‘Once you go Kamba…” Njugush explains why he loves his wife, Celestine Ndinda

Comedian Njugush is not one to shy away from talking about his love for his wife, Celestine Ndinga.

The funny man terms himself as “lucky” as he celebrates his wedding anniversary with the love of his life.

Taking to his instagram he penned a sweet post about all the dreams they had together as they celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Once you go kamba you dont Kambak….hapa stoki…2016 was a good year and the years after have even been better. Sharing the same saltshaker and the same TV (well remote ni yako)been really cool… havent regreted, ever. @celestinendinda asante kwa kupika btw hapa nilikua vizii…shukran za dhati pia zimfikie huyu kinyozi alitafuta hairline kweli kweli…Now lets chase those college dreams….tuanze na Range,hao na tugis playmate (hii inaweza fanya nilale nje leo).Everything we have always been specific about always comes to pass. Im so lucky to have by my side, your support so priceless see how far we’ve come…….anyway @celestinendinda come na salt kama uko kitchen…#happyanniversary my weakness.”

Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her


Celestine also penned a message to the love of his life

“Happy anniversary love @blessednjugush I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!! I thank God for the far He has brought us, Indeed He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask for.Cheers to more years!!!! Love you tim.”

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Kenyan celebrities who gave birth in 2018 (photos)

2018 came with blessings as some of the Kenyan celebrities were blessed with beautiful babies. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and as some mothers are experiencing it for the first time, others are adding to their brood.

Below are some of the celebrities who gave birth this year,

1. Janet Mbugua


Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

2. Maureen Waititu


3. Lilian Muli


4. Lulu Hassan


5. Mwanaisha Chidzuga


Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy (photos)

6. Bridget Shighadi


7. Celestine Ndinda aka ‘wakavinye’


8. Diana Marua


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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro



2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba


These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries



4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin



5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki


Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.



7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe


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Blessings Galore: Check out photos of Njugush’s new machine

Celestine Ndinda, wife to comedian Njugush took to her insta stories on social media to share a sneak peak of their new car.

The new car which seemed to be a Prado left KOT amazed at his success, as he drove the car in Mombasa. He is seriously making money moves.

This is good news as the couple who have bagged many endorsements seem to be doing well in life and also in their careers.

Check out the couples new mega ride.

image-2019-05-24 (5) (1)

Scooping many endorsements including Safaricom, Njugush is proof that talent pays only if you put effort into it.

The father of one who has worked closely with his wife Celestine are definitely enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Drop those normal boring styles and rock your abuja braids like this

image-2019-05-24 (8) (1)


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‘Toto si toto’, Comedian Njugush’s son is cuter than all of you (Photos)

Despite Njugush has been fiercely protective of his new baby son since welcoming him into the world.

But the funny man has decided to debut his son’s face on social media. and my oh my is he the cutest.

Comedian Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda welcomed their son two months ago. This is the second time he has posted his child on social media.

Blessings galore! Comedian Njugush shows off his 1 month old baby (Photo)

Well, after Njugush decided to debut his face to us, he did not forget to advice him, and as a first time father his message is rather cheeky. Read it below.

“Hi boy boy…..i hope im not too late, kwanza wacha nikupe mushene….there is this lady , i hear the call her mama wa kavitz….i promise you are the 1st born..can cheat can lie, vitz sio mtoto wake…now sina time kabla you decide to KO (by the way hapa itabidi tuskizane, sitakua nikiwacha mwanaume kwa kitanda,tutoke tupigwe na baridi sote nkt) now now i see you already talked with your mother about who you gonna take after okay ata siskii vibaya ati youve taken after her good looks..(tears) yaani huwezi pata mahali unifix ata kama ni hii mapua yangu……i know its not late.”

He has gone ahead saying that his son smiles a lot. Well, like mother like son.


