Vera Sidika gets a pregnancy belly cast in countdown to birth


After a successful baby shower held on 10th October, Vera Sidika is counting down the days to the birth of her baby girl.

And to prepare for that process, Vera showed fans she was getting a pregnancy cast. She also told that her pregnancy journey will make part of her reality show when it premiers.

She noted it was ‘creating memories with pregnancy. Watch out for my reality show. So much juice on it!’

Belly casts are 3D plaster molds of a mother-to-be’s growing bump or full torso, usually done a couple of weeks to a month before giving birth.

Vera wrote “belly casting today. I’m such a last minute person But!!I always get it done. “

She added “it’s extremely heavy apparently about 6-7kgs”

According to Wikipedia, Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, though a series of casts may also be made during the pregnancy. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline or a similar lubricant and adding strips of wet plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast.

Vera also celebrated her glowing baby bump noting she is set to undergo a CS in November.

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Kalenjin rap queen Msupa S is pregnant and glowing in America

Kalenjin songstress Msupa S has shared that she is pregnant ina cute moment online.

In a surprise announcement on Instagram, Msupa S thanked God for her pregnancy.

“who is God…Asante jah”

Msupa S relocated from Kenya and is living in Minnesota and has been sharing snippets of life in America.

A few weeks ago, she gushed over a man with two pictures calling him Gods blessing.

A fan asked her if she went to live in America to get a baby ‘yani ulienda mimba amerika! To which she respondeed ‘that’s Gods blessings.

Congratulations to this Kalenjin Queen.

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‘We are pregnant’ Nasra and husband Rashid prank fans


Nasra and husband Rashid have jetted back to Nairobi after a baecation at the voyager Hotel.

The couple have dropped a video of a surprise announcing while they were there, revealing they found out two months ago, she is pregnant.

An excited Nasra also told that Rashid cried after the positive pregnancy test and is super anxious to meet their baby already. “so guys there is something that has made us very happy’

In their latest youtube video, the two reminisce on what kind of parents they will be, with Rashid telling Nasra that she is positively glowing as an expectant mum.
‘You are glowing’

To which she said ‘we are so excited like my god hata sijui tuanza vipi kumwambia manze thankyou guys for the prayers thank you to those wishing us the best, and I think your prayers have been answered, and we we are pregnant. Our first born is coming you guys, so guys we just found out like two months ago, a few that we found out. We are ready to be parents I think me I’m ready to be a mother’



View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NASRA (@nasrayusuff)

Actually it’s all a prank as they laughed at the end of the video saying people are putting too much pressure on them.

Nasra told people commenting about adding weight is not due to pregnancy but because she is happy in love.

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Usain Bolt and girlfriend announce they are expecting in stunning pregnancy shoot

Usain Bolt and his girlfriend of ten years Kasi, have announced they are expecting their first child together.

Kasi Bennet has been with the athlete since back in the day and this is certainly good news for the couple.

usain bolt girl preg
Usain Bolt Girlfriend Kasi

Usain shared the happy news with his 9.3 million followers on Instagram, sharing a picture of his partner, Kasi Bennett, cradling her baby bump.

Usain wrote

“I just want to say that a king or a queen will soon arrive”.

Kasi also responded to the warm wishes writing

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and beautiful messages! I’d love to thank you all individually so hopefully I can get to it at some point today. We see all the love and are beyond blessed and grateful. Bless up to our little one’s extended aunties and uncles

usain gorl preggers

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‘I want a push present’ Kate Actress tells hubby Phil 


Everyone thinks it’s the most ridiculous gift ever, but not Kate Actress.

In a youtube video, Kate and hubby Phil share details of their pregnancy where Kate says ‘I need compensation’.

Phil laughs it off Kate adds that

i am craving a new car, a push gift, I think it’s important. I’m pushing a whole head for you, I need compensation (she laughs).

This is not a completely alien idea as socialite Kylie Jenner was gifted an extravagant gift to celebrate the arrival of her daughter with boyfriend Travis Scott, Stormi, who was born on Feb. 1.


