My pregnancy was not reason Selina ended – Celestine Gachuhi

The season finale of tv series Selina was over a month ago.

The show ended after a 6 year run, with fans expressing sorrow.

The telenovela show in Kiswahili premiered in January 2018.

It has been one of the most-watched shows in Kenya in the past four years.

Lead actress Celestine Gachuhi on May 20th on her youtube channel, defended herself against claims the show ended because she was pregnant.

A fans wanted to know her fiancé Phil’s reaction to seeing some of the risque scenes.

How was your fiancé’s reaction seeing you and Nelson?

laughing ‘lets start from the fact that he supports me, he supports through the time I was doing Selina and as you all know I was acting with one guy for a while and then another guy came in. So I was acting with Pascal Tokodi and Peter Kamau you know, what was his reaction? a normal reaction of okay I support you I trust you uh you do your thing and i did my thing with the two guys “

When will you be back on TV screens?

Soon, soon soon after I’m done with the whole baby

You and Nelson are my favorite actors from Season 1. I really cherish you guys

is it true you stopped Selina episodes due to your pregnancy?

heheee, I have seen this question alot so the thing is Selina was supposed to end in March this year, the contract was supposed to end in March this year 2022. And I got pregnant in August – she first said October – 2021, so either I got pregnant or I didn’t the show was gonna end my pregnancy was not the reason why Selina ended.

Another fan was still not satisfied and told her ‘ulifanya kipindi kiishe nilihnag TV’

Celestine said ‘Jamani jamani pole If I were to be asked if I wanted to continue to entertain you in Selina I would want to but time comes kitu inaisha, there is a begginnig tulianza 2017, it’s been 5 years Selina ended lets do another new thing an dI promise you I will deliver again. “

Back in February, in a statement shared with Sinema Focus, Margaret Mathore, Head of Channel, Maisha Magic East, said Selina is coming to a heroic end to pave way for yet another gripping local story.

“Undisputed king of prime-time TV every season and is bowing out as the greatest, longest-running daily TV show in Kenya.”

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Celestine Gachuhi delivers bouncing baby girl

Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi has announced she has delivered a baby girl.

Taking to her Instagram , Celestine told that she delivered her baby at the RFH healthcare hospital Komarock saying ‘

“Even miracles take a little while 😍” Remember this👆??
Our miracle baby girl came 😍❤️, it’s been a week now and our lives have since changed completely❤️❤️🙏🙏 @phil_kimemia I thank God for you , you’ve stood by me since day one, the ups and downs as my priest. God bless you ❤. IT CAN ONLY BE GOD! A huge thanks to these amazing souls’

Celestine and fiancé Phil announced their pregnancy way back in February on Valentine’s Day.

She captioned the sweet news with the same note she wrote about welcoming her baby ‘Even miracles take a little while

The tv series Selina came to an end last month and the actress is yet to tell her fans what her next move is, however she did say she wants to throw herself into motherhood beofre all else.

Congratulations to the newest parents in town from the Classic 105 fam.

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