“I’ve realised you smile alot….that means your laughter nikama ya mama kavitz (mschwees)
Your heart seems as clean n kind as your mother’s…please i beg ongeeni mnifix mahali ata kama ni hii kiherehere yangu utachukua priiiis…. Hi wewe!! Weweeee (slaps knees) yani ulishalala nkt….haya basi ukiamka il tell you how your mum is my number one Cheerleader…il also squeez in about how genuine and deliberate she is….also well have bilateral talks of how true she has been over the years……and please usome so that you go to a good Uni where they not only give the best education but have wholesomely sexxy women like your mum, ill take you through a course i call ponyoka na first year……….haya basi fix me somewhere!!!!!!!! #ifikiemamayake”


Celestine responded;

Hi baby… I know you are confused who njugush is..he used to be called Timo then akawa na madeni tukaonelea abadilishe jina to njugush……Anyway naona huto tumacho, please dont be as cheeky as Hi kimtu kyangu (yes your dad)

He is so damn hardworking, i see you have that in you..vile unajaza hizo diapers aki….it takes hard work.
He also has a heart of people ebu pia hio chukua…..kitu tu usiguze ni his appetite for food….anacheza na chakula….kindly sit him down and show him your ways………… One last thing, hapa utacheka uvunje mbavu 😂😂😂..

❤❤ yours truly mom.




Check out comments from fans;

joy__ch…😂😂😂umejitetea sana ka boyboy amesikia, wacha agrow tuone

eddiebutita..Mwambie pia tabia zako zenye tunaomba asijaribu kuchukua😂😂😂

ceewairimu…Aaaaaaaw how cute. Our kids take after our actions and I can’t imagine your house with happy kids. #blessed

emmacheruto..Mjengo next year 😂😂😂😂😂 this is waaaaaay too sweet hadi nimesave. When I have my first child nitacopy paste hii caption❤❤❤ Congratulations Bae!!! @blessednjugush you and Mama Kavits are truly truly blessed!!!

djshiti_trhk..Mtoto wa kiume Mzuri Ajabu Huyu Atakuwa Governor wa Nairobi @blessednjugush Nakuambia tutakula funds proper …..👏👏😅

glonduku..This is a such a sweet message to your son ❤❤❤@celestinendinda God bless you for your kind heart and for being your hubby’s number one cheer leader

kenrazykenya…God Bless Your family More & More bro. Brother wa kavitz hakuna vile utamuexplainia hiyo story ya kavitz aelewe. Hizo episode zote!!! Hehe #AnakaaPoaSana 🙏


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Comedian Njugush’s wife steps out for the first time with her baby (Photo)

Comedian Njugush’s wife Celestine is enjoying her new title of being a mother and has stepped out with her baby for the first time in the company of her close friends.

The couple welcomed their first born child two months ago and have not yet revealed the face of the baby boy.

This is the second time since the baby was born to appear on social media.

Blessings galore! Comedian Njugush shows off his 1 month old baby (Photo)

Check out the photo;




Exclusive: Comedian Njugush reveals what he will gift his son on his first birthday

Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and Celestine Ndinda are the newest parents in town after his wife gave birth to a baby boy. It is no doubt that Njugush is enjoying the new title of being a dad after posting a photo of himself and his one-month-son.
Well, speaking to this writer in an interview, Njugush seems to be gearing up for something special, after he revealed to us the kind of a gift he will surprise his son with when he turns a year old.

Njugush comedian

He said,
“My fast birthday gift to my child will be discipline, I might buy him so expensive things or even promise to do big things for my child but I never know if in one year’s time I will be having money. I remember there is one thing my parents gave us and we are so grateful to them and that is discipline, and I also think that is what i want to also give to my child. This is because nowadays, the way tunabring up watoi is so bad. I do not want to pamper my child so much that hajui naeza ongea na asikie. I know in one years time, anaeza kua hajui mob, but kama ni kuraise voice, ajue niko coz vitu najua ni mob na tutanunua, but discipline kwanza.”

Blessings galore! Comedian Njugush shows off his 1 month old baby (Photo)

Comedian Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda are the latest parents in town. The couple welcomed their bundle of joy a month ago and they’ve been keeping a low profile but for the first time, Njugush has finally shared a photo of his son.

Awww! Check out photos from Njugush’s wife’s baby shower

In a post he shared on Instagram, Njugush has praised his wife for always being supportive and giving him a child.

The Lord has been faithful…[email protected] asante for this gift, you are that guy yani, who would have thought we be here now?
The other day we were kids, young and full of dreams, thanks for always supporting my madness, wacha nichukue room aki 🙏, Njugush wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Njugush comedian
comedian Njugush with his child

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Comedian Njugush reveals why he is obsessed with his wife

We wish Njugush and Celestine the best in parenting.