The celebrity couple also discussed their excitement at the pregnancy and what it took for them to get there.

Kate described the anxiety and relief as they tried to conceive.

I’m the most impatient person in the world. I would check everyday and I got so disappointed I wasn’t getting pregnant, to a point I said I don’t want to try anymore, when you really want one it doesn’t happened. At some point I kept avoiding coz I didn’t know how the first experience traumatized me, so here we are

The couple are aware that a new addition to the family will be a life changing moment.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja

Phil said

I absolutely love and adore babies, recently I have discovered gettign a baby is more phsycological, and I didnt know how my background really

affected how long we had to wait to get a baby. For me the biggest challenging was everything had to be ready,

When they announced the fantastic news Phil kept it cool, but is secretly over the moon

What does Phil feel about the new baby?

Can I pull a tom cruise and jump on the table?

We wish the two all the best as they await their bundle of joy.

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Baby News: Kate Actress and Phil announce pregnancy


Film director Phil Karanja and wife Kate Actress are expectant.

The husband has expressed his excitement at they await the birth of their first child as a couple.

Kate, who is known by many as Celina, is a mother of a teen son from a previous relationship.

Taking to his social media Phil wrote

About to walk this new journey in life, can’t wait 😍.


Different people have come out to celebrate the couple with  their congratulatory messages.

blessednjugush:Congratulations wadau… God see you through in everything. You’ll make the greatest Dad!!!!!!

loulou_hassan:Hongereni sana 🙏🙏

miss_mutembei:Daaammmnnnnn…. Congratulations my favorite peeps..

ruthnyabuto: Congratulations you two Are really blessed beyond words.

cynthiababe_higz:Congratulations Guys…. Yaaani am happy for you my guys.

starchebet: Aaaaaaw mammi ❤️❤️❤️ Pregnancy looks good on you. Congratulations and all the best.


thekingkaka:@phil_director Kazi imeonekana , congratulations.

celestinendinda: Yaaaaay am soo happy for you guys… sasa Tugi amepata kamtu kakuchokoza.

shee1_shee:God bless your family and may his grace be always sufficient to you.. Congratulations

shereen_gichure:Daaaamn gal you look fine, congratulations are in order indeed God has done it.

ms_kyalo:You are blessed. Congratulations beautiful.

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Again? Rihanna confronted with pregnancy rumors for the second time

Rihanna threw another starry soirée: The Diamond Ball 💎 in support of her Clara Lionel Foundation, which supports programmes focusing on global girls’ education, humanitarian aid and climate change.

She even got up on stage to sing #Lemonade with Pharrell—a first-ever live performance in the 5 years of the ball.


It was during this performance that a video of her singing has got tongues wagging.

Rihanna spots what seems to be a baby bump.

She has been dating boyfriend Hassan Jameel for a couple of years. Rihanna was first spotted with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel in 2017 and the two have been going strong ever since.


Back in July, 2017, Rihanna at the time appeared to be pregnant, and her protruding belly set the internet abuzz. She never addressed the matter, and much later appeared in public with a flat belly.

What sparked the rumors are the pictures from the premiere of her latest film, Valerian.

She wore an elegant flowing red dress and while some suggested she might have put on weight, few went on to speculate her pregnancy.

Click here to see the image

Do you think she is preggers again as the internet suggests?

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Baby number 7! Singer Kidum welcomes new son ‘Kajiado’

Kibido Kibido has been blessed with baby number seven.

The ‘Mapenzi’ singer and his third wife have welcomed a son whom they named, Kidum Junior aka ‘Kajiado’.

Kidum and his wife
Kidum with his wife

The musician shared the information on his social media page that this was his second child with her, unlike what most had initially thought.

He wrote on his Instagram page that;

Sometimes I laugh when I read news about me ! This Kidum junior aka Kajiado is not her first born jamani ! I have a daughter with her called Nicole . It is true I have now seven children in total but two with this now my wife . Hahahahaha nabado !!!!!

