neomi Nganga, Abel Mutua and Dr Ofweneke are among those who graced the black and white themed wedding.

Only a few photos were going viral from the ceremony, but Celina has decided to shower us with more photos from the wedding.

Check out the beautiful photos below;

celina 4

celina 3

celina 2

celina 1

celina 5

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Photos From Celina Of Mother-In-Law’s Bridal Shower

It is barely a month after Phil Karanja, former Tahidi high actor went to pay dowry for Celina, born Catherine Kamau.

The mother-In-Law actress finally did her last step before the marriage that this writers source says will be in a couple of days’ time… The bridal shower.

The event was which was held at a popular hotel in town was graced by her friends from the acting industry among them Neomi Ng’anga and Amina Abdi.

In a recent post, Celina shared messages that fans talking about her white wedding

“I gachu… Count down Mrs Karanja 🙏👰”

In another post, she wrote

“Mrs Karanja loading… ❤”

Phil made his intentions known to her after he proposed to the mother of one lovely son at a hotel in town. She later flaunted the ring after the surprise event.

Celina Kamau

However, their love story hasn’t been the bed of roses everyone might be thinking of if her social media message to fans is anything to go by,

“It’s not been an easy road, we will tell you our story someday, last year was our worst, but we thank God , I hope my journey will encourage many single mums out there to never give up hope ..there are good men out there willing to love and respect you . MUNGU PEKEe.”Celina wrote

Sister Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Reveals The Love And Respect She Has For Singer Akothee

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina has been in the entertainment and film industry for a while now, and over the years, she has become better, bolder and more beautiful.

Celina from the popular Citizen TV show, Mother-In-Law, is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

She used to host a cooking show on Ebru TV titled Sugar And Spice, with her killer curves that keep men glued to the screens every weekend, and is also a brand ambassador for toilet bowl cleaner.


The gorgeous media personality is a mother of one and is happily dating former Tahidi High actor, turned producer Phillip Karanja. Cate has with no doubt made it in the Kenyan film industry and is still climbing her way up the media ladder.

Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Well, what many don’t know about the actress is that she had to work hard to make it, and even hosted Karaoke in night clubs at some point in her life.

But now, she has worked hard to fend for her son and is in a committed relationship with the Phil It founder, who has also taken her son as his own, despite the fact that she got him from another relationship.


Now, Celina has come out to reveal her respect to singer Akothee. The artiste is a wealthy single mother of five children, two sons, and three daughters, and is known for being vocal about women’s rights.

Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Akothee recently shared a beautiful photo with her boys, with a caption that read; “Only mothers can think of the future – because they give birth to it in their children. Goodmorning” and Celina couldn’t help but leave this comment, praising the singer;

My Wonder Woman , super woman , goals af always Akothee Kenya



Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Catherine Kamau aka Celina, is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses in the Kenyan showbiz industry.

Other than that, she is also a renowned TV host, an ambassador for a top toilet cleaning detergent, and also a TV show creator, but in all those things, nothing beats her role of being a mother.

Celina is a mother to a cute son by the name Leon Kamau, who is now 11 years old. The actress gave birth at a tender age, but has no regrets about her decision, and is now one of the sexiest mums in Kenya.


The curvy lass is currently dating former Tahidi High actor and producer Philip Karanja. The two have invested in TV production company, Phillit Production, which has come up with some of the top TV shows and series.

The Sue and Johnie main cast is a proud mother and has done a good job with her dear son. Her boyfriend has also been a great support despite dating Celina as a single mum, and has been an amazing father to Leon.

During Leon’s birthday, Phill had these sweet words for him; “Its the Kings birthday. Happy birthday Leon…Daddy loves you to the moon and [email protected]_actress kazi fiti raising this one.”


Well, Catherine Kamau can’t get over how fast her baby boy is growing, as she recently revealed how he’s so big now that he doesn’t like being kissed or hugged in public and how he just wants to pick his own clothes;

So he is at that ka age where he wants no hugs and kisses in public, wants to dress himself, all over sudden am not that cool , how now 😳??? I want my little baby back ! He must need me! MUST

If you are a mother with a kid at that age, you know what she’s talking about.



Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina from her days in Mother-In-Law, where she played the role of Charlie’s wife and a daughter-in-law to the Mwamba’s.