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‘When you post everything about you in public, you end up being miserable in life’ – Comedian Njugush

Timothy Kimani better known Njugush is married to one wife, Celestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant with their first child.

The two are living happily and they have been displaying their love affection all over.

Their friends held a baby shower for her last weekend, with a blue themed event an indication that the power couple is expecting a baby boy.

Well, Word Is reached out to Njugush for a phone interview.

He made it clear that they have not received their child,

“We have not yet received our bundle of joy but any time from now he will be coming, I will name him after my father though we have not yet agreed on a a perfect  first name. ”

Njugush also talked about opening an account for their child like any other celebrity child but to him he thinks otherwise regarding that. He said;

njugush 56

“Opening an account for our child will not be one of our agendas because according to me, that is a personal decision after they reach 18 years or grown enough. I don’t understand why we should do that, wacha huyo tu akue private tumfiche, kwa sababu its upto  mtu ajue if they want to be involved in somethings, and again if  you are real, it comes automatically. If my dad took upon him to mentor me to be like him, I think I would not be this far, plus each person have their own life to live.”

Mtoto tunaye! Photos from Njugush’s wife’s baby shower surface

He also talked about his wife featuring in his videos.

“You see like my wife, it was a decision she made that she want to be featuring in videos, so when our son will feel he also want to do it. My private life napendanga ikiwa private, that is why it is hard for guys to tell, the next step I am taking pale online because I believe, kila mtu is entitled to some privacy and again, when everything else about you is public, I think you become the most miserable person in the world. When you get time to hide, unaweza ficha atleast.”

His message to wife as she approach becoming a mother,

“Celestine is just wonderful, she has made me a husband and she is about to make me a father. She is life changing and I love her so much.”


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Awww! Check out photos from Njugush’s wife’s baby shower

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda are expecting a baby boy anyday now. The lovebirds, who tied the knot in December 2016, never shy away from displaying their affection for each other on social media.

Njugush has been penning romantic messages to his wife leaving many green with envy. One of his messages to Celestine reads:

“It’s been a journey aki- kutoka hostels pale k.i.mc bana to making a cute little family . happy 1st anniversary to the lady who made the most beautiful bride for me😋 hapa wadau niliangukia😋😋😋😋.happiest anniversary to you sweet caramel nut.

happiest one to the great talent manager ever.

Exclusive: ‘I was very excited to learn I would be a a father’ – Comedian Njugush

Halafu niliwacha ugali managu hapo pole nilimaliza nyama🙈🙈🙈🙈tuliambiwa hii kitu nikuvumiliana nanii…

cheers to many more my love”

Well, friends of the heavily pregnant Celestine Ndunda threw her a surprise baby shower. Kate Kamau, Jolene Matubia, Izareeh, Judy Nyawira were among those who graced the occasion.

“Today was a beautiful day congrats to my girl @celestinendinda,” kate posted on social media.”

Here are the photos


Njugush's wife baby shower


Njugush's wife baby shower


Njugush's wife baby shower


Njugush's wife baby shower


Njugush's wife baby shower


Njugush's wife baby shower

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”Cheers To Many More My Love’ Comedian Njugush And Wife Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary

Comedian Njugush and his wife are more than blessed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Feels like yesterday when we witnessed them say their I Do’s in front of family and friends.

The two have always showered each other with love on social media time and again and even done comedy together, considering Njugush is a funny ninja.

njugush and wife

Well, Njugush couldn’t let this day pass by without wishing his wife a happy anniversary.

He wrote, “For jokes press 2 ,For telemundo press 1
Thanks for pressing 1
Its been a journey aki- kutoka hostels pale K.I.M.C bana to making a cute little family. Happy 1st anniversary to the lady who made the most beautiful bride for me😋 hapa wadau niliangukia😋😋😋😋.Happiest anniversary to you sweet caramel nut.
Happiest one to the great talent manager ever.
Alafu niliwacha ugali managu hapo pole nilimaliza nyama🙈🙈🙈🙈tuliambiwa hii kitu nikuvumiliana nanii…
Cheers to many more my love❤❤❤❤.”

njugush and Wife

His wife wasn’t one to be left behind as she also took to social media to wish her husband a happy anniversary.