Kidum with his pregnant wife
The singer with his pregnant wife last month

Fans and friends were quick to congratulate the singer. Some of the comments are below;
nimohsesh; Congratulations to both of you. Mugure job well done my sister.

adrian.h.stepp; piga kazi mpaka wafike 11 baba la baba ufungue Kidumu sports academy!

fassie_lady; Watoto baraka mzee mshukuru mungus

kg_godschosen; Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife

Kidum left his fans in awe when he first decided to show off his heavily pregnant wife on May, 24 2019 and now all can witness the blessing the two have.

Why did the singer give his son the name of a Kenyan county? Because Kidum Junior was born while the artiste was performing at a show in Kajiado. After he learnt of the birth, he finished the show and immediately went to see his wife and the new-born in hospital.

Kidum at a concert in Kajiado
Kidum at the concert in Kajiado

And he will not be the first celebrity to give their child an interesting name. Former ‘My Name Is Earl’ star Jason Lee famously named his first-born and son Pilot Inspektor Lee!


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Every photo Diana Marua has shared of her surprise baby bump

On their trip to Dubai, fans swore they spotted a baby bump, but Diana Marua and Bahati kept mum.

Days later the nagging comments continued and the couple decided to drop the pregnancy confirmation details on their social media.

Bahati wrote

Been Working Hard😋.. I thank God for Another Blessing Coming 😍😍😍 Just Comment “CONGRATULATIONS DIANA”

Days later, Dianna  has posted more photos of her baby bump and she looks gorgeous.

Dear God, 2019 is Indeed my Year 😭 You have Blessed me too too much 🤗 THANK YOU FOR THIS ANGEL IN MY WOMB 🙏

Here are photos of Diana’s baby bump

59244181_1090948847695624_1929355872158924386_n (1)


image-2019-05-17 (9) (1)


image-2019-05-17 (13) (1)

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump

image-2019-05-17 (15) (1)


Their fans went ahead to say,

totamercy: Blessed couples.. congratulation baby Israel on the way

cash_cashi : so beautiful pregnant your husband must be so proud at you two

unykwawira: The pregnancy looks good on you ❤️congrats

gracie_kui: Congratulations , you loook absolutely stunning ❤️🔥

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K24 presenter Isabella Kituri has the cutest baby bump

Tv girl Isabella Kituri used a cheeky way to reveal her pregnancy to Kenyans.

She unveiled her baby bump two weeks ago and we can’t help but be impressed with how well she is carrying her pregnancy. She is positively glowing.

The K24 tv host, is a Manchester United fan, who took to social media after Barcelona secured a vital away win against Manchester United at Old Trafford to comment.

Exclusive: ‘My labour pains came at 11 weeks before I miscarried’ – Size 8

She captioned and used the opportunity to shared a picture of her baby bump.

@manchesterunited coming through.. hebu excuse us! Ooh Barcelona .ohh @man.united_girls will cry.. Shindwe! #manchesterunitedfc #makeyourownfun #faithoverfear @manutd_kenya

Isabella joins a list of TV personalities who hide their pregnancy while on screen.

Last year, Citizen TV girl Lulu Hassan was spotted with a bump, during an off air moment. Her fans were excited to finally see she was pregnant with her third child.

K24’s Isabella Kituri on late husband: ‘I mourned for 8 years’

We wish Isabella Kituri the best as she awaits the birth of her baby.

Screenshot from 2019-04-11 09_31_02
Isabella Kituri

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Boni Khalwale praises Kakamega woman who gave birth to quintuplets


Politician-cum-doctor Boni Khalwale is as thrilled as any other person for the 28-year-old Kakamega woman who gave birth to quintuplets on Wednesday.

The babies were delivered via C section, and she has four other children.

everlyne namukhula babies
historic birth of quintuplets in Kakamega

Khalwale, a gynaecologist, took to social media to lavish praises on her saying

Congratulations Everlyn Namukhula of Navakholo for this historic multiple blessings of these lovely quintuplets, 3 girls & 2 boys! Somebody say, Kakamega!!!

