‘It was awkward, thank God I was decent,’ Njugush wife Celestine narrates meeting in-laws

Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye wife to comedian Njugush has opened up on her experience meeting Njugush parents.

She described the day as nerve-wrecking.

She met them for the first time during Njugush graduation, though she didn’t know they were going to be there, it baptism by fire.

For beginners, Njugush and Wakavinye met in college where Njugush was a year ahead of Celestine.

Cele was speaking on her Youtube channel;

“It was his graduation and he told me that his parents weren’t coming”

“After graduation, I saw him with his parents. I looked for his sibling and I didn’t see him. The moment was awkward”

“His dad is a reverend and I thanked God I wore decently.”

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Adding that Njugush’s father asked him what his plans for this lady were.

“We were in a hotel and so I washed their hands and we ate meat but before we went home, his parents told me to go to their home in December that they would cook chicken for me,” she recounted.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

Celestine was then invited for a second time to meet the parents and this time around, she was prepared.

“In 2013 January 1, I went prepared. That day went well.

His dad asked me questions and they laughed at me when I said my mother had a garden at home,” she said.

The two are now married and are blessed with a son called Tugi.

Sikua na shingo! See how Njugush’ wife has lost pregnancy weight

Njugush wife Celestine Ndinda has opened up on struggling to shed weight after the birth of her baby.

Baby Fat refers to the extra body weigth that a woman may put on during pregnancy.

The mother of one shared her past photo describing how she even did not have a ‘neck’, yaani she had added a lot of weight while she was still new to motherhood.

Check out the photo;

She even had to go to the gym and work out.

Luckily, the gym helped her so much that she even lost 17 kgs.

Imagine, all that.

She wrote;

“Sikuwa na shingo 🙈 baby fat was real! But guess what, less than one year later 17kgs down👏🏼👏🏼. @freddy_kaloki narudi tena gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki… enyewe nothing is impossible,” she wrote.

She then encouraged mothers fighting baby fats saying it is just a matter of time.

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“And to all those struggling with baby fat imagine itaisha. Kwanza we Malizia breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet whichever works.”

Check out her current photos;





‘His cassava was too small,’ Njugush wife speaks about her past relationship

Comedian Njugush’s wife, Celestine, has opened up about her past relationship before meeting Njugush.

Celestine said that in 2012, she met a guy who was living in Lavington and the two got along like a house on fire.

They were attracted to each other.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Celestine narrated,

“My disappointment is meeting a guy who was living in Lavington. I was so happy but on that day that we were to meet in his house, I was disappointed with what I saw while inside there…” she said.

Njugush comically asked “Was it that the nini was so biiig for you?”

“No!” Cele said.

She went on to demonstrate adding that “the guy looked big, but he was tropical size.”

Does this mean that Njugush is fully loaded and that is one of the reasons she married him?

Who knows!

Njugush and Wakavinye reveal the things they can’t stand about each other

In a previous interview, Njugush has said that she loved Celestine for being a hard working person.

According to Njugush, his wife was one of the most harding working and very ambitious.

He is glad she is glad to do life with.

“She is a beautiful soul. She is happy. She is very hard working and she loves to achieve, yaani after something she will be like…sasa hapa tunado? She is someone who will never let you be in the comfort zone, she will push you to do things, sasa tumefika hapa we need to do this, she is very smart and also she gets things faster,” said Njugush.

On the other hand, Wakavinye also outlined some of the key factors that she liked most about her hubby.

“He is very hardworking, from kuosha masahani to doing everything else. He is also a go getter, he does his thing, kabla ifike point ya kuita mtu he has to try first, and he is the hands on kinder husband. He is very smart. Like last year amenifunza kitu, like before I used to deliver information half baked, but now days I have to ask the full information before I tell him anything,” said Wakavinye.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda


Njugush and wife


Njugush posing with Celestine
Njugush posing with Celestine

Njugush and Wakavinye reveal the things they can’t stand about each other

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda are very candid about their relationship, which is a mark of the closeness and maturity they have in their relationship.

Recently, the couple appeared on The Weekend Edition with Dr King’ori where they shared quite a lot. The two spoke about the evolution of their relationship with both of them working in the same industry.

Dr. Kingori interviewing Njugush and Celestine Ndinda
Dr. Kingori interviewing Njugush and Celestine Ndinda

The entertainer even disclosed that he was grateful that he had broken up with a former ex, allowing him to land Celestine, who has been with him through thick and thin over the years.

Celestine was my sponsor – Njugush reveals loving detail about wife

While many were captivated by many of Njugush’s revelations Wakavinye (as his wife is affectionately known) had her fair bit to share about the father of her child.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

Celestine spoke about the worst trait that she didn’t like about her man. And this one will shock you. Celestine admitted that the one thing that annoyed her about Njugush was that her husband always forgets to comb his hair despite the many times she reminds him.

“Nywele, unaona saa hii venye Inama….sa hii hatujachana nywele.”

The comic was not to be left out and complained about a pet peeve of his own, saying that Celestine also has a bad habit of switching on lights while he is still sleeping in the morning. “Kuwasha stima asubui kama mtu amelala na uendi mahali!”