She wrote, “Yaaaaaaay its our 1st anniversary.. Glory to God. 🙏
🍹🍹 to many more love.”

Read some of the comments from their fans;

misskihoro: Happy Anniversary! Praying for more blessings upon your family. 🤗🤗🤗


romanadianne: Happy Anniversary

trizahshiro_: happy anniversary and many more

ciiru_tharau: Happy anniversary kaka! @blessednjugush @celestinendinda wish you many more happy years filled with beautiful moments!💞💖

hazelcruth: Happy Anniversary to you both. Cheers to many more . May God keep blessing you both abundantly

amanikishoyian: This to me is what real partnership in life and real love defined. Congrats guys, mad love. Keep it going, proud of u always

hazelcruth: Happy Anniversary to you both. Cheers to many more . May God keep blessing you both abundantly

amanikishoyian: This to me is what real partnership in life and real love defined. Congrats guys, mad love. Keep it going, proud of u always

More Njugush Stories

EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Njugush talks about life after TV Stardom

Timothy Kimani who is popularly known to many as Njugush in the comedy industry, has become everyone’s favorite due to his signature rib cracking jokes.

The one thing we all agree on is that he’s got jokes. Funny jokes.

Njugush is married to Calestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant and expecting their first child any time soon.

He gained popularity after starring in the TV hit series Real Housewives Of Kawangware, before moving on to other hustles.

Also read;  Exclusive: ‘I was very excited to learn I would be a a father’ – Comedian Njugush

Speaking to Classic FM website via phone, he explained to us how he is trying to remain relevant to his fans despite the fact that they do not see him on TV.

Njugush said his disappearance from TV did not cripple his art form. he still made short videos and posted them on various social media to remain relevant.

“It is a matter of being out there and being relevant to people especially your fans and with that the clients will always look for you to advertise for them. Currently, I’m the ambassador for a washing powder. What I am currently working on is I am writing for a TV show called Hullabaloo Estate as well as I am working for my upcoming  show which I am also writing for”.  Njugush added.

Asked whether fans compare his comedy to DJ Shitty’s, who has also gained fans thanks to his antics on The real Housewives Of Kawangware, Njugush said:

“Yes. You know I left and he came right after, so people will always say such, especially because when I left watu walijam ati nimemea pembe but unajua siku ya kitu ikifika imefika. We are very good friends with him.”

Asked why he always makes fun of Nyashinski’s music releases in his comedy skethes online.

Njugush said, “Nyashinski is a very good friend of mine and we talk and that is why mi hupenda kumchokoza chokoza.”

He also addressed some of the challenges they face in their entertainment industry.

“The major problem with us as the entertainers, is getting the license to do our production anywhere in this country. If I was the CS for Sports, Culture and Art, I would try to reduce that [bottleneck]. Ukiangalia watu ka kina Diamond huenda kushoot Nigeria coz huko vitu zimeangaliwa vizuri”.

Listen to the whole interview below:

Exclusive: ‘I was very excited to learn I would be a a father’ – Comedian Njugush

Timothy Kimani better known as, Njugush is a house hold name. He gained popularity from his funny character that is very hard to ignore. He is one of the most successful persons in the entertainment industry. He has featured in local Tv programs like Hapa Kule and the Real House wives Of Kawangware

Besides being a funny man, Njugush is married to the love of his life, Celestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant with their first child. The two walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding that went down at the PCEA Evergreen in Runda, Nairobi in December last year.

Well, speaking to Word is on phone today, Njugush has revealed that he is so excited about his wife being pregnant and looking forward to being a dad.

Asked about how he received the news about his wife being pregnant, he he said;

Congratulations!! Njugush The Comedian Wife Shows off Her Baby Bump For The First Time

“I was not shocked about the news about my wife being pregnant because it was something we had planned for.”

When asked about the gender of the baby, Njugush said they don’t know but have chosen tentative names for either gender. “We want the gender to be a surprise to us” added Njugush.

“Craving za wife ni za ugenge, mara matumbo, mara guavas, and the worst is that anataka kuona kuku zikichinjwa na sio kukula but tunahundle tu, we have even gone to a butchery just to take fulfill her cravings which is extraordinary because earlier she did not have the guts to watch a chicken being slaughtered.”