Kenyans took to social media to celebrate the birth:

cyrus kamunya mwicig..
blessings, basic costing for diapers only is 10k per month translating to 120k per yr, this family needs help, we want to see politicians involved , God is watching.

Karani Amunavi..
Hehehehehe!!! Mungu abariki hao watoto!

ennis Rotich..
She should be recognized by #WorldGuinessRecord

Waluyha kwa kweli wanataka kura kwa fujo.

Congratulations n wish them well.
Calvince Odemba..
Congratulations God is really great

Edwin Kip..
Congratulations Everlyn

Alloys Ochieng..
Thanks Mama for the good job God bless you

Bonface Chisika Wanyonyi..
Congratulations to her, what a strong woman!

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The Faith Muturi approved way to slay your pregnancy style


We recently found out she is heavy with her second child.

Media personality Faith Muturi has since been giving us so much style inspo and what to do with your won baby bump look.

She is slaying with those hug those curves outfits and we love it.

Scroll through our photo gallery and also read a message she has penned down to her yet to be born child.

It’s unbelievable how much love I have for this baby.💞💘😍 Baby, know that your Daddy and I will always love you. You are loved, you are wanted, you are a miracle, you have purpose. We can’t wait to see it all unfold. Your brother Lemuel can’t wait to meet you!!💞

Faith Muturi
Faith Muturi
Faith Muturi second pregnancy

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Usitukane Wakunga! Pregnant Mammito causes panic when she goes into false labour (Video)

Mammito has vehemently denied that she is in a relationship with fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

Fans have shown great interest in their love life. to a point where Eddie had to com out and explain if they is forking or nah!

Why hasn’t she done so herself but that is another story for another day? When we called him for a comment he said:

“Nyinyi ndiye mliandika hiyo stori. You wrote it on your blog, showing that you know better. Lakini hana ball. Mammito hana ball, hiyo ni stori yenu.”

Eunice Mammito
Eunice Mammito and Eddie Butita. photo credit: file

Nyota Ndogo shows off Sh10Million rental property

When we inquired about the nature of their relationship, he was very curt and said:

“Wewe deal na stori kwanza. Hizo zingine deal nazo siku ingine.”

Mammito has an air and flair for the theatrics, a trait that her fans love and cherish.
Here are some comments from her fans on her standup talent.
  1. Mamito keep going…….go go go. We love you!

2. I loooooove her…Shes sooo good at what she loves: Comedy!

3. I met her in town and I just wanted to jump up and down…she is amazing

4. Team long necks like mine, Lol!

5. This girl makes me laugh…She’s one talented woman. I love her confidence.

6. You know I have such a neck? So, can you send me Churchill’s phone number pliiiiz? I gonna crack your ribs right away…

7. She is the only reason I watch Churchill show…

8. Our sisters got talent. The only problem with them is that ones they are hooked up/married the forget about it?what happens?

9. She is good but I think it’s about time Kenyan comedians came up with material that has international appeal lest it ends up like the Kenyan music industry.

10. A strong lady, she is!

The late gospel music legend Angela Chibalonza speaks from her grave

At one point people thought she was pregnant after a selfie of Mammito and MCA Tricky went viral.
Mammito and McAtricky.
Mammito and McAtricky. Photo credit: Instagram/Mcatricky

But Eddie has come out to refute any rumours and claims that Mammito is not pregnant.

Mammito is back on the limelight again, this time for a the same reason. Pregnancy.
In the video that has gone viral, Mammito is seen screaming in pain while cradling her humongous bulging tummy in her arms and bending over in pain.

Mammito Eunice captioned the video, “craving ya nduru.”

The dramatic screams attract her man who comes over to her with a worried look on his face.

“Babe, babe, ni nini mbaya?” said the concerned partner.

Mammito continues to mourn while her face is contorted into pain.