Njugush with Celestine
The comedian with his wife Celestine

Although I find that the institution of marriage has it’s many issues, Njugush and his wife are a breath of fresh air that the institution is alive and kicking.

Their secret? Ain’t it obvious?

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Njugush’s wife thanks God for nearly complete mansion (photo)

Blessed Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary. And it seems that isn’t the only thing the couple will be celebrating this December.

Njugush and his wife are now celebrating the near-completion of the mansion that they have been building over the years. News about their complete mansion at an unidentified location was first shared online by Celestine as she thanked God for seeing them through and giving them all the good things in life.

Njugush with Celestine
Njugush with his wife Celestine

In a status seen by Classic105.com, the lovely Ndinda showed off a storey mansion nearing its completion alongside Sinach’s song Give Thanks.

Blessed Njugush and Celestine Ndinda house
Blessed Njugush and Celestine Ndinda house

The couple is a true tale of rags to riches with their previous interviews telling the story of how far back God has brought them from. Njugush and Celestine who started dating while in college slept hungry, lacked food and went without money for days before the sun finally shone on them.

Njugush with Celestine
Njugush with Celestine

In the past, the Njugush revealed how hard life had been for him. He has said,

 ‘2014….. it was my first time kupeleka huyu mrembo Celestine Ndinda date akasema ameshiba….all other dates, mostly zilikua Pale Uhuru Park, alikua anadai haskii njaa…..lol she was just being diplomatic anadanganya because tukirudi shule alikua anabomoa ugali,‘ he wrote in part.

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He went ahead to narrate;

‘Now when we came here in 2014, I was hoping ile 500 nilikua nayo ingetosha..well I was in for a surprise. When for the 1st time aliona I took her to a date somewhere with walls open air dates were the thing…(well cause of how our pockets were setup)…CBD akajua kajamaa kana pesa (we have been paid 1k for a set book show nilikua nimechapa. So nikalipa deni ya 500 I had ..then the rest nikaamua nichafue mrembo).’

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Njugush and wife spill their juicy celebrity crush confessions


Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine have opened up on who their celebrity crushes are.

“My celebrity crush is Avril,” Njugush revealed in a YouTube live session.

Celestine sent a shoutout to the ‘Chokoza’ hitmaker, saying her husband is seriously crushing on her

 “Avril, we need to hook up and I don’t have a problem but yours is serious, we can be ‘boyz’.”

Njugush with Celestine
Njugush with his wife Celestine

Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine

Njugush then said that his wife loves Willy Paul and Nyashinski, and it hurts him.

“She does not hide it from me,” he said.

Celestine defended herself, saying she has feelings and a heart despite being married.

“Me loving you does not mean that I can’t love someone else,” she said.

Njugush posing with Celestine
Njugush posing with Celestine

She said she loves Willy Paul’s music but Nyashinski has good music and he looks hot.

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Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine

Njugush is in a spot of bother with his wife. Why? This past weekend he went to support his wife’s BFF, Neomi Nganga at the much publicised Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 at Garden City Mall.

But the result has been friction in his marriage as he was caught on camera (by his wife nonetheless) ogling at the beauties strutting on the runway. Not only that, he was seen screaming as he saw the curvy models stream by.

Njugush with Celestine 1

Njugush posted the video on his Instagram page saying;

When you are caught cheering a favourite in a #missplusworldkenya pageant 😭😭😭. keep me in your prayers guys.


The drama did not end on Instagram, or at Garden City, it carried on to their home as his wife he locked him out of the house that Saturday night.

Njugush with Celestine 1
Njugush with Celestine

Njugush had no option but to humbly ask his wife for forgiveness;

I am here to ask for forgiveness. mosquitos have really bitten me all night. and the boys club are laughing at me.

Trying to win her back, Njugush, of course, had to flatter her, talking about her beauty but Celestine was in no forgiving mood. She responded by telling him;

Stop distracting me away from the problem. what were you doing at a plus size event? And then what made you scream so loud at the event?

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

Njugush defended himself saying, he did not even notice the girls, his cheering was purely inspired by the splendour of the decor and the lights.

Some of his followers like Khaligraph Jones did not feel any sympathy for him and told Celestine not to relent with other posters taking Njugush’ side.

Check out the video below;

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It has bitten each other guys

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush) on

While this might seem serious, I think this was an elaborate spoof like the one’s Eric and Chantal used to pull when they were together. They are funny and entertaining nonetheless.

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Njugush’s look-alike sends Anne Kansiime into fits of giggles


Njgush needs to ask his parents some hard questions.

Comedian Njugush is in Uganda, where his look alike has been unearthed.

The funny man has managed to capture the attention of Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime.

Kansiime shared a side by side picture of Njgush and the other man named Skylanta. Skylanta is from the Western town of Mbarara in Uganda.

Njugush and Kansime have started a youtube collaboration and it will be interesting to see where this goes.


The uncanny similarity has stunned many fans.

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Kinuthia and Njugush

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