The wife is due two to three months from now.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they await their bundle of joy.

Here are photos of the couple;


Screenshot from 2017-09-29 16:44:58



WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 14.16.05





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Congratulations!! Njugush The Comedian Wife Shows off Her Baby Bump For The First Time

Njugush the comedian,the king of comedian and his longtime girlfriend Celestine Ndinda, walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding that went down at the PCEA Evergreen in Runda, Nairobi today, December last year.
The couple has grown together and for the first time Celestine has posted a picture to showcase her baby bump and captioned;
Celestine Ndinda: He did it again….
Njugush also added a photo and captioned: “Me and my house!!!! I bumped into my baby ??? #furahapomoni 🎶🎶 baby you my number one 🎶 🎶”
Seems Njugush is the next celebrity dad in town.
Screenshot from 2017-09-29 16:44:58
Here are the comments from celebrity fans
arap_kor: Pongezi Njugush. Hii sasa ndio matunda ya kazi yako. Celestine, kama hio baby shower wanaume wanakubaliwa kuja,uniite tafadhali.
miss_noreen: Looking awesome!!!! Congratulations guys!!
djpatoh_kenya: Congratulations..!!!
shiroshantel: congrats mrembo
zalschris: Congrats
judyshicks: Congratulations
jwangeshi: Congratulations!
fayeekimani: Congrats
zaharak: Congratulations
leah_njoroge: Wow!!praise and glory be to God Almighty

We Met When I Was Staying In A Bedsitter! Actor Njugush Shouts About His Wife

Celestine Ndida is the woman warming actor Njugush’s bed. The former House Help Of Kawangware Star is in Dubai with the love of his life after they got married last year.


The married couple seems to be enjoying their married life with pictures of them all over their instagram pages.

The recent picture posted on his instagram showing his wife has really caught my eyes as he narrates how the wife kept him on his toes when she was still his girlfriend and how she motivated him that there is always life ahead even if he was staying at a ‘kabedsitter’ back then when he was struggling to survive.


Back then there was no Njugush but just a young guy trying to make it in life. He used to wash dishes in hotels and going for auditions here and there. Njugush would would be so broke at times that he would not afford to buy supper but Celestine would save her college pocket money to buy him food and even do some shopping for the house.


He could not even afford buying his girlfriend a birthday gift but the lady understood him.

Here is what he said accompanied with a photo with this captions:


“This woman has been soo good to me.
Starting out bana nilikua nimeparara sana. There was no Njugush just a young guy trying to make it in life. Kuosha masahani kwa hoteli, auditions hapa na pale.
This lady always held me down.I was so broke that at times couldn’t afford supper. She’d always save her college pocket money for that.She’d go to githurai market and do some shopping for the house. Lol yani she’s that day one.
I was so broke that on her birthdays i used to kill my family members bana “babe nimepigiwa simu kuna uncle wa cousin ya aunt ya cucu wa beste ya mwalimu wangu wa nursery amepass…….. Exams” lol nisiitishwe treat aki.
but she understood, the heart really wanted to treat her lakini mfuko ilikua petition.
She told me because we gonna be together for long hizo birthday nitalipia tu loool and she was categorical that she’d want one of those birthday’s iwe dubai.
Iv never seen a mgenge lady such as she . I rem one day she came to my kabedsitter pale transami, a neighbours’ laptop had been stolen.physical searches were being conducted house to house, now it was my bedsitter’s turn.
Aki the caretaker aliingia akaona nikiwa na matress na stove only akacheka and said ‘pwaahaha hapa ata mtu hawezi ficha”
After they left this lady laughed out and said “babe usiskie vibaya, hii nyumba siku moja tutajaza”
Thats the moment i knew haendi mahali (also that’s when we started using ata sijaskia vibaya phrase)
Yani nyumba ilikua empty mpaka i made sure Abel mutua never entered that house, alikua anaenda kuingia chochoro nameambia huku ni kubaya side mirror zinaenda kwenda lol so he would fret and anasema nitaingia basi kukiwa mchana, i made sure that didn’t happen.lool

For real she kept me on my toes. Yani i had to make it or make it. I haven’t reached there yet but i thank God so far. He’s been amazing like i can’t say enough.
I don’t know if there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for her, including kushika room😂. Brothers and sisters never get tired of those humble beginnings
Happy birthday @celestinendinda thanks for taking care of me,
NOW it’s my time, i got you babe.”