One commentor who saw the video said, “Haki mamito hiyo borot imefuguka kwa kishwa niko na sipare… 😂😂😂😂😂 come for the spare bolt…. I Kent!”

Pendo speaks out after being accused of stealing Mishi Dora’s fiancé

Here are other equally hilarious and incredulous reactions to Mamito’s video.

shikuh_kungu: Hii moment ikifika boyshaud must respect me😂😂😂😂i cant want kuamsha mtu saa 3am mtoi anatka kwenda diani more.

sia_onyango: But Lord…… Let it rain more so that they get madawa @mammitoeunice @omwami_comedian.

its_kurui: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @tabby_ronoh kuna attitude umepoteza pahali.

chetu_254: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ati craving ya nduru….you deserve Award mara dat.

bosswife18: Cyezi piga nduru nikijiskia, ama lazima kuwe na kitu mbaya imefanyika, hahaaaa shida ya huyu babygul Mammito Eunice hukua nini. Hahaha wuuuuuuiiiii.

Check out the video that has got everyone in stitches.

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Sharon Otieno’s family reveals sad details of student wanting to end pregnancy before death


The family of slain university student Sharon Otieno has demanded swift justice for her killers after police arrested the personal assistant to Migori governor Okoth Obado.

The family accused Governor Obado and his personal assistant, Michael Oyamo, of masterminding Sharon’s murder after she refused to abort a pregnancy.

But Obado’s communications director Nicholas Anyuor dismissed the claim, saying the family could not prove it.

The body of the 26-year old second-year Rongo University student was found at Kodera forest in Kasipul constituency on Tuesday evening.

She had been abducted in Rongo town, Migori, on Monday night alongside Nation journalist Barack Oduor who escaped by jumping from the speeding car.

Her body was ripped with multiple cuts and could barely be identified.

Sharon Otieno

Family members and villagers who had thronged their home on Wednesday morning charged Obado with complicity in the killing.

Sharon’s father, Douglas Zacharia Otieno, and mother Melida Auma claimed Migori governor Okoth Obado and his personal assistant, Michael Oyamo, were responsible.

Sharon Otieno
Friends and relatives comfort Sharon Otieno’s mother at her home in Magare village, Homa Bay town

Melida, a teacher at Rabango Primary School in Rangwe, narrated the love relationship, which the governor had with her first-born daughter.


She said the governor wanted her to abort her pregnancy but they advised her against it since it was in its seventh month. Melida said;


According to Melida, her refusal to abort led to a disagreement between Sharon and Obado.

Melida said she realised that her daughter’s life was in danger after she began changing mobile phones to avoid being tracked by her friends who had turned into enemies. She added;



But Anyuor defended Obado against the accusations. He said Auma spoke out of anger and was responding to “pressure from some quarters”. He said the governor was “very shocked when he learnt about this incident in the media.” He said;


He said there was no way the county chief could be linked to the murder and dismissed the claims as a political scheme to malign Obado.

If Oyamo participated in the abduction, why associate it with the governor?” he asked.

But Melida linked Obado and his personal assistant Oyamo because of the conversations they had with her daughter about him.

Melida said she had followed a conversation between the governor and her daughter over county government tender awards and alluded to several meetings between her daughter, the governor and Oyamo.

Sharon Otieno

She recalled a meeting in which Sharon left home early morning about two weeks ago to meet the “governor’s people” in Nairobi.  Sharon flew to Nairobi from Kisumu airport and returned home the same day. Melida said;


On Monday evening when Sharon was abducted in Rongo town, she called her and told her she was going to Rongo to meet Oyamo briefly and return later.

“She told me the objective of the journey was to discuss how the county government would award her a tender,” Melida said, adding that she was surprised Sharon had decided to leave home late.


This prompted her to call again at 8 pm only to find her phone was off. “I was worried,” Melida said.

Sharon’s father, Otieno, said,


Sharon was pregnant with her second baby. She joined university last year but was forced to defer her studies to this year due to lack of school fees.

Credits: The Star