I would sweat every time the baby cried-Selina actress says

Award-winning Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi, has opened up about the challenges she has been going through as a new mum.

Selina who is dating gospel artiste Phil Kimemia welcomed a baby girl, almost three weeks ago.

Through her YouTube channel, Selina says motherhood comes with no manual.

“I stayed in the hospital for a few days after the baby came. I didn’t know that a baby is supposed to be given jabs. I couldn’t understand why, I felt like my heart would pop out.”

Selina says when they were told to go home, she felt helpless given she and her baby daddy are first-time parents.

I was like what happens now that we are home? That night I couldn’t sleep properly. At the hospital, I wasn’t producing any milk, so I had to take supplements. When I got home my baby wasn’t breastfeeding. I used to sleep like an unsettled person. I would wake up very shocked once the baby cried or if she made some noise, nilikuwa naruka karibu nianguke.”


“I used to sleep with the lights on because I was so paranoid that something might happen. At the hospital, I woke up and there were no lights the baby was crying and I was so shocked. I would sweat every time the baby cried.”

Selina says she had trouble washing the baby as she felt she was too tiny.

“I decided to sponge the baby until the cord fell off. I was very excited when the baby’s umbilical cord fell.”

The new mum says she is happy with the progress the baby has made.

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