Here are reactions from his followers:

chebetegesa: God bless her. Take care of her @blessednjugush

[email protected] this is too sweet!!what!

cecilmichaels: Wow!that’s great gal…happiest birthday ever, long live

chillibae: Beautiful love story

anko_johnny_skani: Happy birthday.. True definition of a strong woman

janetkarani: @blessednjugush @celestinendinda both of u are blessed,God says if u find a good woman,u are trully blessed,u have found a good thing in each other, a rear love cherish it…ION hats sijaskia vibaya 😢😢😂😂😂😂

letycia_rose: May God keep you always

charlie.jojo: @celestinendinda u r one of a kind… God bless ua marriage…

nyamai_eliud: @celestinendinda May the Almighty God creator of the universe Bless you all the days of your natural life. @blessednjugush you are truly blessed Man. shukuru mungu

killapain2: Thats a real women right there

titusleiyan: Woow great her..never make her sad

shishi_kimm: Awwwwwwwwwww😭😭this is sweet. Happy birthday @celestinendinda

annafranko587: Happy birthday to kindu wa yours

irungu_ciru: Happy birthday @celestinendinda and may God keep you always

daima_mkombodzi: Hehe njugush hyo story as inspiring as it is lazima tu ungeharibu tumambo hapo katikati nicheke tu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but for real hyo ugali yote na mayai ulikua unakula na hunoni ..💃💃💃💃💃 running to hide

revkathykiuna: Awwwwww that’s really sweet of you to appreciate her publicly. Favor comes with wives . Please never forget that no matter how blessed you get. May God bless you always. Happy bday

maryhamasha: Wow so inspiring to the youths trying to make it happy bday celestine you are a true woman happy bday n live long


TRUE LOVE INDEED! 6 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Prove That Young Love Can Work (PHOTOS)

Finding true love has become a challenge nowadays whether it’s a young couple or older ones and the rate of separation, break ups an divorce is going up every year.

Celebrity couples are not spared either when it comes to unhappy endings to relationships or marriages and in the Kenyan entertainment scene and showbiz, there are examples to prove it.

Recently, Kenyan top music producer and video director Jibril Blessing and singer Chantelle revealed that they had called it quits after dating for 5 years, which came as a surprise to many.


Other local celebrities who separated in a public manner nclude; Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari, Gloria Muliro and Eric Omba, DJ Ofweneke and Nicah, Eunice Njeri and Rapper Izzo and many others.

WHEN LOVE TURNS TO HATE! 5 Of The Biggest And Nastiest Break Ups In The Kenyan GOSPEL Industry

Despite that there are many other relationships and marriages that are successful. I have put together a list of happily married young couples who are happily dating or are married, proving that real love still exists.

Check them out below.

1. Size 8 and DJ Mo
This gospel power couple has proved to their haters that their love keeps getting better especially after welcoming daughter Ladasha Belle. They support and appreciate each other in every way, including their careers and families.


2. Bien and Chiki
Sauti Sol’s Bien and his Nigerian girlfriend Chiki are one of the cutest couples in the music industry, and compliment each other in every way. Oh, and they can’t get enough of each other!


3. Edith Kimani and Timothy Mbugua
The former KTN news anchor is dating Janet Mbugua’s twin brother Timothy, and when they started dating, no one thought it would last, but they have proved that their love goes deeper than we thought.


4. Njugush and Celestine Ndinda
Timothy Kimani aka Njugush walked down the aisle with his college sweetheart back in 2016 and the two have since been flaunting their love for each other, and are very happy.


5. Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan
The celebrated blogger and her hunk husband held a lavish and classy wedding last year and are expecting their bundle of joy soon. The couple are so adorable and recently dispelled separation rumours.


6. Sarah Hassan and Martin Dale
This newly weds are doing very well back in the US after holding a colourful wedding in Nairobi back in February 2017 after being engaged for a year. The love birds seem very happy and delighted to be together.