Local Female Celebrities Who Rocked Ankara

Local female celebrities have embraced Ankara, which was previously ordinarily left for our mothers and aunties, as a fashion staple in their wardrobe. It’s now become such a fashion statement and is commonly worn by celebrities during red carpet events.

Ankara may look like a simple outfit but it isn’t one that you can pull off without the style and confidence it needs. It’s a “loud” fabric and as such to rock it well you need to maintain a certain poise. Whether mixed with other fabrics or just plain, Ankara brings out the WOW factor.

Here are some female celebrities spotted in Ankara.

Kambua – Image/kiss100
Emmy k
Emmy Kosgey – Image/wazua
Edith KImani – Image/trending kenya
Lizz and Sheila
Lizz Ntojira and Sheila Mwanyigha – Image/Enews
Jackie Vike – Image/wulira
sarah h
Sarah Hassan – IMage/Dressupnation

Woman says she will tell who’s better in bed between Lil Wayne and Drake

A woman who has slept with both Lil Wayne and Drake says that she knows who among them is better in bed.

According to TMZ, the woman named Tammy Torres, says that she is ready to tell the world the truth.

This comes after Wayne has been telling people that she was with him a day after she slept with Drake.

Ms. Torres she doesn’t deny that, but some parts of the stories being told have holes on it.

She added on to say that if Wayne releases his tell-all book she will also tell her side of the story and will also reveal who between the two of them is a better banger.

Image – news.hiphopearly.com


Meet the strict celebrity mums

Just because these women are rich and famous it doesn’t mean that their children get what they want when they want.

This is not because their  parents are unable to give them, but its because they are being taught the value of money and hardwork.

These parents have it all but believe that the same way they work hard is the same way their kids have to work hard.

Jennifer Lopez
According to Jennifer, her daughter and son have to earn their weekend fun by ‘behaving’ through the week. And only if they do, does she allow them to use iPads, sleep in with her, have late breakfast and watch TV on Sunday. And JLo rightly calls it the Sunday Funday.

J-Lo and her kids Image -usmagazine.com

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet has no qualms accepting that she is a ‘strict mom’ as she makes sure her children are off to bed at 7:30 pm for a good night’s sleep. Other fun stuff like jumping on the bed is also strictly prohibited, while, following a strict daily routine is strictly asked for.

Kate Winslet and her kids – zimbio.com

Victoria Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham might be the richest parents in the world, but their kids, sure have to make their way up on their own. Their eldest son Brooklyn had to take up a job as a barristo to earn his pocket money. There is a ‘Punishment Chair’ for those who behave badly as well.

beckham fam
Victoria Beckham and her family – perthnow.com.au

Madonna, mother of four, surely comes across as the strictest mommy as she has laid down a number of rules for her kids. While there is a strict no to watching TV, having ice-cream, milk, mobiles and reading magazines, the kids are supposed to do their daily chores by themselves.

madona n kids
Madonna and her kids – pixshark.com

Megan Fox
Megan Fox has a ‘no screen’ rule for her kids. The kids are not allowed to watch any television, play video games, movies or internet. While she is still open to the kids watching movies sometimes, television is a strict no, as it is ‘non-stop.’

megan fox
Megan fox and her family – dailymail.co.uk


6 Celebrities who wedded secretly in Kenya

Celebrity couples are well known for holding private weddings that are invite- only affairs, but somehow the press gets wind of the venue and informs us in good time. These particular couples however managed to keep their relationship from the prying eye of the press. We only learnt about their nuptials months later or after they posted baby photos. Check out the celebrity couples who have gotten together secretly.

1. Dj Mo and Size 8
This celebrity couple shocked the public after they came out stating that they are man and wife. The former secular sensation turned gospel wed celebrity DJ Mo of system unit in Septemeber 2013. The couple decided to put an end to rumours that they were having an affair and living under one roof by announcing their marriage one month later. They had a small private affair involving only family and the officiating bishop was Size 8’s father. Size 8 reveals that she is a very private person and marriage is something personal and that’s why she did a private wedding.


2. Larry Asego
Little is known about Larry Asego’s marriage as he keeps his private life really private. He allegedly had a small private affair at his house in 2013 making his relationship official and he invited guests via sms. He has two children.


3. Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari
Betty Bayo’s marriage to controversial pastor Victor Kanyari was a top most secret. She wed in 2012 and was away from the lime light only to reappear later in 2013 claiming the mysterious man she was married to was none other than Kanyari. The couple has since faced a rough patch after an expose showed her husband as a con pastor running the sh310 scam for a miracle. Betty denounced her husband in public but rumours claim the couple is still together.

Screenshot from 2015-03-26 15:44:06

4. Tina Kaggia and JB Masanduku
The celebrity couple wedded at the AG chambers in the ceremony attended by only a few family members and close friends. The private ceremony shocked the media especially because their relationship was in the limelight but somehow they managed to keep the ceremony secret. The couple has two children, Tina’s daughter Imani from a previous relationship and their son born last year.


5. J Blessing and Shantel
Shantel is known for her trial in music when she released her one hit wonder ‘Toklezea’ with Abbas. J Blessing was allegedly dating a popular radio host and he left her heavy with child for Shantel. They were rumoured to be planning a wedding in Dubai from close sources. It is yet to happen, but the couple already moved in together and have a child.Chantelle-and-Jblessing


6. Shaffie Weru and Jada Joan
Shaffie Weru, the Kiss 100 breakfast host is also in the list of celebrities who wed secretly. He confessed last year that he had been hitched to Joan for four years putting a stop to the rumours. They also have a child together.



Could Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes be dating?

According to reports Tom Cruise’ ex-wife Katie Holmes has been casually dating Jamie Foxx for more than a year.

The actress, who split from her husband in 2012 after five years of marriage, hasn’t been officially with anyone since, but reports suggest she’s been keeping a relationship quiet.

The 36-year-old actress and 47 year old Jamie Fox, sparked romance rumours last year after they were spotted getting cosy at a number of events.

An insider has claimed they’ve been seeing each other for a while but aren’t looking for a serious relationship.

A source told People magazine: “This is not some intense romance. Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn. They’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

Despite their not-so-serious relationship, Katie has been spotted at the actor’s house on numerous occasions where they reportedly “spend hours together.”

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has remained single since her divorce in 2012 from Tom Cruise, who is the father of her child,  but admitted last year that’s she’s keen to find love again.

She told the publication in November: “I’m a very loving person. Of course I’m open to finding love again.”

Brenda Wairimu finally reveals baby photo

Celebrity couple Juliani and Brenda Wairimu recently welcomed their bundle of joy; a beautiful baby girl. We didn’t think we would get a glimpse of the cute baby this soon from the couple who keep their private life low key but we have come across a photo. Brenda Wairimu shared this photo of her with the cute baby on social media, take a look.