Though she quit the show, to focus on other projects and TV hosting, Celina has been able to build a niche for herself in the Kenyan entertainment and showbiz industry, not forgetting her ambassadorial deal with a top toilet bowl cleaner.


Celina aka Kate is currently dating former Tahidi High actor Phillip Karanja who is now a director and producer and the CEO of Phil It Productions, one of the biggest productions houses in Kenya.

The two have been together for years now and despite being in the limelight, they have been able to keep their private and relationship life under wraps, and only sharing what they want fans to see.


The hard-working showbiz celebrity is also a mother of one child, a handsome young boy, who she got from a previous relationship, but that did not deter the media guru from pursuing the elegant actress.

Celina has worked hard to be at the top of the Kenyan entertainment and film industry and always encourages young, single mothers not to give up on love, and finding a good man because there are still good men out there, and she’s proof of that.

On Father’s Day, Phillip Karanja shared a loving message, appreciating the woman in his life

Being a father is so far my greatest achievement in life….my sons success will be my legacy, my greatest achievement overall, and with you [email protected]_actress by my side, I know everyday I get closer to perfection. I love you both to bits
Ion thanks bae for the extra calories you ongezead me today. fathers day should be every weekend


‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

There’s no doubt that this couple is happy and content with their love and relationship. Check them out as they cuddled up in a recent post. Aren’t they just adorable?





‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

Katherine Kamau, commonly known as Celina, is among the few lucky Kenyan celebrities. The talented actress, who has featured in many local programmes, including the popular family drama Mother-in-Law, has managed to create a niche for herself in the flooded showbiz industry.

celina Kamau actress

The Harpic brand ambassador has been in a longtime relationship with her partner Phil Karanja, a former Tahidi High actor and now a producer, and they are staying together with her son.

Many have been eagerly waiting for their wedding but it seems now that most of their friends — the likes of Jolene Matubia, actor Njugush and Abel Mutua — are married, they will soon tie the knot.

Celina, currently the main actor in the new TV dramedy Sue na Johnnie, is a protective woman, and her posts about relationships speak a lot.
Well, Celina has made serious revelations about her relationship that have left her fans’ tongues wagging. Is someone trying to snatch Phil from Celina, or she is just sending a warning to husband snatchers out there, or amekalia Phil chapati?
“I have his Instagram, facebook and email passwords ???????? just saying ???????????? @phil_director mpenz ❤️.”

Celina posted accompanied by the photo below;’

Celina Kamau

Here are some of the comments by Celina’s fans

Wanjiru: @phil_director enyewe hii ndiyo Kukaliwa chapati. … kumbe this kind of men still exist @kate_actress uko ndaaaaani ndaaaaani kabisaaa

Cayeunel: Twangonja white wedding

Nyanda: In short hakuna kuslide kwa DM ya huyu bae… @kate_actress

Gigis: Inbox unazi receive right hand.

Does it mean she is afraid of losing her partner?

Local Actress Celina Reveals That She Wants A Baby

It’s 2017 and many celebrities are already making big plans.

Some have thrown in the towel and resolved to walk down the aisle while some are resolving to improve on their garbage music (musicians, I’m talking about you) and others on how to settle down and have children.

Celebrated local actress Katherine Kamau popularly known as Celina is one of them. Continue reading “Local Actress Celina Reveals That She Wants A Baby”

Wow! Former Mother In Law Actress, Celina, Reveals How She Used To Work In Night Clubs Before The Fame

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina from the popular Citizen TV show, Mother In Law, is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

She currently hosts a cooking show on Ebru TV titled Sugar And Spice, with her killer curves that keep men glued to the screens every weekend, and is also a brand ambassador for toilet bowl cleaner, Harpic.

The gorgeous media personality is a mother of one and is happily dating former Tahidi High actor, turned producer Phillip Karanja. Cate is no doubt made it in the Kenyan film industry and is still climbing her way up the media ladder.

Well, what many don’t know about the actress is that she had to work hard to make it, and even hosted Karaoke in night clubs at some point in her life. She shared a photo from back in the days before the fame, and I have to say, she looks different;

Used to hop club to club for 2 years grinding, getting that karaoke money, am thankful for the love most of you showed me then and the fun we had aye ?  we move to the next level but we never forget where we started and those that loved us still ?? #tbt

Here is Celina before she became popular;